Emily’s Home – Ginger’s Out Ch. 08

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Emily Goes Home – Ginger Comes Out Ch. 08

By A Vixen Literally©

*** Week Eight ***

I was dreaming. Reenie and I were in my room in Monterey. Her lips were soft and warm on mine. My body was alive as she teased me, fingers and lips everywhere. I stretched. Ah, bliss! I felt her arms around me as I woke. I smiled. She is with me!! How fabulous. We would have a great … Monday!! I opened my eyes. My lover was kissing me. Her arms were around me. She is with me. How wonderful. Fuck! I have to go to work and it’s her day off. I kissed her, desperately unhappy. She must have felt the tears. She broke the kiss, lifted and looked in my eyes.

“I called and left a message for your boss, George.” My sly minx smiled slyly. “I told him I was a friend.” I giggled. “You’d come down with some viral thing that had laid you out. The airline allowed you to fly home only if you wore a mask on the flight. You were better but wouldn’t be in Monday.” She smiled a conspiratorial smile.

How could I not laugh? It was all borderline believable. The point was she had gone to great lengths not only to surprise me last night but to arrange it so we could spend Monday together. After our respective bathroom breaks I declared that it was my turn to show my appreciation, properly, for all she’d done for us. She graciously acquiesced. In handcuffs and a gag, she really couldn’t argue. I’d slipped them on her as she came out of the bathroom. I took the gag off and used it as a blindfold. She whispered words of revenge. I snickered, with a healthy dose of foreboding.

You really don’t need all the details of my taking. Suffice to say, after the loving, the nap, and the shower, it was early afternoon when we finally ventured out for breakfast. Neither of us wore bras or panties — we both knew they were not needed for the day and night ahead. Trust me, our assets were well hidden from leering eyes. That said, our leering eyes leered. Even the coldest heart that gazed at us knew we were lovers loving. Reenie suggested we mail the sweater and card to Bill. I spit out my coffee in a spasm of laughter. We sat in a rather empty restaurant and chatted. The waitress gave up asking if we wanted more coffee. It might have been the cold, flat, blue cop eyes. I wasn’t sure if my gaze was cold enough but I tried.

I was curious so I asked, “Why did you use your name last night?” There was a crooked little smile. The blues twinkled.

“If I used Rogers or Butler you’d have known it was me. I figured either I might catch you off guard if I used mine or you might just ignore me. That’s also why I had my hair tucked under the hat. Even though it was night I wore the shades to hide my eyes. You didn’t know for sure did you?”

“No, not until I saw the smile. I did nearly walk past you. You kept the whole thing from me, never mentioned it on our phone call Saturday evening. Thank you Reenie, it was a beautiful and romantic way to be welcomed home.”

I brought up Kathy again. That led to a rather lengthy back and forth about Lily and Kathy. Lily was first.

“I am going to call her and inquire about the house. I’m hopeful she can write a contract that will allow me to rent for six months before making up my mind about buying.” I looked at Reenie and said, “You’re part of the equation — so you know.” She smiled and squeezed my hand. We agreed that it was too soon to speak of moving in together but she was pleased that the house was part of an overall plan, if you could call it that.

About Kathy; Reenie wanted to know how I resolved the affair. I shrugged and told her the truth. “I simply have to put it behind me and move on.”

Reenie had met Kathy and knew how lovely she is. “I just don’t want you to get hurt.” The tone of her voice changed when she said, “I also don’t want you getting involved with her.” It was my turn to squeeze her hand.

I mentioned date night. That drew a big smile. She loved it!! We would pick dates. “You do understand that police work often requires overtime and that emergencies come up. Days off and even vacations might be canceled.”

“Yes dear, that’s part of the deal being in a relationship with a cop.” She really is so cute. She went on and on about date night. I excused myself to use the bathroom. I made a call; the bathroom thing was a ruse.

When I came back I brought up spending the night downtown. “I want to take you out to dinner too. Our reservation is at seven.” She wanted to know where. “It’s a surprise.” Cop eyes; she’s not buying it. “We’re going to Nordstrom and the outfit will be my treat.” She bitched a bit about that. I tried to do cop eyes; she laughed at my pathetic effort.

We were finally in the car on the way to a UPS store. Yes, Reenie had a spare uniform at work. Good, we could spend the night together. She would have to get up early. We would deal with that. The return address, on the package with the sweater, was the house he locked me out of. Vindictive? Moi? Damn right!! After all, revenge is best bursa escort bayan served as cold as his heart. Oh, and the name above the address: Ginger Butler!!

