Fraternal Twins Pt. 14

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Copyright © 2019 – This is an original work by Zeb Carter and is protected under copyright by U.S. copyright law. It is only submitted at Literotica.Com and any submission to any other site has not been authorized by the Copyright Holder/Author.

Author’s Note: The life of the Twins continues. Sorry for how long it took this time. First, my desktop crashed, motherboard, then the power supply crapped out. Took a week for the motherboard and a month for the replacement power supply. Besides, writing is a fickle task… you don’t always get to write about what you want. So, my apologies.

Part 14 ~~~~~

The wake was brutal on Eileen and the twins. She cried the entire time Slater let her stay at the funeral home. The day before the wake, he had called both nannies and told them they had the job. Then he told them the bad news. They both rushed over to help with the children. They each brought a suitcase with clothes. In effect, they moved into the Carlson house. They both had their own cars so they could take the children back and forth to school, the funeral home, and home. They helped a lot by keeping them out of Slater’s and Eileen’s hair. Karen was a ghost. She disappeared when the two girls arrived. Slater found her in the basement. Sitting on an old chair.

“Are you okay, Karen?” Slater asked, standing next to her.

“Yes. I just needed to be alone for a spell,” she replied, turning her face away from her brother.

“There is no shame in crying.”

“I know. I just don’t want you to see me all ugly,” said Karen.

Squatting down, Slater took Karen in his arms. He pressed his lips to her neck. Karen sighed when she felt his lip.

“You are always beautiful, sweetheart,” Slater whispered.

Karen started to cry again. Slater held her gently whispering his love for her in her ear. Turning, Karen wrapped him in her arms. Slater held her for a long time. Then, picking her up, he carried her upstairs to her room. He laid her on her bed, kissed her on the forehead, pulled the cover-up over her, and left her to work through her sorrow. Mom was coming out of her bedroom, as Slater was leaving Karen’s.

“Is she all right?” Mom asked.

“She is. Just tired and distraught.”

“How are you doing, my son?” Eileen asked.

“I’m fine, right now. Come Saturday, I don’t know how I’ll be,” Slater replied. “How are you mom?”

“Like you. Fine for now but, who knows about tomorrow.”

Nodding Slater hugged his mom tightly. She hugged her son back.

“I love you,” she whispered.

