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Thanks to my dear Peter for the inspiration.

This work and all other works by YourLittleAngelle are property of the author and not for publication, whole or in part, anywhere else without the author’s express written permission.


“As a result of our massive screw up by not accepting their generous terms,” Ashley Williams continued from the plush leather office chair at the head of the boardroom table. “Williams Bank and Trust lost the Trent-Miller account.”

A unified sigh of disappointment escaped every Williams’s employee, though none was louder than that which Jack let out. The reason for his exasperated exhalation sat in that chair, clad in a pink and white Karan business suit with her delicate hands carefully folded on the marbled tabletop.

For all her thinly veiled attempts at discretion, Ms. Williams may as well have been pointing one French-manicure tipped finger at the young man slouched unprofessionally in his chair.

“I’ve been forced to make some adjustments to shore up our loss.” Ashley carried on with the efficiency of a well-disciplined general surveying the carnage of their battle worn troupes. There was no doubt she was gifted with the ability to command a room’s attention despite her young age and what most of the bank employees thought of as her unrealistic yet endearing optimism. “Our quarterly bonuses will be slightly affected, and we’re launching a more aggressive ad campaign. But it’s my hope that if we all work hard enough, we can continue to make Williams the bank of choice in our area. Our friendly atmosphere and family of employees are what makes us such an appealing option. We’re a competitive and locally owned bank people can trust, and I won’t let this latest stumble change that fact.”

Almost everyone did their best to look elsewhere, hoping the boss didn’t notice their uncomfortable glances. Well almost everyone that is… except Jack, who refused to give the woman the impression of remorse. With great relish, he took a bite of his bagel and allowed his smoldering brown eyes to meet Ashley’s ice blue stare. Once again, the attractive blonde attempted to make him squirm like a worm on the piercing hook of her well-made point. And though the unpleasant feeling gnawed at his insides, today he refused to give her the satisfaction of seeing his discomfort.

“Well I think we’re through for now, ladies and gentleman. Let’s get back to work and make this a really productive morning.” Ashley got to her feet, sweeping charts and notes into a leather binder with one brisk brush of her delicate fingertips. “Oh Mr. Dayton? May I have a word with you before you go?”

Jack held her gaze as he acknowledged the request with a slight nod. Standing to his full height, which was considerable, he approached the petite blonde with his usual casual stride.

“Yes, Ms. Williams? What can I do for you?”

“Have a seat, Jack.” Ashley’s eyes belied her perfunctory smile. “We’ve got some issues to discuss.”

Jack straightened his tie and brushed his dark hair away from his face, easing into the chair to Ashley’s left in the hopes that being so close might give her pause and calm the storm lurking beneath her porcelain surface. Maybe even be a bit intimidating, which is what the young woman had coming, boss or not.

“Close the doors please.” Ashley instructed, her attention now focused on a stack of papers on the table before her. Jack leaned toward the heavy oak conference room doors to try and close them without leaving his chair. Ashley frowned. “Get up out of that chair and close the doors properly, Mr. Dayton.”

Surprised at Ashley’s sudden clipped tone, Jack got up, carefully closing the heavy doors to the large room with its ambient lighting and costly furniture. He returned to his seat, watching as she reclined in hers, crossing her shapely legs in their sheer stockings.

“You do understand that your attitude and behavior are the main factors behind the loss of the Trent-Miller account?” Jack rolled his eyes.

“Ms. Williams, you can’t blame that entire mess of a situation on me. I was willing to offer attractive incentives. Their financier was less than cooperative and asked for a ridiculous annual interest rate and impossible terms.”

“When an account as important as that one asks for ridiculous terms, Jack, you give them what they want. I could let you go right now and be perfectly justified in doing so. It would be quite nice to see that infuriating smirk of yours wiped away for once.”

Taken aback, Jack’s eyes widened, but he stood his ground.

“If you want me to screw the bank out of thousands of dollars to please one client, then we can kiss our bonuses and perks good-bye. I know that’s irrelevant to you being the ridiculously wealthy founder’s daughter and all, but for the working stiffs like myself, that’s a very big deal.”

“Of course it’s a big deal to me, Mr. Dayton. I’d not be so quick to presume if I were in your position. For the most part, happy employees benefit the business. Kurtköy Ukraynalı Escort But there’s always that one employee. The one who doesn’t understand their place in the team? The one who’s smug and arrogant? The one who might need a little reminder of who’s in charge in this office.”

