Eating Her Out

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The bedroom was quite. The night had grown old and both Mal and I eased our way into the bed as we did every night. She had pulled the covers down just enough for everything below her knees to be covered. She always said a good night’s sleep started with warm feet. I looked over to see the hem of her Iron Man tank top bunched up around her waist. I could see the black lace underneath, inviting me. It was complete torture and I knew I had to approach the subject soon. I just couldn’t handle it anymore.

“Mal, babe?”

“What’s up?” She was captivated by her phone. She had just downloaded an app that replicated the snake game from the old school phones and she was lost in it even as she spoke.

“Can I talk to you about something?”

“Thomas, is everything alright?” She had been sitting up in bed next to me with her ankles crossed under the covers, playing, and waiting for me to turn off the lights. Now she had put her phone down and pushed her glasses back up on her nose. “You can talk to me about anything, sweetie. What’s the matter?”

I dropped my head and started playing with my fingers in my lap. Sometimes it was really difficult to ask her things. Sure, Mal and I had been together for over a year now and I felt better next to her than I had any other time in my life, but that didn’t make this conversation any easier. I didn’t want her to get the wrong idea and I was finding it hard to say the right words.

She turned to kneel beside me, her knees pressing against my left thigh. Mal always sat next to me like this when our conversations got serious. “Thomas?” Her tone was stern but worrisome. “You have to say something now. You’ve got me scared.”

Thinking I was an idiot, I looked over at her and tried not to be as nervous, easing her into a better mood. This was the woman I loved after all. It should be easy for me to talk to her about anything and everything. “It’s not even like that.” I reached out for her hand. “I just wanted to talk about our sex life.”

“Fuck.” She nearly choked and was obviously very concerned now. “Have I been doing something wrong?”

I suppressed a laugh. “No, calm down. I’m super satisfied. I just thought maybe we’ve been together long enough we can start to talk about these things without all the anxiety and judgment.” I rubbed her hand between mine trying to console the feelings I had stirred in her on accident. Her brow furled. She was confused and trying to think of what it could be that I was trying to get at. I put my arm around her and pulled her close into my bare chest. “Nothing to be scared about, kitten. I was just thinking the other day that we haven’t really discussed some things.”

“I don’t know where this conversation is going.” She sighed, clearly still full of worry. “I’m not about to let you use a riding crop if that’s what you’re getting at.”

“Oh, no. That’s not at all what I was referring to. I was just thinking about oral.” I was trying to be as causal with the conversation as I could.

She looked even more confused now. “I still don’t get it. I give you blow jobs all the time.” She pulled away to look me in the eyes and her face lit up with a panic. “Am I doing something wrong?!”

“My goodness, Mal. You’re not doing anything wrong… Here, get comfy.” I pushed her down to lie on her back. I situated myself to lie on my stomach with my head resting on an arm that curled atop her waist. I looked into her worried face and used my other hand to stroke her cheek. “You make me a very happy man, but we don’t have oral sex. You have oral sex.”

Mal was a gorgeous woman. Everything about her made me hard. I could watch her unload the dishwasher and cum. Her hourglass figure was perfect with plentiful tits and ass. She has this intoxicating concoction of scents, from her lotion to her hair, which make my head whirl. Don’t even get me started on all the cute little noises she makes. Mal was well aware that I loved her body. She knew how much I loved the taste of her skin but she wouldn’t ever let me eat her out, and god, how I wanted to.

I could see the wheels turn. Finally it hit her and she grimaced with a look of complete shock and disgust. “Oh god, Thomas! You want to… but isn’t that gross?”

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” I was surprised to say the least. It was my turn to be the confused one. “Mal, you swallow on nearly all the blowjobs you give me.”

“I like the way it tastes.” She looked so innocent when she said that and it nearly killed me.

I reeled my mind back in. “And what about me? You get to taste but I don’t? How could you be totally fine with slurping up my spunk, but be disgusted with me lapping up your juices?” I watched her think this over, but I was impatient. “You’ve got to admit that’s a little Beylikdüzü Fetiş Escort biased.”

“I just don’t want you to be grossed out.” She was getting anxious now and looked away.

