Slave to Love Ch. 05

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Disclaimer: Welcome to my world! As always, here comes the disclaimer. You just can’t live without those, can you? My stories are almost always fantasy based, (vampires and werewolves and angels, Oh my!) and this one is no different. This story holds strong BDSM themes as well as Slavery, polyamoury and romance. Mind you, my depiction of Slavery is *not* real life based, it is fantasy, my idea of what real slavery might be like in my fantasy world.

This Chapter has no sex! Yes, it’s true :gasps in horror: This is a short chapter that is plot and character building. If you’re gonna throw a hissy fit because this particular chapter doesn’t have humping, skip it! The next chapter doesn’t have sex either! :grins: However, after chapter six we get back to the dirty love making. Hehe. So, if you guys aren’t into the storyline, and only want the adorable angel boy sex, wait till chapter seven or reread the last few chapters.

If you choose to get into the real world scene, do your research, make sure you have safewords and stay completely safe, sane, and consensual. The D/s world can be a wonderful thing when enjoyed safely, as kinks or as a lifestyle. That said, if none of the above bothers you, enjoy the fifth installment of “Slave to Love”.


“Hi, my name’s Cia.” The young lady who was leading Eko down the hall said cheerfully, giving Eko’s hand a little warm squeeze. “I was hoping I’d get to meet you, the whole house is buzzing about you.” She said, excited and happy.

Eko just gazed down at his feet silently, unable to force himself to say anything.

Slowing her steps, Cia paused and tugged Eko to a stop. “What’s wrong?” She asked quietly, tilting her head down to try and get into the angel boys line of sight. “Why’re you cryin’?”

“N-no r-reason.” Eko whispered, his voice hoarse and his stammer back in force.

“You don’t need to be so scared of Master Daman.” She went on blithely, once more assuming that was the cause of Eko’s melancholy. “I remember when I first came here, I was so scared. I tried to run away, and he beat me so bad I cried for days. But then, afterwards, when I finally realized that I had a good thing going for me here he treated me like a princess! He even bought me a ruby studded collar. It was the nicest thing anyone ever did for me. You just have to understand that he’s a strange man, but we all love him.” She said.

“I h-hate h-him!” Eko hissed vehemently, his eyes snapping rage.

Cia silenced immediately, her eyes softening just a touch.

“Eko…” she began in a hesitant voice, her huge pale blue eyes concerned.

“N-no!” he interrupted her, folding his arms over his tiny chest. “J-just t-take m-me s-so I c-can get th-the hum-miliation o-over w-with.” He snapped. He should be nicer to her, he knew that he was over reacting when she was just trying to be kind, but he couldn’t bring himself to care.

Over the course of the last week, Eko had just simply been through to much. He’d been kidnapped, he missed his home and his family. He’d been treated like an animal, sold, sexually assaulted, abused, trussed up like a damn turkey and had his heart broken. He just wanted to go be alone, slide into a warm bed and sleep the rest of his life away. He was emotionally exhausted, and now he was being taken to the man who had become his personal tormenter.

Cia’s hand came out to take Eko’s in against her palm, “When was the last time you ate?”

Eko cocked his head at the odd question, frowning at her slightly. He had to actually think about it, and when he did, he realized he hadn’t had anything substantial in over a day and a half. Sure, he’d had some water or a couple of snack type items, but nothing that would have qualified as a meal. “A-almost t-two d-days.” He whispered shyly, suddenly feeling dreadful for having snapped at the young woman who clearly just wanted to help him in some way.

“Two days! Oh gods, this will not do.” She said, compressing her lips in a thin line. Taking his hand in hers again she pulled him down the hallway, stopping by the door that Eko recognized as his Masters quarters. She knocked sharply, and a murmured enter came through the door, sounding slightly distracted.

Cia pulled Eko through the doorway, his wings once more beginning to drag listlessly upon the ground behind him as he stared down at the floor. He didn’t even glance up, he was too tired and heartbroken to care what his Master was doing at this point, and it didn’t matter anyhow, it was pretty well guaranteed to be painful for Eko.

“Master, I beg permission to speak freely.” Cia said, looking up into Daman’s handsome face. His bright green eyes never failed to take her breath away, but even so, she took a deep breath, steadied her nerves, and stood up to her full height.

Daman eyed her for a moment, and the clearly broken little Angel clinging with a white-knuckled grip to her hand, then sighed deeply. “Go on, Princess, speak what you must.” He said, running a hand over his face tiredly.