With a knowing smile, Ashley turned her chair to face Jack, the subtle cloud of her musky perfume invading his senses and the soft press of her pert breasts against her blouse beckoning his eyes.

“When you think of me, Mr. Dayton, what word comes to mind?”

Puzzled, Jack’s gaze fell once again to the enticing swell of her tits beneath that expensive outfit.

“Inexperienced coworker? Maybe manager in training?”

Ashley Williams got out of her chair, surveying Jack from the perch of her four-inch heels. With an unnervingly calm smile, she took two strong steps closer to him to stand within striking distance.

“The word I was looking for would fall somewhere along the line of superior. I am your boss. I gave you this job. If it weren’t for me, you’d be flipping burgers and stocking grocery shelves. Then, you could have all the smarmy attitude you wanted while you handed customers their hamburgers or stacked produce after rounding up shopping carts.”

With infuriating calm, Ashley moved in even closer, delicately straddling Jack’s hips to sit upon his thighs, her compact bottom balanced on his knees as she pressed her ankles against his muscular calves. Her ass was firm and shapely, the weight of her body against his knees temptingly unsubstantial, suggesting he could lift her with ease if he wished. Too stunned to speak, Jack merely met her eyes, hiding his shock behind an unaffected and steady gaze.

“So here’s the deal. What I want is very simple. I want you to apologize to me for blowing this account. I can make your working life absolute hell. Believe me. Or, you can give me what I want and we’ll start all over. I’ll wait while you compose an appropriate and sincere request for forgiveness. Take your time.”

“You’ve got to be kidding!” Jack burst out, an incredulous grin spreading across his face. “Listen, Ashley-“

One of Ashley’s hands dove between his legs, manicured fingertips squeezing his cock through the knit of his slacks with enough pressure to force the breath from his lungs. Wincing, he reached for her hand but she slapped his away.

“No touching.” She ordered silkily, her unoccupied hand now caressing the cheek she’d just struck. “I do the touching. Now as I was saying, I want an apology. And for that little remark, I want something else.”

Blood rushed into Jack’s cock as Ashley slid off his lap, letting go of him in the process. The stillness around them was oppressive as she climbed up on the conference table, shoving her folder and laptop aside. Carefully, she slid to the edge of the table, extending a leg toward Jack, the pointed toe of her ivory high heel poking him in the chest. Her eyes watched him as his stare wandered up her leg to the top of her stocking, then the pale thigh above that, and finally to a shadowy suggestion of cream colored panties.

“I want an expression of contrition that means something. One that conveys how truly remorseful you are. So not only are you going to apologize, but you’re going to kiss the toe of my shoe. They’re Gucci. They cost more than you make in a month. Probably three times more than you’d make working fast food. Actions speak louder than words, they say, so I want both words and action to reiterate the sincerity of your apology.”

“You’re out of your mind!” Jack exclaimed, clambering to his feet as Ashley brought her foot down, jamming the toe of her shoe into his groin. He paused immediately with a wince, as the pressure against his balls grew more painful by the second, Ashley’s smile widening as she eased up a bit.

“Sit down. Now. Or I’ll make you wish you had.”

“Okay. All right. Let’s be serious here.” Jack began, his knees giving out as he landed in the chair with a thump. “I don’t know what you expect out of me, Ashley-”

“Ms. Williams.” Ashley corrected, once again increasing the pressure against his vulnerable sack.

“Ms. Williams…” Jack amended. “I’m being totally honest about the account. If you want me to take whatever deal I’m offered from now on, I will. It just seemed like the wrong thing to do…”

Ashley’s gaze was now focused on her nails, examining the polish with a very critical eye. Jack knew her to be quite the perfectionist. She frequently put in long hours and was meticulously dressed and made up, no matter the weather or occasion. But he had no idea she could be so ridiculously exacting. The whole situation seemed unreal as he closed his eyes, and were it not for the constant pressure of her shoe against his stones, he would have questioned his mental state.

“All that is very nice,” Ashley condescended in an almost motherly tone despite being at least ten years younger than Jack. “But quite frankly, Kurtköy Üniversiteli Escort I don’t give a fuck about the future at the moment. Right now, all I care about is your regret over making such a poor business decision. And you don’t look very remorseful to me.

