Finding New Adventures Ch. 02

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“James, I really do need to go. The boy will be home from his friend’s soon and he is going to expect me to be there.”

“I know, be we have had more fun in the last thirty-six hours than we have had in a long time. I don’t want you to go.” “I am not even sure where to go from here James. The divorce is final and we live in separate homes now. I didn’t even know you lived here, and this was by chance…”

“You always say that everything happens for a reason.”

“This is a pretty expensive lesson, and I love you, I do. But…”

James kissed her quickly so she could not finish the sentence, he did not want to hear what she had to say, he just wanted to be with her. And she was right, he should have saved his marriage before it was too late. But now, more than ever, he was determined to get her back. The last thirty-six hours proves that she still wants him, and has opened his eyes to what he lost and didn’t fight hard enough to keep.

“Sybil, I know that I have been an idiot and that I need to change. I can tell you all I want that I have and that I realize what I have lost, but that is not going to be enough. I have to show you. Show you that you can trust me and that I will bend over backwards for you. Let me show you, please…”

Sybil kissed him gently and looked at him with tear-filled eyes. “James, it has been fun, and I hear what you are telling me. But how is this going to work?”

“I don’t know, but I will figure it out. Just give me the chance, if I screw this one up than you can kick me to the curb.”

“I cannot just think about me, I have to think about the boy too. What are we going to tell him?” “Just tell him that we are friends and want to still see each other. And that I still want to see him.”

“Okay, I need to go and I will talk to him about it. Call me later?”

“Yes. Thank you, thank you.”

Sybil turned around to leave and James pulled her in for one more kiss. As she was heading home she was thinking about the last few days and what had taken place. She thought about her time with Kit and her time with James. Kit was amazing and it left her with a new sense of freedom and relief, she felt renewed and alive again, even a little more confidant. But with James it was safe and familiar, and that is sometimes emek escort the best feeling. She felt treasured and needed again, the desire was there as well as the passion.

When she walked in the door her son was sitting in the living room with the dogs watching T.V. and looked at her with this strange look on his face. “Where were you mom?” Sybil’s mouth hung open a little and was not quite sure how to respond to that question. Her son was now asking her where she was, this seemed a little backwards to her. She stood there and thought about if for a few moments and then took a seat down on the couch with him.

“So, you know that your father and I have split up and he has moved out, obviously. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t still be friends. I went out with a friend of mine the other night and then met up with your father. Does this bother you at all?”

“Mom, really? That is up to you and him. And I don’t want really want to know about it.”

Sybil was stunned. She got up and went to take her shower and catch up with her thoughts. There was much to think about and where things were going to go from here. She drew a bath and undressed. While the tub was filling she stood naked in front of the mirror and looked at her body. Her body was not perfect and it has changed drastically from having her son. She turned to the side to look at her neck and James had left her with some parting gifts, something that he did not do too often, he left hickies on her. She didn’t mind and had wished that he would have done it more often. To Sybil she looked different today than other days. Was it because she had rediscovered herself as a woman? Or was it because she knows that she is loved by some one? Maybe it was a little bit of both. Either way she was more please with herself now than she was before this weekend, maybe not in her physical appearance, but worth wise.

She sank down into the hot water and tried to relax and enjoy her bath, but every time she closed her eyes she pictured Kit and James ravishing her body. She could feel her insides begin to stir and her clit became hard. Her pussy was wet and hot with desire, she tried to ignore the sensations and relax but they were overwhelming. She parted her milky smooth legs and allowed the hot water eryaman escort to flow onto her pussy. It was a wonderful sensation and she couldn’t resist it anymore. She let her fingers slide in between her legs and go right to work.

Even in the hot water she could feel the warmth of her pussy and her slippery cum seeping out, she played there for a moment and then moved on to her clit. It was hard and wanting some attention. She rubbed in a soft circular motion at first, teasing and tickling herself a little before she picked up the pace. As she picked up the pace she could feel her pussy twitch and release more cum, she closed her eyes and began to recall the last two nights, her nipples became perky and her breasts firmed up in response. She first pictured Kit between her legs eating her out and fingering her clit, she could hear Kit moaning into her pussy as she released a load of juices all over her face and the floor.

Sybil could feel her orgasm rising and beginning to stir deep inside of her, she worked harder and thought back to her and Kit locked into a passionate sixty-nine. It was almost as if she was there and Kit’s wet inviting pussy was hovering over her face. Her tongue darting in and out of her pussy making Kit moan and squirm on her face. Sybil was instantly thrown into her orgasm, bucking her hips in the water and splashing water out of the tub. She had to be mindful of how loud she was, her son was downstairs. Her peak came and began to taper off but she kept on going. By now she had her fingers deep insider of her pussy and was working on another orgasm. She shifted from Kit to James, thinking about the first kiss that they had shared since the split.

He had cut her off before she could finish a sentence and it melted her. She had butterflies in her stomach when his lips touched hers and this made her even more aroused just thinking about it. She slipped her fingers out of her pussy and let them trail slowly back up to her clit, she let her mind wonder to James pumping his penis in and out her, making her cum and scream. She worked feverishly on her clit trying desperately to get herself to climax again. It didn’t take long and this time she let out a yelp when her orgasm spiked. She could feel her cum gush from her pussy etimesgut escort all over her thighs and hand.

Her hand fell to her side in the water and she laid there in the warm water resting, still thinking out the last few days when her phone rang. It startled her and she jumped for the phone. She didn’t look at who was calling and answered it.

“Hello.” She was panting, trying to catch her breath from her last orgasm still.

“Uh, hi. You okay?”

James was on the other end of the line, he could tell that she was out of breath and knew exactly why. The sound of her panting was all too familiar to him, and the perfect sound was echoing in his mind from this morning. He played it cool, like he had no idea why she was out of breath.

“Yeah, sure. I was in the tub and the phone startled me.” She recognized his voice and tried to calm herself down so he wouldn’t pick up on the heaviness in her voice.

“Taking a bath, that is one of you favorite pass times. Are you enjoying the peace and quiet?”

“Well, the boy is home, but he is downstairs watching T.V. and the dogs are sleeping, so for now, yeah.”

“When can I see you again?”

Sybil paused for a moment, she wanted to see him but she didn’t want to rush things again. If they had any chance of working things out they were going to have to move slowly. Slowly, that was a novel concept. Just a few days ago she was trying to live without him, and just a few hours ago she was sleeping with him. Slowly isn’t on the table at this point. This was the problem with them, when they are sexual they are great and couldn’t seem to get enough. It was always that way with them, ever since the night at the hotel. But in the last months leading to the divorce it all seemed to stop, unless she made the first move.

“Didn’t you get enough of me today?”

“NO!” James blurted out and immediately regretted sounding too hasty in his response. “I mean, no, I miss you and want to just be near you. Did you talk to the boy yet?”

“Oh. And yes. He acted so grown up and basically said it was between us, and that he really didn’t want to know about it.”

“Well, he is his mother’s son. So that being said, would you maybe want to grab some dinner?”

“How about I cook for all of us and you be here in about an hour?”

“Yes, Absolutely! Do you want me to bring anything? Wine, beer, food…” He wanted to say something cute and sexy but thought that would be pushing it a bit.

“Nope just you.” And your penis, she thought to herself…

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