We headed back to the hotel after the store. We spent so much time gabbing that we had to get moving if we were going to shop, check in, and have dinner. I knew what dress I was going to wear. I put it, shoes, and a few other things in a garment bag. I don’t use it often but it was perfect for tonight. I dressed as I would dress for work tomorrow. Reenie only had the clothes on her back. We were close enough in size, although her shoulders were broader (muscles). She found a short sleeve top and a skirt that fit well enough to wear to Nordstrom. We did pause long enough before leaving for a very fabulous kiss. This had turned into another of those ‘us’ days that I cherish.

I asked for a Personal Shopper. A very pretty brunette said hello and gave her name: Alicia McTigue.

“My name is Ginger Butler and this is Maureen Henry. I had a wonderful experience with a Personal Shopper in St. Louis not long ago. We’re having a special night out and I want something special for my girlfriend.”

It was actually pretty comical. Alicia looked Reenie up and down, took her to a rack of clothes, and picked out two dresses. One was a gorgeous dark purple. Reenie looked at me; I smiled. The next was just stunning. Red, front ruffles … but Reenie shook her head. Oh, I know why. It was sleeveless and emphasized her shoulders. The next one was black; I loved it immediately. It had a V-neck, was pleated, with not much in the way of sleeves, but enough to flatter her figure while hiding the shoulders. I begged her to try on the purple dress and the black one. It was her dress and her decision of course. While she was in the dressing room Alicia asked me what she did.

“Reenie is a Dayton police officer.” She nodded. I guess it helps to know something about the woman wearing it.

Oh my god, she looked just wonderful! Alicia agreed. Reenie looked in the mirror and shrugged. She went back to try on the purple dress. Alicia told me the black dress was a Suzi Chin. I stopped her. Whether it was for Reenie or me, I didn’t care who made them. I just wanted to look good. I was nearly certain Reenie had never set foot in a Nordstrom. The purple (currant per Alicia) dress was breathtaking. While the pleats on the black dress were vertical, the purple’s were horizontal below the bust. The sleeves came just past her elbow. The black dress had an empire waist, this had nothing special added. Both of them highlighted all the good things about her figure. (Stop drooling Ginger!)

Alicia asked, “May I show you one more?” Reenie said sure. Alicia took a green dress off the rack, took Reenie’s hand and led her to the mirror. She slipped the dress in front of Reenie. If it fit it would be breathtaking. I saw Reenie’s eyes widen. She smiled, took the dress and headed to the dressing room.

Alicia said to me, “This dress is a bit risky. It has to be just the right fit because of the material and the way it’s cut.” She held up her hands with crossed fingers. The green, like the black, set off her red hair perfectly. I wasn’t so sure about the purple, though I loved the dress. Reenie came out with her hundred watt smile. I looked at Alicia; she nodded.

Reenie absolutely preened in front of the mirror. She turned to me. “I love it Ginger. It’s gorgeous.” My eyes filled. She looked so fabulous; I couldn’t wait to get it off of her. Alicia asked what shoe size Reenie wore; Reenie told her. Alicia made a phone call and told whoever answered about the dress, the customer, and the shoe size.

“Judy will be here in a few minutes with some selections. She’s very good.” Judy lived up to her billing. Reenie tried on six pairs; they were all wonderful. Reenie picked the one she liked. Wow, black patent leather, opened toed, two inch heel with a silver buckle. I admit to being prejudiced when it comes to my redheaded beauty, but she looked stunning in the dress and shoes. I could tell she felt it too. Judy and Alicia were smiling as Reenie strode back and forth in front of the mirror. Alicia whispered to me, “She doesn’t dress like this very often does she?” I smiled and shook my head. I handed her my credit card; she smiled. I asked for her card, she asked for my phone number and email address. “I’d like to be your Personal Shopper, Ginger. Do you prefer to be contacted by phone or email?” Email.

Reenie came out with the dress and shoes. The dress got put in a dress bag; the shoes in a plastic bag. Alicia asked for Reenie’s phone and email. Uh oh; I saw the cop eyes. I had to stifle a smirk as Alicia physically shrank under the gaze. “No thank you. If I need something either Ginger and I will come see you or I’ll call.” Alicia nearly broke her neck nodding. Reenie was very gracious when she shook Alicia’s hand. “Thank you for all your help. You really know your stuff.” I also thanked Alicia, görükle escort who looked grateful. We left, headed to the car, and I drove to the hotel.

