Free Hugs

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Celeste was always an affectionate woman from the time she was very young. In the time since she had a chance to settle down out of her wilder streaks, and after all that had happened to her in life, she had grown to be a bit lonesome. That changed in late 2006.

Quite some eventful months ago, she found a website spotlighting a young visionary that was provoked to offer hugs, free of charge, to our very impersonal, busy as beavers society. In the dynamic and motivating video broadcasted on the internet with a background soundtrack that was vitally liberating, the venturing protagonist carried a crude sign offering free hugs to anyone open minded and daring enough to take him up on his risk-free offer. People slowly warmed to his cuddly nature. Eventually, he was faced with the unfortunate scourges of persecution and short-sighted intolerance — and was escorted and banished from the outdoor mall. After a popularized petition grew to epic proportions, the free-hugs campaign spread like wildfires across Australia, North America, and the globe with thunderous fanfare.

Free time has not been in a premium for Celeste, but she always meant to launch a local chapter of free hugs when she had a tick tock or two of free time. At Christmas, she leapfrogged with a new friend up to Toronto to wreak her own brand of havoc on somebody else’s stomping grounds for a refreshing change. While in the bowels of downtown Toronto — in the epicenter of consumerism and avarice — they were pleasantly surprised to encounter fifteen spirited members of the organization. Celeste got a pre-emptive introduction to the empowering sensations of a lavish excess of hugs on that wondrous day.

So when her friend decided they should offer free hugs in January, she took her up on her inviting offer. Celeste very rarely turned down an offer to play the fool for a day. They crafted their free hugs signage, adorned with a flamboyant flourish of sparklies and glitter, and trudged off to the mall. They were inundated almost immediately.

There were skittish and bashful hugs when the would-be hugger thought they were being observed by judgmental bystanders; or a few uninspired hugs accompanied with a pat on the back. There were the “lemming” hugs when friends of would-be embracers decided they needed a hug too — even if their hugging needs were aroused by the pressure of their peers. There were those leaning, fearful of proximity hugs (“pecks on the chest”) which diminished as more and more curious patrons observed the kerfuffle. There were quite a few hugs accompanied with a kiss on the cheek or the top of her head which unwittingly moved Celeste and she broke into fits of silliness and even song. There were a few hugs from the kiddies too and in one case she got to hug a little girl’s cushiony, velveteen teddy bear (the “Pookie” hug). There were confiding hugs where she was held tight while they whispered into her ears their humorous banter and giggles, their encouragement, or their insightful discourse. There were short lived hugs or sustained embraces one of them just didn’t want to bring to a grinding halt. There were the uplifting or swinging hugs where one of the huggers was hoisted from the ground spun into dizzy submission.

By the end of that day, Celeste had the science of the hug all figured out and there was so much instruction to be done on the enrapturing magnitude of the hug, the innate dependence on hugs, and the societal need for the proliferation of the hug in our daily lives. Hugs heal. Hugs cause smiles and wipe away sorrows. Hugs bind. Hugs revive. Hugs redeem. Hugs speak volumes of words. Hugs say hello. Hugs say goodbye. Hugs say I’m sorry. Hugs say I forgive you. Hugs slow us down — and can make a moment seem to last an eternity. Hugs open minds. Hugs are the bestest reminders that we all need someone to care if only for a fleeting moment in time — and can offer the same gesture when and if it is required of us. If Celeste ever turns down a hug from anybody, you’ll know her heart is dead.

In the midst of this kerfuffle, Celeste spotted a woman who she loosely recognized. She watched the mysterious woman, approximately her same age, viewing the spectacle from afar. The woman was obviously leery to approach.

Celeste, on the other hand, possessed virtually no strains of tempered bashfulness. She never stopped herself from doing something in the spur of the moment. It would never be in her nature. Besides, this woman was stunning.

Celeste had for many years consigned herself to the exclusive love of women. While it had not always worked in her favor, and she had spent many years alone because of her unorthodox choices in the bedroom, she was predominantly content with her choices. She often wandered in parks, beaches, malls, and places where women would collect for her own admiration. Not that they knew Celeste was looking. She was usually discreet.

In this case, during a brief hiatus from her duties, she wandered in a bee line straight for the curious onlooker. The look on her face was precious as Celeste approached. Almost completely spooked, the bursa yabancı escort woman turned to flee.

Celeste — “You’ve been watching for hours. I’m surprised you’re running away now that I’m coming over to give you what you probably deserve.”

