Caught in the Act, Intentionally!

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Note to the reader: This is really two short stories. The first one is written from the POV of a sighted man enjoying his first three-way. But being blind, I figured why not try writing the same basic story, but from the POV of three blind individuals. I would appreciate your feedback, particularly regarding the second story. Thanks…Bob

The first time I ever saw my wife Jodi going down on someone, she was bobbing her head up and down my best friend Chuck’s cock. I had walked in to our apartment and caught her in the act; but then, that had been our intention! At the time Jodi and I weren’t married, but we were living together. We were young, horny, curious, and had more and more frequently been teasing one another about trying some sort of group sex play. That erotic bantering had led to some awesome sex!

What got things rolling was my asking a simple question. It might just have helped things along that when I asked Jodi which one of my friends she’s most like to get it on with, she was leaning back, triggering her clit as she rose and fell on my cock. Well she went right on bouncing, but her hands were on her hips. After some himming and hawwing she surprised me by saying, “Well Chuck I guess!”

Jodi’s choice surprised me, because as she said, “he’s sure not the best looking!” Then flooring me, she added, “But what the fuck, he’s always coming out with those stupid comments about being hung. Yeah, and I’d like to call him on it!” Then of course the terrible tease just had to add, OOH yeah, I’d love a chance to go down on a really big one!”

I fired right back, telling her “Yeah, well I want to be there watching the first time some Bozo’s oversized cock starts pumping cum down your throat!” Back and forth it went, until we’d pretty much dared each other in to a corner. So I called her bluff by asking, OK, I can get Chuck here easy enough, but then what?”

Jodi didn’t even hesitate, telling me “Don’t sweat it! You just get him here, and I’ll take it from there!”

All it took was a phone call, and an invitation to “Shoot a little pool,” and the game was on. So on the following Saturday, as agreed, Chuck was set to pick me up. As the time approached I was sitting at the L-shaped bar separating our little apartment’s kitchen from its living room. I was pondering the possibilities and getting nervous. And that’s when Jodi came strolling out of our bedroom. She looked utterly cool and just totally smoking hot. I just hoped she had a plan.

Jodi is short and delightfully voluptuous, with a killer ass and a terrific pair of 36-C’s. That night her Dark curly hair brushed bare shoulders, and the silky black cami top she wore showed-off all most as much boobie as belly. Low on her hips rode a pair of ass hugging cut-off jean shorts. And she had left them unbuttoned, which really didn’t show much, except the zipper’s enticingly exposed pull tab. But oh fuck yes; it turned cute and sexy in to sizzlingly erotic. In keeping with her casual, if premeditated look of seduction, the only makeup she wore was the glossy red lipstick accenting her impish grin.

“It’s almost time,” she said. “So how about you walk down to the 7-11 and grab me a bottle of Coke?”

I got as far as, “Huh…but,” before she cut me off.

“Sure, come on, really it’ll be fun,” she told me. “I mean, think of what you could wind-up walking in on! Oh my God, it’s going to be just totally unreal; and besides, you love surprises!”

What happened, according to Jodi anyway, was that Chuck showed-up on time. And while she was explaining that I was running an errand and would be right back, she led him over to the short end of the L-shaped bar, the side without any stools. She offered him a beer, and knowing he’d be watching, bent over and reached deep in to the refrigerators lower shelf. Bent over like that, as she intended, her silky cami slid floorward, leaving her 36-C’s exposed. And as she later told me, “Well gosh with my hands full of beer I couldn’t exactly pull it back down now could I!”

Not only did Chuck get served by my bare-breasted girlfriend, but that silky top remained hiked-up even after she popped the top on his beer. Then she stepped back, watching his expression, and I’m sure giving him plenty of time to gawk. But she claims to have been tugging her top back in to place as she asked, “I’ve caught you staring before; and besides, Bob says you’re always going on about them…so well, what do you think?”

No dummy, my buddy played dumb, and says he told her, “Well yeah…sure, I guess! Only I really didn’t get much of a look!”

I’m sure Jodi was snickering at his obvious ploy, but that hadn’t stopped her from lifting that slinky top off over her head. And I know her hands would have been on her hips, when she asked, “OK then, take a good look…nice huh?” Then, not waiting for Chuck’s answer, what she did was bust him with her, “Actually, what I think Bob claimed was that you said my tits were made for fucking!”

He had in fact, and told her, Eskort Bayan “Well sure, and Bob says you love it!” And he claims, and wisely to have added, “Oh and yeah, those things are just about fucking perfect!”

