Demon Angel Pack Ch. 01

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I am apologizing for the errors and/or typos because this is my very first submission ever. This story is a total work of my imagination and deepest fantasies. For the greatest writer I know Sherrilyn Kenyon-this is for you. Comments of any kind are welcome and hints on which way I can go are also welcomed. No sex in the first chapter, you gotta know the people first and if the story not a hit I’ll just stop it here. Hopefully ya’ll enjoy.

lol sorry I like cheesy beginnings.


(Voice of the concave)

Long time ago, before the birth of the Gods or man there was a battle to see who will rule over all. This battle was fought between the Centuries of Light and The Guardians of Dark. The Centuries wanted light and creation to prevail over all. While the Guardians wanted nothing more than total darkness and death like the very beginning.

Before the Mystic Wars could destroy all life, two great leaders came from the shadows. The true names of these two leaders have been lost through time but their titles still remain, The Mother Creator and The Keeper (Bringer of Death). They spoke of balance and not supreme light nor dark. So from this idea they spoke a spell with their followers to trap those who opposed equality between light and dark.

In a prison between our world and the one of the greater beyond…


Chapter 1: The fall of the Highlands


” Ha-ha!! Run you Morgonian cowards.”

Gods almighty, I love this part of war seeing a so called mighty nation flee like the worthless cowards they are. As my flag colors, red and black, take Ganders Field. The mighty Morgonian nation shall fall and the last of the highlands kingdoms in the West will finally be under my father’s command.

Now it’s time to finish this once and for all, “Forward!! Let none survive, take no prisoners. Show them the might of the dragon clan!!”. Just as I finished, my forces broke through the last of the Western defenses.

The beautiful Rose Palace has fallen and so have the western supply and naval route to the Capital. As my warriors took over the last of their defenses I started my way down to the front line to officially clam the palace under my temporary rule; until my father comes to take the capital’s throne and become king of the entire central continent.

As I near the Great Thorn gate of the Palace I start to think about the final stages of my plan. With the fall of the deadly Rose Palace I need to focus on turning my army around and join the main forces that are currently trying to overthrow the Royal Capital itself.

As my generals and I entered the main gates of the city I saw upon entering the lower court yard a circle of my warriors surrounding prisoners of war and a few civilians; judgment time. A clearing of a throat next to me got my attention. “James, I know your father said to show them what happens to nations that test our power and disgrace him, but can we not show them mercy. They fought like true warriors and…” Markus my friend for the last 18 years and second in command started to protest my orders.

Markus always was my better half, keeping me from becoming a total monster. But he doesn’t understand the political world like I do. It not just lives it shows the resolve of the empire that says ‘miss with us and we will destroy you’.

Looking at the circle of prisoners I interrupted him and gave my thoughts on the issue “No, they dared to attack our lands on Emoris Day they deserve what’s coming to them.” Emoris Day was the day our elders believed that the gods fell from the heavens and created the five great plans.

The Goddess of Nature created The plains of Light to the south, that’s ruled by Alexander The Iron King. His nation in known for their Master Artworks of armor and forgers of the deadliest weapons in the entire world.

To the west, The Twin Islands created by the God of the Twelve Seas. Ruled by the Mighty sea Queen Ava. Her people are world known sailors and navigators. With one of the world’s largest fleets ever seen in history.

The Goddess of Chaos with a heart so cold made the Winter Mountains to the far north. Her lands are currently in a civil war. With the current leader William The Ice King and the leader of the upraising his older sister Princess Emily. Their warriors are called Wraths and justly named because they attack through the shadows of night and by morning light the remains of the enemies bodies are ice cold like their souls were taken by ghosts.

Emily or the Ice Queen, always believed that she should have ruled the vast supply of stone the mountain ranges provided. But the last Ice King, Ethan the Great, saw differently and gave the rule of his kingdom to William. Once their father died a few years ago Emily tried to overthrow her brother and failed. Now they are ripping the lands apart between her and her brothers armies.