I pushed her gaze back to mine with my thumb under her chin. “Don’t do that. Talk to me, kitten.”

She sighed, giving in and knowing that I was going to pry it out of her eventually. “The first boy I had ever decided to have sex with was also a virgin. We had met just out of high school and were super excited to be physical with someone. Problem was we didn’t know what we were doing.” She tried to look away again, but I wouldn’t let her. “He and I weren’t in love or anything, but we decided to help each other out for when we did fall in love. Neither one of us wanted to be completely ignorant. “

“So what happened?” I prodded, trying to get her to feel better about whatever was bothering her.

“Well, we decided to try oral one night. I did him first and found it pretty enjoyable, but he didn’t feel the same about me.” Every bit of happiness had drained out of her face. This was an uncomfortable memory for her to relive.

“What did he do to you, Mal?” I was feeling very jealous and over protective. I knew it was a long time ago and there was nothing I could do about it, but the thought of someone hurting her infuriated me.

“He said I was gross.” Her eyes were on the floor. She turned to her side, looking away from me. She tried to pull the blanket up to cover herself letting me know this was something she was ashamed of.

“What?!” I was indeed furious. “What did he say exactly?”

“Not much. He took two licks and looked up at me as though he’d just drank a glass of spoiled milk. He said that I tasted awful and left me there to go brush his teeth.”

I sat up, huffing and puffing at the accusation that tool would make about her. She was mine and beautiful and delicious. “Why that gay bastard! What I wouldn’t give to teach him a lesson.”

“Thomas! That is not at all a kind thing to say.” She scolded me and took advantage of my getting up to finish pulling up the blanket. She curled up in a ball and hid her face from mine, mumbling out “Can we just go to bed?”

“Malory. What he did to you was mortifying and completely intolerable.” I tried to get her to look at me, but all I could see were the faint tear stains running down her cheeks. My baby was hurt. This jerk had scarred her for life, letting her think that she was dirty and nasty this entire time. It was a wonder she pushed past it enough to let me do half of the things I do with her. I couldn’t have this.

“Do you trust me?” I leaned back over her, gentle now. I was careful not to push her too fast.

“Thomas, not now.” Her voice cracked trying to talk and not cry. “I do trust you, but I think it would be best to address this topic later.”

“My sweet, sweet Malory.” I lowered my voice to that decibel that made her skin tingle. “That boy did not love you and I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually was gay.” She was facing away from me, but I made every effort to change that. Over the blanket, I eased my hand up and down the side of her thigh and kissed the small bit of shoulder that was left exposed.

She resisted me. “What if he is right, Thomas? Did you think about that?” She sniffled and pulled the blanket up tighter.

I eased the strap of her tank top down her shoulder and lightly kissed the skin where it had been. “I think he was a scared little boy that didn’t know how to handle himself in front of an actual woman.” She let me push the blanket down and continue kissing. “But what am I?”

She looked over her shoulder and smiled. “A man?” Her defenses were lowering and she knew what I was getting at. As much as she wanted to stay mad, she was mine. It was my responsibility to take care of her and I make sure to do a damn good job.

“Exactly.” I growled back at her, knowing what happened when she heard my voice get gruff and greedy. “And you know what men like to do?”

“Tell me.” My approach had worked. Her tears had dried and she had turned to face me, pivoting on her hip and allowing my lips access to her neck and collar bone. I slipped my hand under the covers and toyed with the hem of her tank top. I was rewarded with her hand slipping though my hair and pulling me into her chest.

“Men..” I paused and let out a warm sigh against the skin of her breasts. “Men like to have their way with women, real women.” She moaned as my hand slid across her tummy to rest on her waist. My mouth was nibbling all the skin that wasn’t covered.

“Men,” I continued, “Like to feel their women.” Quickly, I slid my hand underneath her back and pulled her into me. She gasped and both hands clutched Beylikdüzü Gecelik Escort my head now. My face was buried into her cleavage and any other speech from now on would require me to move my head out for her to understand.

“Men like to hear their women.” Just as quickly as before, I dropped her, pulled the covers off, and began to tickle her.

