Escaping the Friend Zone

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On a rather dreary spring morning Tasha awoke to her usual alarm but not the pig pile of children. “Oh ya” she said stretching leisurely “They had a sleep over at grandpa’s house. I could stay in bed all day if I want. Hmm where’s that book?” Reaching in her nightstand she decided to take full advantage of the time and get some quality dirty romance reading in. Of course there was always the possibility of her fingers dancing their way to finding her pleasure. After another stretch she decided that it was way to quiet. “I should put on some music just in case someone comes over.” Crossing the hall and blaring her eldest daughter’s stereo to the local classic rock station she settles back into her bed. Her vampire romance was just getting to one of those great spots, so she decided now was a good time to let her fingers find their target and build her into ecstasy. Slowly sliding her hand down her body, relishing the smooth feel of her skin, she reaches her underwear. She’s surprised with the fact that her juices have flowed so much she can feel it through her panties.

Reaching into the elastic band she caresses her mound absently thinking how she should shave soon. She slips a finger into the folds of her labia enjoying the smooth feeling of the wet skin under her finger. Slowly she starts teasing her clit making herself gasp and squirm. Then circling the lips and running one finger gently up and down her slit. She slowly caresses the entrance to her hot wetness and pokes a finger inside. Slowly moving that finger in and out, in and out. As slowly as she can until she knows she needs more she moves faster. Her breath comes in ragged gasps as she brings her hips up to delve deeper and deeper. Two fingers, then three. Pushing her thumb on her clit she starts moaning. Her moans grow with each thrust of her fingers, she builds her excitement. Soon she tries to make it as fast and deep as her dreams. She almost can’t take anymore. The newcratos book thrown aside she uses her other hand to fondle her rather generous breasts when finally…


While driving to the house Nick couldn’t help thinking about Tasha. “I’ve known her for 13 years and I can’t believe I’ve always been stuck in the friend zone. If only she could think of me as a lover and not her annoying little not so brother.” She had coined the term one day trying to explain to her kids why he was uncle Nick even if they wasn’t really related. After pulling in the driveway Nick got out of his truck and ran to the front door “Fucking rain, well it looks like I’m not getting any work done outside today.” Entering the house he hears some music playing rather loudly from upstairs. “Kids must have left their music on.” Looking around the kitchen he finds some left over chicken in the fridge. After practically swallowing it whole, washes his hands and grabs a soda. He had skipped 4 meals in the past 48 hrs and he feels like he was starving. It didn’t hurt that the woman could cook like a classically trained chef. Figuring he might as well save the electricity he wanders upstairs to shut off the kids radio. At least it was playing something good instead of that annoying teenager music that always seemed to fill the air in that room. As silence fills the house he hears something he never thought he’d hear, the sounds of Tasha moaning. Turning slightly red he tries to tip toe across the hall, he knows he’ll never get another chance to see or hear this again.

As he tries to carefully open the door so he can spy on her, he immediately trips over a toy and falls flat on his face on top of Tasha as she almost reaches her climax. He’s only imagined seeing her like this in all their years of friendship. As Nick tries to come to his senses all he can smell is Tasha’s sweet wet pussy. As she turns her head looking newcratos giriş for a blanket the animal in him takes over and he licks her neck from shoulder to just under her earlobe. She moans slightly and arches her back pressing herself tighter against him. Forgetting to think he just follows his primal instincts and grabs her wrists forcing them over her head. Holding her in place with one hand he spreads her legs with his knees, grinding him jeans into her sex. She moans louder wrapping her legs around his hips pulling herself harder against him. He starts fumbling with his pants but he can’t undo his belt with one hand. He releases her hands telling her to hold still. Her only reply is “Is that an order, Master?”

Nick has a smile of pure delight mixed with a hint of devil. Telling her yes it is. “What are you doing up here all by yourself? You weren’t playing with yourself were you? You know that’s your masters job, right?”

“Yes master. I’m sorry I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I needed some kind of release.” Finishing with his pants he puts his hand back on her wrists. He pushes the head of his dick ever so slightly inside her. She moans louder trying to force him in her more. He pulls back “Is a slave supposed to behave this way?”

“No master I’m sorry” He grabs one of her legs with his free hand propping it on his shoulder he leans forward practically folding her in half. He rubs his hand over her ass feeling how soft her skin is, he gives her a smart smack.

“One” she almost moans in pleasure. Surprised at this he gives her another smack.

“Two” she moans again. Some how her counting makes it even more sexy. He gives her ass one last smack gently rubbing the blushed area after.

“Three” she moans again arching her back in sheer pleasure. Putting this information away for a later date he slowly puts her leg back down. He grabs a hold of his rock hand cock and teases her with just the tip. “You gonna do that again? Or do you need more punishment? “Trying not to move Tasha moans

“Whatever my master wishes of me.”

“That’s what I thought” Nick says right before he slams his hard length into hot tight pussy. Tasha practically screams as he fills her ever inch. Holding almost perfectly still Nick breaks character “You sure you want this, is this ok?”

Tasha starts begging and wiggling against him “Please master, don’t punish me any more. Please fuck me. Please.”

He pins her down with his hips and grabs her face with his free hand forcing her to look at him. “Is this ok?”

Still breathing hard she seems to snap back to herself. Looking him straight in the eye

“Yes Nick. I want you to.” The devilish smile firmly back in place he starts to slide himself in and out of her. He starts as slowly as he can stand feeling every hill and valley of her savoring her heat. In … then out…in…then out. Tasha’s moans start out as a pleased pur but gradually grow with intensity. When her mouth opens slightly that’s when Nick picks up the pace. He’s been dreaming of this for so long he wants her to enjoy this as much as possible. The faster he goes the harder he rams himself into her. When she throws her head back that’s when he knows he’s reached the right amount of pressure and speed.

Tasha’s lost in the pleasure. Her hands still held tightly above her head, all she can do is raise her hips to meet each and every amazing thrust. If she had known that he was this skilled she might have acted on her fantasies before now. Her moans grow loader and louder. When she feels like her whole body is about to explode she screams as Nick comes deep inside her. Both panting and sweaty Nick lays on top of Tasha ideally circling her nipped with his index finger.



“Unless you are able to go again I’d stop doing that.” Tasha says with a coy sleepy smile.

Picking his hand up in surrender

“Sorry always wanted to play with those.”

“Well if you make me feel like that again, I’ll let you do whatever you want.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32