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Big Tits

Fiona smiled as she signed for the box. She wondered if the delivery driver had any idea what he was an accomplice to. As soon as she shut the door, she whipped out her pocket knife and opened the box. It contained only a note and a garage door opener. Had Victor sent her the wrong package? Where was the sexy outfit? She opened the note.

I expect you to wear what is in the box, which is nothing. You may arrive anytime between 7 and 9 pm. If you are uncomfortable walking from your car to the house, you may park in the garage. Text me a picture of your outfit when you leave, so I will know when to expect you.

Fiona realized this was a test. Victor had chosen a time close to sunset. If she picked the later time, her entire drive would be under cover of darkness. If she chose the earlier time she would be driving naked in full daylight. She wondered if the door opener was for her benefit or his. What would his neighbors think of a naked woman walking into his house? Fiona glanced at the clock. The early departure time was only 10 minutes away.

“Fuck it, ” she said to an empty house. She pulled her T shirt over her head and tossed it on the floor. Her bra followed, then her shorts, and finally her underwear. She laughed, thinking this would be the first time she arrived at Victor’s without panties. Usually she left without them.

Fiona walked into the hallway and looked at herself in the full length mirror. She stretched her arms over her head, scanning her skin for anything that needed attending to before she left. Satisfied, she picked up her purse. As she walked to the door, she did a quick inventory, making certain she had all her essentials. At the last minute, she grabbed a wrap from the closet. It was for an emergency. She did not want to explain to a traffic cop why she was changing a flat tire naked.

Fiona pulled her phone out of her purse. The picture she sent Victor was taken in the hall mirror. It showed her from the waist up, looking over her shoulder. She turned just enough to show the curve of her breast. Fiona put on a pair of sunglasses and opened the door to the garage. In the privacy of her garage, Fiona strode naked to her car. She was glad she would not have to explain to her neighbor why she was leaving the house without clothes. She pressed the button on her garage remote. Sunlight flooded in as the garage door opened. She left Victor’s opener in the box it had arrived in. She was sure he could explain her appearance to his neighbors. Fiona wondered is she was the first woman to walk up to his house nude.

Fiona pulled out of the garage and onto the street. The sun was still well above the horizon, and anyone making more than a passing glance at her would realize she was at least topless. She reached up and pressed the button to open the sunroof. Fiona felt the warm sun on her breasts. Traffic was thin, and she was hitting all green lights. She saw one driver do a double take has he passed her, but almost everyone was focused on something other than a naked woman out for a drive.

It was the last light before the freeway that caught her. She was in the left lane with a small car in front of her. To her right was a delivery truck, which shielded her from the people on the sidewalk. A pickup truck idled behind her. She wondered how much of her body was reflected in her mirrors. Fiona saw the driver in front of her adjusting his mirror. She wondered if he was trying to get a better look at her. He slowly turned around and looked at her. “Busted,” she whispered to herself. Seconds later the light turned green, and she tapped her horn to redirect the driver’s attention. He pulled ahead of the delivery truck, then slowed down to let Fiona pass him.

“Please don’t cause a wreck,” Fiona mumbled as she accelerated past him. She sat up straight and turned slightly towards him as she whizzed by. “Enjoy the view.”

Fiona watched the car vanish in her rearview mirror as she pulled onto the highway. The drivers here were even more oblivious. She pulled alongside a semi and waved her arm out the sunroof. When she had the drivers attention, she pumped it up and down, trying to get him to honk the big truck’s horn. He took a long look at her, smiled, and the horn blared. Fiona waved vigorously enough for her breast to shake as she accelerated away. She wondered if Victor intended for her to enjoy the drive over. There was a tense moment when she passed a parked police car. She wondered if she could be ticketed for driving without clothes. The police car did not pursue her, and her thoughts turned to what would happen when she arrived at Victor’s house.

The exit that would take her to Victor’s house appeared sooner than she expected. She navigated the neighborhood streets cautiously. The sun had set, giving her the cover of twilight as she pulled up in front of his house.

The front door was open, and a single candle burned on the threshold. Fiona casually stepped out of the car. She felt a slight breeze. The damp skin on her back and between her legs felt chilled. Nonchalantly she walked up to 1080 porno the front door. Fiona tapped on it and called out, “Hello. Naked hot chick here.”