“Thomas, you beast!” She giggled and thrashed under my fingers. “Stop it!” I conceded returning to my kisses along her body, though now her legs were exposed and I had more real estate to work with. I looked up at her, lifting an eye brow. She was smiling ear to ear and was completely recovered from any bad memory.

“Men like to see their women.” I leaned back on my knees and just watched. She knew what to do. Slowly, torturously, she peeled her tank top over her head and exposed her tits. Because we were about to go to sleep, she wasn’t wearing a bra. She gave them a squeeze and flashed me those ‘come and get me’ eyes.

I growled again and pushed her back, taking in as much of her bosom as I could. I flicked my tongue around one nipple and suckled while my hand squeezed and pinched at the other. She ran her hands around my back to run, eventually pulling my head up for a kiss.

“What about smell?” Her eyes were filled with lust now. She wasn’t afraid anymore.

“Well, that one’s already covered.” I returned to her body, trailing hot, wet kisses down her neck, through her cleavage, and to her tummy. “You see, Mal. Aside from that mind melting mixture of lotion and perfume you use, I can smell you. I grabbed at her waist and kissed her hips, pausing at the hem of her panties. “I can smell your arousal.”

She blushed, turning a deep red. There wasn’t any way she could deny it. “But that’s your fault. You bring out the shameless slut in me.”

I bit down on a portion of skin just inside her knee to punish her for her word choice. It wasn’t enough to hurt, just surprise her in contrast to the soft kisses. “On the contrary, kitten. It’s you who are doing these unspeakable things to me. “I kissed the now red skin where I had bit, soothing it. “You see how hungry I am for you? Do you see how hopelessly drawn I am to you?”

“Yeah” she barely breathed out as I continued to kiss and nip slightly. She was lying on her back again, leaning up on her elbows to watch me. My voice was still groveling in and out of kisses and I knew it was teasing her tremendously.

“Only a real woman could do that to a man.” I ran my hands from her waist to her knees and slowly pushed them apart. “Speaking of men, we’ve ended at the most important of all the senses.”

I leaned back a bit to enjoy the view which only made Mal blush more. I continued on with my kisses but slower and more thorough now. I wanted her dripping by the time I pulled her panties off. “Do you trust me, baby?” I looked up at her and waited for permission.

She was too far gone to refuse but there was still uncertainty on her face. “Make me a promise, Thomas?”

“Anything” I breathed into her inner thigh, already knowing what she was going to say.

“You can’t hide anything from me. No matter how much I enjoy it or how much you enjoy putting me through this agony, if you don’t like it you have to tell me.” As I moved my kisses closer to her depths, she was interrupted by her own gasp. “Promise me Thomas,” she sighed. “Promise you won’t pleasure me at your own expense.”

I paused to kiss her hard on the mouth. I kissed with fever and passion, somehow telling her everything was going to be fine. Moving back to look at her, I was confronted with the trust and love she had for me as she willingly surrendered to my desires. “I promise.” A look of relief flooded over her as I slipped between her legs, this time stroking her with my fingertips instead of kissing. “Although, I don’t think there’s even a little chance I won’t enjoy it.” I flashed a mischievous grin.

Once my hands had become familiar with the sensitive skin on her inner legs, I wrapped them around her panties and began pulling them down. Just as I had hoped, she was very aroused. I let out a deep groan as she lifted her bottom, assisting me in the process. It occurred to me, somewhere between slipping her panties off and looking at her dripping wet pussy, how painfully hard I was.

I kept with the kissing technique. I figured I’d start with something she was already familiar with. Softly and tenderly I made my way from her hips to her mound. She gasped and tried to close her legs. “Don’t do that, kitten. Let me play” I commanded, and she moaned freely. I wrapped my arms under and around her legs, resting my face before the prize. Her breathing was already erratic from watching me. I couldn’t Beylikdüzü Genç Escort wait to start the actual pleasing.

I took one long lap and she nearly fainted. “Oooh my god, Thomas.” Her hands immediately clutched the sheets and her head fell back on the pillow.

