Fish or Cut Bait

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Millie stared out across New York City, her eyes picking Central Park out of the darkness and tracing the long, lighted streets. Gazing out at the city made her miss Archie. They would often stand at this window, glasses of merlot in hand and just watch the city breathe. It was so relaxing and with his arm around her waist, made her feel as if the city had been conquered by them. Today, no amount of alcohol could provide relaxation. She was standing at the edge of the rest of her life and tonight, she had to make a decision.

Archie Patterson had been her husband for nearly thirty years when a heart attack extinguished his life. That had been four years ago. In the time between, she had met a wonderful man, Earl Harkins, an industrial millionaire who also lived in the building. The chance meeting in the elevator had led to lunch, then dinner, then to becoming almost inseparable. Earl was warm and attentive and his kisses made her stomach twist into knots. But that’s where the sex stopped. She couldn’t get past the feeling that she was cheating on Archie.

Then, last night, the long-suffering Earl gave her an ultimatum: fish or cut bait. She had no idea what that meant until she talked to her best friend, Ally. He wanted her to come to a decision about their relationship and about her own life: either live or hide from life. So far, she had been in hiding. Tonight, she had to make a decision.

The doorbell rang and she left the beautiful view to answer it, pausing to glance at her reflection in the hall mirror. She was just this side of sixty and she kept Antep Bayan Escort her hair short and her figure neat. Earl hadn’t been the first to notice her, but he’d been the only one that had appealed to her. Even as she opened the door, she felt a flutter in her stomach, taking in his tall, lanky frame, silvery hair and cornflower blue eyes.

“Hello, Millie.”

“Hi, Earl. Won’t you please come in?”

Earl entered the apartment, pausing to admire the decorations. He’d been here at least a hundred times but he never tired of gazing at the paintings and sculptures that Millie had collected and displayed. He allowed her to take his jacket and went to the bar to make himself a drink, pouring her a glass of merlot.

“Thanks. Let’s sit on the couch.” She watched as he sat on the end of the big leather couch, gazing into his Knob Creek on the rocks. “I’ve been doing some thinking, Earl.” The mention of his name brought his eyes up to hers. “And I’ve decided that you were absolutely right. I do have to let go of Archie if I want to live but I hope that you will forgive me if I have a relapse every once-in-a-while.”

Earl set his glass down. “Of course I will, Millie. I, too, have lost a spouse and I understand what you’re going through. I’m here to love and support you.”

She took a deep breath, tears filming her eyes when she realized that he still loved her. “Then please, Earl,” She searched his eyes. “Love me. Love me, please.”

A feeling of dizziness swept through her when his mouth connected with her and her stomach flip-flopped in nervous joy. His tongue moved through her mouth, flicking against her own and forcing hers to respond. It had been so long since she’d kissed someone like this. Not even Archie’s French kisses had touched her as deeply as Earl’s. Maybe it was because she wasn’t the giddy schoolgirl she’d been with Archie. She was now a giddy woman.

Earl pulled back and surveyed her face, his eyes mysterious and full of dark promises. “Are you sure?”

“Oh, yes.” She whispered, tracing the outline of his bottom lip. “Oh, yes!”

Millie trembled as he stood up and took her hand. “Then why don’t we take this somewhere more comfortable?” Down the long hallway, she stood quietly, holding her breath as he unzipped and removed her dress. “Beautiful.” His whisper brought heat to her cheeks and a gasp to her lips when his mouth closed around one of her fat, pink nipples. Shocks moved through her like lightning, making her pussy gush and hardening her untouched nipple. Earl moved to the other one, delighted to rub its rubbery tip across his tongue.

His mouth traced a trail down her creamy body, heading towards her pussy and she grabbed his hand, fear in her eyes. “No, Earl.”

“Yes, Millie.” A plethora of feelings streamed through her as she watched him push her thighs open and place light kisses along the insides. The first touch of his tongue sent chills whispering down her spine and the gentle stroking of his fingers brought a sweet explosion that she hadn’t experienced in a long time. He lipped her clit, rolling and sucking on it until she screamed out again, her body jerking in response. Finally, he removed his fingers and let his tongue lap up her flowing juices, holding on to her tightly as she came yet again.

Earl moved up over her, gazing as she pushed the shirt from his body and quivering at the brush of her fingers on his abdomen. His pants pooled on the floor and his thick root sprung from silvery-black hairs, throbbing with his heart beat and dripping clear fluid from the wide slit. His breath caught in his throat as she moved forward and licked the drop with the tip of her tongue, looking up at him. She wasn’t ready to service him yet but this was a good start. He gave her a warm smile as he pressed her into the pillows, his mouth capturing hers again as his cock nestled itself into her warm, wet nest.

Her moan resonated through him and she raised her legs, taking him in deeper. He reached back and hooked her heels over his hips, rubbing her leg softly. She purred like a contented kitten, moaning each time he bottomed out inside her and gasping at the sensations that moved through her. She couldn’t help it. His thick length filled and stretched her, touching places that made her shudder with passion and she closed her eyes, giving herself over to Earl and allowing him to lead her to a glorious release that had them both shouting.

Millie lay quietly in his arms, shivering through the sweet aftermath and trying to regain her breath. Every bit of her felt alive and she smiled against his shoulder. “Fish.” She said softly and he lifted his head, smoothing the hair out of her eyes and pressing a soft kiss to her lips.

“What did you say?”

“Fish.” She touched his cheek. “I’ve decided to fish.”

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