There was no response. She could see another candle on the floor, and she walked towards it. Another candle appeared, then another. The candles were black, making the flames appear to hover in the air. Fiona followed the trail out the back of the house and towards the pool. The shadow of the house made it darker on the deck. The only light was from the candles and a moon that occasionally came out from behind the clouds. At one end of the pool a stack of boulders formed a grotto, and Fiona could hear the water splashing over the big rocks. The last candle was in the grotto inside a glass globe on a low table. As she approached it, she realized there was a note under the candle. Fiona stepped into the pool and leaned over the note to read it. The water splashing over the rocks covered her skin with a fine mist. In the flickering candle light she could make out the words.

Hold Still

Fiona realized she was in the same position as the first night at Victor’s house. Bent over table, only this time her hands were only restrained by words on a piece of paper. She felt something touch her back. Almost instantly she recognized it as the riding crop.

“How was the drive?” Victor asked. His approach had been masked by the sounds of the pool.

“More fun that I thought it would be. I’m pretty sure I gave a traffic camera operator a thrill.”

“Oh really? I’m impressed,” Victor replied, pressing the riding crop between her shoulder blades.

Fiona felt a shiver go down her spine as Victor pressed the crop into her flesh. The tip moved across her back and rubbed against the side of her breasts. Fiona’s nipples grew stiffer as she felt the leather against her skin. She felt Victor’s thighs against her ass. His skin was warm. Fiona wondered if he was naked. She slowly started to turn her head, but was stopped by the riding crop.

“What does the note say? ” Victor asked.

Fiona turned her head back to stare at the candle. The water crashing down on the rocks covered her body with a fine mist, cooling her skin. It made Victor’s touch seem quite hot by comparison. His hand cupped her left breast. Her nipple protruded between his fingers. Victor slowly pulled her back. Fiona felt his cock nestle up against her ass. She squeezed her cheeks together, reveling in the feeling of being naked with Victor.

Victor ran the riding crop up the inside of her thigh, stopping just short of her pussy. Fiona strained to hold still. She was certain with one quick move of her hips she could have Victor inside her. She looked down at the note. Hold Still. It was almost impossible.

“You’re doing very well,” Victor said as he began to rub the riding crop on her belly. Slowly he moved it closer and closer to her pussy. Fiona felt the muscles in her belly tighten with anticipation. When the tip slid across her clit she moaned loudly. Victor pinched her nipple in response, causing her to cry out.

“So you like that?” Victor asked.

“Oh yes. More please, lots more.”

“Well, since you asked so nicely…”

Victor’s hand squeezed her breast tightly, and he pressed his cock firmly against her ass. The riding crop slid over her clit and brushed against the swollen lips below. Victor slid the entire length of the riding crop across her hot, wet pussy. In return Fiona rocked her hips up and down, sliding against Victor’s rock hard erection. For the first time, Fiona seriously considered letting someone fuck her in the ass. The idea had never really appealed to her, but she wanted to feel Victor some way, any way. Her mind was calculating the pros and cons, but her hips seem to have already decided what was going to happen next, rotating upward.

The riding crop swiftly moved to her backside, delivering a blow that stung just a bit. The noise of it echoed in Fiona’s ears. Her skin felt warm where the blow landed.

“You need to hold still,” Victor reminded her in a stern voice.

“Yes sir,” she responded.

“Now hold this,” Victor ordered, placing the crop between her teeth like a bridle bit. He moved away from her, placing both of his hands on her ass. His fingertip stretched towards her hips, and his thumbs ran down in between her buttocks. She felt like her pussy was absolutely gushing down her thighs.

Victor’s tongue brushed against her swollen lips, and her knees almost buckled. He moved his hands so his thumbs were under her hips, supporting her weight. His oral assault on her continued with his lips wrapping around her clit. Her whole body felt electric. She could feel each drop of water that splashed onto her skin. She took her weight back, lifting herself off Victor’s hands. He responded by cupping her breast in his hand again. This time his palm pressed her fully erect nipple back into her firm flesh.

She bit down onto the shaft of the riding crop. She could taste the leather, and something else. She fought to 2 k porno keep from dropping the riding crop.