Jodi’s breasts are firm, round, and crowned by large dark areola. And I figured, with Chuck’s eyes hot on them they would have been sporting a pair of jutting, rock hard nipples. If they weren’t they soon were; because, Jodi claims to have been teasing, pinching and rolling them between thumbs and forefingers as she teased, “UMM yes, Bob loves; I mean absolutely loves fucking my tits!” I only wish I could have seen his expression, when she added, “You know, sometimes he leaves them covered in cum; but that’s only when he doesn’t cum in my mouth instead!”

Chuck’s a bit vague about this part, but Jodi says she was already on the move when she asked, “So Chuck, which would you choose; to cum all over my tits, or in my mouth?”

Jodi says Chuck didn’t answer or even move, just stood there, not even looking over his shoulder as she came up behind him. But when she reached around and began stroking the erection bulging his jeans, she claims he did mutter, “Oh fuck, is Bob going to be cool with this?”

Having ignored his question, Jodi would have been grinning as her fingers worked to loosen his belt. She had it unbuckled and was working on his jeans snap , when she teased, well maybe Bob will get back in time, and we can ask him which one he’d like to see!”

I would have left him wondering. But Jodi just couldn’t resist busting his balls, tossing out, “Oh well, I’m sure Bob would want to catch me down on my knees, but with your big cock pumping a big hot load of cum in to my mouth!”

It’s no wonder Chuck doesn’t remember Jodi unbuckling his belt, or unsnapping his jeans. He does remember her tugging down his zipper, laughing as she told him, “So I showed you mine, and now you’re going to show me yours…right?” And of course, like any guy would, he remembers her telling him, “And oh my God, I hope it’s as big as you’re always going on about!”

Chuck told me, and Jodi agrees that she was like a kid with a wrapped present. Admitting that she just couldn’t get the wrapping out of the way fast enough, she hadn’t even bothered to push his jeans down before pushing a hand in to his shorts. But she denies whooping, “Yes,” when she latched on to hard cock. I buy Chuck’s claim, because it’s so Jodi. Either way, they both remember Chuck’s frantic efforts to get his pants and shorts pushed down and out of the way. Jodi hadn’t been any help at all. She was much too busy performing a reach-around, her fist furiously pumping up and down what she’s willing to admit was the biggest one she’d ever gotten her hands on. But she’s never admitted, as Chuck still claims, to have squealed, “Oh my God, it’s the biggest, fattest cock ever!”

Jodi told me she hadn’t even seen it yet, but I didn’t buy it! But then, it would support her claim to have demanded, “Come on Chuck, turn around; come on, let me get a look at it!”

Chuck managed to get himself turned around and discovered Jodi already down on her knees. And as a sheepish Jodi admitted to me, “Well fuck, of course I was already on my knees! And it was right there; so yeah, I went for it!”

I like the poetic way Chuck put it better. He says she squealed first; and then, as he put it, “Fuck guy, she swooped in and practically inhaled the damn thing!”

That night, hurrying back from the 7-11, I didn’t quite break in to a sprint. But OK, with my curiosity and anticipation running wild, it was a near thing. Not sure what to expect, I didn’t go out of my way to be stealthy; but then, I didn’t exactly stop to knock either. I pushed the door open, peeked around the corner, and spotted Jodi down on her knees. My buddy’s pants were down around his ankles, and my girlfriend was clinging to a double handful of his bare ass. She had a lip-lock on his jutting erection, head bobbing, ruby red lips slowly sliding up and down what turned out to be an impressively long cock.

Chuck was understandably distracted; much too busy watching the head of his cock popping in and out of Jodi’s puckered lips to notice he had an audience. But then Jodi was expecting me, and when she put her hands behind her back, I knew the little show-off had spotted me. So not only was I reminded that my girlfriend loved having a hard cock in her mouth, but I realized that apparently she found playing to an audience a total turn-on.

For a few erotic, eye rivetingly intense moments both Chuck and I stared. Head bobbing like it was spring loaded, Jodi repeatedly rocketed her lips up the length of his cock, letting them pop off its head. Without even a pause, she drove them right back down, and that meant sending that big cock’s head plunging deep in to her throat. I was impressed, because to me it looked like she was deep-throating a good two inches more than the six I enjoyed feeding her. Later Jodi got around to asking, and my ego took a hit. But hey, size isn’t all that important…right? And who cared anyway; by then I’d figured out that I was hooked. Not only did I enjoy sharing Jodi , but I absolutely loved watching her with another man.

Jodi did slow things down, but only after Chuck croaked out an imploring, “Jesus Jodi, slow it down!”

