Fun with Dick and Jane Ch. 04

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Chapter 4

The Meet n’ Greet

Jane looked at Dick and nervously, smiled, and said, “OK then, let’s go!”

Dick smiled at Jane. “Are you sure?”

“I’m nervous, but let’s go see what it’s like,” Jane said.

“Besides, what’s the worst that can happen? It’s in a bar so it’s not as though anyone is going to jump us,” Jane added.

Dick agreed and they both began to get ready.

It was a rare night out for Dick and Jane. Kids at a sleep over, and no reason to be home early for a babysitter.

Dick and Jane had been together for 14 years and, although conservative on the outside, privately they were sexually adventurous both in and out of the bedroom. As long as they did it together, they were open to just about any idea. Toys, games, outdoor fucking, and video’s were all regular extensions to their sexual adventures.

Dick had raised the possibility of exploring the swinger’s scene some six-months previously. However, initially he got only a luke-warm response from Jane. After a lot of discussion in the intervening months, tonight was the first time they were going to a ‘meet-n-greet’ night, organised by an online swinger’s site. Held in a private bar, and for a select group of couples and single females, Jane had agreed that at worst they would be able to have a few drinks and a night out together. At best, they would get an overview of whether swingers were as normal as they were, and meet some couples who were exploring their sexual boundaries as well.

Jane firmly shut the door in Dick’s face.

“Go away. A girl needs her privacy to get ready for this event” she said.

Dick smiled to himself. He knew that when Jane shut herself away she always emerged looking sizzling, and ready for a good time.

Behind closed doors, Jane began to pamper herself. A steaming hot shower, a close shave and some cream around her pussy, which had been waxed earlier that day, were the order of the night. Light make up to highlight her eyes and seductive red lips set the foundation for the night out. Jane stood back and admired herself in the mirror.

“Not bad,” she thought.

Jane worked out regularly, swam, and did all the latest gym crazes – Pilates, Zumbo, and others. A fit and sexually adventurous woman, Jane was nervous about this meet, but was looking forward to the night out and a couple of champagnes with the group.

Jane chose her outfit carefully. The theme was Corporate Hotties, so she dressed as a senior executive on the outside, but underneath chose what she knew would turn herself and Dick on – and anyone else who may take her fancy that evening.

A black skirt and low cut blouse were the corporate look Jane chose. Underneath, stockings, suspenders, a satin g-string, and half-cut bra suggested an inner vixen waiting to be unleashed. Heels, which showed off her shapely calves and legs completed the outfit, and Jane was ready to party.

Jane opened the door with a flourish to show off to Dick.

“Ready for a corporate take over?” she asked.

Dick whistled appreciatively. It had been a couple of months since he and Jane had been out for such a big night, and Jane really had into the spirit of the theme. He could see she was excited as her nipples pushed out of the bra and through the blouse.

“You look ravishing honey,” Dick said.

“If we weren’t going out I’d be tempted to have our own party at home”, he said, winking at her.

Kissing Dick on the cheek, Jane whispered, “I’m horny now darling. This adventure has got me all wet already.”

Grasping Dick’s hand, she firmly guided it up under her skirt to feel her moist pussy.

“You’ll get some of this later,” Jane said.

“But none of that until after we go out,” she smiled seductively.

Arriving at the hotel Dick and Jane waltzed their way through the casino to the private lift. Another couple were ahead of them, her in a short Bayan Escort Gaziantep black dress with high heels and he dressed well in chinos and a black tight shirt, which showed off his muscular arms.

“Wonder if they’re going too?” whispered Jane to Dick.

“They look nice,” Dick replied.

“Hi, we’re Dick and Jane,” Dick said to the ravishing looking hostess at the base of the private lift.

“Welcome to the party,” she replied.

“My name is Kate and I’ll be up later on. Take the lift to the top floor. Turn left and the bar is at the end of the corridor.”

Jane took Dick’s hand in hers as they rode the lift to the top floor.

“Nervous honey?” Dick asked.

“Just give me a glass of champagne and I’ll be fine,” Jane answered, smiling up at Dick and giving him a quick peck on the cheek.

Walking in to the bar, Dick and Jane were impressed with the sophistication and style of the venue. Low lighting but not too dark, leather seating which enabled people to get close, but not too close into each other’s space if it wasn’t wanted, and a private bar staffed by two hunky barmen.

“Champagne, please darling,” Jane said to Dick.

Sipping their drinks, Jane and Dick looked around the room. Jane with her arm around Dick’s waist, almost unknowingly stroking his thigh up towards his crotch. Dick’s hand around Jane’s shoulder, hand lightly stoking her breast through her blouse.

