First Time With A Girl

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I thought I would tell you about my friend, Lydia, who visited last weekend. It was her birthday on Friday and she arrived late in the evening with all her presents wrapped up in a box. I added mine to the pile. I bought her a figurine made by Lladro, she collects them.

Though she knew I was bisexual, there was never anything sexual between us. She had told me in the past, that she was slightly bi-curious but had no intention of doing anything about it. We have a mutual friend, Will, who often made innuendos about my sexuality and has suggested on more than one occasion about threesomes with his gf. At one big party a year or so ago, the talk progressed to sex (after many bottles had been consumed). The chat revealed many secrets, including a couple who revealed that they had had a threesome, with another woman. The wife had told how much she enjoyed being intimate with another woman, and that it had always been a fantasy of hers. Will then asked everyone there whether they had any bi experiences or curiousity. The question went around the room, and Lydia admitted she had fantasized about kissing a woman.

She became the centre of attention and joked, “so which of you girls wants to fuck me?”

One of the guys admitted he had sucked a cock or two at college, which moved attention from Lydia, to her relief.

Anyway, back to last weekend. We sat down with a bottle or two of wine and she started to open the presents. One of them was from Will, it was a rectangular box with a card on the front. Both were left with me, the card reads

“Use this if a girl wants to fuck you.”

She was nervous about opening the box, but I egged her on. When she opened the box she found two dildos and a harness. Lydia looked confused and I laughed. I explained how it worked and she sort of understood, but I could see she was embarrassed, so I went and opened another bottle and pushed the sex toy away and offered my gift.

Later after all the presents had been opened, and she had loosened up more (some way through the second bottle), she told me how much she liked the figurine and leant over to kiss me on the cheek. Lydia half lost her balance and ended up on top of me, kissing my neck. She laughed, straightened up and kissed me gently on the cheek. She sat down next to me, on top of the half hidden toy from Will. Moving it out from behind her, she started asking about it.

I told her more about strap-ons and how they were (occasionally) used in the bedrom. Lydia asked me to put the harness on her, which did not work with her flowing skirt. I was wearing jeans and offered to model it. She was disappointed and asked if I minded her trying again with her skirt off.

I laughed and said

“You are welcome to strip.”

With her skirt off, she pulled the harness on. However, her long blouse kept getting under the straps so she undid a few buttons, this made it worse so she took that off as well. Lydia remarked that it did not fit very tightly, but I let that pass. She grabbed one of the dildos and asked me to fit it in place, I insisted on the second dildo and though puzzled she accepted. It was difficult to fit with her already wearing the harness and we both had to put our hands against her panty covered crotch many times before it was inserted correctly. Her underwear was obviously wet from this attention.

I had never thought about Lydia sexually until then, but with her standing orhangazi escort in my lounge in red bra and white wet (almost see-through) panties with a large dildo strapped to her waist and her doing thrusting movements while giggling, made me shiver slightly.

“Would you like to try it on?” Lydia asked.

I agreed, and she slid the thing down and handed it to me. I started to pull it up my legs.

She said, “No you don’t, come on…strip first.”

I paused and she egged me on, so I pulled my top off and dropped my jeans.

“I love the sexy CK arabesque bra and panties.” she said.

Lydia looked down at her red and white combo and remarked that she wished she had worn a matching set.

I had my back to her as I was pulling on the harness and said, “You are welcome to remove your wet pants.”

With the straps in place I turned to Lydia and saw her lovely breasts free from the bra.

“You can talk.” she said (to hide her nervousness), “I can see your shaved pussy, you are so wet.”

I moved closer to her, the dildo pressing against her crotch and whispered in her ear, “Been staring at my naked cunt, sexy Lydia?”

Lydia backed off and suggested I remove the strap-on and said, “Can we talk about something else.”

