Flashback Reality Ch. 03

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I sat in the library, holding my head. I had a headache.

Thoughts of Sanoo troubled me. I kept going back to my night with her. I thought that I should have done more for her. Her fierce intensity in pleasing me and my wild, uncontrolled passion had drained me so much at the time, I couldn’t think straight. The guilt of selfishness had troubled me this past many months.

The time with Aru helped, but I didn’t see her much now that I had moved. The exams were approaching and I could not concentrate.

I kept returning to the night and I could see Sanoo clearly. Of course that did not help at all. My hard-on was pushing against my shorts, distracting me, as I tried hard but struggled to study. The pages in front of me were a blur and I stared in space. Fortunately it was late night and there was nobody there.

Without conscious thought, my hand stroked my throbbing erection through the shorts.

“Excuse me young man! What are you doing”? The stern voice of Mrs. Dee, the librarian whispered harshly in my ear.

Startled, I quickly pulled my hand away, trying to use the book to hide my bulging front.

She was standing behind me a with a stern, angry expression on her face, her glasses worsening her big, rounded eyes.

“Get up! My office – now!” Her voice was angry. She was speaking in a low voice thankfully, and the students at the end of the long hall didn’t look in our direction. If they had heard her, that would have been a disaster!

I was totally embarrassed! She marched ahead of me to her office at the end of the hall. I followed her meekly, my erection receding.

As we entered the office, she ordered me to sit in the chair in front of her desk. Settling back in her own comfortable chair, she looked at me above glasses and rasped.

“What’s the matter with you? Exam is close and you are trying to jerk off in the library, instead of studying? You can do it in your room, not here. Thank God, there were no girls!” She seemed completely furious.

Mrs. Dee is normally a very kind and helpful person, and I felt sorry to upset her so.

Looking at my crestfallen face, she relented a bit. “What’s the issue my boy? Tell me truthfully. Let me help you. I have noticed that you have been very distracted the last whole week, sitting in the library, trying to read the same book, and possibly the same page as well. And today this totally uncharacteristic behaviour. You are normally such a good student.”

Damn…how can I explain my peculiar problem?

I mumbled about Sanoo and our encounter in a sort of non-explicit way. I expressed my guilt on leaving her in a rush, wondering whether she had derived any pleasure from our encounter.

“Hmmm…,” Mrs. Dee thought aloud, “So the gist is you basically had your fun and left without satisfying her. And the guilt of that is bothering you.”

“Right…,” I stammered. I was red in face with embarrassment.

God…what was I doing here, confiding and confessing to Mrs. Dee. I mean, she is nice and all that, but talking about sex…! I felt even more miserable now.

“I get it now. But why were you trying to jerk off in the library?”

I went more red in my face. “I…I…kept seeing her in front of me…and I wasn’t…I was just…,” I mumbled.

“Ah! So the vision of her naked body was getting you excited, and you were trying to please her in your imagination?”

Dumbly I nodded.

“Ok…that doesn’t sound completely unreasonable. But not openly in the library young man! You should find a room and do that sort of thing in private. Unless you share a room with somebody”. I nodded yes. “And no girlfriend…?” I nodded again miserably.

“Right. Let’s sort this out then. Why don’t you sit in that corner chair and do your thing? I promise I will not watch you. I’ll turn the other way.” There was a peculiar glint in her eyes.

I could not believe my ears! I felt really flustered, my face turning red!

“Don’t worry. I have seen many do this,” she said wryly, “I’ve seen all that and more, trust me. It’s perfectly okay, you young guys have a lot of hormones coursing through you. You need to get your rocks off regularly!” She chuckled.

She made me sit in the corner, and locked the door.

Turning to me she said, “Go on, get your pants off.”

I was shocked!

Looking at my expression, she said, “Oh, come on. I have seen it all. I just want to ensure you sort yourself out for sure and not pretend behind my back.” There was something in her tone, I couldn’t figure out.

Ashamed of her watching me, my heart hammering away crazily, I stepped out of my pants. My throbbing erection was straining against my brief, the tip lifting the top edge away.

I couldn’t face Mrs. Dee. I turned away. I closed my eyes briefly and as I was debating getting out of my briefs, I felt my briefs yanked down.

Mrs. Dee turned me around to stare at my proud erection pulsating.