In the heart of the world, created by The King of The Gods, The Highlands which are currently xhamster porno under and not for long by High King Adien. His High-ship is ruler over an advance race of humans with technology not match by any nation in hundreds of years. Well… until now.

Then there is my homeland, created by the Shadow God The Great Scarred Wastelands, south of the Mountain of Ages that divide our great nations. We are a warrior race and currently in a time of great advancement in our history.

“…see they only attacked the city state under Adiens order. They are loyal warriors and fighting for their families and love ones that may be in that circle with them.” As I came out of my thoughts I realized Markus was speaking.

Blood and bones of the Demon King…I must have spaced out again…I want to do the right thing but we cannot let up the attack if I do my people lives would be in danger and those who did die would have died for nothing I cannot let that happen. I tried to remain focused in ruling according to our laws but when the words left my mouth it sounded more like a question than a order.

“In our homeland we would have burned these criminals to death. Putting them down by the sword is mercy.” but as my rant continued I remembered all that happened under my command through these past 6 years and my voice became even colder and sounded more like the voice of my father; emotionless in the eyes of the people (justice is unseeing). “A mercy they did not show our people when they attacked the holy city.”

Yeah that’s right not only did they attack us on our most holiest of days but Aidens forces also attacked our holy city itself. They killed everyone, women and children alike. Then they hung all the priest and priestess body’s over the outer wall and painted our lord statue in their blood. It was such a horrible and disgraceful sight that set the entire kingdom in a blood rage for those, who lives were lost. This was during my grandfathers rule but still a dark day for my family kingdom.

Soon the Morgonian Capital will fall and we will finally take the last step to ending this war and finally have peace.

The sound of an explosion and cries in the distance brought me back from my thoughts. Black smoke began rising from around the city with the sound of blades clashing together; guess its their final push to force us out. Might as well release my new warrior class before they surrender. Looking at Markus I spoke “Markus, release the destroyers.”

The destroyers are creatures made from pure darkness. Most don’t know that each royal family has the ability to dabble in the powers of their creators; so I created them in a image I saw our creator as. Towering over 7 feet with a lust for blood so great that the Goddess of Chaos herself would be proud. They’re covered in shadow armor that’s black as night and stronger than any metal forged by a master. The only thing that really striking about them is the blood red eyes and the aura of death that surrounds them. They carry two heavy swords that an normal warrior would have to use both hands just to left one of the blades.

“It’s time to show our true power to the other four nations and what will happen to them in the near future if they dare side with our enemy.”

I could hear the shock tone in Markus voice when he answered. “General…James, please, releasing the destroyers is a little over the top even for the crimes they have committed; our forces will over power them soon and it will end without the use of that class.”

“Are you disobeying a direct order from your commanding officer and Prince… General?” I know that I am being a prick, but Markus knows that I hate being second guessed in front of my men.

“No… My Lord Prince.”

Dammit…”Fine, you know how I am about pulling rank. If you really feel like giving them mercy… mercy they DO NOT deserve. Then take a patrol and give them one last chance to surrender before the hour is over or I will release the destroyers no matter how much you beg for mercy on their behalf. Do we have am understanding.”

The face of victory that came over him said it all. Not to mention the smug tone in his voice when he answered. “Yes my most honorable prince.”

I wonder if I can beat that smirk off his snooty little face but good ol’ daddy won’t allow it, especially from his only son and heir to the throne. Plus that pain in the ass is one of my closest friends.

Who did I piss off in a past life to deserve this?

— 3 days later —

After the whole Destroyer issue Jin the Lord of Roses surrendered to me before the hour was up; I was so looking forward to using my new class. However i’ll admit, Markus had a way of talking people out of stupid situations. Once that issue was solved I turned my forces around and began my march with about 130,000 warriors towards the final battle at the Royal Capital itself. However, yesterday we received word that the Crystal Palace was yaşlı porno getting unstable so I sent 30,000 men to calm the uprising before another battle started. Lucky for me, I did leave General Jess behind with her forces to keep the Rose city under control and continued the slow process of reconstructing their government to a model of our own.