Reenie’s jaw dropped when I pulled up to the Crowne Plaza. I laughed and told her it was okay; it would be my first time here as well. I asked the doorman if he could keep the car near by. We had a dinner reservation at seven. The bill I slipped him insured a positive response. I checked us in and we went up to the room.

We each fussed with our hair, put on makeup, and dressed. I had the gorgeous red dress Janice picked out for me as well as the necklace and leggings. I loved the outfit and how I looked and I felt like a peasant compared to my honey. She was a sight to behold. I did both – hold and behold her. I kissed the lipstick off each of us. I told her, with wet eyes, that I’d never been so proud or so happy to have such a gorgeous woman by my side. We headed to the car. The doorman looked at the two of us all dolled up. He handed me my keys and pointed to the car.

As we approached Pacchia Prima, Reenie let out a little shriek. “I always wanted to come here, Ginger.” I was making another little dream come true. She kissed me and said, “Thank you.” I handed the valet the keys after we exited the car. I smiled as he gawked; dream on dude.

Oh, this was so sweet: “Reservation for two — Butler.” Reenie whined a little about them not having beer. “This really isn’t the type of place that would serve beer.” Reenie is so cute. She stared at the menu with a ‘what the fuck’ look on her face. I ordered for us both: the Jazzy Caesar salad, which we’d split, the Campanelle for her, and, Halibut (wink) for me. I asked the server, “Would you please pick a white wine for us … something that’s suitable with our dishes?”

When the wine was poured I took the surprise from my purse and set it in front of my gorgeous redhead. She stared at the ribbon-covered white box and looked at me. “Open it honey. It’s a little something for you.” She tugged on the bow, opened the box, moved the tissue paper, and gasped. She took the sculpture by its black base and set it upright. She looked at me with tears. It’s called ‘Coming Closer Together.’ I found it at the Crystal-Fox Gallery (that I didn’t share). There was a little card inside that explained the meaning. All you lovers out there — look it up. It’s elegant, simple, and beautiful. I leaned in and kissed her, murmuring, “I love you Maureen. May our love continue to grow.” I saw the server approach with the salad; I shook my head. Reenie had her face in her napkin crying. So tough outside, so soft-hearted. I knew the tough was part and parcel of what she did. Last night had been another lesson on what was inside.

I nodded to the server; the salad was tossed and two plates were filled. Reenie ate in silence. I let her gather herself. She turned to me and smiled. “This is wonderful Ginger.” I nodded and squeezed her hand. She looked at me. “Never in my life has anyone ever given me anything as romantic and beautiful as this lovely piece. I’m so … I don’t even know what to say.” She shrugged in frustration.

“Reenie honey, I found the store quite by accident in my wanderings. When I saw this I knew I had to have it. Here’s the funny part: they were out of stock. I got the display item, literally the very last one in the store. I’m so glad you like it. It spoke to me about us.” The entrees were served; wine was poured. I lifted my glass; Reenie did the same. “To the woman I love: thank you for your surprise last night. May all our ‘us’ days be as glorious as this one has been. I want you in my life, lady, today, tomorrow, and beyond.” My cop kissed me and smiled. I saw the tears.

Dinner was fabulous; Reenie purred contentedly. She actually commented favorably about the wine. I whispered about dessert; my darting tongue was an exclamation point. She shivered deliciously. We exchanged samples of our entrees. We didn’t hurry, but there was an unspoken urgency to get to the hotel. Reenie insisted on paying. The iron grip on my thigh was somewhat convincing. I took her hand and moved it between my legs. Her eyes glittered, mine danced with mirth. The bill was paid and we were back at the hotel in no time. I told the valet we would need the car in the morning – early. We stopped at the front desk and requested a wake up call at six. The elevator ride would best described at steamy. Once the door was locked, clothing was shed and we hurried to the bed.

Our Monday evening was wonderful. It was sweet, tender, slow, thorough and often. We took our time with each other. Yes, it got a little frantic as our climaxes approached. But it was a glorious night of love. The love we made was, for lack of a better term, loving. Ah, I see heads nodding. Good, you know what I mean. It was different now. Was it a sign of growth and depth in the relationship? Yes, I think so. Reenie and I had spent a good portion of the day talking about ‘things.’ Things bursa escort bayan that had to do with us as a couple. Reenie commented at dinner that I was much more at ease. I smiled. Some of the issues (how I dislike that word!) that had been lingering had been resolved. It had been a glorious first day back. Spending the day with the woman I love was an added bonus. Having spent much of it as ‘us’ was frosting. Our lovemaking, splendid, satisfying, and wondrously erotic, was the perfect ending. We slept soundly.