Onlooker — “I’m sorry if I was staring. I was waiting for a friend that is dreadfully late. I think he has his own conception of time.”

Celeste — “Typical man. Stereotypical even.”

Celeste lifted one hand in the air. Then the other. Shaking them in jazz hands. The innocent bystander just giggled.

Onlooker — “Maybe I was a little curious.”

Celeste — “Yes, I believe maybe a little more than a little.”

Onlooker — “Maybe a smidge more than a little.”

Celeste — “Enough to give me a hug now?”

Onlooker — “Maybe just one.”

Celeste leapt into her arms and squeezed the woman tightly.

Celeste — “I’ve got you now and I’m not letting go. Bwahahahaha.”

The mysterious woman just giggled incessantly and squeezed Celeste’s body to her own. She had never been hugged by a stranger like this. She remarked to herself that she liked the feeling of Celeste’s hugs.

Celeste — “Since your absent minded friend didn’t bother to pencil you in, would you care to spend a few tick tocks with me and my friend? I think you might enjoy yourself for the rest of the afternoon. After all, what were you gonna do now? Go shopping?”

Onlooker — “Yes I thought I might go down to the Victoria Secrets store so I could tempt a new friend back into my life since my absentminded friend didn’t bother to pencil me in properly.”

Celeste — “Lucky new friend. *Winks* Tell you what, after a little while, I’ll come along with you. Might be fun to go shopping with someone so inclined to entice her friends with slinky negligees and revealing underclothes. Game? By the way, what’s your name?”

The onlooker paused for a moment. Celeste was fun and she kept her little secret to herself for the moment. It wasn’t yet time to spring that jack in the box on her would-be hugger. She introduced herself as Carolyn. With that, she joined Celeste and her friend in their hijinks. For the rest of the afternoon, all three of the women hugged the busy beavers that ran to and fro in the mall.

After a few hours, Celeste’s friend had to head to work at a local bar. Celeste turned to Carolyn, mischief gleaming in her eyes.

Celeste — “The day is still young, Carolyn. Shall we go and pry the secret out of Victoria? Naughty girl that she is?”

Off they went into the inner sanctum of the mall. They found the well trafficked store and Celeste skipped off to a nearby rack leading Carolyn astray. Picking four or five lacy and naughty outfits off the rack, she held them up to Carolyn.

Celeste — “Yum”

Celeste — “Yuck”

Celeste — “Yuck” Celeste — “Fuck”

Celeste — “Hot dang”

Taking the unaware Carolyn by the hand, straight to the changing room quickly discarding the garments deemed as yucky…she took her new friend into the barely secluded cubicle and threw the curtain closed.

Celeste — “Strip”

Carolyn felt compelled to do so. She couldn’t explain it. She had never done this sort of thing before. She was always reserved and careful about her friendships. But Celeste had her spirit raging like a machine. She had captured her curiosity. She felt no shame in front of Celeste since Celeste certainly didn’t have any compulsions to feel ashamed. Carolyn was being lead by a woman that wouldn’t ever seem to follow. So it seemed.

Carolyn stripped herself slowly of her day clothes feeling no pangs of embarrassment as she revealed every inch of her naked skin. Celeste looked her up and down and bit her lip.


Carolyn blushed inwardly at Celeste’s compliment, but tried on the negligee that Celeste liked best. It fit perfectly. Carolyn spun around in front of the mirror in the now cramped booth and admitted it looked pretty swell on her. Celeste told her that was on her and the others as well if they matched its perfection.

Sure enough, all of the garments looked stunning on Carolyn. Celeste took them into her hands, abruptly opening the curtain, yelled “Hot Girl Naked in Here”, and then reluctantly closed the shades with a naughty grin on her face. She went off to pay for the lingerie as Carolyn changed into her street clothes.

Carolyn secreted herself out of the change room hiding behind racks to covertly recon the room. She snuck up to the register behind Celeste, bereft of shame, giving her a swat on her tight little behind.

Celeste — “Oh baby, do that again and again and you’ll never get rid of me.”

Carolyn — “Who said I wanted to get rid of you Celly?”

Celeste — “Yay. My charms have entranced you too! By the way, I love being called Celly. Been called that for years.”

Carolyn — “Really? Good guess on my part then.”

Celeste — “Very astute. Smart, sexy, ridiculously fun. Your inner demons are being summoned with every second that passes bursa sınırsız escort with Celly. Shall we go and sacrifice the goat now?”

Carolyn — “I thought it was tears of virgins that summoned personal bravery of somewhat shy girls to become … well, like you.”