My army arrived at break of Dawn on the hills overlooking the last strong hold of the Highlands. The Palace was grand even by our standers with walls that are probably 300-350 feet high and from what I can see about 75-100 feet wide. Now I can clearly see why my fathers forces had a hard time breaking through that monster. On the walls it had four grand towers that had about 20 cannons and a butt load of archer points along the outside that gave the reach and out going power a deadly force to be reckon with. The Main Palace is the highest point in the middle of the city that has about four inner walls that look just as big or bigger than the outer walls. The silver and gold colors mixed with the sun dying rays give it a sense that the city itself was on fire. One word that can describe the city…stunning.

Well it would be without the fire balls and black smoke rising from the outer walls and the holes in the Great White Walls of the Highland. I can see that most of the forces are focusing their power at the four gates of the Palace. There was about 50,000 men I sent ahead to start the seize but from what I see their is about 5-10,000 men left.

Upon decending the hill the five Generals from my father forces came to welcome me and ask what my orders were. I asked for the details of what happened so far with the seize of the Palace.

Jose High General of my father forces spoke first. “So far their navy is still fighting our forces but we have them blocked in the harbor so escape is impossible. The outer strong holds are giving us some problems with getting supplies but we are holding strong with the resources we have now. One of the three Princes of the Highlands is giving us some problems with the people in the surrounding cities we took months ago.” When he was silent for a few moments i began thinking of a plan and thinking about this new foe.

Interesting I already faced two of the brothers but each of them fell. One at the Crystal Palace to the East, and the other 3 days ago at the Rose Palace. So that leaves the youngest of the brothers and if i am not mistaken he is called the High Heart of the People. In this land the common people rally and get strength from just hearing his name. Which can be a big problem if he calls for the country itself to rally against us; image that every person an enemy in land we hardly know. Understandable of having problems with the heart of the land, but all will fall like I have planned.

“I want all my forces centered at the main gate and have my father forces surround the rest of the Palace to cut off all escape routes. I want all the seize machines we brought ready and operational by first light and for a messenger to be sent to the gates on last time to demand their surrender by high noon tomorrow or we will attack with the full force of the Dragon Clan.”

I began walking toward my tent to prepare for the war plan incase my enemies are stupid enough to challenge my armies.

(11 Hours later, early dawn, War Tent)

I sat over hearing all mine and my father advisors on the problem at hand. All having opposing feelings on the extension of the time for the prince of the Morgonian Capital.

“…the only way to finish this once and for all is to release the destroyers.” Said one of my fathers advisors.

“We know that the king was moved to a secret base near the Palace before we seized the Palace. With battles still runs across the land it will take them a time before they find a safe route here, without having a fight on their hands. Not all of our troops know of the gold flag yet.” Gold flag is our cease fire for the royal family.

As high lord Rick finish his say the court turn silent and looked to me for my judgment.

“As Head General and Crown Price my decision is..” I hate being the prince and making decisions that may cost the lives of my men. “…they will have an extension until of one more hour before the destroyers will be released.”

“Hump… I think our Prince doesn’t know what he is talking about. Doing this will make our armies think that we are weak trying to back away from their forces.” An older advisor by the name of Logan and royal pain in my ass over the last 14 months and my father most favorite. “If this council appoints me as the new Head General I will make…”

Blood and bones of the Demon King…

Seeing red at the disrespect shown to me after everything I have done for this army in the 6 years of my command. I jumped up and crossed the room before any of them could even process what just happened.

Pulling out my sword and placing it at the throat of aldatma porno the old advisor “How dare you stand here and try and take my position I EARNED THROUGHOUT THIS WAR WHILE YOU SAT ON YOU LAZY OLD…!”

