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I had been waiting for you for almost half an hour. Wondering what was up when you surprisingly had called me earlier in the day and told me to meet you here for dinner.

The restaurant you had picked wasn’t fancy, but it was dark and I had picked a quiet corner booth while I waited. I was on my second drink when I finally spotted you as you walked in. You looked gorgeous as always, but you seemed to have a special sparkle in your eye. you were wearing a long frilly very feminine skirt, and a simple white blouse, but on you it looked spectacular.

“Sorry I’m late” you said as I rose to meet you and you kissed me quickly before taking a seat.

“That wasn’t much of a kiss!” I complained with a grin.

“You really do have a one track mind!” you giggled as the waitress brought our menus, and I ordered you a drink.

She said she would give us a minute and be back to take our orders, and then left us alone. It was early for dinner, and the place wasn’t very crowded.

“Now about that kiss…..” I murmured as I pulled you closer to me and kissed your neck, your earlobes, and took your mouth in mine and kissed you passionately.

I gently tasted your mouth with my tongue, as I couldn’t help but slide my hand up the outside of your blouse to run my fingers along the outline of your breasts through the material of your blouse. You kissed me harder and I squeezed one tit roughly with my hand, as my other slid around your waist to feel your cute round ass under that frilly skirt. I could feel your nipple hardening at my touch as the waitress seemed to sneak up on us with our drinks.

She was smiling when I turned to see her, my hands still roaming your body as she asked if we were ready to order now. We ordered quickly, and she finally left after winking at you before she went.

“I think she likes you!”I laughed as you were turning slightly red as I suggested it.

“Oh quit it, you’re so bad!” you told me, seeming somewhat flustered.

“Mmm,I don’t know, she really seemed to notice you.” I told you as I took a sip of my drink.

“You really do have a one track mind!” you replied as I sat my glass down.

“You bet I do baby, but only with you!” I said as I traced the outline of your breasts again through your blouse.

You had removed your shoes and were running your foot up and down my leg as rubbed your tits in our dark corner. I could feel you pulling your skirt up under the table as I played with your tits and nibbled on your neck. I wasn’t sure what you were doing and was surprised when you pulled your hand out from under the table and stuck two fingers in my mouth. They tasted deliciously of your sweet wet pussy, and I groaned as I licked off every drop.

“You don’t play fair!” I complained as I slid my hand down under the table and up under your skirt.

I ran my hand slowly up the soft warm flesh of your inner thigh, and quickly rammed two fingers deep inside your already soaked pussy.

“Oh God!, I think you’re ümraniye escort the one who doesn’t play fair!” you whispered in my ear as your body stiffened slightly as I ran my fingers in and out of your sweet pussy.

“Unbutton your blouse” I told you as I continued to stroke you under the table.

“Not here, there are too many people” you said, gasping for breathe as you did.

“I don’t care….unbutton it now!” I told you more firmly.

You slowly started unbuttoning it as I kissed my way down your neck, sliding a third finger into your quivering pussy. As you undid the third button, my mouth was already kissing the tops of your breasts barely concealed in your now exposed lacy white bra. My other hand quickly pulled the flimsy material down out of the way so that my mouth could find what I had been seeking. You pulled my head closer to you and moaned out loud as my mouth closed over your hard pink nipple, as you pushed harder against my probing fingers. I hungrily sucked your swollen nipple harder, gently biting it as your hand found and massaged my throbbing cock through my pants.

“I want you so bad!” you whimpered in my ear as I continued to finger fuck you under the table, your lucsious tits exposed to my mouth in the dark corner of the room.

“How about we just do it right here……”

I teased you as you looked around the room to see if anyone was watching. No one seemed to notice, except possibly one guy at the bar who seemed to be looking at you.

“I think we’re being watched….” you murmured as I sucked first one big hard pink nipple, and then the other.

“Well then, we’ll give him something to watch!” I told you as I made sure he had a good view of your big full bare tits.

“I have a better idea!” you exclaimed as you pushed me away from you and said “come with me!” .

Pulling your bra back up and holding your blouse closed, you took my hand and led me past the bar and down a hallway, making sure your blouse was open as we made our way past the nosy guy at the bar. I just winked at him as we went, not sure myself what you were doing. You led me down the hall and into the ladies room. There wasn’t any one else in the rest room as we entered, and I picked you up and sat you on the counter. I wasted no time in unbuttoning the rest of your blouse, and with a quick flick of the wrist your bra was hanging down on your arms as my hands were quickly wrapped around your tits. I squeezed them roughly and pinched your nipples harder now than before, as my tongue once again explored your mouth. Your hands were busy unzipping my pants and freeing my straining cock as my hands continued to explore your ripe full tits. I broke our kiss and pulled you up off the counter, turning you around.