Still unnoticed by Chuck, I watched Jodi put her tongue to work, darting and swirling its flicking tip up down and all around my moaning buddy’s big cock. And I even managed to wait until she’d slurped his balls in to her mouth; and then, sure he wasn’t going anywhere, I walked on around the corner and in to view. Jodi didn’t look up, but she had a hand free and waved. Chuck’s head whipped around, and seeing as how his hands weren’t doing anything, he buried his face in them.

I walked past them and right on in to the kitchen. And after depositing Jodi’s Coke in the refrigerator, I picked up the open can of beer sitting on the bar. Figuring it was Chuck’s, I pushed it in to his hand. Jodi had left hers unopened, so I picked it up, popped it open, and walked out of the kitchen. So, while my girlfriend went right on pumping her fist up and down my buddy’s spit slicked cock, alternately either sucking his balls or that long cock’s big head, I pulled up a stool and took a ringside seat.

With a fist still wrapped around Chuck’s cock, Jodi looked up at me, smiling as she positively purred, “Hi honey, pretty freaking hot don’t you think?”

Being a smartass, I went with, Yeah baby, and like wow! Who knew, but you’re just as beautiful with Chuck’s cock in your mouth as when its mine!”

Chuck laughed, but it was me Jodi’s scowl labeled, asshole. So, with both of them in mind, I politely suggested, “Go for it, just think of me as a spectator!”

Jodi stuck her tongue out at me, and then told Chuck, “Don’t mind him, he likes playing voyeur!”

Having dealt with me, Jodi knelt upright. Thrusting her chest out, she leaned in and slid eight inches of wet and still slippery looking cock in to the valley formed by her tits. She squeezed those soft, silkily smooth beauties together, looking up and telling my grinning buddy, “You’re going to really like this!”

Jodi’s tits are made for fucking, but I figured Chuck had figured that out. Anyway, Jodi only had to tell him once, her voice a husky purr as she ordered, Do it; come on Chuck…fuck my titties!”

Chuck got the hang of it right away, using rolling hip thrusts to send his cock slip-sliding between Jodi’s 36-C’s. So I watched, getting a kick out of the way the darkly engorged head of his cock kept poking its head up from between my whooping girlfriend’s exceedingly fuckable tits. He moved faster and faster, I’m sure not even aware that Jodi’s eyes were flitting back and forth between his face and mine. That was of course when she wasn’t staring down to where precum was already beginning to trickle out of that titty fucking cock’s head. Panting with excitement she teased, didn’t I tell you, nice huh!” And then, having missed the lead-in, I was surprised by her brazenly erotic, “And you never did answer me, and it looks like you’re about to run out of time! So are you thinking, what, do I want to pump a hot load of cum in to her mouth, or blast the stuff all over her tits instead?”

Well from the way Chuck was moaning, I wouldn’t have bet that he was thinking at all. But I knew the guy, and no way was he going to pass-up a chance to cum on Jodi’s tits. Yeah, and the nasty minded horn-dog was probably picturing miss-aimed gobs of the stuff splashing down on her face. So it didn’t surprise me much when he managed a groaning, “Fuck Jodi, I’m going to cum all over your tits; fuck, and real soon too!”

That was my cue, and I slid off my stool. And right then, what I wanted to see was my buddy’s cock pistoning between my girlfriend’s lips; maybe even to be looking in to her eyes as it pumped her mouth full of cum. So I knelt beside Jodi, and that was her cue to scoot back. When she leaned back in, using her swirling tongue to lap-up that precum, she cut Chuck’s frantic protest off. Then in a move I’d get to enjoy many more times over the years, I reached out and slid the fingers of one hand in to her hair. I’d timed it perfectly. Chuck growled a loud, “yeah, oh fuck yes,” and I pushed her bobbing head down. Who knew, but holding Jodi’s head down, while some guy pumped cum in to her throat turned out to be almost as much fun as being the one doing the pumping.

After helping my grinning girlfriend to her feet, I suggested, “Hey baby, we’re going to have a hard time fucking you if you’re still wearing those shorts!” She wriggled out of them, tossed them aside and stood there naked, legs spread, one fist planted on an enticingly jutted hip. And while Chuck was busy pulling up his pants, getting his deflated cock tucked away, and finally parking his ass on my recently vacated stool, I led Jodi over to our sofa. With her positioned at the sofa’s end, I gave her ass a playful smack, and ordered her to assume the position. She bent over, arms crossed on the sofa’s arm. Then, spreading her legs wide she left her smoothly bare pussy exposed and perfectly positioned for Chuck to admire. I even gave him a moment to enjoy the view, while I unzipped and freed my raring to go erection. Then, with it pointing the way I stepped between those invitingly spread legs. I heard Chuck scoot his stool sidewise, waited for him to settle, and let him watch my cock’s head push in to Jodi’s practically molten vagina. I even stopped, barely half way in, thrusting my hips as I popped it in and out a few times. And then, when I heard Chuck growl, “Fuck me,” I slammed a thrust in to Jodi that left me buried balls deep.