“I assure you that we aren’t leaving this room until you do as I’ve asked. I’ll get lunch delivered here if I have to, but I will get what I want from you, Jack Dayton. I’ve got all the time in the world to wait.”

Again, she got to her feet. Only this time, it was to drop to her knees before him, the lustrous gold of her hair shimmering as she reached for the zip of his trousers. With a start, Jack realized what she aimed to do as she wrenched his stiff cock from his pants. His fleshy shaft stood thick and erect, not afflicted with the indecision that plagued Jack’s thoughts. On the contrary, he had felt the stirrings of an impossibly intense and rock hard erection coming to life against his thigh when she sat on his lap. He’d hoped she hadn’t noticed, but apparently his hopes weren’t fulfilled.

Without preamble, Ashley lowered her pretty face, a warm and delicate breath enveloping the bulbous head and forcing a groan deep in Jack’s throat. He began to perspire, the room around him feeling oppressive despite its large size. Even the reassuring hum of a busy office was blocked by the soundproofed doors, so it was only he, Ashley… And whatever evil little ideas brewed behind those deceptively calm eyes.

“You can’t do this!” Jack implored with more longing than he’d intended as the soft velvety brush of her painted lips grazed the gleaming tip. “It’s harassment… It’s against the law.”

Ashley only giggled, resolutely wrapping one small hand around his silk and steel projection.

“I don’t see you lifting a hand to stop me, and neither do the security cameras.” She cooed, briefly glancing up at him with the delighted smile of a clever little girl as his cheeks grew red. “And I wouldn’t lift a hand to stop me if I valued my job. But then again,” With speedy accuracy, she bent to take the fat head of his cock into her mouth, the tight seal and suction of her lips silencing any objections he might voice instantaneously. After a few tense seconds, she stopped, pulling away the hot wet bliss of her mouth, his breath escaping in shallow puffs. “Do you really want me to stop?”

“You’re crazy.”

“Crazy hot, maybe. At least your cock thinks so,” Ashley agreed, trailing kisses down the underside of his cock. “And yes, I’m a bitch as well. But bitches get things done and go far in this world, as you’ve had the misfortune to discover.

“So about this apology, Jack. Are you ready to give it to me?”

In every unexpected and unpleasant situation, a person reaches several conclusions. Often, shock is the first once the circumstances have been taken into account and processed. Sometimes, incredulity follows closely behind. At this point, there are several options one might choose to cope. Making the best of things, trying to extricate themselves as neatly as possible, or deciding that since things were already bad, there was little harm in further risking a more detrimental state of affairs. When Jack’s mind momentarily took over his libido, he did precisely this.

“Fuck you, you spoiled little cunt. Whatever you want from me I won’t give you. I quit.”

A pleasant silvery laugh escaped Ashley’s full, pouty lips. Jack found his eye drawn to her mouth. How her little rosebud lips with their gleaming berry-colored lipstick just screamed to be kissed. In fact, her entire form was built for one thing. From her long shapely legs to her slender build and small and pert little tits, she was built for fucking with great speed and force. And he had no doubts he could bend her over the table and pound her sore while she enjoyed every frenzied thrust, the harder the better for both parties involved. Perfectly aware of this, Ashley used it to great advantage, secure in her body’s effects and impact whenever she was required to put them to good use.

“That’s what I liked about you,” Ashley explained as she slid out of her lined jacket, tossing it over the back of her chair. “Your spark. Daddy thinks I’m not always the best judge of character since I’m only twenty. But I’ve been watching people for years and sometimes know more about them than they know themselves.” She set to work daintily popping pearl buttons through their corresponding holes in her blouse. Jack struggled to keep a poker face of disinterest.

“All right, Ms. Williams,” He began, trying to keep the sarcasm at bay. “Whatever goal you were trying to accomplish has been a success. I’m sorry. Can I get back to work now?” Nervously, he ran his tongue over his lips, his mouth running dry as Ashley pulled open her shirt and then took it off.

When she turned to face him in an adorable lace cup bra trimmed in rosettes, he thought his cock would explode. The rose print lace made up the cups and straps, and a tiny Kurtköy Vip Escort cream-colored satin rosette nestled between her tits. Looking at them, Jack thought they’d make a perfect handful… or mouthful. And when she saw the look of barely contained hunger in his eyes, Ashley unfastened her belt and let the skirt fall in a soft pink pile around her tiny ankles.