His other hand skimmed over her ass, his thumb pressed inside her aching vagina. Fiona cried out again, even louder than before. Her mind was sending the word MORE to her mouth, but all that came out through her clenched teeth was a scream of ecstasy. Victor’s tongue lashed her clitoris over and over. She felt his thumb penetrate her, and the heel of his hand press against her wet, swollen lips. Her whole body shudder as the orgasm washed over her. She almost fell back on Victor. Fiona felt Victor stand behind her as her climax faded away.

“Turn around,” he instructed, taking the riding crop from her mouth.

She began to stand up, but Victor stopped her by putting the riding crop on her shoulder. “I did not say stand up, only turn around.” Fiona slowly turned to face him, still bent at the waist Her eyes were level with his hips. The only hair on his body was a small tuft above his cock. The skin on his abdomen was heavily scarred. He put one hand on his penis and pressed it to her waiting mouth. She felt the smooth skin of his cock on her lips.

“Now get on your knees and take it.”

Fiona put her left hand on his erection. She put her right hand between her legs, pressing her fingers into her drenched pussy. As she looked directly at Victor, she brought her right hand up and smeared his penis with her wetness. Slowly she began to stroke his dick with both hands. HIs skin was velvet smooth, sliding easily within her grip. Fiona lowered her head slightly. With just the tip of her tongue, she licked the swollen head of his cock.

“I’m not sure you know what ‘Take it’ means, ” Victor said, putting his hand on the back of her head. He slowly pushed her head down onto his penis. Her tightly pursed lips slid over the head of his cock, stretching to accommodate his girth. When she had taken his entire length into her mouth and throat, he removed his hand. She pressed her tongue against his shaft and massaged him inside her mouth.

Fiona put her left hand between her legs. When it was as wet, she gently cupped his balls in the palm of her hand. She smeared her wetness all over him. Fiona moved her lips and hand up and down his rigid shaft. She felt the riding crop resting on her shoulder, waiting to correct her. Fiona heard Victor moan. She was happy that he was satisfied.

The moon came out from behind the clouds again. It illuminated the hillside behind the house, reminding Fiona that unlike the house, there were no privacy screen around the pool. She wondered if someone out in the darkness was watching them. Fiona pulled his cock down so that it was almost horizontal. As she moved her head and hand back and forth, she looked up at Victor. She could see him silhouetted against the night sky. He was watching her suck his dick with rapt attention.

“I want to come in your mouth and on your tits, just like the last time I watched you suck a cock, ” he said calmly. Fiona released his balls, putting her hand on her breast and caressing it. It caught VIctor’s attention, and he moaned with approval. She pinched her nipple and pulled on it. The dark pink skin grew taut as she stretched it out.

Victor put his hand back on her head, holding her still as he thrust his hips forward. Each time the entire length of his penis slid through her lips and into her hand, then forward until she felt the head of his cock press on the back of her throat. Fiona tasted his pre-cum and felt his body go rigid. He stopped moving, holding himself on the edge of orgasm.

Fiona released her breast and moved her hand back between her legs. As Victor began to fuck her mouth again, she pressed two fingers past her lips. Her pussy clenched around the welcome intrusion. She pressed the heel of her hand against her clit, and wondered if Victor had noticed she was playing with herself. Fiona glanced up. Victor’s eyes were closed. He was focused on what it felt like to be inside her mouth.

He stopped again, this time with his cock only in her hand. She glanced down, and could see that a few drops of cum were leaking out. Fiona knew he was not going to last much longer. Slowly he thrust forward. As he entered her mouth she swirled her tongue around him. Holding the tip of his cock in her mouth, she stroked her hand up and down the shaft. She felt him start to quiver, then he released a flood into her mouth.

Fiona let the first load fill her mouth, then she pulled her head back and pressed the purplish head of his cock against the dark pink flesh of her nipple. The second stream sprayed out, coating her left breast with hot, sticky liquid. Fiona laid his cock on top of her right breast and stroked it, milking the last load onto her skin.

Finally she guided his cock between her tits. Fiona pressed her breasts together, using her interlaced fingers to push his penis into her cleavage.

“Please fuck my tits. I want to feel your cock, ” she whimpered. Victor complied with her request, thrusting 3 k porno his hips forward. His penis slipped easily between the firm globes of flesh, and he continued until his erection faded.

