Dessert Before Dinner

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Hi all,
Well, it’s nice to meet you all, I’m Lina (I’m finally here! Lol! You should be seeing some work from me coming out soonish). This is another one of Tae’s stories – a random short to keep you occupied while we work on Belial and William (Tae writing and me editing) and a new story we’ve been tossing around that we’re going to write together. Hope you enjoy these characters, it sure was a blast to edit!


I sniffed the air, smelling nothing. Not a trace – it was as if he wasn’t even there to begin with. The boy wants a challenge does he? Wants to find out what it’s like being hunted, eh? I’m fine with that; but once I find him I won’t let go.

“For a human you’re pretty good at this,” I murmured to myself, “But once I find you, I will fuck you into submission.” No one runs into my Pack, creates Chaos, and then gets away with it. I will pound that right out of him, I thought, a lustful smile played on my lips.

While walking I noticed that the forest was unearthly quiet and I didn’t like it. Made me nervous. What was out there that was so powerful that it scares the forest sprites? Well, other than me. They were marginally used to me.

I stilled, straining to listen to Mother Earth – to her heartbeat – for just a hint of him. I heard the snap of a twig and I swivelled my head in the direction of the sharp sound, but all I saw was leaves falling from one of the newer trees in the forest.
“Ah.” I grinned, loud enough so that he could hear me.
“You want to play with the Big Dogs but can’t get out of the tree, eh? Let me help you with that…” I growled, making my way to my prize.

Slowly a sweet perfume wafted towards my nose. It was a mixture of apples and chocolate. But it also held another scent… one richer, manlier, Sinful.

I licked my lips, enjoying the sweet promise buried in the scent. “You’re mine,” I growled as I reached up and found a slender leg, gripping it, gaining a whimper in response. A shiver ran down my spine, god how I loved that whimper. It was getting harder and harder to control myself. My cock was twitching and pre-cum was already starting to pool in altyazı porno my jeans. I loved the hunt.

I dragged the leg – and the young man attached to it – out of the tree. Shaggy blond hair flowed to his shoulders and deep blue eyes stared out at me from his thin, pale face.

“Look who finally decided to show up,” I husked, pinning the boy to the tree using my arm. He whined as my other hand got close to his neck. His gaze never left my face, his eyes looked hazed and high. He was an… interesting creature. “Why’d you come and find us? What do you want?”

The closer I got to him the more delicious he smelt, the more attractive he became – the hornier I got. He appeared to be a quarter of a century – a child compared to my kind. To me.

“Nothing,” He exhaled; his voice light and sweet – like that of a small song bird.

I moved in close enough so that our noses could touch and I could feel his breath on my face. My cock was barely restrained by my jeans and I growled at him, nipping at his bottom lip.

“I think you’re lying. It’s incredibly difficult to find my Pack – unless you’re looking for us, Little Bird.” I licked his soft cheek, watching as a rose-hued blush followed the path of my tongue. “Tell me the truth or I might just have to eat you.” I brushed my nose down the length of his sweet neck, drowning in the rich smell of him.

“Ah…” He gasped as I suckled on his neck, tasting his skin, “I-I said nothing, I don’t want any-anything from you.”

I ran my strong calloused hand under his thin top and brushed my hand across his abs, slowly making my way to his hardening nipples. “Mmm, I guess you want to be eaten, Little Bird.” Then I flicked one, relishing in his moan. “Is that want to want? You want me to eat you? Should I start at the top and make my way down, or should I start down and make my way up?” I smiled, knowing it didn’t matter which way I started – either way I was going to get my prize.

A strangled groan was all the Little Bird could manage. I decided to start with down and work my way up – after all, isn’t it better to eat your amatör porno desert before your dinner?

I dropped to my knees, pulling my top off in the process. By now the Little Bird was leaning against the tree on his own, his hands held crossed above his head. I nuzzled my face in the crotch of his pants, savouring his scent. It was sweet and musky at the same time, it was divine. “Let’s see if you taste just as sweet as you smell, shall we?” I asked as I yanked his cotton pants off – I didn’t care if the clothes ripped, I preferred to go without them anyways.

“Oh,” I said, delightedly surprised, “you don’t wear underwear? I think I’m going to like you…” I took his beautiful, slim cock into my mouth and started to suck deep in my throat. He was moaning into his hand now, trying not to be loud. That was too bad because I liked loud. I pulled off of him and licked the length of his cute pink cock, across the slit that was leaking pre-cum like a faucet. I sucked at the tip, and I was in bliss. He was the sweetest I had ever had. “Mmm, you taste amazing…” I took him in my mouth again, and he his hands dropped down to grip my shaggy brown hair and he started to pull.

“I want you,” he moaned, “please, I want you!” I looked up at him, his eyes were filled with lust and they silently begged me to fuck him. I smiled around his cock and grabbed his tight heavy balls and pulled off his throbbing member.

“You don’t get to cum until you tell me what you want from me,” I chuckled, slurping more pre-cum.

“I want your cock in my ass, now, please!” He cried while trying to pull me up with my hair, the pain felt wonderful and I grinned.

Once I was standing I looked at the condition of my jeans. They were damp with my own pre-cum and I decided they were no longer needed. Pulling my jeans off, I gazed into the Little Bird’s brilliant blue eyes. His startled blue eyes.

“Holy Gods… Will that fit?” He gasped as he looked at my own thick, throbbing member.

“With enough lube anything is possible,” I laughed, turning him around. I dropped to my knees once again, animasyon porno but this time my face was buried between his ass cheeks. The Little Bird was hairless, short of the hair on his head. His ass tasted sweet, adding to his allure, letting me lose myself in a deep, sexual haze. I gently licked the outside of his rose bud, hoping to encourage it to bloom. Soon it was loose enough for my tongue, and I soon started to eat my prize.

My Little Bird was squirming above me, telling me he was ready for my cock. Each time he told me, I waited few seconds, prolonging his sexual release while I was at it. Once I deemed him ready, I stood up and positioned myself. “This may hurt a little,” I warned with a grin in my voice.

“I never expected to you be gentle in the first place,’ he huffed as he braced himself for impact. I was really beginning to like the Little Bird more and more. As I slid home, he moaned and pushed back. Something told me he was no virgin.

“Then I guess I won’t be gentle,” I licked the back of his neck and started to thrust. As I gained speed I pulled at his hair, dragging his head back as he begged for more. He reached down and grabbed his perfect cock and started to pump, getting ready for release.

“No,” I yanked his hand away, “you’ll cum without help.” He turned his neck to look and me. I bent forward and kissed him, lapping up the trickles of sweat running down his face.

“Ahh,” I felt his channel get tighter as he reached his end point. With a scream, he came, white creme spurting down the tree. His ass clenched repeatedly with his orgasm, triggering my own. I thrust one last time and emptied my load within him. We collapsed onto the forest floor, the scent of sex and rich loam encircling the two of us.

“That was…” Little Bird gasped out, “was amazing…”

“That wasn’t the end of it…” I said, surprising myself. I had never had an orgasm so explosive before – or a partner so willing and enthusiastic – and I knew I wanted more.

“I hope that answered you’re question, Chief.” He murmured, smiling softly as he ran his fingers through my hair while he lay on top of me.

“Of course, Little Bird,” I kissed the top of his head.

“My name is Tui,” the lithe blond offered, “and you may have me anytime you please, Chief.”

I chuckled. “My name is not Chief, but Kaleb.” I whispered into his sweet little ear.

“Of course.” Tui whispered back.

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