Fur Mom The Seductress

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The actors in this script are of legal age. This is a work of adult erotic fiction and contains descriptions of sexual acts between consenting adults. If you’re under the age of consent where you reside, delete this file immediately. If it is illegal to obtain adult literature where you reside, delete this file immediately. If it’s entirely legal for you to read sexually explicit material, I hope you enjoy the story!

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Bill’s Introduction

My Mom is a Psychiatrist and part time volunteer at my High School. She has a very successful private practice but loves to volunteer. It looks good on her Resume she says. She also claims it helps hone her skills as a hypnotist and often uses it with her young and difficult behavioral cases.

She is also a closet seductress.

My father died when I was very young. He was killed by a drunk driver, leaving me as an only child. So I’ve pretty much only known my Mom as the constant in my life.

Mom said Dad got her furs early in their relationship and she fell in love with them then. I know mom loved my dad a lot. She still pines over him at times.

I love her furs now as much as she does. As a small child I grew very fond of their softness and emotional comfort. They were my mom’s after all and they were a form of closeness when I’ve been home alone. I’m not totally sure why I felt so drawn to love them, my emotional comfort, weather I picked it up from mom as a child or a personal compulsion?

Mom always wears the finest of furs and has gotten me furs I can wear as well soon as she was aware of my fondness for them. We have many furs around the house for comfort and pleasure. We’re both passionate over them.

I’m also a complete bungling fool when it comes to girls despite Mom’s professional skills and having matured myself. She’s counseled me and we’ve spent hours talking about it.

Mom is a very good listener of course and we are quite open with each other so it’s not from lack of trying to work it out by talking about it. She admits to being totally baffled over it and thinks maybe she’s too close to me to see this objectively. Maybe it’s because I had no father and role model or who really knows?

I’m not compelled to seek care from someone else though mom could get me with another professional at any time. I don’t consider it that big a deal. Maybe I’ll outgrow it?

It’s not a major impediment in my life though as I do very well in school. I get mostly A’s and I’m active in a number of groups. I’m even on the debating team! So it’s not like I’m any kind of outcast. Just can’t seem to connect with the girls? When I want to make an impression to get a date or anything like that I become an blithering idiot!

I couldn’t get a date if my life depended on it. It’s not that I’m terminally ugly or stupid. I just lock up and become a babbling fool around girls. At six two and well built, I’m reasonably handsome in fact. Mom says I’m built like my Dad though I have red hair like her. None of that helps.

This leads me to believe is one reason that my Mom chooses to volunteer at school.

Mom seldom dates guys and it’s the main reason, I’m sure, she volunteers at my school. Her claim is the guys just don’t come up to my dad nor are very interested in the things she is. I know she’s sexually frustrated since I hear her masturbation nearly every night after we go to bed.

I do too since puberty. It’s one of the wonderful aspects of our furs. Masturbation is very fine indeed! I can’t imagine doing it without the softness of my furs.

I know this is the main reason since I discovered mom has a penchant for young girls. This was something I realized early on when I would watch her around them.

This is the seductress of my mom’s personality. The sensual way she touches and fondles girls in the most casual manner. The girls don’t protest in the least. It’s as if they are mesmerized by her touch! A need they have she fulfills? She can fondle them in the most intimate ways. She’s very discrete about it even though she sometimes will do it with total strangers in the most public places.

She is particularly fond of doing this when she is shopping in one of the Department stores. I have always gone shopping with mom and she will corner a pretty girl in the clothes racks and be fondling her to a very high state of excitement and just walk away with me like nothing at all had happened. I look back at the girl and she’s in a very confused state of mind then quickly returns to whatever it was she had been doing.

Mom is at least prudent in choosing girls 18 and older. She began bringing girls home for herself on occasion. I get very excited hearing them moan and make the most incredible sounds as mom seduced them. I furiously masturbate with my furs to their sounds.

Mom is a beautiful woman looking like the students she councils. A slender well shaped five ten and nice firm smallish B cup tits. She’s very graceful, stops zorla sex traffic and the girls she seduces.

That was until I turned 18. She has begun bringing them home for me as well. They come more or less of their own volition if not quite eagerly. She is very selective for both willingness, attitude and beauty. This is how mom has changed our lives as I have come to know them.