“My Master,” she began, her tecavüz porno knees threatening to go out from under her, but she managed to stand strong, “I beg of you, allow Eko to eat. In your infinite wisdom, you no doubt have a reason for having denied him the basic necessity of food, but I fear that without sustenance soon, the little thing just won’t be able to stay standing.”

Daman actually paused, his eyes slowly rising up to meet the eyes of the little slave who begged for Eko’s well being. Truth be told, he’d utterly forgotten to make sure the little thing had eaten. Being what he is, a vampire of sorts, he ate rarely and when he did it was most often of the liquid variety. He’d simply forgotten that Eko needed to eat, and he’d been here so short a time that he didn’t know he could call for his own food. He saw the understanding in Cia’s eyes, she knew he’d forgotten, and yet she’d worded it in a manner that left him without fault.

She would have done well as a politician in any world.

Smiling gratefully to her, Daman nodded his head. “Have a tray sent up from the kitchen, and make sure there is plenty to drink as well. He is probably dehydrated also.” Daman said crisply, then took a step towards her as her eyes flashed brilliant pride at that smile from him. Cupping her face, Daman tilted her chin upwards and leaned down to brush a gentle kiss against her lips. “Thank you, Cia, you’ve earned a reward today.” He whispered against her mouth and had the pleasure of feeling her shiver with anticipation.

“Thank you, M’Lord.” She whispered, then when he drew away from her, she turned towards Eko, who hadn’t looked up during the entire exchange. “Eko, you have to let go of my hand now.” She said gently, and with a deep shuddering sigh, the little angel boy glanced up at her out of the corner of his eye, but didn’t release her. “I’m gonna go get you some food. Master Daman will take care of you till I get back with the tray.” She whispered gently, and finally after a moment he nodded his head hesitantly and released her from his near-crushing grip.

The door clicked behind Cia as she left, leaving Eko with a decidedly ominous feeling in the pit of his stomach.

Staring hard at the floor, Daman noticed all the hallmarks of dejected emotional agony in the angel boy, and silently cursed himself for whatever he’d done to have brought himself this close to breaking him. His wings dragged on the floor, his color was too pale, even for him, his breathing was shallow, he smelled of fear, but not the sharp tang of fear that is immediate, rather the more sedate scent of fear that clings to a person who’s given up hope.

Slowly, so as not to startle him, Daman stepped towards the little creature, one hand coming out to take his hand, limp and clammy, in his large one. He watched slightly bemused as the tiny fingers were swallowed in his own, and even when touched, Eko didn’t look up. “Come, Eko.” Daman whispered gently, his free hand coming up to brush away strands of his hair from his forehead, causing him to flinch just a little.

Some reaction was better then no reaction at all.

Daman slowly lead him over to a small table and chair set, pulling out a seat and shifting Eko into the soft cushioned thing. “Sit down, little bird.” He purred gently, and Eko did what was asked of him without arguing, settling on the edge of his seat in a pose that just screamed discomfort.

Daman knelt down by his chair, frowning slightly. Sure, he’d been punished and the first serious punishment was always a very difficult experience for any new slave, but this was far worse then any reaction he’d ever seen. Maybe he’d gone to far when he’d had Angel take the boys mouth, but it’d be so beautiful to watch, Daman couldn’t resist at the time.

Now he was wishing he had.

“Eko, look at me, little bird.” He murmured, and again without argument, he lifted his eyes to lock gazes with his master. What Daman saw in those large lavender eyes froze the breath in his lungs. He looked as though someone had sucked the very life out of him, and suddenly frightened for his new pet, his hand came out and touched his forehead and cheeks, checking to see if he’d taken ill. “Eko, it’s alright, little one.” He said, “Stay here, and I shall make certain that you are cared for.”

Standing, Daman quickly moved towards his bed, pulling back his rough coverlet so that the soft satiny smooth sheets beneath were visible. Quickly, he set up the bed so that pillows could comfortably keep Eko in the seated position, and when he was convinced that it was as comfortable as he himself could make it, he returned to the angel side and lifted him into his arms carefully, carrying him over to be placed on the softness of that bed.

“Have you taken ill, Eko?” he asked, positioning himself along the edge of the bed, and after a moment the smaller man looked up and blinked at him, then shook his head.

