All in the Family

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Mary and Rudi, after recovering from the last episode, had to put their minds together to come up with another scenario to push Shelly to the extreme.

Rudi, unbeknownst to Mary and Shelly, had already established a chat relationship with Shelly’s just turned 18 year-old daughter, Katie. Seems Katie was not the sweet young innocent school girl Shelly thought she was. In fact, Rudi learned that Katie had a sexual appetite that would rival her mother and had bicuriosity as well. Rudi soon convinced Katie to join him in an adventurous rendezvous. He then shared his idea with Mary.

Mary, on the other hand, after having learned about Rudi’s plan, had to work overtime to establish an intimate relationship with Shelly’s husband Carl. It wasn’t easy, but Mary had successfully seduced Carl just weeks after Shelly’s threeway with the two college guys. The stage was now set, an awesome scenario to top all others.

Rudi had convinced Shelly’s daughter Katie that he knew of an attractive woman who desired a threeway experience with him but wanted to keep her identity a secret. Thus, blindfolds would be necessary if anything were to be arranged. Little did Katie realize that it wasn’t a strange bicurious woman and Rudi she would be fucking at all, but her own father and mother.

Likewise, Mary was able to suggest to Shelly’s husband Carl, that they should try something a bit more kinky…like adding another female and blindfolds to their sexual rendezvous. Carl, being the typical all-American male, had no argument against the arrangement whatsoever. Little did he know that it wasn’t Mary and another woman who would be fucking him, but his own wife and daughter.

Of course Mary and Rudi still had complete control over Shelly strengthened by the threat to reveal two videotaped scenarios in which Shelly participated in some very extreme sex. This time, they would only instruct Shelly that she would be blindfolded for the next scenario. Neither Carl, Shelly and Katie knew they were about to embark on an incestuous tryst to top all others. Rudi and Mary were quick to emphasize to all three that not a word was to be spoken once they entered the hotel room. In their plan, Shelly would be in the room waiting, blindfolded and naked. Carl, also blindfolded, would be led to the room by Mary. Likewise, Katie would be blindfolded and led to the room by Rudi. Mary and Rudi would be observing the plan unfold before their eyes, right in the same room, unbeknownst to their victims. The stage was now set.

As Shelly lay reclining on the bed, Mary led Carl into the room. Each being blindfolded, they reached their hands out and made contact. Soon, Carl’s hands were caressing Shelly’s breasts while Shelly worked to undress Carl. Shelly, though hesitant as she was to participate, knew she had no choice and succumbed to Mary and Rudi’s arrangements. She was hoping she would finally be free from their clutches if she performed well. Without speaking a word, she wasted no time in helping Carl to remove his clothes, which was rather amusing since both were blindfolded. Finally, Carl’s cock dropped out of his pants and Shelly was right on it. Carl was kneeling on the bed with Shelly in front of him. She slowly dropped down to her elbows on all fours and took his cock in her mouth and began sucking and licking his rod. Carl was caught off guard and let out a grunt as his senses picked up the feel of a warm, moist mouth wrapped around his dick. While this cock tasted somewhat familiar to her, Shelly dismissed it and sucked on. Immediately, Carl cupped Shelly’s head in his hand, caressing her hair while she took him deeper with each bob of her head. As Shelly sucked and licked Carl’s shaft and balls, he traced his hand backward to find her pussy. Shelly spread her legs at his touch to allow full access to her love hole. He rubbed the full length of her slit and then slid two fingers inside her pussy.

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned as she took Carl deeper down her throat.

Just then, Rudi entered the room leading Katie behind him. He exchanged smiles with Mary and could see that she had already started getting Shelly and Carl acquainted. As he led Katie to the edge of the bed, Carl blindly reached his hand out awaiting the stranger’s touch. Shelly ignored the intrusion and just continued to fill her mouth with rock hard cock. With no words spoken, Rudi grabbed Katie’s arm and lifted it to meet Carl’s hand, then stepped away to sit next to Mary and observe silently. Katie, thinking it was Rudi, began kissing him deeply while Shelly continued to suck his cock. As Carl’s hands began fumbling to remove Katie’s clothes, Katie began caressing Shelly’s back. Shelly reciprocated by reaching a hand up to locate Katie’s breasts.

“My, how firm these tits are,” she thought to herself. As she explored further, she could tell that the mystery girl’s nipples were puffy, bursa eve gelen eskort bayan hard, and erect…something she remembers from her own youth.