Quickly removing your blouse and bra, I was anxious as I bent you over the counter to pull your long skirt up past your warm lucsious ass. I couldn’t wait any longer as I took your ass in both hands and pressed the head of my aching cock pendik escort against your swollen pussy. I wanted you so much that nothing else mattered, as I plunged my cock deep inside you from behind, burying it all the way to my balls on the first stroke. Pounding you against the counter top, I ran my hands up your back and around your body to fill my hands once again with your swaying tits as I hammered my cock in and out of your sweet wet love tunnel.

“Oh yes!…baby that feels so good!” you cried out as you pushed back to meet my thrusts.

About that time the door swung open, and in walked our waitress. Apparently she had been watching more than we knew. I was too far gone to stop now for any reason, and watched in surprise as she sat on the counter next to you. She took one of my hands off your tits as she lowered her mouth to suck your taut pink nipple. You moaned louder as she took my hand and slid it under her skirt and pulled her panties aside. Her slick shaved pussy was already wet and swollen, probably from watching us in the dining room. I loved watching her suck your tits as I pounded your pussy from behind, her hand still covering mine as I finger fucked her. I felt your body start to quiver, and I knew you were about over the edge from all this attention. You cried out in pleasure, her mouth now biting and greedily sucking your tits, her other hand roughly squeezing them both. I could feel your pussy tighten around my aching cock as I fucked you harder and faster, my fingers still buried inside her warm tight pussy.

“Oh Godddddd!, Oh fuck me!” you cried out as the first orgasm made your legs start to shake as I pounded you harder into the counter top, my own body now filling with anticipation as I couldn’t take anymore.

I exploded deep inside you as you pushed back hard against me as we both erupted in pleasure together. Our new friend was still riding my fingers hard as we both began to wind down, momentarily satisfied, yet still aroused by our newcomer.My cock now limp and spent for the moment, I watched as she sat you on the counter and buried her face between your legs.

“I want every drop of both of you!” she told us as she buried her tongue as far inside your cum filled snatch as she could reach.

I couldn’t help as I watched her bent over lapping your pussy, I had to lift her skirt up to run my hands over her ass, still covered by her white panties. She made little moaning sounds, her mouth still buried in your pussy, as I ran my hands up and down her legs and caressed her round ass. Your head was leaned back as you enjoyed the feeling of her tongue inside you, as I pulled her sweater up to reveal her somewhat small but perfectly round tits, covered only by her little stretch type sports bra. I moved beside her to pull the bra up past her tits to expose her small, but marble hard pink nipples.

You were both moaning now as I took her tits in both hands and pinched those little nipples roughly between my fingers. From where I stood bostancı escort I leaned over to take your nipple in my mouth as I continued to squeeze and pinch her small tits. I could see you smile out of the corner of my eye as you watched my hands on her young body, and her head between your legs. I pulled away from you and kept one hand on her tits, as my other hand ran down her back and slid under her panties to feel the warm bare skin of her ass. I pulled her legs farther apart and reached through to fell the slick lips of her wet shaven pussy. Her whole body shuddered as my finger touched her clit, my other hand still tightly pinching her tight little rose bud nipples.

My cock was once again pointing towards the ceiling as I moved behind her and pushed her panties aside to slide two fingers inside her dripping snatch. She moaned louder, but never missed a beat in her effort to lick your pussy to ecstacy once again. I moved in behind her slim body and slid my cock between her legs, sliding the still wet head of it along the swollen lips of her cunt.

She reached down with one hand and grabbed my hard cock as she guided it to where she wanted it. I took her ass in both hands as you watched, and slowly stuck my throbbing cock inside her waiting pussy from behind. She gasped momentarily, but went right back to hungrily eating your pussy as I fucked her from behind.

With each stroke of my cock she seemed to press harder against your pussy, and we all groaned in pleasure as we fucked each other silly. I loved watching her eat you as I fucked her harder now. I reached around her to run my hand over her tits, as my balls slapped harder against her red ass, pushing her mouth ever harder down on your eager pussy. I reached out to pinch your nipples as she moaned, one hand on your tits, one hand on hers. I only wished I had two cocks, so that I could fuck you both at the same time! Your body was quivering once again as I knew you were about to cum, her pussy tightening harder around my pounding cock, my hands still happily clutching both your tits.

You were the first to cum, as she sucked your clit to a MAJOR orgasm! You bucked up and down wildly on the counter as she relentlessly continued to torture your pussy until you were totally satisfied. You lay back on the counter in exhaustion as she moved slightly to the side and clutched the countertop as I drove my cock harder and harder into her thrusting body. I had both hands clutching her ass as I slammed her harder and harder against the hard counter top.

“Oh yeah!..fuck me harder!” she cried out as her body began to shake.

I ran my hands up and pulled her back by the hair and ran one hand around her body to feel her firm tits again as I exploded inside of her and filled her pussy with my cum, just as I had filled yours only moment earlier. My body jerked as I filled her up, her own bucking wildly as she reached back to grab my ass and pull me all the way inside her.

After a few moments of blissful rest, she quietly pulled her clothes back into place and kissed us both passionately.

“OH, by the way, your order is ready!” she smiled as she walked out the door.

We both laughed together “OH yeah, we came here for dinner, didn’t we????”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32