Betty comes into Mom’s office with a big smile and jiggling her firm and fully formed B cup breasts provocatively in her soft pink and tight cashmere sweater for the beautiful Doctor. She sits with her legs crossed without panties and a hint of bare twat exposed to the Doctor under her tight very short skirt.

Betty had been ordered to Mom’s office the day before. She’s wanted to talk to the Doctor for some time now, being both very attracted to her yet insecure to approach her on her own. She had hinted to the Principal that she needed “special” attention for her failing Math performance in hopes she would be sent to see the Doctor. She prepared her attire carefully that night for her visit. Just the anticipation of her visit has her moist.

“So Betty, are you sure you can’t get past this block you have over Math?” Noticing instantly her slightly exposed swollen and moist labia.

“Doctor, I’m terrified of math. I freeze up whenever I walk into the class and my mind goes blank.”

“Would you agree to be hypnotized so I might help you get past this?”

“Oh yes Doctor.” Betty says eagerly.

So Dr. Mary Reese closes the blinds, not so much for the light but from prying eyes and she also dims the lights for effect. She soon has the willing Betty in a deep hypnotic state.

“You do not have to do anything you don’t wish to do Betty. Remember that. Focus on the math as you are now, coming close to the Math class room.”

Mom moves around behind Betty, softly talking to her while Betty is staring off into some invisible place. The classroom in her mind.

“As you get to the door think of it as a sexual experience. You love sex don’t you?”

“Well I haven’t had sex yet so I don’t really know.” and with that mom is stroking and fondling her beautiful long blond hair in the most sensual way possible. Betty is moving in a subtitle but definitely erotic way with mom’s fondling of her. “A perfect virgin for my virgin son.” Mom thinks to herself.

“Just think erotic thoughts and how enjoyable the experience will be. Now walk into the class room. Swing your hips like you are trying to get sexual attention .. Betty softly squirms in her seat, rubbing her thighs together .. Stay focused on the Math class.” Betty tenses slightly.

Mom begins fondling her firm breasts from behind. Betty has no bra under her thick open weave and soft fuzzy sweater. She is acting like it isn’t really happening to her with her focus on the math class. She smiles brightly and moves in a sensual way like she is walking into the room. Mom pulls her nipples through the weave of the sweater and softly squeezes them. They are like big pencil erasers. Betty moans lightly and closes her eyes briefly. An AAHH sigh with the squeezing.

Mom has her face pressed lightly to the side of Betty’s from behind, nuzzling into her hair .. whispering into her ear .. “Think of how good being in math class makes you feel and how much you like doing all those calculations .. breathing lightly into her ear .. how wonderful and sexual you feel doing them.” She flicks her nipples lightly and continuously.

“Oh yes Doctor I can make myself feel so good doing this.” as she more energetically rubs her thighs together.

“Do you think you can feel this sexy all the time Betty?”

“Oh yes Doctor Reese!” slipping her finger into her twat and diddling herself.

“Do you like me as much as you’re looks and actions seem to indicate Betty?” Mom kisses her in her ear, tonguing her ear lightly.

“Oh I do .. very much Doctor Reese!” .. quivering with an orgasm as she more energetically diddles herself.

“You want to go somewhere after school with these feelings for release, don’t you think Betty?”

“Anywhere you say!”

“Would you like to come over to my house this afternoon and talk about this? Do some things to make you feel even better?”

“Yes Doctor, I would like that very much. I will be there this afternoon.”

“My son can tutor you in math. You will do anything he asks of you. Would you like him to do that with you?”

“Oh yes Doctor.” she eagerly replies.

“You will have no more problems with math, will you Betty?”

“No Doctor”

“When I run my right hand through your hair you will laps into a hypnotic trance. When you awake you will only remember wanting to come to my house for your math problems and to see my son Bill. I’ll count backwards to one and you will awake. Three .. Two ..One ” .. and Betty blinks.

“When are you going to hypnotize me Doctor?” shocked at having her finger in her twat.

Mom has her back to her walking back to her desk porno indir and ignores it. Betty is relieved as she licks her juices from her finger. She shivers with excitement like never before and not sure how she got so wet nor why she feels so incredibly good.

“Maybe we will do that your next visit. Just see how you do with math in the mean time with Bill’s help. Maybe we won’t have to.”