“My, my…you are big, aren’t you,” she licked her lips. “Now get escort bursa started.”

I felt naked desire gleaming in her eyes. I tried to shield my erection with both my hands.

She stepped forward, moved my hands away and whispered, “Let me give you a hand.”

And she literally did. She gripped me with her hand, her other hand cupping my testicles.

“Now close your eyes and imagine Sanoo doing this”!

This was crazy, I thought. Nevertheless, reflexly Sanoo came in front of my closed eyes. My hard-on swelled even more with the memory of that beautiful body!

“Wow!” I could hear Mrs. Dee murmur huskily. Her fist started moving up and down, I felt her kneel down. With my closed eyes, I saw Sanoo opening her moist lips to engulf me. The next moment I did feel a wet mouth take my erection in. Her tongue started circling rapidly, flicking on the ridge of the engorged head. I felt my hips involuntarily thrust, back and forth. As the pumping rhythm gradually increased, my hips started trembling in anticipation and my hips moved quicker.

I felt my erection being pulled out. My eyes opened to see Mrs. Dee quickly pull off her top revealing her soft, pendulous breasts with brown nipples. She looked pretty good for her age. I knew she was in early fifties. The skirt came rapidly as well, leaving nice silk panties. The mound showed a wet patch, through which her dark hair was obvious. Swiftly she yanked her panties down, stepped out and turned around. She leaned on her table, spreading her legs. My eyes focused on the pink opening visible between her ample, rounded buttocks.

“Take me now! And be rough like you were with Sanoo!” She whispered harshly. She had guessed right about my time with Sanoo!

Without any hesitation, with barely uncontrollable lust, I positioned my hips between her legs. I opened her cleft, placed my penis head at the opening and rammed in savagely.

“Ooof…,” she exclaimed and then started moaning as I started thrusting in her, squeezing her hips hard, with a pent up violence.

It didn’t take me long to reach the peak, and then I groaned as I came hard. I jerked uncontrollably as I emptied in her. I could feel her vagina squeezing me empty. I flopped on her, gripping her buttocks tightly.

After a few moments rest, as I slid out of her, she rolled on her back. Her ample breasts with dark brown stiff nipples looked inviting, and her pink fleshy cleft, between the hairy mound dripped with wetness.

“My turn now,” Mrs. Dee smiled wickedly at me.

I leaned on her stretched nakedness. I went for her big breasts – cupping, fondling them gently. I rolled her large nipples between my thumb and forefinger, pinching lightly. Her eyes half-closed, she moaned. I got my lips on her right nipple and started caressing it with my tongue. I sucked on it lightly. I treated the other side the same. Then I used my teeth to start biting her lightly on the breasts, nipples. She started grinding her hips against mine. I could again feel the stirring in my spent manhood. I covered her neck with more mini-bites, getting her even more excited. After a few moments of this, she held my head and pushed it downwards. I approached her mound, licking and biting, and her shuddering and moaning increased.

I kissed her cleft. She gave a deep sigh, lifting her hips. My tongue probed her opening, pushing deep, licking the wetness, a mixture of hers and mine. After a deep exploration of her opening with my tongue, I got my two fingers to replace my tongue, which went to find her clit, which was already hard like a button. I started flicking and licking her clit, starting a rhythm, with my fingers matching it, plunging in and out of her wet vaginal opening.

Mrs. Dee was was groaning with pleasure, and as I increased the tempo, her hips started squirming and grinding against my face. She went on and on and I was surprised how long it took for her to come. But then when she came, she gripped my head strongly, lifted her hips, grinding her hips hard on my face. Her whole body shuddered and convulsed for a long time, a low keening moan going on and on like a wail!

Finally she collapsed on the table top. As she did so she moved my head upwards to her breasts, holding me tight against their softness.

I could imagine Sanoo having this kind of pleasure given by me. I owed her for the future now. Gradually Mrs. Dee relaxed. She sighed, patted my head and moved to get me off her.

As I stood, my erection was already back and ready to go. Looking at it she sighed and spread her legs in resignation. Without hesitation my hips moved to her cleft. This time she grabbed my throbbing hard-on and guided me in.

I remembered Aru’s lesson – and started slow and deep. I grabbed the ample breasts, kneading them. I kept a good steady rhythm, increasing it ever so slightly as time went by. I kept my eyes closed now. I could see Sanoo in front of my eyes, with thrusting deep and hard in her. Aru’s words were ringing in my ears, bursa merkez eskort guiding me – “Slow, deep and hard… slow, deep and hard….”