The matching panties were too much. Jack closed his eyes, shaking his head. But still the vision of her in that adorable bra and panties combined with the brief bit of oral ecstasy she’d given him wouldn’t leave.

“I know you’re only telling me what you think I want to hear.” Ashley sighed, her tone one of playful resignation. Jack still refused to open his eyes until an especially heady burst of her perfume wrapped around him and he felt one of her hands brush his cheek. “So until I feel you’re truly sorry for what you’ve done, we’re forced to continue, aren’t we?”

Silken arms wrapped around his neck, and then again came the slight weight of her body across his lap. Sure and steady fingers slid against his chest, easing off his suit jacket. In an instant, she was skillfully untying the Windsor knot at his neck, and Jack wondered how she’d gotten so adept at unfastening ties.

“Speechless?” The word was whispered in his right ear just before the warmth of her lips brushed his cheek. “Now that is a first.”

When a cool draft slid over his chest just after Ashley’s fingers, Jack knew she was undressing him too.

“Holy shit! What are you-” In a flash, her knee was pressed against his groin again, and he fell silent?

Surely the room’s temperature had risen a good twenty degrees. It was unbelievably hot now, and Jack felt fine beads of perspiration forming on his brow. When Ashley tugged at his unfastened trousers, he slumped back in his chair, giving in to her silent demands.

Soft leather cushioned his ass, and when he finally dared open his eyes, Ashley stood before him, dangling his belt by the buckle, twirling the fashion accessory on one index finger.

“Is there anything you want to tell me?” Damn but she was beautiful when she put on a pout, Jack thought to himself, shocked at his ability to feel so many conflicting feelings at once. But sorting through them in his heart, he was terrified and elated to find that regret was not among them. “All right. Suit yourself.”

Jack Dayton cast about for anything that could serve as a distraction. Company policy mandated that all cellular phones be left at workstations or turned off for meetings, so there was no hope of being rescued by an important call since his phone was in his desk drawer. The two large windows that overlooked a perfectly green expanse of well-maintained grass had adjustable blinds between the glass panes. They were drawn. There was no hope of discovery because all staff knew if Ashley Williams was in a meeting with someone, opening the door and creating an interruption was dealt with by her infamous and icily professional reprimand. This held more repellent and deterring power than the crudest, curse-filled verbal assault any other supervisor could launch, and was enough to insure that Ashley was never bothered or interrupted during business meetings. Especially during private negotiations or in-office brunches between she and an important client whose business she wanted to obtain. Indeed, Jack almost wished she’d give him a tempestuous tirade or dire warning. This unfurling catastrophe was far worse than any awkward work situation he’d ever had to endure.

Daring to meet her blue gaze with its feigned innocence, Jack watched speechless as Ashley took her accustomed seat on his lap, this time straddling him, the silken warmth of her thighs against his bare hips sending shocks of lust prickling up and down his spine. Without hesitation or a break in eye contact, she let one hand slide down the flat plane of her belly, over the shallow indent of her navel, and to the ruffled band of her panties. Both of them gasped when her fingertips disappeared beneath the sheer lace fabric. Jack’s own breathing grew erratic and his eyes fell to her wrist as it twisted and flexed, the subtle sound of her fingers moving through wet flesh forcing his already hard prick to new heights of rigidity.

“Stop…” Jack was breathing harder. Ashley let out a soft moan in her little girl voice, the sound sweet as sugar and ten times more irresistible. “Christ! Ash… I mean Ms. Williams! Please!”

“I can’t stop now, Jack.” Ashley breathed, collapsing against him, her lips pressing frenzied and feverish kisses to his neck and shoulders, leaving a reddish lipstick smudge in their wake. “It feels way too good to stop. You want to feel how wet I am?” Jack moaned in futile resistance.

His senses were overwhelmed. The dim lighting, the professional furniture, the absolute stillness broken only by their breathing and the sound of Ashley fingering herself… All of it would drive him mad. Add to that the soft greenness of the potted plant aromas, the intoxicating perfume Ashley wore, and the more musky and equally stimulating underlying scent of her desire. All this sensory input blended together to make a potent aphrodisiac. Each contributing aspect alone would have been too much, but together, they were overwhelming and completely unassailable.

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