“OK Doctor and I’ll be over to your house this afternoon.” Betty feels a strong sexual rush with the thought of going over to the Doctor’s house. Much stronger than before coming to her office.

Mom can now put her under by stroking her hair and Betty will not know the difference. Only mom can. No one else.

Mom selected Betty for me not only because of her tall and beautiful body but because of certain emotionally cold inadequacies of her parenting and her cravings for a sexual experience. Mom knows we can fill those needs with abundance and Betty will never tire of them. In fact we will become Betty’s main source of fulfillment. Loosing her virginity will be a nice treat for us all.

Later after school at our door .. “Hi Doctor. I’m not late am I?”

“No Betty you are right on time.”

Mom is wearing a very full floor length hooded Red Fox vest and follows Betty to the living room entry. Just as Betty gets a glimpse of the living room she gasps lightly as she sees all the furs.

Mom gently strokes her hair and Betty stands motionless with a sweet smile. Mom and I have carefully staged and choreographed the events to follow after much discussion and planning. Mom guides her in and over to me, sitting in a very deep and large suede couch.

“Betty, I think you might find my son Bill to be quite attractive to you. Why don’t you sit beside him.” I have a large and thick Sable vest over my T shirt and jeans. There are fur spreads, pillows and other furs laying all over the couch. As soon as Betty sits I begin fur fondling her and she responds with sensual motions like I’m stroking a cat. I wrap an over sized reversible thick Shadow Fox coat around her with the fur side in. She squirms seductively in the fur with the sensations as it envelops her.

“Come to me Betty” Mom commands. Betty gets up and walks to her, running her hands down her front, stroking and massaging her breasts through her soft sweater with the fur as she does.

“Let me help you out of your wonderfully seductive clothes.” as mom begins undressing her under the Fox slowly and sensuously.

Mom begins to undress Betty, fondling her body with furs. She squirms to her touch as Mom begins to fur fondle naked portions of Betty’s body. Soon all their clothes are on the floor and both are nude under their furs, their whole bodies are in contact with the furs and each other. Mom is hugging Betty and begins to kiss her. Mom pulls her tighter to her body as she squeezes her cheeky buttocks. Betty moans with the sensual feelings and fur fondling.

Betty responds with over the top passion like she had been saving it up for someone. Mom is now that someone.

“Is there something you want to tell me Betty?”

Mom is fondling her breasts with furs. I’m also fur wrapped and nude hugging her from behind. I’ve parted her fur from behind and I’m fully fur fondling her body with my stiffy, rubbing and humping her twat between her thighs through the furs. I’m not actually penetrating her. Mom has me hold back from actually screwing her right now. That has to be voluntary.

Betty is shaking with small orgasms as she attempts to talk while I’m sliding my stiffy back and forth between her butt and over her wet labia lips. She’s shaking and moaning as she speaks to mom, sandwiched between our nakedness and wrapped in furs.

“I have been attracted to you Doctor and my .. uh .. uh .. sexual frustrations and anxieties have been bottled up … Oh my .. oh my … The b b b b boys at school turn me off with their crude and juvenile behavior ……. uh oh oh … oh no! … I want to loose my virginity … oh my god … but am frustrated over finding someone to do it with … AAAHHH …… I’ve even thought a sensitive woman like you could fulfill my needs ….. AAAHH” as she shakes with small orgasms.

Her wet twat makes my cock wet with her juices as I rub her slit and hug her with her quivering orgasms. I’m about to blow.

“Then I think we can make you feel much better. Bill will take very good care of you since your needs go beyond what I can fulfill. He is very gentle and if you need my assistance I’ll be happy to do all I can to please you.”

“Oh thank you Doctor, please hold me and kiss me some more.” as Mom and I move her to the couch I’m taking over fondling and caressing her body with furs. Mom continues kissing her and Betty is now totally seduced into my care.

“Betty, can I kiss you and fondle you more?” I asks.

“Oh yes. You have been so gentle and good at getting me so very excited.” as she throws her arms around me.

I’m pressing my nudity to Betty’s. Mom ensest porno has her breasts to Betty as she kneels beside us on the couch.

Seeing mom nude in furs is so totally exciting and a bit shocking, even if I have seen her like this before. To see her seduce Betty is way beyond any of my deepest fantasies of beautiful women in furs yet it’s happening right here in our living room .. in my face!!