“I love you too,” Slater replied.

~~~ Twins ~~~

The days that followed were hectic. Mom, Slater, and Karen took shifts at the funeral home. At night for the last three hours, the home was open, they were all there. Cami, Beth, Emily, Carl, and Troy were there also. The wake was only for two nights. Family, lots of their family showed up trying to console and comfort Eileen, Karen, and Slater. They were very grateful for them all to have come and to have expressed their condolences.

The day of the funeral, everyone was up early. Cami and Beth fixed breakfast, then went to get dressed. When they come out, everyone was done. They sat and ate. Then went to clean up.

“No, no, you two will not be maids,” Eileen said sternly. “Go help the little one get ready. We’ll leave this until later. Now skedaddle.”

Cami and Beth both nodded herding the children down the hall to get ready. Slater had showered the prior night, so he went to his room and dressed in his Sunday best. Karen went to her room to dress. Eileen went to the bathroom to shower. Once the little ones were dressed, Slater and Karen watched them along with Cami and Beth. They all sat in the living room waiting for Eileen.

“Slater, my car, everyone will fit in there…”

“There’s a limo waiting out front for us, Mom,” Slater said.

“Oh! Will we all fit?” Eileen asked.

“Yes, Mom.”

“Well, then let’s go,” she said.

They arrived at the church. Eileen got out first, stepping aside, looking across the street. She was crying. Karen was next out. She was crying as she stood aside so Slater could get out. He turned to his mother and took her in his arms. The children got out with Cami and Beth. They stood there watching their mother and Karen. Emily walked up to Karen. Took Karen’s hand in her little one.

“Don’t cry Karen, Dad has gone to a good place. He will be with us always,” Emily said softly.

Karen bent down picking up Emily in her arms, giving her a gentle hug. She cried even harder. Setting Emily down, she squatted taking first Carl then Troy into her arms and telling them she loved them. She wiped her eyes with a handkerchief and stood looking down at the three children. Smiling, she nodded. Slater was beside her with Mom on his arm. Karen took his other offered arm and they started up the sidewalk to the church. Cami and Beth followed with the other children in hand. The minister met them at the door.

“I’m so sorry for your loss, Eileen,” he said softly taking Onwin Eileen’s hand in his.

“Thank you, George, that’s very kind of you,” Eileen replied.

“And you two, I’m so sorry for your loss also,” he said.

“Thank you, Pastor,” Slater replied.

“Thank you, Pastor,” Karen said.

“And who do we have here? Is this Emily? My, my you are getting bigger all the time my dear child. And Troy and Carl, you two have grown. I’m so sorry for your loss dear children,” the Pastor said.

“Thank you, Pastor,” Emily replied.

Carl and Troy just nodded as they held Beth’s hands. Then Pastor walked them all down to the front row. The kids went in first with Cami and Beth. Karen, then Slater with Eileen last so she could sit at the aisle. The Pastor then went up front and stood behind the casket looking sad. He spun around quickly and went to the podium. He stood waiting for everyone to quiet down. When everyone was seated and quietly looking up at him, he started.

“Jordan was a very good friend. Not only to me but, to a host of others in our community. He also had a loving family. A very loving family, who will miss him a great deal, as will I and all of you.

“Eileen has asked me to keep today short but, how can you not stand here and praise such a wonderful man, husband, father, and friend. Several people have asked to speak today. I have only told one of them he can. Slater, would you please come up and say what is in your heart?”

The Pastor stood waiting while Slater walked up to the podium.

“Again, I’m so sorry for your loss, young man,” said the Pastor.

“Thank you, sir,” Slater said stepping up behind the podium.

Looking over the mass of faces looking up at him, he coughed, cleared his throat, and took a deep breath.

“My father loved me. I know he loved me. I know he knew I loved him. My father was a great man to me and my family. I will miss him tremendously. My sister Karen wanted me to say this for her… ‘I love you, daddy.'”

Slater stopped looking down at Karen. She was smiling as tears rolled down her cheek. Nodding Slater continued.

“Dad, I love you. I know Mom loves you, too. As do Emily, Carl, and Troy. We will miss you, but you will be with us in our hearts forever.”

Slater, tears rolling down his cheeks, walked slowly back to his seat next to his mother. The Pastor patted Slater on the back as he passed him, then stepped up behind the podium once more.

“Friends, we will now stand, while our dear friend, Jordan is taken to his burial place.”

The Pastor stepped over to the casket and waited for the pallbearers to come upfront. Slater’s uncles, from both sides of the family, were there to take their brother to the hearse. The organ started to play a slow song that was perfect for the mood within the church. When the casket passed Eileen, the Pastor allowed her to exit and follow her husband down the aisle. Slater and Karen came next, with Cami and Beth with the children behind them.

The family went right to their limo while Jordan was put in the hearse. Everyone was now sobbing as the file of cars pulled away from the church.

~~~ Twins ~~~

Twenty minutes later they were at the cemetery. The casket was set in place and Eileen and her family now sat graveside waiting. It was a clear, cool, sunny day, so no one was really uncomfortable due to the weather. Eileen had Emily on her lap, Karen had Troy on hers, while Slater had Carl on his. They all sat quietly, waiting. The Pastor stood at the head of the casket waiting, the bible open, looking out over the crowd.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, once again, Eileen has asked me to keep this short. I will say a few words about our esteemed brother Jordan. A kind man who has been taken from us all too soon. Leaving behind a wife and four children. I know for all of us, our hearts are heavy with grief at his passing.

“Eileen also wanted me to tell you all, for those of you who can make it, she will hosting a little get together at her home. Beverages and snacks will be provided.

“Please bow your heads now for a moment of silence for our dear departed brother.”

For almost a full minute the Pastor stood with his head bowed.

“May all of you go in peace and good health.”

The Pastor came over and sat to the left of Eileen. Family, passed by the casket, Jacob’s brothers tapped the top as they passed. Eileen’s brother came around behind her, Jacob’s brothers stood behind Slater. Other friends and relatives slowly passed the family and left the cemetery. When everyone was gone, the Pastor rose, taking Eileen’s hand helped her to her feet.

“Thank you, George,” Eileen said.

“You are very welcome. Give me a call in a couple of days or if you need help with anything,” said George letting go of Eileen’s hand.

“I will,” Eileen said turning to her brothers and brothers in law. “We need to hurry. Thank you all so much.”

“We will see you at the house, Eileen,” Johnny said smiling at her.

The rest just nodded as they Onwin Giriş headed for their rides. Eileen led her children to the limo and they were home in twenty minutes. The street was lined with cars, waiting for them to arrive. Eileen groaned as she led the children to the house. When she walked in all her sisters in law were there and everything was ready for their guests.