Celeste — (looking around) “Know any?”

Carolyn — “I think they are a dying breed. On the endangered species list for sure if not completely extinct.”

Celeste — “Ok. No goat farms near here either. We could go cow tipping. Ever do that?”

Carolyn — “Not sure I want to run around in poop.”

Celeste — “Shucks. Ok how about that little boathouse in the park. They have live music. Lots to drink on tap. Bottles of wine up the wazoo. My treat. Then maybe you better come back to my place just down the way. Within stumbling distance. I better not let you drive after I’m done with you.”

Carolyn — “Oh that would be splendid. Do you have a guest room?” *Winks*

Celeste — “Sighs. Guess you’ll have to share my waterbed with me. I think it’s big enough for two. Not that I’ve ever tried.” *Rolls eyes*

The two friends took off arm in arm to their cars. Driving separately to Celeste’s home, they filled the driveway. Then skipping along through the puddles on the sidewalks, they entered the park. Soon, they reached the boathouse and went inside. The club was nearly empty and they got their choice of seats. Choosing a booth, with plenty of room, they cuddled up close to one another. For hours they enjoyed the company of their new friend, ordering up libation after libation, and spoke about their hopes, dreams, fears, and loves. Near last call, Carolyn had something she just had to say.

Carolyn — “Have you been playing with me Celly?”

Celeste — “I thought that might take place later when nobody was watching. But if you want, I can strip you down and pour this glass of wine down your naked body and drink from your cleavage. I can lap up every drop of the sweet wine. My tongue doesn’t stop for recess.”

Carolyn — “You really don’t remember me, do you?”

Celeste — “When I first saw you today, a vague sense of memory flashed through me. I’m getting old, sweetie. The grey matter is going white. Like my hair would if I dared to let it.”

Carolyn — “We went to high school together. We were in quite a few classes together before grade eleven when I moved to Toronto with my family.”

With that, Celeste remembered Carolyn from the way back when. It is peculiar how memories or names or dates can be dragged out of the nether regions of the mind when prompted by your friends, family, or loved ones. Celeste apologized for carelessly forgetting Carolyn and gave her a strong hug and a kiss on her neck.

The two of them left the club, wandering back to Celeste’s house, knowing that they had more history than Celeste originally thought. Celeste wondered if she should catch and release this particular fish. She wondered if she should have mercy on her. But that wasn’t in her nature.

Taking Carolyn inside, they sat down at the kitchen table while Celeste prepared coffee. The two were in the kitchen, steaming mugs in their mitts, while they spoke the last words of the evening.

Celeste — “Still feel like … staying?”

Carolyn — “I’m not going anywhere. I will confess I’ve never been with a woman. Although, I’ve had a passing curiosity ever since I knew you.”

Celeste — “Oh really? But you never did anything about it, did you?”

Carolyn — “Oh god no. But you do something to me, Celly. Something I can’t explain.”

Celeste — “Join the fan club. We meet on Thursdays.”

Carolyn — “Lifetime membership?”

Celeste — “No dues for you. Special treatment.”

Carolyn — “Sounds like an offer I can’t refuse.”

Celeste — “At the time, I didn’t have a thing for women either. It took a man when I was seventeen to change that. And I never looked back.”

Carolyn — “Typical man. Lucky us. You really are a bad girl, Celly.”

Celeste — “You don’t know the half of it, Carolyn. Celly likes to be the BAD girl.”

Carolyn — “Sometimes bad girls get spanked. After what you’ve done today, some women think you might just deserve that.”

Celeste — “Some girls weren’t kidding when they said that they wanted a few more spankings at that register. Some girls think they deserve those every day.”

Carolyn — “Well some girls might just get what they want then. I imagine you are the kinda woman that always gets what she wants.”

Celeste — “99 percent of the time. Is this the infinitesimal exception to the rule?”

Carolyn — “The odds are not in favor of that.”

Celeste — “That’s good. I only gamble in the strip poker. That’s a fib, but a fun one.”

Carolyn — “Tsk Tsk. Fibbers get their mouths washed out with soap.”

Celeste — “Glub glub.”

Carolyn climbed up over the table, leaping across it, and knocked the luke warm java all over the place. The mugs shattered on the tiled floor. The girls didn’t seem to notice görükle escort as Carolyn straddled Celeste. That was the best hug of the day.

Hugs are free after all. Just like smiles at Mcdonalds.