Fiona stood up and faced Victor. She cupped her breasts in her hands. One at a time she pulled them to her mouth, slurping his cum off her skin. Victor watched her, seemingly without blinking. She finished by pinching her nipple between her teeth, then releasing it.

“Your homework,” Victor began, “is to give an oral report of tonight’s activities to Frank. I think you should do this as soon as possible. I don’t want you to forget any details.”

“Does that mean we are done for tonight?” Fiona asked.

“Yes Fiona, that is all for tonight. You did very well. I like your creativity, even if it is at the expense of immediate compliance.”

Fiona stepped out of the pool, and followed the trail of candles back to the front door. As she walked down to her car, she felt the breeze. Her wet skin was chilled everywhere except between her legs.

She started the car, but only drove a block. She pulled up in front of a dark house and picked up her phone.

“Hi Frank. I’m supposed to tell you what I have been doing,” she started.

“Okay, ” Frank replied.

Fiona’s free hand found its way between her legs. Moonlight and cool evening air flowed in through the open sunroof. She rested her hand on her thigh as she began to talk.

“Victor asked me to drive to his house without any clothes on.”

“You without clothes is a wonderful thing. Are you still naked?”

“Yes, are you?”

“I am about to be.”

“Don’t you dare touch your cock, that is for me to take care of when I get back,” Fiona said sternly.

“What happened when you arrived at his house?”

“I walked through the house to the pool, but did not see anyone. As I was standing in the shallow end of the pool, Victor appeared behind me. He pressed his naked body against mine, and put his hands all over me.”

Fiona’s fingers began to press against her pussy. She set the phone to hands-free and put her other hand on her breast. She could feel her nipple growing against her palm. She closed her eyes to recall what happened next.

“He put his cock up against my ass. Having his hands on my tits and his cock up against me really turned me on. For a minute I thought he was going to fuck me in the ass.”

“Really, what happened next? ” Frank asked enthusiastically.

“I think you like the idea of me taking it in the ass. I didn’t think you wanted that.”

“I think anyone that has seen your ass wants to. Even your girlfriend at the gym wants to fuck you in the ass. Now tell me what happened next.”

“Then he went down on me. His mouth was between my legs, licking and sucking on me. It felt so good my legs almost could not hold me up. He did that until I came,” Fiona said as she pressed her thumb against her clit. She let out a low moan as she felt an orgasm building. Even as she told him about Victor licking her pussy, she was thinking about Frank’s cock slipping inside her ass.

“Fiona, are you playing with yourself?”

“Of course.”

“But I can’t?”

“I assure you I will have plenty of orgasm left for you when I get home. I don’t think you can say the same.” she scolded.

“That is so unfair,” Frank lamented.

“Then I got on my knees and put his dick in my mouth. I sucked his cock until he came all over me. He came in my mouth and on my tits. After he came, he tit fucked me until he was done.”

“Is that all?” Frank asked.

“No, when he was done he watched me lick his come off my tits. I think he really liked that.”

“I really like that, and I wasn’t even there.”

“Do you want me to do that for you? Would you like to watch me lick my own tits?”

“Saying it like that is making it very difficult for me not to have an orgasm. Just thinking about that is enough to push a guy over the edge.”

“I will make it worth your while to wait. I want you to fuck me in the ass when I get home. You have about an hour to get ready,” Fiona said, her voice dropping off to a moan as her orgasm swept over her.

“I will be there. See you soon,” Frank replied, his voice full of eager anticipation.

“See you soon, ” she said, hanging up the phone. She started the car and put it into gear. Just before pulling back onto the road she hesitated. She had just requested that Frank do something that would have been unimaginable six months earlier. Fiona recalled that moment at Victor’s when she thought he was going to thrust his cock into her ass. She wondered what caused her to feel desire instead of shock and dismay. Whatever it was, she expected Frank would be ready for it when she got home. Fiona grinned to herself. She doubted Victor realized how quickly she would head down the path he had set her on.

As she pulled onto the expressway she rolled down all the windows and let the cool night air wash over her naked body. Her speed increased to right on the edge of what would get her pulled over. Fiona was no longer concerned about explaining to the police why she was naked. In the end, her reason finally regained a bit of control, and convinced her desire that getting pulled over would mean delaying time until she could be with Frank.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32