Curious Kate

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Author’s note: I hope this wee tale of teenage exploration will make some of my old fans happy. Maybe this is autobiographical: I’m not telling.


He shifted on the tenement steps to see them better. The group of girls stood on the street corner, a few yards away, chatting in the June sunshine. Laurel Bank uniforms, a fee-paying girls’ school. What caught his attention was that one of them glanced at him periodically as she talked to her friends. Then they were all looking at him, or at least in his direction. More chat between them, huddled this time, as though it were private. The girls separated, all but one wandering across Byres Road to the University Cafe. He watched their calves and curved arses under school summer dresses as they stood on the traffic island, then crossed to the cafe.

The one he’d noticed first remained on the corner, glancing in his direction coyly, pretending she wasn’t looking. Then she took a few steps towards the steps in front of the flat, looking at the dusty pavement.

He put down the novel he’d been reading. She stopped at the foot of the steps and her eyes met his shyly.

– Lovely warm day. Want a beer?

He pointed at the can beside him on the step, a warm grin on his face. He was sure she’d say no, she was in school uniform. She smiled, still shy, but it was a smile:

– Oh! Yes please. I’d… I think I’d like a beer.

She strode up the steps, hesitancy gone, as though she’d made a decision, and sat beside him, neatly folding the dress under her.

– Export or lager, that’s the only choice.

– Oh, I don’t know. You choose?

– OK, wait a minute, I’ll be right back.

He reappeared a moment later, two red cans of McEwan’s export in his hands, gave one to the girl:

– Sorry, no glasses, this is a male flat. My mates are a bit uncouth, they have a habit of breaking things.

She took a gulp from the can, tried to conceal a splutter.

– Not used to drinking like this? So, what brings you this way today?

She looked surprised at his directness, then recovered her composure:

– Well, you know how it is… just finished my A levels, not much to do till term finishes…

– Aye, I’m in the same boat: just finished my finals, waiting for the results. Trying not to bite my nails!

She glanced at his nails: neat and clean enough.

– And, ummm….

Her hesitancy excited him. He knew now that she was at least eighteen:

– And…?

She breathed deeply, glanced at him, more assured now:

– Well…someone said that you could get dope at this flat. Am I at the right place?

– You can get dope a lot of places if you know where to look. Some of us smoke sometimes, yes. But we don’t deal.

– Deal?

– We don’t sell it to anyone. Just for ourselves, and our friends. If you want to buy, I could tell you where to go though?

– Um. I just wanted to try it.

She squirmed, a bit embarrassed. Her hip touched his when she moved, fanning the excitement beginning to course through him at the thought that she wanted to get stoned; what that might mean. He turned to her, their heads close now, so he could see the wee blemishes on her young face:

– Have you tried it before, dope I mean?

– Look — her face flushed and she sank some beer to cover her embarrassment — maybe I should just go?

– No rush. So you haven’t tried it, and you’re curious?

The blush was full now:

– Um, yes, I think so. Err. One of my friends tried it at a party. I’m curious, yes…

– You know what killed the cat! Want to try it now? I wouldn’t mind some myself…

– Oh! Could I? Now?

It was a different flush, no longer embarrassment but excitement. He noted the sparkle in her eyes and his blood surged.

– OK, if you want to try it… but the effects can linger, specially the first time. Hope you don’t have anything important on later? You’ll feel good, but not your normal self.

– Does it show when you’ve, you know, smoked? No, nothing important on later…

– No, it doesn’t show unless you’re squiffy. But it’s not safe to drive, or ride a bike…

– That’s OK, and my folks will be out till late. So: can I try some?

He watched as she drained her can of beer, followed suit:

– Let’s go inside.

His room was to the front of the flat, facing onto the sunny street beside the door where they’d been sitting. The sun filtered through the dirt on the Victorian bay window: it had once been quite an upmarket place. He fetched his stash and turned to her. She was studying his books and albums.

– I like someone who keeps their things in order. And I like some of your music. May I put something on?

– Sure, help yourself.

He busied himself with the joint, heard the opening bars of Bitches Brew.

– Wow, didn’t expect you to choose Miles!

She smiled at him warmly:

– Not what you’d expect from a Laurel Bank girl, eh? I love jazz. Eskort Bayan My boyfriend got me Bitches Brew for my birthday, I was glad to see you have it.