Carolyn settled herself into Celeste’s waiting lap. Her legs were draped over each side of Celeste and were quivering. She had never been with a woman before. She thought she might have feelings of discomfort or wishful thinking that she might be able to satisfy a long time lover of women. She worried she might have second thoughts and bolt. She pressed herself wondering if this was what she wanted in life.

As Carolyn straddled Celeste’s lap, she didn’t care if this was such a reckless disregard of good judgment. She didn’t care that she hadn’t thought it through. She had feelings for Celeste for a long time and had suppressed them for long enough. She had contemplated relationships with other eligible women in their many years apart, but she had always stopped herself from doing anything hasty. Celeste, however, provoked her to do exactly the opposite.

Celeste’s playful requests for spankings may have been a joke. She might have just been using the slightly outrageous request as leverage or foreplay. If Celeste was serious, could Carolyn deliver? Carolyn knew she could. She just didn’t want to stop the momentum now to evaluate so she tucked all her thoughts in the back of her head. She turned off that rational side of her brain that makes grown ups stay home to balance their checkbooks instead of going out for another night of moshpitting. She let herself be free to make all the wrong decisions, if they really were impetuously reached, and let herself warm to her reunited friend.

Carolyn knew her family wouldn’t ever approve of her unruly behavior. She knew they could never comprehend a woman being attracted to another of her gender. Again, she didn’t care. All she wanted to do was kiss the woman beneath her.

Her lips had felt a little chapped earlier while she spoke with Celeste at the bar. While she wasn’t looking, Carolyn had dipped into her purse for some lip balm and smeared it over rosy lips. As she sat in Celeste’s lap running her hands up inside the back of her blouse, she felt moisture trapped between both her lips and her new lover’s. The faint, sweet and sour taste of black cherry teased Carolyn’s taste buds knowing it must be the chapstick of her friend.

Their tongues moved with the haste of racing dogs. Carolyn had never been kissed like this before. No man had ever made her feel this way…to feel ensnared…to feel entirely coveted. She wondered for the briefest of instants how her male caller that left her waiting would feel if he knew where she was now.

Carolyn’s hands continued to explore the soft lower back of Celeste. Celeste was leaning right into Carolyn pressing her breasts against her own. That touch alone had kindled a flame in Carolyn. She wondered how Celeste would look naked, and in turn how she would look to her new lover, as she had pondered for their many years apart. She would soon see her naked after all these years.

Carolyn’s hips grinded into Celeste as she continued to embrace her. Celeste’s lips had just broken from her own and were wandering down to Carolyn’s neck. She felt Celeste’s hands touching her bare skin coddling the skin beneath her shirt. Then she heard herself moan without thinking. Oh god she wanted this!

Celeste suddenly hoisted Carolyn up onto the table pushing aside everything on it. As everything clattered to the tiled floor, Celeste stood at the base of the table looking down on her. She reached down for the little zipper on the side of Carolyn’s skirt and slowly opened it. Celeste took her skirt down her legs and off of Carolyn’s body. Celeste giggled as she tossed it across the room onto a nearby sculpture of Snow White.

Carolyn was alive with ecstasy. She felt waves of desire passing through her as she looked up at Celeste clamoring to scale her body on top of the kitchen table. Celeste’s naughty fingers tiptoed up her body pausing at Carolyn’s breasts. Taking hold of the deep cut at Carolyn’s neck, Celeste winked down at her lover. She tore open the shirt popping each of the pearly white buttons off. The buttons richocheted across the room. Celeste reached under Carolyn’s bra, tight against her skin, kneading the secret contents underneath. Carolyn’s eyes rolled back into her head.

Carolyn could feel her nipples hard as painter’s tacks. She could feel the virtual pain stirring up in them as they were tickled to the verge. She couldn’t take the pressure any more. What was this little lady doing driving HER crazy like this? It was her turn.

Carolyn opened her eyes. Suddenly twisting Celeste over onto her side, she heard Celeste yelp out as she was entirely alarmed with the sudden friskyness of her friend. Once she had Celeste pinned on the table, she scaled her body putting all her weight down on her. Returning the favor of the torn shirt, she tore open Celeste’s blouse. But she didn’t stop there. Hoisting herself slightly above her friend’s body, Carolyn flipped Celeste over onto her tummy. Unclasping Celeste’s bra — releasing the hounds — she climbed further down her body. Opening Celeste’s jeans, she eased them over her hips taking them all the way off her slender legs. Celeste’s panties came half way down her creamy white thighs with the tight jeans.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32