“How?” Eileen said.

“Don’t worry about dear, we were happy to help in your time of need,” Joyce said.

“Cami, Beth, take Troy and Carl and get them out of the good clothes before they…”

“Of course, Eileen,” Beth said herding the boys in front of her. Cami followed making sure neither of the boys escaped.

Once home, Slater sat on the sofa in the living room, holding Emily’s hand talking to people, friends, and family, that stop to give him their condolences. Emily, just sat there a sad look on her face as she listened to the adults talk. Carl and Troy were moving around, trying to find a place to play. Eileen, let them go out back with Cami and Beth to play. Karen sat at the kitchen table talking with her aunt Becky.

After about two hours after they arrived home, the crowd of family and friends started to leave. The families aunts cleaned up, while Eileen’s brothers kept her busy in the living room. She was fussing at them about cleaning her house. They just laughed at her and wouldn’t let her help. When the kitchen and the living were clean, the brothers and their wives left, saying goodbye to them all.

After the door closed behind the last person, Eileen collapsed onto the couch. Emily climbed up on Slater’s lap and hugged him.

“I miss daddy so much,” Emily sobbed.

“Me too, Em,” Slater said hugging her back.

“Me too,” Eileen said.

“I do too,” said Karen, as she sat between Eileen and Slater.

All three just watched out the sliding glass doors at the two boys play, while Cami and Beth sat on the deck watching them.

“Emily, why don’t you go change your clothes dear,” Eileen said.

“Okay. Can I go out and play with the boys then?” asked Emily.

“Of course, dear,” Eileen said.

“Karen, will you help me, please?”

“Do I have too? I’m kidding Emily, I’ll be glad to help you.”

Slater looked at his mother. She was watching her two boys, tears gently rolling down her cheeks.

“Well, I suppose we should work out sleeping arrangements,” Eileen said.

“I thought Cami was going to sleep with Emily and Beth with Karen,” said Slater.

“I have had… last night… I didn’t sleep well, alone in that big bed. I will sleep with Emily, and the two girls can have my room until you two leave for college.”

“Okay, it’s your choice after all,” Slater said, reaching over and patting his Mom’s hand.

Eileen smiled at him, then smiled even bigger when Emily scampered past to the sliding glass door. She was out, saying hello to Cami and Beth. Then she was down in the yard playing with her younger brothers. Karen plopping down on the couch, brought Slater’s attention back inside.

“What are we going to do about dinner?” asked Karen.

“Didn’t you get enough to eat this afternoon?” Eileen said looking at Karen.

“I didn’t eat any of that stuff. I wasn’t hungry. Now, however, I can feel my stomach complaining. It’s saying ‘feed me, now’,” Karen quipped.

“Order a couple of pizzas then. I’m not all that hungry right now, but I might be later, so order some extra pizzas,” Eileen said.

“Sure thing, Mom,” Slater replied as she rose from the couch and headed for the door out to the deck.

“You want to order or should I?” Karen asked.

“I’ll do it, sis,” replied Slater getting up and heading to the phone in the kitchen.

Karen sat there, listening to her brother order four extra-large pizzas. What he had them put on the pizzas, she nodded smiling. He knew exactly what everyone liked except for Cami and Beth. Slater then came a sat next to his sister. Karen sighed.

“I am having a hard time wanting to go to school now,” said Karen.

“You have to. Mom and Dad were so proud of you for getting into that college. You can’t disappoint them now, Sis.”

“I know. How are you feeling?”

“Terrible but, we have two nice women to help Mom with the little ones now. So, I don’t feel all that guilty leaving here. Besides, we’ll be home on holidays and during summer break,” Slater said softly.

“We will. I’m really glad you are here during all this. You are so… strong.”

“Not really. If you need someone to cuddle with, join me tonight, please.”

“I was thinking along those lines.”


Just then the doorbell rang.

“Well, the pizzas are here,” Slater said heading for the front door.

As Slater paid for the pizzas, Karen went to the sliding glass door, opening it she stuck her head out.

“Pizzas here,” she shouted.

The three children all shouted ‘pizza’ loud as they ran up the steps and across the deck.

“Go washup first,” Karen said, Onwin Güncel Giriş as they squeezed passed her into the house.