He finished rolling the joint, looked her in the eyes as he licked to seal it:

– No, not what I expected from a Laurel Bank girl at all. Your boyfriend has good taste too.

– Ex…

– Sorry, won’t probe.

– No, it’s, um, it’s ok…

She was blushing deeply: there was a story there.

– If you haven’t smoked this before, there’s something I should tell you…

She glanced him the question.

– Well, hope you don’t take this wrong, but I think I should tell you. I err… I get a bit horny when I smoke weed. Lots of folk do. Maybe you will. Thought you should know.

She watched the deep redness spread over his face, down his neck. Felt the flush on her own face. Looked away. She hadn’t expected that, not in the slightest, didn’t know how to process his directness. That was precisely what Lorna had told her, that she’d got very horny. And that the sex had been great.

She fumbled in her schoolbag, found the Benson and Hedges. Her hand trembled as she lit up.

– Oh, sorry, that was rude…

She held the packet out to him.

– No thanks, only smoke rollups. Sorry, I was trying to be helpful, didn’t mean to shock you. Maybe it’s best if you just take the joint and share it with your friends, instead of a strange guy?

Her gaze held his for a moment as he rolled a cigarette.

– Not… not every guy would have warned me — a wan smile — in fact I know some who would have tried to take advantage. No, I want to smoke with you. What’s your name? I’m Kate.

He took her outstretched hand:

– Sandy. Well met then, Kate lass. I’m not the guy to take advantage, though you’re as sexy as hell.

Jesus, what was with this man? He was only a few years older than her, early twenties, but she’d never met anyone like him. She felt the blush flooding her body. And felt the warming she knew, inside. Nervous yes, but excited too.

– I don’t think anyone has ever called me sexy before. Well, not to my face.

– Well, it’s time someone did. You’d better get used to it.

– My, err, my boyfriend… ex-boyfriend, told me I had ugly legs. Said they were too fat… She was standing in the bay window against the sunlight, dress to her knees – it was a posh school.

– I’d say you’re a fit girl; that looks like muscle to me, not fat. Lift your dress a wee bit, let me see your thighs?

Her heart thudding furiously, she lifted her dress a few inches.

– Higher please?

She felt his gaze burning the exposed skin. Lifted higher. She managed to look at him. His eyes were on her thighs, gaze appraising. She couldn’t know it, but his cock had hardened as soon as she’d lifted the dress higher. He knew then. All she knew was that she felt like a fish being played.

– Well, what do you think?

He stepped towards her, touched her thigh. Her inside thigh. She flooded.

– I think you’re gorgeous Kate.

He leaned and touched her lips gently with his, withdrew immediately:

– You’re a runner, cyclist, swimmer?

– Nope. A climber.

– Indeed. Well, your fitness makes you a very beautiful woman.

He touched her shoulder then, and she felt the tremor in his fingers:

– So Sandy, are we going to share the joint?

Her insides were in excited turmoil.

– Yes, I want to do that.

And he drew her to him gently and kissed her mouth:

– Sure you think this is a good idea Kate?

God, she was mush inside.

– I’m sure… that I want to share the joint with you. I think…

– Sometimes it’s best not to think. Let’s sit down then.

The music was floating around her as, in a daze, she sat on the old settee. He joined her, sitting carefully so their hips and thighs touched, and lit the joint:

– Watch how I smoke it Kate…

He passed it to her and watched as she drew, then breathed in deeply.

She felt it instantly, felt something spread from her brain as the horn soared and swooped.

– So tell me about yourself. First, are you a virgin?

His fingers stroked her knees as she considered the question. Fuck, what was this guy? She considered leaving, but didn’t want to. Belly churning in excitement. Took another couple of draws on the joint and looked at him. His smile was shimmering like Miles’s horn, friendly but exciting. She felt her growing dampness as his fingers caressed her skin.

– Not a virgin, no. I don’t think I’d be here if I was.

He sucked smoke in, and his hand moved to touch her arm, the wee hairs there:

– Good. I know now why you’re here Kate.

She giggled, knew the stuff was getting to her:

– You know more than I do then. Err… stroke my feet.

She wasn’t sure why she’d said that.