I lapped her up, just slow licks from bottom to top. She writhed around in a sweet agony. I made sure I was rough enough to be felt, but soft enough to still tease her more than please her. Her slick shaven pussy was sweeter than I imagined it to be and I couldn’t keep up with the teasing much longer. As much as I would have liked to keep her on edge all night, I had an agenda of my own.

I used my thumbs to open her folds gently as I blew a stream of cold air over her swollen lips. I could feel her warmth radiate and it bewitched me. There was no more holding back. I lost it and let my tongue explore all around her folds. I went from gentle and predicable to erratic and rough in a moment. Had I been able to pay attention to something other than her delicious pussy, I would’ve seen Mal’s back arch against the bed and her silent scream.

“Thomas! Fuck!” She grabbed fistfuls of my hair and shoved my face farther into her depths. I let my hands roam up to her breasts and grabbed hold. She groaned at my touch and bucked her hips slightly. Her continuing to scream my name only encouraged me more and I couldn’t stop.

I slowly entered her with a finger, curiously massaging the inside of her walls and watching for those pleasure spots that got a big reaction. It was then that I noticed how flushed she was. Her chest, her face, all that porcelain skin that I had caressed just minutes before, was brushed red and speckled with sweat. I loved seeing her like this.

“You look so fucking hot right now. You like what I’m doing, kitten?” I nearly growled as she bucked against my finger.

“Yes! Fuck, Thomas! Yes!” She squirmed and hissed. “It feels so good, baby.”

“You want more” I teased.

She gasped. “Please Tom! Make me cum, baby!”

There was no way I could refuse such a request. I started by inserting another finger. I fucked her slower this time, letting her feel every nerve explode with pleasure. Once she looked as though she’d settled in to this movement, I curled my fingers. She nearly flew off the bed, moaning intensely sitting up and reaching for me. I used my free hand to push her back down, my hand resting in the valley of her breasts. “Relax, Mal. Enjoy the ride.”

She groaned and I could feel her heart pump surges of hormones through every inch of her. Her toes curled in to the bed beside my shoulders and she tried desperately to keep her legs open for me. It was a pure, primal pleasure she was experiencing.

I had saved the best for last. I began increasing the speed of my pumping fingers while I licked and kissed at her folds and mound. She was getting close and I could tell that this was going to be one hell of an orgasm. She opened her mouth and hinted at saying something, but was caught off guard when I took her clit into my mouth. I sucked and licked, all the while still speeding up the motions with my fingers.

“Fuuuck! Thomas, yes!” she screamed. “I’m going to cum!”

I could feel all her muscles around me tighten. Her efforts gave way and she wrapped her thighs around my head. I didn’t really mind. I was pleased as punch knowing that I was putting her through this much pleasure. With a guttural groan she came. I had to stop and marvel at the release she was experiencing. I had never seen her, or anyone for that matter, cum like that. She clenched my fingers within her and I could feel reverberations along the arm that was resting up her stomach.

I took a couple laps, making sure that I cleaned her up before returning to my place beside her. I got out of the bed and watched my beauty, eyes closed, ride out the aftershocks. I’m sure reciprocation would come in the morning, but she looked far too spent for any more fun tonight. I pulled the blankets up over her and climbed in beside her. She reached for me and formed to my side, kissing my chest.

“Thomas?” her voice was soft and she was still recovering.

“Yes, kitten?” I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her in tight. I wanted her to feel every ounce of love I had for her.

“How did I taste?” I sensed a hint of apprehension in her voice.

“See for yourself.” I leaned in for a kiss which was light and gentle at first, but she took it further and further. Her tongue explored my mouth, eager to find every morsel of herself that was left. It was hot as hell.

Releasing for a breath I asked, “So, Mal? Whatcha think?”

She leaned in against my chest and thought about it. “Kind of like Greek yogurt, but warm. The argument for a sour cream like taste could be made.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “Lucky for you, I happen to enjoy both Greek yogurt and sour cream very much.”

She laughed with me for a while but fell asleep quickly. I lay there with her in my arms thinking. My sweet Mal. So beautiful, so kind and sexy, but also tasty as fuck.

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