“This girl must be young,” she thought silently. She had always wanted to suck on a puffy nipple. It had been an urge ever since she first saw them on other girls in grade school showers many years ago. She interrupted her cock sucking to move up and begin sucking on Katie’s nipple.

“Ohhhh,” Katie uttered…which made Shelly stop for a moment. That voice seemed familiar to her. Mary and Rudi looked at each other in stunned fashion thinking their anonymity arrangement had just been spoiled. But alas, Shelly went right back to suckling on Katie’s swollen nipple while she stroked Carl’s cock with her hand. Soon, Carl’s free hand found Katie’s cunt as his fingers explored her tight, completely shaven pussy. He now had pussy in both hands.

Carl fingered both pussies for minutes and finally positioned himself laying back on the bed. Katie, on all fours, felt her way to his cock and picked up where Shelly left off by taking his manhood into her mouth. Shelly repositioned herself laying on her back up underneath Katie’s pussy and lifted her tongue up to her slit.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm,” Katie moaned as Shelly’s tongue dove inside her pussy. Reaching up and grabbing Katie’s ass cheeks with both hands, Shelly licked and sucked her pussy as deep as she could. Little did she know it was her own daughter’s pussy she was eating. Katie was enjoying the thought of another woman eating her pussy as she ground her pelvis down into meet Shelly’s face. It was obvious that Katie was very turned on as she was giving Carl her father, the most enthusiastic blow job he had ever experienced. In fact, at one point he had to lift Katie’s mouth off of his cock as he was close to exploding. He guided her as best as he could while blindfolded and silent. He needed her to take her time, lick his shaft and balls.

Rudi and Mary could not believe what they were watching. In fact, they were so impressed they began videotaping the performance that was unfolding before their very eyes. Mary pulled her skirt up and began rubbing her pussy while Rudi pulled his cock out and began stroking it. They had to be quiet though, as their victims thought they were the only one’s present in the room.

While Katie was riding her mother’s face and sucking her fathers cock she reached back and began fingering her asshole. Every one in awhile, Shelly would stretch her tongue way up and to touch Katie’s asshole. She noticed Katie’s finger there and began helping her by lubricating Katie’s finger as it moved in and out of her asshole. Katie then pulled her finger out and slid it right into Shelly’s awaiting mouth. Shelly sucked and licked her finger as Katie pulled it away and slid it back in deeper. Shelly was fingering her own pussy now while she ate her daughter’s. If only they all knew this was the nastiest, taboo scene one could imagine.

Carl pulled Katie’s head up off of his cock and reached down to feel for and pull his wife Shelly up to him. He did his best to show her silently that he wanted her to straddle him, he was ready to start fucking. He grabbed a tit, that was hanging in his face, in each hand and began sucking on them. Shelly slid easily down on his cock and began rocking back and forth. After a few moments, Katie felt the bodies in front of her and understood what positions they were in. Katie moved up and straddled her father’s face. While she didn’t know it, she would soon know who was a better pussy eater…her mother or father. Instantly, Carl’s tongue slid deep into his daughter’s pussy while his nose probed her asshole. Katie leaned forward and began deep kissing her mother who was gliding easily up and down on Carl’s cock. Each was carressed the other’s breasts while their tongues played with each other. Observing intently, Rudi and Mary looked at one another with mouths open enough to say, can you believe this? Katie’s tongue traced downward as she cupped her mother’s tit in one hand and began sucking and licking her nipple. They each began letting out quiet moans and sighs of approval. It seemed they were having the time of their life.

A few moments passed as Katie decided to return the favor to her mother. She lean off of her father’s face and moved up behind her mother’s ass while Shelly continued to rock. While Shelly wondered where she had gone, she soon found out. As Shelly continued to fuck Carl, Katie had layed down and positioned her face right where her father’s cock was entering her mother’s pussy. Shelly and Carl soon sensed this and slowed their pace. Shelly leaned forward slightly to allow easier access for her as Carl began thrusting more slowly in and out of her pussy. This allowed Katie to slide her tongue from her father’s cock to bursa eskort bayanlar her mother’s pussy while they fucked. As gently as she could, her tongue probed all around her mother’s pussy lips and father’s cock as they created love juice together.

“MMMMMMMM,” Shelly let out in a long tone. This kind of audible encouragement drove Katie on as she slid her tongue up to her mother’s asshole.