My sense of time slowed down a bit, as Sanoo’s image became more real. My thrusting increased even more. I could hear loud moans in the distant. I soon felt the familiar mounting of pleasure. I started thrusting more savagely and quickly and then I was there – I erupted with a loud groan, my hips convulsing, buttocks clenched, emptying myself with each stroke, till the last drop was squeezed out.

With a loud sigh I collapsed on the soft body below me, my eyes still closed.

We lay like that for a long time.

Slowly the hammering of the hearts slowed down. I opened my eyes to the present, feeling the caressing hands of Mrs. Dee ruffling through my hair.

I dragged myself off her. She smiled at me, “You are good you know. That one was the best fuck I have had for a very long time and I came again! Before you! If this was anywhere close to what happened the other day, then you needn’t worry about Sanoo. Relax now and focus on your studies! And if you need more help to relax, you know where to find me!” She winked.

Suffice it to say, I didn’t have a problem with my exams!


I was surprised to see Aru in the corridor. She seemed to be in her own world. I decided to surprise her and as I passed her, I brushed her shoulder as if by accident.

“I’m sorry!” She said turning to me, and then did a double-take. ” Manu…hi!”

“Hi Aru,” I made sure there was no one close before calling her by her first name, just in case. “What are you doing here? I tried to contact you before I left to come here. Where have you been? I didn’t see you in college, and your neighbour said you been away for a few months. I missed you, you know.”

I saw the familiar red flush creep up her neck and her ears went red.

“Sorry! I was away on a long absence for family reasons. Yeah…I missed you too!” She looked around furtively. “I came back just last month. I have come here for a research project and am going to stay here for 6 weeks. I am just starting this week. I didn’t know you were training here! I have just rented a flat nearby. This is great! I really did miss you too, you know.”

She seemed genuinely happy to see me.

“Do you want to come for dinner, this Saturday? Only if you are free, and still single?” She winked. “I’ll message you the address.”

“Great! Yes, I am free. And yes, still single thankfully!” I smiled. “I would love to come for dinner and ‘dessert’,” I stressed the dessert word and her face went red as well.

As we moved away in opposite directions, I couldn’t believe the coincidence! I felt really excited with the idea of meeting her on Saturday.

I remembered the post-trek time.

Given the bad weather warnings, the group decision was return back as quickly as possible, cutting short even the city stay. All students were thoroughly disappointed! Especially me!

I was looking forward to spending time with Aru and explore my sexuality even more! It was rather unfortunate when I couldn’t sit with her on the return flight as the it was full due to weather issues forcing people to fly back.

I think Aru looked disappointed as well. At least I felt good thinking that way!

As our classes resumed, I realised that Mili had moved on to a senior guy. Her only communication with me was the occasional wink she would give me, when she saw me looking at her. I didn’t see Aru for a few weeks as there was a replacement guy who covered her lectures. He mentioned that she was on leave for family reasons.

The trek had made me come alive with sexual feelings I didn’t know I had. I would discreetly observe Mili in class, in her tight dresses, imagining her naked body that I had seen underneath, and it would arouse me to no end. When I saw her with her boyfriend, I could imagine her having sex with him. Replacing myself in his position, I would masturbate at night, giving in to my arousal. It only helped a little bit! At least I slept better.

Then one day I saw Aru in the corridor rushing away. I realised she was back and suddenly I felt happy and excited. I did wonder, whether she would acknowledge me in the college though. She resumed her lectures, telling the class that she was back from her leave. There was a hint of a smile when she glanced towards me and my heart started fluttering. At the end of lecture, she said “Manu, can you please see me outside for your tutorial assignment?”

Outside, she had a wide smile on her face and I was excited, smiling as well.

“How are you doing Manu?” She asked, and then seeing no one in vicinity, in a lower voice queried, “Any further action with Mili?”

My face fell, “No Aru. She has taken up with a senior!”

“Oh, you poor dear,” she continued in a low voice. “I am having a party at home this Friday evening. Would you like to come?”

I was ecstatic! bursa sınırsız escort “Sure!”

She quickly scribbled her address on a chit and gave it to me.