I took the strap-on off and she smiled and said she still felt comfortable almost naked. I joked and mentioned something about her skirt coming in to contact with her wet panties. She smiled again and said that we should put a towel on the sofa before we sat down to watch the one of the dvd’s that she had just received.

I laughed and plonked myself down and said the sofa had seen some action. She laughed and we watched the film together, close for warmth and comfort. Both of us tearful in places throughout the film, I kissed her tears away in a friendly way. Once or twice she kissed me the same, and when the two stars kissed, she kissed me on the lips quite passionately.

We continued watching the film, holding hands, touching sometimes. When the film actress was in a dress, I looked at Lydia.

“Your tits are nicer than the actress on screen!” I remarked.

Lydia pushed her braless breasts together and said, “Really?”

She let me play with them a bit, and kiss them…and kiss her full on the mouth. I took my top off.

“Like to return the compliment, no strings attached?” I said.

“I have never kissed another woman’s breasts!” she replied.

I leaned closer and half lifted my left breast. She spent so long (probably just a couple of minutes) kissing and fondling them, I had to rewind part of the film we had missed.

After the film finished, I offered to let her get dressed, but she said she was very comfortable almost naked.

I stood to poor some more wine and said, “Your fondling of my tits has made me wet again.”

I peeled my wet champagne panties down and stepped out of them. “If you are uncomfortable, I will put on some clean undies.”

I turned my back to her and went and turned the tv off and put some music on. As I walked back towards her, the first thing I noticed were some damp white knickers on the floor. I looked up and Lydia had a cushion in her lap,

“Better not hold it too close to your wet pussy.” I said and laughed.

She laughed back and was relaxed enough to move the cushion away. I sat down next to her on the sofa and turned nilüfer escort to face her cross legged. As we chatted about various things, she kept turning to me and glancing down between my legs. When she realised I had caught her looking at my cunt, she half smiled, and hesitated.

“Come on,” I said, “tell me what you are thinking?”

Lydia said “You are very smooth, and so lacking in hair!” pointing to my cunt.

“Do you ever cut yourself with the razor?” she asked.

“I wax and would be happy to show you later?” I queried, “Though I love how you have neatly trimmed your bush.”

She idly touched the outline of her pubic hair and turned and probably without thinking moved and faced me in a similar lotus position, so that I could now see her fully opened and glistening labia.

“I trim it most evenings to keep it this way.” Lydia remarkeded.

I leaned forward and ran my finger over the edge and complimented her work again, she did not attempt to move my hand so I stroked her bush.

“mmm, lovely.” I said

I noticed the wet patch on the sofa.

“Still aroused, Lydia?” I asked.

She did not answer, but asked me, “What about you?”

I ran my fingers over my inner lips and said “mmmm, oh yes.”

Lydia looked a bit uncertain….

“I am not embarrassed, playing with myself in front of you.” I reassured her. “Play with yourself!” I ordered her.

She started to put her fingers over her vagina, as much to cover herself as to obey my instruction.

Lydia said, “We should go to our own bedrooms now!”

“I enjoy watching you,” I said, “do you like watching me?”

Lydia nodded. “What about the sofa.”

“It is already wet, lets see how much worse it can get?” I said and laughed.

“You are rude.” she said, but smiled.

Lydia closed her eyes and started fingering herself more. I leaned over and kissed her. She started to move her hand from her pussy. I put my hand over her own, between her legs.

“Don’t stop.” I told her.

After about a minute of fingering, she came, making both her hand and mine wet. During this time her tongue and mine had met in each others mouths, in a full minute long passionate kiss.

After Lydia had cum from fingering herself, she relaxed and smiled

“I enjoyed that.” she said.

I was licking my fingers, and told her, “I like the taste of your cum.”