Jane looked around the room.

“There are some veerry yummy people here,” she said to Dick.

“This is nothing like what I expected. I can’t wait to find out what got them into swinging,” she added.

“Hi, we’re Susan and Phil,” a 30-something couple said walking by. “Mind if we join you?”

Jane blatantly eyed Phil up and down, while Dick couldn’t take his eye’s off Susan’s breasts, which seemed as though they were going to burst out of the low cut red dress she was wearing.

“We’d love you to,” said Jane.

After a half hour of chatting and three more drinks the girls excused themselves to go to the bathroom.

Coming back, Jane gave Dick a big wink and licked her lips.

Susan cuddled into Phil and blatantly grabbed his crotch, fondling his cock.

Jane snuggled into Dick.

Somewhat nervously, she whispered, “Susan has asked us back to their room. They’ve got one at the hotel for the night.”

Dick looked at Jane in amazement.

“Are you sure?” he asked. “This is going beyond what we agreed.”

“I’m sure,” Jane replied.

“All I’ve said to Susan is that we’ll have a drink in their room. She already knows we’re not prepared to swap.”

Walking down the hallway to the hotel room, Jane’s heart was beating fast in anticipation, and although nervous, could feel her pussy juices soaking her satin thong. Jane was no prude, having experimented with toys, outdoor sex, video’s, photo’s, and bondage. But, in the back of her mind she knew even she was pushing her comfort level. The rules she had made with Dick before coming out, and the full trust she had in him and their relationship made her excited however, and looking forward to seeing what would happen next.

“Welcome to our boudoir,” Susan said with a flourish as she opened the door to their hotel room.

The room Susan and Phil had chosen had a view over the river to the lights of the city in the distance. A large king size bed was positioned so you could see both the TV and the view at the same time. The bathroom was huge, with a hot tub and shower big enough for four. The lounge area was set up with two comfortable leather sofa’s looking to a large 55 inch TV.

Settling in on the couches with a drink the foursome continued to discuss life and of course swinging. In the background, Phil had put on one of those awful hotel porn video’s, but thankfully the sound was turned down so none of them had to put up with the elevator music.

Susan turned to Dick and Jane. “Guys, I’m really horny right now and I’m going to do something about it,” she said.

And with that, Susan swung her legs over Phil’s and proceeded to deep throat kiss him. Sliding her tongue into Phil’s mouth, she probed and explored his willing mouth, their lips mashing together in the beginnings of passion.

Dick slipped his hand inside Jane’s bra and began to fondle her breast, noting that her nipples were already erect from the sight that greeted them on the other couch.

Susan was grinding her hips into Phil’s crotch while his hands grabbed her arse from behind and helped drive her crotch into his hardening cock.

Susan suddenly stopped and climbed off Phil. Standing, she slipped out of her dress leaving her standing there in her heels, bra, and g-string.

Leaning over to show off her firm ass, Susan bent down and unbuttoned Phil’s shirt, then slipped is trousers off his rapidly hardening cock.

Jane gasped as she took in the size of Phil’s cock. Standing erect and proud its head glistened with pre-cum as Susan bent down to lightly flick her tongue over the bulbous head.

Jane’s hand slipped down to Dick’s still clothed crotch.

“I’m horny,” she whispered.

“Well do something about it,” Dick replied.

Jane undid Dick’s trousers and pulled out his hardening cock, slowly stroking it up and down as they drank in the scene unfolding in front of them.

Susan had dropped to her knees in front of Phil and had taken the head of his cock in her mouth. Flicking her tongue over the head, she teased as his cock twitched in sexual excitement. Suddenly, she swallowed his full cock, and Phil groaned with pleasure. From behind, all Dick and Jane could see was her head bobbing up and down as she deep throated him, the sucking sound indicating she was enjoying every minute.

Susan moaned as Phil thrust into her mouth.

“Fuck my mouth honey,” she moaned as she took him deep, her tongue rolling around his head.

“This is such a turn on,” Dick said to Jane.

Susan looked around and smiled.

“Want to join in?” she asked?

“Not just yet,” Jane replied. “I’ve got my own to deal with here.

Susan winked and went back to Phil.

Susan switched places, and Phil removed her thong from her neatly trimmed pussy.

Spreading her legs wide, diving in Phil began to eat her pussy, playing with her breasts while his tongue darted in and out, round and round her clit.

Susan moaned, her fingers playing with clit and breasts, her pussy glistening with the dripping wet juices that were now flowing freely.

Jane stood up.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she said to Dick. “I never thought I’d fuck in front of another couple, but I want you NOW Dick.”