Saturday, I reached her home a few minutes earlier that she had called. Aru opened the door and it was obvious that she was in the midst of cooking.

“Come on in. You are early! I am just finishing this last dish. Come into the kitchen.”

As I followed her, I watched the sway of her rounded buttocks under her dress. I felt immediate arousal. She went back to her cooking and started chatting away with me looking at me occasionally. I could only stare at her behind as if hypnotised, hardly hearing what she was saying.

“Pay attention Manu,” she chuckled, glancing back at me.

I could not resist myself – I got up and stepping behind her, encircled her waist with my hands and pulled her hips on my now throbbing erection.

“Easy tiger!” She laughed, “Let me finish this. Also guests will be arriving soon!”

Reluctantly I released her, but not before cupping both her breasts and gently squeezing them.

“God…I missed you too!” Aru sighed.

Then the bell rang. As she turned and saw me, she said “You better go to the toilet and cool down! You can’t open the door in that state!” She pointed to my bulging crotch laughingly.

As I returned from the toilet in a settled state, I saw four other students and another lecturer who had joined us on that eventful trekking holiday.

I reverted back to calling Aru ‘ma’am’ in front of the crowd. We had a nice time talking about the trek and the disastrous climate, about planning something for the future. The food Aru cooked was delicious and a couple of hours flew by easily. As it got late, one by one the guys started leaving. The lecturer was the first, the other students staying a bit longer. Then they all said their goodbyes and started leaving. Reluctantly I got up with them and left as well. As Aru was closing the door, she smiled and winked at me. When the other students went their way, I quickly turned back, ran up to Aru’s flat and rang the bell.

She opened the door and with an exaggerated look of surprise said, “Did you forget something?”

“Just the special dessert!” I replied.

I pushed her in the apartment, slammed the door shut and took her in my arms. We came together hard, her softness pressing into me. I was rock hard and pressed my hips at her. Holding my face in her hands, she kissed me. My mouth opened and our tongues met hungrily. My hands moved to her rounded buttocks, squeezing and pulling them hard towards my hips. As my right hand moved up to her breast, she pulled away. Holding my hand she led me to the bedroom.

As we went in, we were desperately fumbling with our clothes. In no time we were completely naked. My erection was standing proud, pulsing away. She licked her lips, staring at it. I couldn’t take my eyes of her naked body, perfect in its softness and roundness in the right places. Her crotch was a surprise – it was shaven clean! The pink-red lips of her cleft were obvious and wet! Again we came together hard, both of us groaning in pleasure with the bare flesh contact, my throbbing hard-on digging into her lower abdomen. We collapsed on the bed, me on top of her. I was kissing her fervently, moving my hands on her breasts, kneading them softly, tweaking her nipples. I moved down kissing her breasts and taking her nipples and sucking on them one by one. As I moved down to her navel, she spread her legs and I could feel the wetness against my chest. I traced circles below her belly button with my tongue and lips, gradually closing on to her wet cleft. Aru was moaning hard now. She suddenly grabbed my head and pushed it impatiently on to her wet cleft. She groaned as my tongue entered her, lifting her hips slightly. I licked her lips and insides, with darting movements of my tongue. This seemed to drive her wild and it got worse as I started licking her clit. Now her hips raised higher and she tried to ground them against my mouth. I increased the rhythm matching her moans, and she peaked very quickly, coming hard, her hips shuddering against my face.

“Now, take me!” She ordered as her hips dropped back. She spread her legs wider. Her glistening pink cleft with the engorged lips looked like gates of heaven to me! She brought her left hand down to hold my throbbing erection and guided it in. I shoved hard and penetrated her wet inside in one smooth motion.

“Ooof!” She gasped with pleasure. Putting her hands on my buttocks, squeezing them hard, she whispered, “Take me…take me hard”! Needing no further encouragement, I started driving in and out hard and deep. Remembering her words, I tried controlling myself initially, but soon gave up! It had been a long time and my pent up sexual excitement was too much. I was thrusting hard, my hips trembling with the effort, my buttocks squeezing hard with each thrust.

I felt my peak coming, my thrusts became wilder. As she realised this, Aru dug her hands even more in my buttocks, her nails digging in, adding to my urgency.

I came hard with a loud groan, exploding inside her. My hips went into an auto-thrust mode, jerking spasmodically, emptying in her. I could feel her inner muscles squeezing me and milking my erection.

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