The phone screamed; I screamed back. I hate the damn things. Reenie stumbled groggily to the bathroom. I did the languid, stretchy thing and smiled contentedly thinking of our night. It was back to the grind on this Tuesday. I would call Lily and Kathy this morning. Jenny would be tonight.

My redhead came out of the bathroom towel drying her fabulous hair. She looked at me all stretched out on the bed and smiled. Just looking at that fabulous figure brought a tingle to my nethers. I hope that never changes. The fabulous bitch gave each of my nipples a kiss and a nibble and slid her tongue up and down the length of my lips. I shivered and moaned in delight and need. She came back and kissed me. She knew full well she had done enough to wreck me for the day. I saw it in her shimmering eyes. She threw the towel in the bathroom and began to dress. She told me to get dressed. I would come back after dropping her at the station, shower, dress and head to work.

As she was stepping into her slacks I got out of bed and knelt in front of her. I began to ribbon her. “What the fuck are you doing Ginger?” I smiled devilishly. I made sure it was good and tight, front and back. Finished, I turned her around to the mirror. “Oh my god, how am I going to make it through the day like this?”

I whispered in her ear, “That’s the point Reenie. You’ll think of me the entire day. No fair touching either. When I see you tonight you’ll thank me.” My tongue darted, I grabbed those fabulous breasts and held them in my hands. “Last night was sweet and tender. Tonight you’ll feast on me.” Her eyes got hot and dusky; she smiled and nodded. I shivered.

We were silent, holding hands, as we drove. It was only an eight hour shift but it felt like an eternity after yesterday. We were a block away from the station when she asked me to pull over. The kiss gave voice to our love and hunger. We would miss each other. I wouldn’t call her; I’d wait to hear from her about dinner. We spoke of our love and wished each other a good day. I dropped her off at the station. She waved as she opened the door. I smiled and asked God to keep her safe. My cop and all the others out there — please God.

I told the doorman I’d be back soon to head to work. He nodded. I showered, did my bathroom thing, and dressed. I thought about last night. My lord, the woman looked so pretty in her new outfit and shoes. I had seen heads turn at the restaurant — male and female alike. Everything, hers and mine, got packed. I had time so I stopped for breakfast. After coffee had been poured and my order was placed I mused for a moment. Lily sounded surprised that I was calling.

“How was your trip Ginger?” Her voice wasn’t warm but it wasn’t cold or distant.

“It was absolutely fabulous Lily. I had great weather the whole time. Did some shopping, got some sun, did a little sightseeing. I hope I didn’t call too early. I wanted to schedule a time to meet with you. If the house in Huber Heights is still available I’d like to make arrangements to rent it; six months with an option. Is it still available?”

“Oh yes, you’re in luck there. As nice a property as it is no one has snapped it up. That’s great. Can you come by the office after work this evening?” I told her I would have to confirm later but yes, that sounded fine. We said our goodbyes. That was a big check mark on my mental to do list. I intentionally avoided asking how she was. I wanted to make it clear this was a business meeting. Breakfast was fine. I was ready to head to the office.

I parked in the garage and headed in. I got off the elevator and saw Jodi. She stood to greet me with a hug. Oh my, a baby bump! I kissed her. “How are you feeling Jodi?” The response was precious. No more morning sickness, she was tired at night, but she was beaming.

“I’m jealous Emily. Your sun tan looks good on you.”

“Jodi, I have to go to HR today. Legally, I’m Ginger Butler. The divorce is final and that’s the new me.” She looked a little stunned. “It’s okay. A friend actually began calling me Ginger cuz of my hair. I liked it; Butler is my maiden name. I look at it as a fresh start — from the name up.” She smiled and nodded. I knocked on George’s door. “Hey boss. I’m surprised to see that you’re still in this office.” He smiled, came around and gave me a little hug.

“You look great Emily. The vacation seems to have done you a world of good. Sorry to hear about the bug you caught. I hope it didn’t wreck things for you. Are you better?” The only thing I could do was nod and say yes. I told him about the name change. He took that in stride. “I have a few things to take care of but I’d like you to come back Ginger.” We both smiled. “I have something I’d like to talk with you about. I’ll have Jodi find you when I’m ready.” Okay.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32