As her father fucked Shelly’s pussy, Katie slid her tongue in and began tongue fucking her mother’s ass. There was so much saliva and pussy juice flowing now that it was coating Carl’s balls and soaking the sheets. It wasn’t long before Shelly’s body was tensing as her husband’s cock and daughter’s tongue were driving her to orgasm.

“Mmmmm…mmmmmmm….mmmmm…mmmmm,” she let out in an attempt to not speak, per Mary and Rudi’s demands.

As pussy juice oozed down onto Carl’s cock, Katie could taste it and pulled his cock out of her mother’s pussy and directly into her mouth, cleaning all of her mother’s cum from it. Unfucking believeable Rudi mouthed to Mary as they watched in awe. With all of the entertainment before them, Mary’s pussy was drenched and Rudi’s cock was dripping with precum. As Shelly came down from her orgasm and was catching her breath, Carl assisted her off of him.

He again reached out and helped position Katie in a doggy position. She knew this well as it was one of her favorites. Carl then moved in behind her and Katie helped guide his cock into her soaking wet young pussy. OMG he thought, this pussy is extremely tight even if it is wet. Carefully, he moved deeper, then in and out with longer strokes. Whoever she is he thought, she must be young. Grabbing her ass cheeks with both hands he built up a rhythm such that soon his hips were smacking her ass and thighs. Shelly quickly realized what position they had assumed and began caressing Katie’s back as Carl fucked her. Shelly leaned down and deep kissed Katie as Carl’s thrusts nudged her back and forth. Shelly then lay down underneath her daughter and again, began sucking on her erect, puffy nipples. Katie stretched her head to return the favor and began licking Shelly’s belly. Shelly could take a hint, she wiggled her body way up underneath Katie so that they now were in a “69” position. Katie immediately dropped her face down to her mother’s pussy as her mother spread her legs wide to receive her tongue. Shelly was now in perfect position, to smell and taste from the closest point of view possible, her husband fucking her daughter. With a hand on each of Katie’s hips, she lifted her face up into Katie’s pussy. As she licked Katie’s pussy while it was being fucked, Carl’s balls slapped up against her nose. As Carl lengthened his strokes, his cock slipped out of Katie’s pussy and into Shelly’s mouth. She took it all in and sucked all of Katie’s pussy juice, then guided Carl’s cock back into Katie’s pussy. This went so well, he pulled out again and back into Shelly’s awaiting mouth. Again, she sucked with enthusiasm. Then back into Katie’s pussy. Carl could not believe what control of his erection he had. It seemed he could stay hard forever.

Everything was going so well he decided to go one step further, he dropped a mouth full of spit on Katie’s asshole, the slipped his thumb in.

“Mmmmmmmm,” Katie acknowledged.

Pussy juice and saliva was now dripping down on Shelly’s blindfold as she lay underneath Carl as he worked his cock in Katie’s pussy and his thumb in her ass. Suddenly, Katie lifted up from sucking Shelly’s pussy, reached back and grabbed her father’s cock and pulled it out of her pussy, juice dripping down into her mother’s awaiting mouth. Without warning, she placed the head against her asshole and pushed gently as she arched her back. It was obvious that instinctively, Shelly knew what was occurring as she caressed Katie’s ass cheeks from below and slid her tongue deeper into her pussy, hoping to relax her.

“Ooohhhhhh,” Katie blurted as the head of her father’s cock penetrated her ass.

She bowed her head and lay back down to resume sucking her mother’s pussy. Here she was, 18 years young and just had her ass cherry popped. Carl didn’t think there could be anything more tightly wrapped around his 7 inches of rock hard cock, but he was wrong. Again, he dropped a load of spit on the shaft of his cock still protruding from his daughter’s ass. Amazingly, his aim was right on even being blindfolded. Slowly he worked his cock in and out to absorb some of the natural lubrication.

“MMMmmmm, ohhhhhhhh,” muffled Katie still buried in her mother’s pussy.