He knelt and removed her shoes, took a foot in each hand. Stroked through the nylon. From here, as she moved her legs, he could see they were tights, was electrified as he saw them disappear into her groin. He lifted a foot to his mouth and closed his lips round her toes. Was astonished at her shudder. Encouraged, he sucked, tasted sweat and nylon, watched her hips squirm. Re-lit the joint and passed it to her. He knew he’d be in her cunt presently and his cock was dripping.

She felt herself melt as she drew on the joint. Her brain, her toes, her centre, her being. She trusted this man, didn’t know why, but she trusted him. And her cunt was very wet.

– Tell me about the sex you’ve had Kate? He was sitting tight beside her now, his warmth suffusing her, fingers tracing her shoulders. She shivered. He certainly had a nerve, this Sandy, asking her that…

– Only once. My ex. It was… very exciting to begin with, but…

His fingers were tracing her breasts now. She trembled, strange things happening to her body.

– But?

– But when he… when he… he put it in me, it hurt. I told him to stop. He didn’t. He grunted and I felt him go… well, he went soft. Then he kissed me. And left. I cried all night. Next day I phoned and told him we were finished. I asked him to stop and he didn’t. That was it.

The joint was in the ashtray, forgotten. His fingers were between her thighs and she squirmed them a wee bit apart, felt the sensations as he stroked. This was different, this man was different. She felt his care for her. Felt his lips on hers, and opened to them. Soft and exploring, he learned her mouth as his fingers learned the outline of her cunt through the dress.

– He’s a bastard then. Probably his first time as well. Too caught up in his need to care for yours.

She jerked in his arms as his fingers stroked her. Her eyes flew open, she gasped, and her hand went to his jeans. Fumbled, unzipped. Paused, hand warm over his bulging cock:

– I’ve… never seen one. Last time was in the dark. Can I see you?

She felt as well as heard his moan, felt his need for her swell as his fingers continued their near-agonising teasing between her legs.

– Need to see you too Kate. I want to make this good for you.

He rose, drew the ancient faded curtains. Dust floated in the gloom where the thin shaft of sunlight penetrated yet, and the final bars of the first side of the album melted away. She rose and moved to his neat bed, started undressing. She felt his eyes through the gloom, was startled when light flooded the room.

– I want to see you Kate, is that all right?

She could see his erection bobbing now his jeans were on the floor.

– Yes… it feels strange, I always undress in the dark. But… I want to see you too.

He heard her excitement. Watched as she lifted the dress over her head, moved to touch breasts and cunt through underwear and she trembled before him. She stroked his naked chest, looked in his eyes.

– I promise I’ll stop whenever you say Kate.

He was fumbling in a drawer now, produced a Durex. She smiled:

– You won’t need that; mum insisted I went on the pill when I turned eighteen.

– Smart mum…

She was in his arms now and they were kissing, a full-body kiss, limbs twining as need surged in them both, his cock pressing her belly stickily. He pushed her gently back onto the bed. Both were panting, light sweat shining in the summer warmth. He lay beside her, kissed her mouth, fingers stroking her breasts:

– Need to lick you. Need to taste your Kateness.

It was a statement, not a question. His mouth feathered her face, tongue softly touching everywhere. She squirmed when he licked her earlobes, felt his fingers on her breasts, stroking, then closing on her nipples, pulling gently as he nuzzled her neck. Felt his hardness dripping on her thigh, closed her eyes.

Mouth on breasts now, suckling her, incredible sensation, moans escaping her lips. Her fingers sought his hardness and she raised her head to look at what she was fondling. Fascinated, she watched him throb, knew it was for her, her pulse rising as his mouth moved over her belly, his cock out of her hand now as he moved down. Then she felt her legs part at his gentle insistence. Shuddered as his mouth closed on her cunt, his beard brushing her growing excitement…

– Ohhhhhh…

His tongue probed and lapped and she’d never dreamed such sensation could exist, her cunt squirming under his care, tingling growing to a solid throb of pleasure at her centre, expanding. Felt her hips rising, her cunt pushing at his attention, needing, demanding, the hot wetness of mouth on cunt, fuck so beautiful, more, more… and she jerked and writhed as the explosion hit her, kaleidoscope of sensation.

His mouth clung to her till, her body settling exhausted, she pushed his head away gently. She could take no more, for now. He slid up the bed beside her and for the first time she tasted herself on a man when he kissed her. He licked her eyes, watched her face as she came back from wherever she’d been.