Cami and Beth came in the house a little more sedately. Eileen just sat in a chair staring up at the sky. Karen nodded, closing the door and turned to go washup. Slater had two boxes on the table and plates for everyone. The three young ones were already chowing down on a slice of pizza. Karen, Cami, and Beth sat and each grabbed a slice of pizza. They were all munching away, when Eileen reached over Karen and grabbed a slice.

“Mom, sit with us,” Slater said.

“That’s okay, I’m going to get myself a soda and go back out on the deck awhile.”

Slater nodded as Eileen went back outside and sat in a chair. When everyone had, had enough to eat, Slater cleaned up putting the leftovers in the fridge with the other two pizzas.

“Go wash up kids,” Karen said.

Cami and Beth took them into the bathroom. When they all came out, headed for the back door, Slater and Karen were sitting on the couch, watching their Mom. She had taken two bites of her slice of pizza and a large gulp of her soda, then just kind of froze, staring up at the sky.

For the rest of the afternoon, Eileen, Karen, and Slater just sat around mourning their loss. As the sun started to set, Cami and Beth brought the children inside to wash up and get them ready for bed. Slater took a pizza out of the fridge and slipped it in the oven to heat it up. The kids smiled as he did. Karen set the table, while Cami and Beth played with the three young ones.

When the timer dinged, letting everyone know the pizza was ready, they all made their way to the kitchen table. Eileen sat down and snagged a slice of the pizza as she smiled at her children.

“Who wants to say grace?” Eileen asked.

No one answered. Smiling Eileen lowered her head. Everyone followed her gesture.

“Then we will have a moment of silence as we remember our beloved Jordan,” Eileen said.

After a moment, Eileen raised her head, lifting her slice of pizza and taking a big bite. Slater was surprised she wasn’t crying. Looking over at Karen, he saw tears running down her cheek as she smiled at him. Everyone started to eat. The pizza was quickly gone as everyone sat back and relaxed.

“Kids, go wash your face and hands. You may watch TV for a little bit,” Eileen said.

Cami and Beth took the children to the washroom to get cleaned up. Karen, helped Mom clean the kitchen. Slater sat on the couch and turned on the TV, flipping through the channels to find something the children would like. He found the Cartoon Network and stopped. Emily, Tory, and Carl came bounding into the living room and sat down in front of the TV. Karen sat with them, just staring at the TV. Eileen sat on the couch next to Slater. Cami sat on the other side of Eileen, while Beth sat in the chair behind the children.

“Cami, Beth, you will be sleeping in my room tonight. I hope that doesn’t bother you? If it does we will work something else out. I will be sleeping with Emily. Once Karen and Slater have left for college, you can each have your own room.”

Cami looked at Beth. Beth looked at Cami. They both nodded.

“It won’t be a problem Eileen,” Beth answered for them both.

“Good, if you would like to go get ready for bed and put your things in there, we’ll find a place for your things in the morning.”

“Thanks, Eileen,” Cami said getting up and following Beth out of the living room.

Karen got up off the floor and went to Eileen. She hugged her mother and kissed her on the cheek.

“I’m going to bed. I haven’t’ slept well since…”

“I understand dear,” Eileen replied.

Karen left, ruffling Salter’s hair as she passed him. Slater just chuckled pushing his hair back into place. When Cami and Beth came back, Eileen left to get ready for bed. She was back in a few scant minutes. Slater then went to get ready. When he came back, Eileen smiled at him.

“All right kids, it’s time for bed,” said Eileen.

Cami and Beth helped the boys into their bedroom and tucked them in. Eileen took Emily by the hand, leading her to her bedroom.

“I’m going to be sleeping with you dear,” Eileen said. “So, leave me some room, so when I come to bed, I don’t have to wake you. Okay?”

“Sure Mom,” Emily replied.

“I love you, sweetheart.”

“I love you too, Mom.”

“Goodnight, Em,” Eileen whispered.

“Goodnight, Mom.”

When Eileen came back into the living room, Slater was the only one there. She smiled as she sat down next to him. Looking down the hall, she saw her bedroom door closed. Smiling she wondered. Shaking her head, she decided it was none of her business.

“Slater?” Eileen whispered.

“Eileen?” whispered back smiling at his Mom.

“Would you hold me for a little while?”

“Sure, would you like to go to my room?”

“No, I just want to be held by you. No funny business, okay?”


Slater pulled his mother into his embrace and gave her a gentle hug. Eileen groaned, then sighed as she put her arms around her adorable son. Slater reached behind him and turned off the lights, then took the remote and turned off the TV. He gently kissed his mother’s forehead. She sighed once again.

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