Jane slipped off her skirt and unbuttoned her blouse, all the while looking Dick directly in the eye while she licked her lips, cupping her firm breasts in her hands.

Spreading her knees Jane knelt on the cushions.

“Fuck me,” she commanded.

Reaching back Jane grasped Dick’s cock and guided it to her dripping pussy. Spreading her labia Jane made sure that Dick entered first time.

“Ah that feels good,” Jane moaned as Dick’s cock slid into her moist and tight pussy.

Susan looked over and smiled.

“That looks fun. We may do the same thing.”

And with that comment, Susan knelt on the couch and guided Phil’s cock into her pussy.

The two women looked and ginned at each other as they thrust up and down onto their men’s cocks.

“This is so fucking hot,” Jane said as she slammed down again onto Dick’s rock hard cock.

“I love you so much,” she added, as she grabbed the couch to steady herself.

Susan looked down at Phil and smiled.

“I think we’ve got some wild ones here,” she said, indicating Jane and Dick who were lost in their own world.

Jane was breathing heavily as she rode Dick. As she slid down his shaft, Jane was wriggling her ass to heighten the sensation of fulfilment and prolong the sensation.

Jane tightened her grip and leaned back to kiss him hard on the lips. Thrusting her tongue inside his mouth and twisting it around she started to moan, a sure indication she was close to cumming.

Dick grabbed Jane’s breasts and rolled her nipples around in his fingers, making her groan in ectasy.

“Slam into me and ride me hard,” Jane said.

“Go on, fuck me,” she moaned to Dick.

Jane moaned and began to gasp as she moved faster and faster against Dick’s cock. Seemingly growing larger with every thrust, Dick’s cock began to twitch, glistening with Jane’s pussy juices which were, by now, flowing.

“oohhh fuuucckkk,” Jane groaned.

“I’m cumming,” Jane added unnecessarily.

Dick grabbed Jane’s arse and held himself deep inside her. Slamming her onto his rock hard cock, he began to jerk as his cum erupted deep inside her pussy.

Jane collapsed onto Dick, satisfied but exhausted at the events that had just unfolded. In her own world, she was brought back to reality when Susan spoke up.

“Well for first timers, you two certainly look as though you enjoyed yourselves,” Susan said.

“I never thought I’d fuck in front of another couple,” Jane said. “But the mood and atmosphere just got me so horny.”

“I know what you mean,” Susan said, still impaled on Phil’s cock, slowly moving up and down.

“I enjoyed watching you,” she added. “But now it’s my turn.”

Jane and Dick moved up into the corner of the couch with their arms around each other, satisfied and happy to watch the scene unfolding in front of them.

Susan climbed off Phil and walked around to lean over the couch.

“Take me doggy style,” she commanded.

Phil smiled.

“Your wish is my command, dear lady,” he said, following his erect cock to position himself behind Susan’s bent over form.

Phil slid into Susan in a single stroke, a low guttural moan escaping her lips as he filled her.

Rhythmically he began to thrust in and out of her sopping pussy, as Susan drove herself back to meet him as he fucked her deep and hard.

Dick gently stroked Jane’s breast as they both watched Phil and Susan enjoying themselves less than five metres away from them.

Susan’s hands gripped the couch in front of her and her breathing became more ragged as Phil increased the pace of his thrusts.

“Go for it baby,” Susan moaned. “Fuck me hard. Thrust your cock into my hot pussy.”

Jane looked up at Dick. “I’m relaxed now honey”, she said.

“I’m glad that we’ve had this experience,” she added, as she gave his cock a playful squeeze.

“Wonder what we’ll get up to next,” Jane said, winking at Dick.

Over the other side of the room Susan and Phil were lost in their own world, fucking furiously towards ecstasy.

Phil had grabbed Susan’s hips and was slamming his cock into her pussy as she moaned continuously in pleasure. Jane had put one hand down the front of her body and was vigorously massaging her clit as her other hand tightly gripped the back of the couch for balance.

“Arrgghhh,” said Susan. “I’m going to cum.”

“Take it baby,” Phil said. “Take my cock.”

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” Susan moaned.

With a final thrust, and holding Susan against the base of his cock, Phil made one more deep entrance into Susan’s pussy.

“I’m cumming,” Phil said as his cock erupted with hot white cum deep inside Susan’s dripping pussy.

Susan groaned, and bit down on her lips.

“Yeah baby,” she screamed. “I’m cumming too!”

After a minute, and disengaging from each other, they looked over at Dick and Jane.

“That was fun,” Susan said, smiling broadly.

“This was a great introduction to parties,” Jane replied.

“Maybe we can do it again some time, and go a bit further,” she smiled.

But that’s another Chapter.

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