“I d-don’t th-think s-so, M-master.” Came the stammered words, and then out of the blue, “I-I’d 18 porno l-like to h-have s-sex n-now.”

Daman did a double take, he’d been so worried about making certain his little angle got whatever it was he needed to take care of himself, that for a moment he thought it was only wishful thinking that had caused him to imagine the admission. However, when he looked into those dull and lifeless lavender eyes, he saw that he had meant the words he’d spoken, but for entirely the wrong reasons. Hidden in the depths of those beautiful eyes was hopelessness.

The absolute knowledge that he should give up, because fighting would do him no good.

As much as he wanted Eko, he didn’t want him like this. He wanted the angelboy impassioned, excited, determined, or any other mix of emotions that showed spark and fire, or that sweet innocence that had drawn Daman to him in the first place.

Daman opened his mouth, but the moment he did their came another knock at the door, and instead he called out, “Come in!” sharply, wanting Cia to bring the food then leave him in peace with his new acquisition.

She came sweeping into the room with all the imperious air of royalty, which shouldn’t be surprising, because she’d been royalty at one time, before she’d come to live in this world as a slave. Behind her came two servant boys, and Daman had to smother the smile that threatened to spread across his face as she directed them with the ease one born to rule generally had.

“Food on the table, then pick up the table and move it beside the bed for Master Daman. Hurry now, do not keep our master waiting!” she clapped her hands as if that would get the poor boys to move quicker, and when it didn’t she actually stomped her foot in frustration.

Daman waited patiently for the table to be brought to him, then smiled and dismissed all three without a second look. Cia lagged behind the boys for a moment, but at a look from him, she made a comical ‘eeping’ sound that was completely out of context with the rest of her performance, and bolted for the door as quickly as she could.

“Let’s get some food in your belly, Eko.” Daman said simply, ignoring the words that he’d spoken only moments before. That could be dealt with shortly, but for now he had to get Eko fed. He lifted the first tray from the table, placing it on the bed in front of the young man, chuckling lightly. “She really went all out, didn’t she?” he asked, grinning playfully.

Eko didn’t seem to notice.

Instead he surveyed the contents of the tray with a disinterested eye. After a moment, he picked up a halved piece of fruit. “What’s th-this?” he asked.

“That’s a fig. It’s very sweet and tasty.” He offered, and to his pleasure Eko took a bite of the tiny fruit and his eyes brightened, if only marginally. “Good huh? Here, try this,” he said, taking the fruit from Eko’s hands and a piece of cured thinly sliced ham, wrapped them up together, then handed it back to him. Eko took a bite hesitantly, watching Daman as if certain the food is now poison since his hands had touched it.

But when he took that bite, his eyes widened, then in no time flat the scrumptious morsel was gone and Eko was licking his fingers, eyeing the contents on the rest of the tray. Next, he picked up a strawberry, “W-what’s this?” he asked again, and Daman chuckled. This was going to be a long, long breakfast, he could tell already.

“That, is a strawberry. Here, dip it in the sugar.” He offered, and Eko obliged him, taking a bite of the incredibly ripe fruit, then sending his tiny pink tongue darting out to catch the juices staining his lips. That one simple movement made Daman want to kiss him, but he held off.

Fruit was all well and good, but it had little protein, and Daman knew the younger male needed protein in his diet if he was going to remain healthy. So next, he picked up a piece of bread and spread some piping hot brie cheese over it, placed a piece of basil over that, a tomato over that, and then another slice of cured ham before handing it over to Eko. “Try that.” He offered, a smile playing at the corners of his mouth.

Eko did, and again, two seconds flat and the make-shift sandwich was completely gone, leaving Eko licking his fingertips afterwards, wide-eyed.

They spent a good hour on food, Eko asking in his nervous stammer what something was, and Daman telling him patiently what it went best with. He tried cheeses and fruits, meats and veggies with dipping sauces. He even tried juices, wines and teas, and by the time he was full he’d at least sampled every single last thing on both trays, and his stomach was so full he clutched at it, making adorable little noises while his eyes drooped lazily.

Daman leaned back on the bed beside Eko, at some point he’d decided to get more comfortable, and Eko had willingly scooted over to make room for him. The tiny little creature beside him turned his head, regarding Daman with those wide eyes silently for a moment. He noticed, with some satisfaction, that konulu porno he was beginning to look quite a bit better. The pain and hurt wasn’t gone, and he hadn’t regained his vitality yet, but he was well on his way to recovering at least some of what he’d lost.