She laughed and waved her fingers and asked me if I wanted to taste some more. Pretending to misunderstand her offer, I jumped down from the sofa, pulled her legs forward, so that her bum was on the edge of the seat and quickly pressed my face to her wet cunt. She was taken aback, but was far too hot and horny to put up any protest. As I was licking and sucking her labia and clit, I was rubbing my own crotch, making sure I stayed near the edge but not cumming. Lydia has lovely labia, which became redder under my attention. She came again very fast and soaked my face in her second orgasm. After a few seconds, I got up and sat down beside her again facing her, still fingering myself, and smiled.

I could see Lydia had her mouth open and was licking her lips.

“Would you like to return the compliment?” I asked her.

She shook her head firmly, so I leaned over and kissed her passionately and she kept her mouth open and we shared tongues for a while. I moved back and with her türbanlı escort mouth still open and tongue ready, I placed my fingers in her mouth and she sucked some of my pussy juice.

“I taste OK?” I asked

She nodded

“Nobody will ever know.” I said and smiled.

She looked at my glistening lips and slipped off the sofa, still near the other end. I quickly moved to her end of the seat, put my hands on her shoulders and kissed the top of her head and opened my legs wide in front of her.

“If you dont like it, just stop and we can watch another of your DVDs.” I said softly.

She briefly looked up at me, smiled and shook her head. For the next ten minutes or so, she did not exactly rock my boat, but then she started to learn the art of dining on a cunt. Over the next hour I came several times.

Lydia was surprised so much time had passed, when she finally sat back down on the sofa. My new best friend was quiet for a while and I put some more music on. She then said that she would be sober by morning and not want to ever repeat this, so she wanted to use the strap on tonight!!!!

“Are you joking?” I asked.

She stood up and retreived the harness with the dildo still sticking forward. She started to pull it up her legs.

I stopped her and said, “Wait, let me get the other, smaller dildo.”

“Afraid of a big cock?” she asked.

“No.” I replied. “This small one works as an anchor, keeping the bigger one in place.”

Lydia was still holding the harness half way up her legs. I put the dildo in the loop below the other one, facing the opposite direction.

Lydia looked puzzled for a moment, then realised!

“That goes in….me!” she said.

“Yes” I replied. “In your CUNT!” I emphasised the last word.

“I thought the strap-on was a bit loose before.” Lydia commented. “I am still wet,” she paused, then said “my CUNT is still very wet!” She said and smiled. “Shove that thing in.”

She opened her legs a bit wider, I stood closer to her and we kissed passionately as I eased the anchor fully into her waiting vagina. I sat back on the sofa, my bottom near the edge, my legs open wide. I held open my labia and said she was lovely and sexy

“Come and fuck MY cunt.” I then said, “If you want to fuck my arse instead, I will have to get some oil first.” and giggled.

“You are very rude!” she exclaimed before pushing the dildo straight into my waiting cunt.

“Oh…..Oh…..Oh…..Oh yes, yes, fuck me!” I groaned.

“Oh god, the strap-on is rubbing against my clit hood.” she said, breathlessly. “Oh! Oh! Oh GOD.”

After a couple of minutes we slipped off the sofa and fell apart.

“The plastic cock kept wriggling about in my cunt.” Lydia commented.

She grabbed the dildo protruding from her crotch.

“Want some more?” she asked.

“I am going to have to give Will a big kiss.” I said.

“Me too.” she said.

Lydia moved on top of me, sliding part of her present from Will, back in to my waiting cunt.

“MMMM…. Lydia…..Oh yes, Oh yes that feels sooo good, fuck me Lydia!”

Lydia drilled my cunt for nearly two hours, both of us having many orgasms. She suggested we briefly try swapping positions.

It was more than an hour later, that we walked naked hand in hand to share a shower. Afterwards, with us both wrapped in towels, I pointed to her room and said goodnight. Lydia pulled my towel off me and said she wanted to spend the night in my arms. I grabbed the top of her towel and pulled her to me, as it slipped down. I fondled her bum and kissed her. As we got into bed, I remarked that I might not be able to keep my hands off her.

“Good.” she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32