Curious Women Experiment

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I have always wondered what it’s like to be with another woman so I took an out on the internet. I had kissed and touched a woman before and that was about it. I was such a turn on that I became more curious. I would’ve gone back to the woman I kissed before, but she moved out of town. I had gotten many responses to my ad, but only stood out and grabbed my attention the most. After several emails we decided to meet in a public place to feel more secure.

She described herself as normal looking and having an ample body. I knew it was her when she walked through the doors. A woman with shoulder length blond hair, an ample body (as she said), pretty blue eyes, and a great smile was what she looked like. She was very pretty to me. She recognized me from the photo I sent her and she introduced herself as Serena. We gave each other a hug (as most women do) and I melted. Her hair was so soft and she smelled so sweet.

We sat down at a table and had a few drinks to loosen up and relax. We talked for several hours and realized we had more in common than we thought. She was the same age and height as me, and we wore the same size clothes. During the conversation we talked about our fantasies. She was also bi-curious and scared to try. We kept talking and hanging out and became best friends.

One day we decided to play a game of strip pool since I had a pool table at my house. We were neck and neck during the game. By the end of it we were both naked. We had a slight buzz going on; just enough to relax, but still görükle escort be semi sober to remember what happened. One more was the deciding point of what was to take place that faithful night. If I won we went swimming in my pool, if Serena won we played truth or dare.

The game is over and we are in the pool playing around like kids. Serena had beautifully shaped breasts and her ample body was very pretty. When she wasn’t looking I dove under the water and swam next to her soft skin. She jumped a little and started to laugh. When I came back up she hugged me and said with a laugh, “I’m glad that was you and no one else.” As we hugged I rubbed my hand up and down her back. We stared at each other and began to kiss.

Oh her lips were as soft as her hair and skin. She was a great kisser, but she liked to suck on my tongue. I moved my hand down to her semi shaven pussy to feel her. She didn’t hesitate, instead she spread her legs a little so that I could stick my finger inside her. With soft moans of pleasure she sheepishly moved her hand towards my very wet and shaven pussy. I whispered to her to stick her finger inside and feel me while I felt her. As she fingered me I got wetter and wetter.

I asked her if she’d like to get out and go lay on the deck with me and we could finish what we started there. She agreed so I let her get out first and as she did I put my hand on her ass (as if I was keeping her from falling). Her ass was very nice and I wanted to nibble on it. Once we were out eskort bayan I asked to lay on her stomach so I could nibble at her ass. She twitched a little with each nibble, but I know she liked it. I ran my tongue through the top part of the crack in her ass and she really jumped then.

I wondered what she would do if I licked her soft little pussy. So I nudged her to roll over. As she did I was kissing her and fondling her nipples throughout my fingers. I licked her nipples and then I ran my tongue from her breast all the way down to her pussy. She was wet by this time and I was happy. I had never tasted a woman before, but I was so relaxed and ready for it. I slowly touched my tongue to her swollen clit and fingered her. I pulled my finger out so that I could get a taste of her and I liked it. I moved my tongue to her sweet little opening and began to tongue her. At first the taste was a little bitter, but got better the more I did it. I loved hearing her moan.

I took my tongue out and began to suck on her clit and I fingered her with two fingers until she came. When she came I caught her juices with my mouth and I so badly wanted to cum with her. I held it in until she made me cum by tasting me. She said she was nervous and I told her, “don’t think about, do what comes natural or do what I did to you. You’ll do good, I know you will.” On that note she began to suck my hard nipples as I fingered myself. Once I got a good about of juices on my finger I stuck it in her mouth altıparmak escort so that she could taste.

She began to finger me and lick her fingers to get adjusted which was fine. Finally she started to suck my ever so swollen clit and I was ready to cum as soon as her soft lips touched it. I told her I was about to cum and that I wanted her tongue inside me to make me cum hard. She tongued me as I came in her mouth. I’ve never had an orgasm like that before, as I was moaning she began to moan more. I told her to turn around into the 69 position with me so that we could cum together.

We fingered and tongued each other until we came once again. This time I caught her sweet pussy juices in my mouth and she tasted so good. I went inside to get a vibrator to show her how one feels since she’s never used one before. I stuck it inside her and she immediately started cumming so fast that I couldn’t keep up with her. This particular vibrator has the rabbit ears that tickle the clit as well as one that tickles the ass. Serena had so many orgasms she was wiped out.

She mentioned that she was tired so I let her go in and take a nap. As she took a nap I licked the vibrator of her juices since I like her taste. After licking her juices I proceeded to stick the vibrator inside me. I began to cum almost immediately too. After all I was still excited about my first time with another woman and one who has become my best friend too. Those little rabbit ears can also do wonders. When I finished my orgasm I realized I was pretty tired myself so I went inside and took nap with Serena. I loved the feel of her skin against mine. We held each other during our nap (that I know of) and it was nice. Serena and I are still good friends and we continue to please each other when the occasion is needed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32