“Sir” Markus came running in shouting not knowing what just happened. As he looked around the room and saw where we were standing and the white faces of the advisors he said “Is this a bad time? I can tell the prince of the Morgonian Capital to wait, until your done…um… talking?”

“No Markus thank you, Lord Logan was just resigning himself from this Chamber and returning to the mainland.” I knew the acid in my voice dared him to speak up.

Sadly the old bastard didn’t speak up, I was wishing for his head but the old bat was smarter than he looked.

“This court will continue after my welcoming of the morgonian prince. From there we will make plans… Guards!!”

Four of my personal royal guards covered in black and green armor that had a red Dragon in the middle with two swords in each hand came in and spoke at the same time. “Yes Highness”

“Take Lord Logan to the first ship returning to the mainland. Make sure he knows the real life of a warrior.”

Both smiled as they said in together “Yes Sir. Anything else my lord”

“Yes that is all, just take him out of my sight before I do something my father will kill me for.”


(dark rumbling voice)

Those fools think they defeated us and have nothing to fear. But in do time my brothers and sisters we will take our revenge on those traitors.

The prince will follow in the path we have set for him and at the end of the Sending he will claim his destiny. And we will rise again!

And when the Centuries come back they will fall like they should have at the beginning of time.

(roaring of millions)



Speaking to my father’s right hand advisor, a royal man age of 24 and the picture of warrior, Thomas.

Standing a 6’4 and muscles that screamed royal guard. Short blonde hair standard military cut. With piercing blue eyes that seem to take in every little thing. With saha on his right hand his sword that has been passed from head of royal guard to royal guard from the very beginning.

“I cannot believe my father made me come down here to this invader. With the task of accepting his orders and letting him and his father rule our people.” Late last night a rider was allowed out to give us the order to surrender or the Palace would be destroyed. By the look of the force and size of the army I knew it was possible for them to carry through with it.

I remember so clearly the look of defeat and sadness my father had when he saw the Dragon Prince’s army arrive and helped surround the city. “The time of the Great God kingdom is over my son. The Dragon Prince defeated Tez and Louis two of the three pillars of hope of our kingdom.” Father then looked to me and rested his hands on my shoulder when he spoke these next words. “The people have lost hope for the two great strong holds of our kingdom for they have fallen to the Dragons and if we continue this battle till the end the Royal Palace itself will be destroyed by Dragon fire.”

Father then turned away from me and looked at our Great Walls be surrounded by a force we could not turn away in our current state of power. “We must ask them for terms and pray to the Great God of Light they accept to hear us out. If they don’t our people will never be able to rise again. The great Eagle has been defeated my son; I started this war 35 years ago to show our power.”

At that time the remaining Generals of our army entered but my father continued as if they hadn’t even appeared “It was my actions to prove myself as king that all this happen. Us being forced from the Royal Palace and hiding in the mountains like rats. It is time for me to resolve what I have done so many years ago.”

Sighing Thomas spoke. “Stop your whining Henry. Your father hand was forced and this was the only way he and his council saw a chance where our people can live through this.”

“I still say we use the Morgonian guards and force them back to the mountains. Let the iced air kill them off and send their souls straight to the Keeper where they belong.” Cruel, yes, but my father is giving our homeland to some stuck up savage prince that has no respect for lives.

Thomas spoke again, with a hint of remorse? “Always thinking about blood and death. You never think about saving people lives only about taking them… Someday you will learn as King or a Royal servant that death is never the answer.”

Thomas looked me straight in the eyes and said “True power is not knowing how to take a life, Henry, but how to save a life.”

Still mad I said “The creator would be pissed if she was here. Seeing her land being taken over by enemies without a fight to the very end.”

Swinging his leg over his saddle thomas spoke to me “Hush child, the Dragon Prince is coming. Get off your horse now, we cannot afford this war any longer.”

Swinging off Thunder I did as I was told even though what I really wanted to do was run my blade through his heart.

Well that was my thought until everything went blank when I saw this amazing specimen of man in front of me.

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