First Gay Daddy Pt. 01

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Ever since I could remember I’ve had this dirty little thought about older ‘daddy-types’ teaching a younger twink how to suck dick and take a good fucking.

This real life story is about the first time I ever sucked a daddy dick…

Well, for starters, I am in my late twenties but can pass for about 21-22 if I shave and wear the right type of clothing. I’ve always thought I had a nice bubble butt and could picture someone fucking it, sucking it, doing all the dirty things that should be done to it.

So I decided I’d travel for the first time alone before I got into my thirties, and also decided that there were some things that I needed to get ‘out of my system’ before hitting the dirty thirties.

I booked a flight to visit Hong Kong, as it was always a place that had excited me. Asian men do not excite me, but the city itself is bustling and full of mature foreign men who want to explore their appetite. This was the time… the time I was going to have my daddy fantasy and go full steam ahead without looking back.

I spent a few weeks searching and placing ads on websites like Craigslist, trying to meet someone who I thought fit. I don’t find myself attracted to men, but I do find myself attracted to the idea of sucking cock, taking cock, but only by a mature man who is gentle and has a nice cock. Whatever that means… I’ve never had someone else’s cock in my hand, mouth or ass before. The idea of it gave me this sensation that I have never had with a woman before.

So finally I met two guys online who seemed to fit the part of what I was looking for. I decided to go with this guy named Sean. He worked in finance, was married, and had a few children. He sent me pics of his cock and face so I could be sure I was safe and knew who I was meeting. He sounded like he really wanted my virgin mouth around his cock.

I Ankara escort was extremely nervous because I had never been with a man before, especially in a foreign country, and with someone I met online. I was in my hotel room alone feeling confused, horny, nervous. Anyway, he offered to bring some beer to the hotel and said he would be there in 15 mins. I wasn’t truly ready for the experience but I had waited long enough and had to know what a mature and gentle daddy dick tasted like. I’d seen enough pornos to help guide me through the cock sucking process, but still I was hesitant as it was my first time.

He arrived at about 8pm to the floor of my hotel. I opened my hotel room and introduced myself to him before letting him come in. He was tall, fit and toned, bald, glasses, and a gentle and kind looking man. When he came in I had just got out of the shower, hair still wet, and only had on a t-shirt and my underwear.

There were two beds in the small room, so we both sat on separate ones while we cracked open a beer. I didn’t know how to really start it and didn’t want to be too aggressive, so I am glad that he asked me if I was comfortable that he took his pants and boxers off.

When he slid off his underwear and his nice thick cock and balls fell out, I was trying not to salivate and look stupid. I sipped my beer and couldn’t take my eyes off his cock. He could notice that I was intrigued and stood up and asked if I wanted to touch it. I looked up at him and nodded, yes. I reached out and grabbed his cock with my hand and started stroking it gently as I looked him in his piercing blue eyes. It started to get hard in my hands and felt so good it gave me goosebumps.

After about 30-40 seconds, his hard and throbbing dick was in my hands and I couldn’t resist it anymore. On my knees in between the two beds, I looked Escort ankara up at him and slowly wrapped my lips around the tip of his cock and I heard him moan. I had the thick head in my mouth and was using my tongue to lick around it. I put my hands on his ass and slowly pushed him forward while his cock slid deeper into my mouth. He let out a sexy moan and told me I was doing a good job.

I slowly went back and forth on his cock for about 5 minutes before he started to increase the tempo. I put my hands on his legs and let him hold my head as he guided his cock in and out my mouth. At one point his cock slipped out of my mouth and his wet cock slid all over my face. It felt so hot and I felt like his little bitch. He rubbed his cock on my face and all over my tongue before slowly putting it back in my mouth as he looked deep in my eyes.

I was sucking cock. I was actually sucking a cock. Not just any cock, but a sexy daddy cock. It felt… really good!

After a few minutes on my knees staring up and pleasing this daddy’s cock, he sat down on the bed while I was in between his legs letting his cock go down my throat more and more. His head was so soft and squishy, not what i thought a cock would feel like, but I liked sucking the head of his penis and kissing it while it stood hard and at attention.

While he lay on his back I began slowly licking his big balls as his wet cock was standing right in front of me. I then ran my tongue from his balls all the way up his shaft and back to the tip of his cock again. He was telling me things like “good boy,” and “you are a great cock sucker.”

His words of encouragement made me feel really turned on and excited. I looked down at my cock and had the biggest hard on I think I’d ever had in my life. As I got use to having a cock inside my mouth I became more comfortable Ankara escort bayan and was able to push his dick deeper into my wet mouth.

I climbed onto the bed, still in between his legs, while still worshipping his daddy dick. He was telling me I was way better than his Asian wife and that he couldn’t believe this was my first time. I was still there slurping away on this man’s cock and he kept lifting my head up because he was going to bust his load but didn’t want to.

In my head I always thought that there was no way I would want to taste cum, not even my own. I always thought that was disgusting!

I was sucking on his dick much faster now and could feel it pulsating. His pre cum was dripping out and I sucked up every drip of it. Even though I did not want to taste cum, or never had the desire, I didn’t want to remove my mouth from his thick cock. I wanted to please him and help him climax so badly.

His cock was bouncing off the back of my throat and my hand slipping up and down his wet cock made him weak and I could feel his body reacting. He kept saying I am going to cum, I am going to cum, but I didn’t remove my mouth. The next thing I know his warm load shot deep into my mouth and as I realized this I opened my mouth and my saliva along with his hot cum dripped out of my mouth and all over his cock. I quickly sucked the rest that was coming out of his cock.

I was breathing deep breaths as i was tired from pleasing this man so intensely. I felt a huge rush all over my body. I felt satisfied. I felt dirty. I felt like daddy’s little bitch.

Shortly after we talked a bit and then he left to go back to his kids. He emailed me right away to thank me and tell me how shocked he was that it was my first time sucking cock. He begged me to have him over again as many times as possible before I left town.

I felt so dirty but so good at the same time. I was so turned on by the whole older-younger scenario and I had such a great time, I had to see him again. After all, I did not get a chance to feel daddy’s cock inside of my ass. I wanted it soooo badly!!

To be continued…

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