Already breathing in gasps, Jodi managed an insistent, “Yes, oh God yes, do it…fuck me!” And when Chuck abandoned his stool, walking right up to where he could look down at the action, I slid my hands over, spread Jodi’s ass cheeks and gave Chuck a bird’s eye view of me penetrating her over and over again. I thought about it, and seriously wanted to make like one of the porn guys, pull out and splash a load across her ass. Instead, with Jodi screaming, “Yeah do it, cum in me,” I powered in a flurry of rapid-fire thrusts that left me pumping spurting streams of cum in to her.

Jodi gave Chuck a long passionately delivered kiss. Then, after asking an obviously rhetorical, “hey, we’re not done…right,” she kissed me. And, with a promised, “I’ll be right back,” she was off. Almost unbelievably she made it back before Chuck and I had time to compare notes, or even work our way through a pair of cold beers.

Jodi walked back in, and the first thing she said, well actually ordered was, “Both of you, and right now, get naked…Jesus what a pair of freaking Bozos!”

We wound-up sitting side by side on the sofa, with Jodi kneeling on the floor between us. Chuck was already back to a fully erect state, so she slapped a fist around his jutting cock. And while she slowly pistoned that fist she used her soft mouth and a wickedly darting tongue to revive my fast reviving cock. Flushed with the thrill of holding tight to a pair of hard cocks, and looking ready to go orgasmic, my girlfriend breathily announced, “First I’m going to fuck Chuck my way…and then, I’m going to let him take me any way he wants!”

It didn’t take her long to get Chuck stretched out on his back, and even less time for her to swing a leg over and come up straddling him. But she paused, with just the head of his cock out of sight inside her, and looked over at me. And she damn near growled, “I’m going to cum all over Chuck’s great big cock lover!” Then she was moving, riding my buddy’s suddenly pussy drenched cock, and barely managing to pant out, Oh my god, and if Chuck can last, I’m going to do it again, but with your cock in my mouth!”

Jodi started out slow, riding up and down with long, slow rhythmic motion. And when she leaned in, surprising chuck with another one of those lingering, passionately delivered kisses, it gave me an absolutely awesome view of his cock’s head as it penetrated her again and again. She went right on pumping herself up and down, and there sure seemed to be a lot of hard cock following that head in to my girlfriend’s body. I heard her loud cry demand, “Take me,” and that’s when Chuck reached out and grabbed a double handful of her ass. Jodi whooped a loud, “Yes,” and leaned back in to his hands, huskily declaring, “My turn!”

Going for it, Chuck pretty much slammed Jodi up and down his full length, only occasionally slowing, holding her in place as he jackknifed wicked looking thrusts up in to her. Jodi clearly loved that wild , pussy slamming fuck, repeatedly screaming , “More!” And she took that ride with a flicking fingertip beating-out a rapid-fire tattoo on a clit, exposed by a pair of labia spreading fingers. She caught up with her first, back arching orgasm. Then, still breathing in ragged gasps, she slapped Chuck’s chest, pleading, “Don’t cum, don’t cum, oh god don’t cum yet!”

Chuck didn’t, beats me how, but he didn’t. Good thing, because it gave Jodi the chance to catch up with her first double penetration. And for a few delicious moments, I held her head between my hands, driving slow, gentle, but fully penetrating thrusts in to her mouth. As if that wasn’t already just fucking awesome, my buddy’s thrusts were driving deep in to her from below , while mine were driving the head of my cock deep in to her throat. Unbelievably, and Ok I mean it was back then, but she came again, somehow managing not to choke on a mouthful of cock while she did.

I stepped back, and Chuck didn’t wait. He flipped her over and came up kneeling between her legs. He took Jodi with her legs draped over his shoulders, her ass cradled in his hands as he absolutely hammered fully penetrating thrusts down in to her. It’s one of our favorite positions too, only I don’t usually pull out and send a freaking river of cum splashing across her tits and belly. Chuck did, bellowing, “Fuck,” over and over as he splashed fountaining spurts of cum over my wide-eyed girlfriend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32