It’s not the first time I’ve seem mom seduce a girl in her furs but not us doing it together and certainly not mainly for me.

“Betty could you tend to my breasts?” Betty has Mom’s breasts in her hands, sucking on them like a feeding baby. We both continue fur fondling her whole body. Betty is eagerly consuming Mom’s breasts, moaning on them, feeling and feeding on the emotional satisfaction she has so long craved from her own mom.

Mom has drifted into soft and mild orgasms with Betty’s gentle and caring attention to her as she runs her hands through her hair putting Betty deeper into hypnosis. This doesn’t slow Betty at all but spurs her on to fulfill deeper desires within herself. Betty is experiencing mild orgasms as her pent up desires flood from her. She is very wet.

Mom gently pushes Betty back on the fur filled couch, her head resting in my crotch. She responds softly, squirming in the furs as Mom spreads her legs and buries her face in her thick and soft blond muff.

Betty hasn’t shaved for the boys and Mary compliments her on it to make sure it stays. Mom no sooner has Betty’s muff and labia in her mouth than Betty erupts in a major orgasm, pushing and humping herself into Mom’s sucking of her, having several more orgasms. She has been well fur fondled, wallowing in the furs with her orgasms. She’s loving her new furry womb with her cheek and hair rubbing against my stiff cock.

“Don’t you think you are ready for Bill now Betty?”

“Oh yes, I want to be fucked so bad! It’s what I really came for. Please!!” .. as she turns her head to my cock kissing it and lightly sucks its tip. I’m beside myself with lust for her.

“You are sure now? Remember you don’t have to do anything you don’t really want to do!”

“I really want to be fucked, gently. Not brutishly the way the boys at school would do to me.”

I don’t think girls at school know what they are missing with my nine inch cock, thick as a tree trunk. Betty is a virgin and actually drooling on my cock. So much the better for her.

Mom stops our actions and has us all dressed with Betty back in the hall where she had put her in the trance. 3 .. 2 .. 1 and Betty is out of hypnosis.

“Betty it’s so nice of you to drop by. You’re here to see my son for math tutoring, right?”

They are slowly walking into the living room towards me and Betty has her arms around herself with the chill. It is a cold day and mom keeps the heat low. Mom has her thick Red Fox vest to keep her comfortable and I’m in my Sable vest.

“Yes, I was hoping that your son would tutor me in math. I heard he is pretty good at that?”

“Bill … could you do that for Betty?” Mom asks.

“Of course. I’ll have you doing calculus in no time Betty.”

“Oh thank you Bill.”

“Is there something else Betty? You seem to still be anxious.”

“Doctor I was wondering if you would talk to me a little about my sexual frustrations. My parents can pay you for your time if it takes more time.

“Oh nonsense. You just come in and talk. Would you like this to warm you up?” as she wraps the Shadow Fox coat around her body, fur side in after removing her light jacket.

“That’s so very nice Doctor.” gripping it close to herself and already stroking the fur to her body. Not a hint of anything odd in her response or to the situation.

“Here, sit next to Bill. You know Bill? You’ll be seeing a lot more of him.”

“Yes but we’ve never actually met.” offering her hand to me as she sits in the heaps of furs on the couch. Again she makes no indication that anything is out of the ordinary or unusual.

“What fine furs you have. I love them!” eagerly stroking them and running her hands through the thick furs, hugging them and softly sighing as though it is perfectly normal.

“You don’t mind Bill sitting in with us while we talk about your sexual problem? He will keep all in confidence. Besides you might want his opinion?”

“Not at all Doctor.” smiling sweetly, being already sexually conditioned for me.

“What has you so disturbed over your situation Betty?”

“I really am disturbed by the crudeness of the boys in school and yet I desperately want to get laid but not by brutes. I haven’t met a guy that I would feel even temporary comfort with. Sorry Bill, I didn’t mean any offense to you but what do you think about this.” I temporarily freezes but I manage a responds.

“I think you should be able to make love the way you would like and not how the other boys would treat you. Find someone you’re comfortable with.”

“Very well said Bill. I would have said the very same.” Mom says.

Betty has her shoes off and is curled up in the corner of the couch furs. She has already advanced her fur fondling to a distracting level. I’m also barefoot and curled up, wrapped in the big Red Fox spread. Betty is staring intently at me as she talks and fur fondles herself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32