New Toy Ch. 01

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I was so nervous sat there waiting for her. We had been in contact for 5 years now and had ‘spoke to’ each other, whether by chatroom, Instant Messenger, Text Message or Telephone, every day of those 5 years, but this was the first time we were going to meet in person.

First meeting in a fetish chatroom when she was a bored, unfulfilled housewife with 2 kids and I was out looking for fun after ending a long relationship. The first time we chatted we just clicked, we talked for hours about anything and everything. When the conversation got to sex she told me that since her last child was born, 16 years ago at the time, her & her husband had only made love a handfull of times, most recently at a 4th of July BBQ, when he was drunk, 18 months ago. He seemed to have lost interest in sex, and even her, spending alot of his time in his study playing computer games or working. I told her I would never lose interest in her. We proceeded to have cyber sex with her telling me in great detail what she was doing to herself. After that first time she told me she had never been that fulfilled or ever came that hard. Our relationship progressed from there.

After knowing each other for about a year we got to talking about Doms & Subs as she had recently been watching that type of porn. It had never been something I had given much thought to, yeah I had spanked girlfriends before and had rough sex on more then one occasion, but it had always been a heat of the moment type thing, nothing I had ever actively persued. She told me that she would like to be told what to do, have a man take control of her. We spoke about it for a few hours and both agreed to give it a try. There being only so much we could do on an Instant Messenger screen, I told her to go and buy a webcam & microphone as soon as she could and I would do the same. A couple of days later we both had our cams & microphones set up and ready to go. That night she had the house to herself, her husband was working away and her daughter was staying with friends, her son had long since moved out before we started talking. She set herself up comfortably in the bedroom and signed in. We sat and chatted for a while, this was the first time that day we had spoke, she had been busy helping her husband pack and dropping her daughter at her friends. After about an hour of talking I told her to turn her cam on, the fun was about to begin.

We had exchanged a number of pictures over the last year but this was the first time either of Onwin us had seen each other live. She was wearing a red satin robe that barely covered her ample assets. Her hair cascaded over her shoulders and framed her breasts. I had put on a smart collarless shirt and slicked my hair back. We just sat for a moment and looked at each other, drinking in what we saw. I was the first to speak “You look amazing.”, she smiled.

“You dont look so bad yourself.” she giggled.

“Now,” I said, my voice taking a harsher tone, “do you really think you should be giggling at your master?”

Knowing we had started playing she got straight into it, “No Sir, I’m sorry Sir.”

Snarling into the camera “I am Master, not Sir, and you will address me correctly, is that understood?”, I was falling into this role with ease.

“Yes S…” she stopped and corrected herself “Yes Master”

“Good girl, now stand up and let me look at you”

She stood up, moved the chair out the way and stood coyly. Her robe slid open, revealing a glimpse of what was underneath.

“Do you know your robe is open you dirty girl?”

She quickly pulled it closed “I’m sorry master, I dont have a belt for it.”

“Did I tell you to close it? Open it immediatly!”

Hesitantly she let it fall open once more exposing more then before.

“Do you want to please your Master?”

“Yes Master, of course Master, I will do anything for you Master.”

“I’m glad to hear that, I’ve always wanted a plaything.”

“I want to be your plaything Master.”

She was really getting into this idea, as was I.

“Remove your robe and let me see everything its covering”

“Yes master.” She removed her robe, letting it fall to the floor. She was wearing a black bra with a red ribbon between her breasts & a pair of red panties which, even from this distance, were visably moist, a sure sign she was enjoying herself.

“You are the sexiest toy I’ve ever seen. You are always going to be my toy!”

“Yes Master, I’m forever your toy Master.”

“Remove your bra, I want to see your breasts.”

“Yes Master.” She reached behind her back and unfastened her bra. Wrapping her arm around her breasts she dropped her bra on the floor.

Her ample 36DD breasts hung infront of her drooping slightly towards her strechmarked stomach. You could tell she wasnt 18 any more, but she still looked fantastic for a women approaching 40 that’d had two kids. All these Onwin Giriş little imperfections only made me want her more.

“Turn around toy, let me see you from the back.”

She turned around, her breasts jiggling slightly as she moved. The back view was just as good as the front, her panties tight over her round plump arse.

“Bend forward toy, let me see more.”