“A-are y-you g-going t-to f-f-f-fuck me n-now?” Eko stammered so badly he had to look away to hide his blush of shame. A second of silence, and Daman found himself reaching for his new slave, bringing him up into his lap so he could wrap his arms loosely around him, looking down into his eyes.

“I told you I wasn’t going to rape you, Eko.” He murmured softly, and Eko bit his lower lip.

“I kn-now.” He whispered, “b-but e-everyone k-keeps s-saying I sh-should just g-give u-up a-and g-give you what y-you w-want or I w-will h-hurt even more.” Those sweet eyes began to fill with tears once more, and Daman felt his heart stutter and stop for a moment. He really was getting far to attached to the little creature before him.

“Well… yes, that is true. You’re training will be more intense the longer you hold out for me. Are you sure that you want to do this now?” he asked, then grimaced a little, taking note of the little ones current physical shape. He wasn’t in any shape to be loosing his virginity, and Daman wanted to take him with a tenderness that was fierce and needy, yet wholly precious inside his heart. Why he felt so much for such a simple little being was beyond him, but Daman had learned long ago that you do not question your intuition, and he wasn’t about to start now, with Eko sitting in his lap.

“Y-yes, I-I’m sure.” He whispered, averting his eyes.

“Okay, tonight then, will be the night. I will let you rest here for a little while, and then I’ll send you off to be readied for this special evening. You’ll get a nice warm bath, and when you come back to me you’ll feel so very good, I promise little bird,” Daman said soothingly, and Eko nodded a bit dully.

Despair assailed Eko, and to hide it he tucked his face in against the warmth of Daman’s neck, who though his slave was just trying to be affectionate. His arms came out about him, and stroked between Eko’s wings, eliciting a soft whimpering moan and a fluttering flurry of feathers.

When Eko had walked from Angel’s room after his declaration of love, he’d realized that no matter how he wanted it, he was not going to find love and comfort from anyone here. He was as unloved as Angel claimed himself to be, and that realization had struck something deep and profound in the tiny little bird. He might as well give himself to Daman now, as there would be no hope in holding out for true love. True love would never come to him, and the thought saddened him, but made things that much more clear.

Daman was completely unaware of the thoughts swirling in Eko’s mind, only aware of the warm feel of the boy pressed to his chest, and the sensation of his hot breath tickling along his neck. He knew, however, that something was deeply wrong with Eko. Far worse then any punishment he could have meted out. He didn’t know what to do, for he had a feeling if he pushed, Eko would retreat into a shell and never emerge again, so instead he just held the trembling figure in his lap, his hands continuing to stroke over his body gently, slowly.

Lifting Eko in his arms, he carefully laid him out along the bed, sliding down to snuggle him against Daman’s chest gently, as the youth began to doze lightly. His stomach full, he was naturally getting sleepy, and the sight of it was enough to make Daman smile, though that gnawing knowledge that something was horribly wrong still ate at his insides.

Daman held him like that for a couple of hours, watching as the young man slept in his arms. In sleep he was so peaceful, that innocent man-child he’d purchased in the coral at the slave market, untouched by all that had transpired in the past couple of days. But Daman knew that the boy he’d bought was slowly dying, and if he wasn’t careful, what took its place would be another cynical young man like his Angel was. He loved Angel, but the fire elemental had a way of getting under his skin, boiling his blood and making him say and do things that he had no intention of doing. Sometimes those things were good, but more often then not they were quite awful.

He thought about Angel as he held Eko, and wondered if the angel boy was getting on with his other slave as well as he’d hoped they would. Oh, he knew there would be jealousy, but he had to be honest with himself and admit he hadn’t expected them to have befriended one another so quickly. He’d thought for sure it would take a week at least, but Eko had risked further punishment the night before to protect Angel’s feelings.

Either the two were closer then he understood, or Eko was an extraordinary young man. Daman was beginning to think it might be a combination of the two things.

Slowly, oh so slowly, Eko’s wings began to stretch out, and Daman watched with lighthearted amusement fluttering across his face as he peeked one eye open, then smothered a yawn with one of his delicate hands. “Mmm, did you rest well, little bird?” Daman asked, and when Eko nodded, he noticed that the color was coming back to his face, and his eyes were beginning to regain some of the sparkle they’d had in then the night previous.

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