While it was uncomfortable for her, there was a bit of turn on too as being fucked in the ass while sucking on pussy is as nasty as you can get,…or so she thought. In a stunning move, and realizing that Katie needed more lubrication, görükle escort bayanlar Shelly reached up, pulled her husband’s cock out of her daughter’s ass and drops it right down into her mouth. She pulls Carl’s cock down as deep as she can get it in her throat…gagging at one point. Carl’s cock was now covered in regurgitated spit as she attempted to guide it back up to Katie’s asshole. With Carl’s help, it now entered Katie’s pussy with ease. Carl began long, slow strokes into his daughter’s ass, with saliva dripping out and being lapped up by his wife as it ran down her pussy. With increasing thrusts, Carl was fucking her ass with steady rhythm. Shelly was increasing her oral favors on Katie’s pussy at the same time.

Mary’s pussy was so wet now from watching this, her entire crotch was glistening wet. Rudi’s cock was bright purple from the stranglehold he had on it, while quietly jerking off. Mary couldn’t take anymore as she leaned over and took Rudi’s cock in her mouth as she continued to watch and finger herself. Rudi reached up and pulled one of Mary’s tits out of her blouse and began rolling her swollen nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

It wasn’t long thereafter, Katie began pushing back into Carl’s pelvis as she was nearing orgasm.

As she lifted back up from her elbows to her hands, she arched her head and back and screamed, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, I am cumming!”

Suddenly something happened none of them expected or experienced before, Katie gushed cum from her pussy all over her mother’s face. Shelly, while stunned, continued to lick faster and suck as hard as she could on her daughter’s pussy…swallowing as much of the tasty cum she could.

Carl, overwhelmed by the sensation of total wetness and that tight grip his daughter’s ass had on his cock shot his entire load into her ass with a loud, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Continuing to stroke his cock in and out of her ass, Carl’s chest was inflating and deflating with his every breath. Carl’s cum began oozing out of Katie’s asshole, trickling down to her pussy and Shelly’s tongue. Finally, he pulled out completely with loads of cum now spilling out onto Shelly’s tongue, chin, and neck….more cum than she could handle.

As if timed perfectly, Rudi shot his load into Mary’s throat as she was leaned over taking him all in. Of course he did his best to avoid any sounds which made the cum shot even more forceful, bringing tears to Mary’s eyes.

Carl, dropped over to one side of Katie doing his best to catch his breath. Katie, feeling gratefully connected to Shelly, immediately hopped off of her and spun around to lick any remaining cum from her face, blindfold and throat, then deep tongue kissing her. They gently tasted the fruits of their passion together, tongues wrestling in unison. Finally, they all lay there completely exhausted from the session, chests rising and lowering while taking in air.

While Shelly lay there recuperating, she at once thought back to the words, “Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck I am cumming,” screamed earlier and had a strange feeling.

As she gently slipped her blindfold off her worst fears were realized. She had just fucked and tasted her own daughter.

“Oh my God! Oh my God! Ohhhhhhhhhhh my Goddddddddd!”

In response to Shelly’s reaction, Carl and Katie removed their blindfolds as well. Carl was stunned beyond words not to mention he was still out of breath.

“Mom, daddy,” Katie exclaimed as she covered her mouth with her hand and squinted her eyes to see.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe it. I just fucked my own mom and dad?”

As disgusted as she was with this, Katie was somehow excited by how nasty it was. As if on cue, they each looked over and saw Rudi and Mary sitting across the room, Mary using the back of her hand to wipe Rudi’s remaining cum from her lips.

“What in the fuck did you do?, angrily asked Shelly.

“This is fucking insane…, how could you do this? You have gone way too far!”

Carl didn’t say a word since this is the most fun he had experienced in quite awhile.

“Carl, do something,” Shelly insisted.

Katie climbed off of the bed and began collecting her clothes. Mary and Rudi wasted no time in grabbing their video camera and scurried to leave.

“Come back here you assholes,” Shelly continued throwing anything she could grab.

“You wait, I am going to get you,” she shouted as they hurried out the door.

Katie was slipping her clothes on as fast as she could and soon followed Mary and Rudi out the door.

“Wait Rudi,” she shouted as Mary and Rudi were driving away.

Rudi stopped the car as Katie ran up to the driver’s side window.

“As sick as that was, it was fucking hot,” she quipped with a smirk on her face.

“Good, we’re glad you enjoyed it Katie,” Mary offered from the passenger side.

“We’ll be in touch,” Rudi added as they drove away.

Back in the room, Shelly continued to chastise Carl for not doing anything once the gig had been revealed.

“I guess we all have a lot of explaining to do Shelly,” Carl replied in response to her terror.

“None of us is innocent here, I think you know that,” he suggested.

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