Obliging she bent forward at the waist, putting her hand on her knees and pushing her arse into the air. I could see the dampness had spread across her crotch.

“Are yoou getting turned on toy?”

“Yes Master, very. You always turn me on Master.”

“I want you to move the camera facing the bed and get on your hands and knees looking at me”

“Yes Master, right away Master.”

She moved the laptop and camera so they were both facing the bed. She climbed on the bed and stared at me wantenly down the camera. Her breasts hung down infront of her, gently swaying as she breathed.

“You are such a good toy, always doing what you are told.”

“I’m glad I make you happy Sir, I’m here to serve you.”

As soon as she said it I could see in her eyes she wished she could take it back.

“What did you just call me toy?” my voice tinged with anger.

“I’m so sorry Master,” she whimpered “I didn’t mean to displease you.”

“Get up on your knees toy, you need to be punished!”

Looking confused she did as she was told.

“Slap your left breast toy!”

She softly tapped her right breast.

“What was that? I told you to slap it! Now do it again harder!”

Slapping her breast harder she left a red hand print across it. She let out a whimper.

“Good toy, any time you displease me you will be punished.”

“Yes Master and I will deserve it.”

“You will toy, now take off your panties and lay on your back, I want to see that wet pussy of yours.”

“Yes Master, as you wish.”

She removed her panties, laying them next to her on the bed, laid down and spread her legs. I could see her pussy was wet.

“Now toy, I want you to rub your pussy.”

Slowly she starts to rub her clit, sliding her fingers around the outside of her lips. She starts to moan.

“I want to see those fingers in that wet pussy toy.”

“MMMMM Yes Master”

Pushing the tips of her fingers into her dripping pussy, she starts to quiver. Her fingers probing deeper & deeper, faster & faster.

“You are a dirty toy, Onwin Güncel Giriş fingering your wet pussy like that. Do you like your fingers in you?”

“I am your dirty toy Master. I love fingers in me Master. I want Masters hard cock in me.”

I move the camera down to show her my exposed hard cock.

“Is this what you want toy?”

“Ohhh Yesss Master, I want to feel it deep in me.”

“Reach into your bedside table toy and get one of your dildos, I want to see you fuck yourself.”

She opens her drawer and pulls out a 6″ pink rubber dildo. I start slowly rubbing my cock.

“Open your mouth and slide that cock in. I want to see you suck my cock toy.”

She starts licking the head of the dildo whilst looking straight down the camera. Opening her mouth she gradually takes it in inch by inch, never breaking eye contact with the camera.

“Thats a good toy, you look so good sucking my cock, take it deeper.”

Sliding the dildo deep into her mouth, in and out, she gags but keeps going.

“I want to see you fuck yourself now toy.”

Taking the dildo from her mouth she groans “Yes Master.”

Running the dildo down her body she starts to rub it on the outside of her pussy.

“Ohhhhh Master, your cock feels so good against my pussy.”

“Put it in you toy, take it deep.”

“MMMMM Yes Master, I’ll take it deep for you Master”

Pushing the dildo into her now soaking pussy, she takes it to the hilt. She lets out a groan “OHHHHH Master.”

Fucking herself harder and faster, she starts squirming & convulsing.

“You like me fucking you toy, you like my hard cock deep in you?”

“Ohhhhh Master, UGGHHHH, I’m gonnaahhh cum Masteuhhhh.”

I start rubbing my cock harder, wanting to climax with her.

She fucks herself harder, letting out a giant groan “Ohhhh FUCK ME MASTER. IM CUMMMMING!!!”

As she cums, she thrashes about on the bed, grinding her pussy hard against the dildo.

Whilst watching her I feel my orgasm building and spray my fuck allover my stomach.

Both spent we stare into the cameras, looking into each others eyes.

“Thank you master,” she whispers “you make me feel something I never thought I’d feel. I am your toy Master, from now until forever.”

“My sweet sweet toy, we shal be together always. Lets go clean ourselves off and then we can talk somemore.”

“Yes Master, I shall be back shortly.”

When we both came back we sat talking for hours until we were both too tired to continue. It was 6am for me by the time we finished talking, midnight for her. It was a weekend so we both sleapt well. From that moment on our relationship changed for the better, we only got closer from that point.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32