– You are very beautiful Kate.

She smiled, wiped the edge of tears away:

– I don’t know where I’ve been, but I want to go there again…

She spluttered a laugh:

– When I’ve recovered, I mean. He gazed at her, glowing in her after-orgasm. He’d enjoyed pleasuring her, teaching her sex, at least beginning to. But his cock throbbed insistently. He had to fuck this girl-woman. Next stage of their learning each other’s bodies. He couldn’t remember when a woman had last excited him so much. Partly the unexpectedness of the encounter, partly that she was so young and knew her own need to know, was forward about it. Partly, he had to admit, that she was a schoolgirl. Whatever, he needed to fuck her. He raised her arms and licked into her oxters, fingers stroking her cunt:

– Now you’re going to get fucked properly Kate, for the first time. You won’t want me to stop.

He felt a surge of wetness in her cunt at his words:

– So open your legs. My cock needs inside you. Needs to fuck your sweet cunt.

Jesus, she was soaking. He pressed himself into her firmly, knowing her need. Her mouth opened as he entered her tightness, the muscle closing round him welcomingly.

– How does that feel lassie? Ready for your first real fuck?

Her strangled moan was enough. He lifted the supple legs over his shoulders and drove in hard, but he was tuned to her. Needed her, but needed this to be good for her too. Watched her face as he fucked into her, slowly at first. So beautiful, her face, the natural pleasure in her body.

– Jesus you are the most beautiful fuck girl. Need to take you harder, that OK?

Squirming hips and enraptured face were all the answer he needed, and he drove in hard, making sure to crush her clit with his pelvic bone on the in-strokes. Felt her press back, needing the closeness, needing the carnal joy of pure fuck as her body moved with his, seeking as he sought, his body pounding her now, hers rising to him, sweet urgent friction, her growing moans, increasing wildness of her movements, clinging, needing, seeking and his balls were tightening, her moans a soft scream. His cock gushed its need into her cunt and they were welded in fuck and she screamed loudly as the convulsions shook them both

and their mouths were locked

and they gazed in amazement that they had caused this thing with each other

and sank softly as it faded.

Her eyes closed as his roamed her upper body, and his mouth laved her. Presently she opened her eyes and said:

– I’m thirsty.

Her voice was different. He rose and fetched a couple of cans of beer and they gazed at each other in wonderment as they sipped.

– I don’t think we finished the joint. I want some more Sandy. That was the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me.

– I’m glad lass. I’ve never been to that place before either.

He fetched the joint and put on a record. They lay on their backs for a few minutes smoking, sweat drying in the breeze from the open window behind the curtains.

– What’s the music, I haven’t heard it before?

– Incredible String Band. Music to get stoned to. And for fucking.

– You want to fuck me again? — she giggled — I think I might let you.

– I want to fuck. But it’s your turn.

– What do you mean?

– Your turn to fuck me Kate. I’m hard for your cunt again.

– Ohh. I love it when you say ‘cunt’ and ‘fuck’. What do I do?

– Get on top and fuck my cock. He’s yours to do as you want to.

She slid onto him as he lay back, crouched and lowered herself, his hardness probing her. It felt different like this, his cock was touching her differently inside. She moved and felt her tits jiggle, liked it, moved again, felt a new intensity of sensation as she adjusted her hips, leaned backwards on her arms, more intense yet.

She had discovered her gspot and now she was fucking him in earnest, doing this for herself but she could see and feel his need, his pleasure too. His fingers reached up and tweaked her jiggling nipples and she moaned, the soaring heat in her centre raging, driving her to fuck him harder and her nipples were being stretched as his cock rubbed and drove into her and jesus… she lost it, wild hotfuck, taking and giving, but all she cared about was quenching the heat, seeking release from the driving need that pulsed through her and she felt him shiver and knew and harder and faster and she went tight round him and exploded.

She was aware of wetness gushing from her cunt as he spurted into her and she hung there, over him, suspended in ecstasy. Finally collapsed on him. They lay wetly panting for ages, breaths eventually slowing.

– Kate my sweet lass, you were made to fuck.

– I think I was. I like this sex. At least, I like it with you.

– The evening’s young yet…


The next afternoon he answered a ring at the doorbell. Opened it to a girl in Laurel Bank uniform.

– Hi, I’m Laura. Kate said she got some dope here?

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32