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When I stepped into the apartment I forgot to say, “Hello.” I also forgot to say, “How are you? How was your day?” or even, “It’s nice to see you.” I didn’t say anything, I simply walked over to the couch and began undressing.

The fact that she was standing next to the couch, focused on my every move absolutely escaped me. It was as if she simply wasn’t there, which, of course, was exactly the case. My lover wasn’t there. I noticed a couch, a coffee table with an interesting erotic sculpture in the middle. I saw a love seat, a lounger, a large TV, a lamp, an ottoman and a naked woman. There was just furniture, nothing that could interest me… at least until I got undressed.

Once I was naked, I sat down on the couch, found the remote control for the TV nestled between some pillows and considered whether I wanted to watch TV, or read, or do something else. I gently placed the remote control on the couch and looked up to the naked woman standing next to me.

I looked up at her, noticing for the first time today how she had changed her hair style, instead of the long hair reaching down her back nearly to her ass, she had cut it short, in a pixie style, with pointed sideburns curling in a circle on each side of her face. The dark curls made her cheeks look more prominent, but softer. I imagined a tear running down her cheek and falling onto her breast.

“Melanie,” I said, pausing as she responded to me with a bow of her head. “Make yourself come for me. I want to watch you.”

She curtsied and moved over in front of me, sitting down on the parquet flooring, her naked ass squeaking a bit as it stuck to the shiny finish. Spreading her legs, she first istanbul travesti toyed with her nipples, which were already hard. Taking the erect little nubs between her thumb and index finger, she gently kneaded them, intently staring into my eyes.

Releasing her nipples, she moved her palms over them, moving in wide circular motions. My cock had hardened, but she did not look down, she continued staring into my eyes until I whispered, “You can look now.”

Her eyes lowered, now focusing on my cock as she lowered her hands, one resting on her hip, the other moving between her legs as her fingers dipped into her wet opening. She pushed her fingers in and out of herself until they were well coated in her juices, then she let them meander up her slit to find her clit.

As I watched her, I began teasing my nipples, enjoying the sensation while watching her perform for me. She had two fingers tucked in between her lips moving in a circular motion, the fingertips disappearing and then emerging from between the delicate folds. Occasionally, the hand on her hip would move over toward her pussy and gently tug at the edge, slightly opening her lips up. As they opened I could see her cunt, wet and ready for penetration. I wasn’t certain if she did this solely for my benefit or hers, but I enjoyed the peek at the pink inner lips.

Occasionally she’d dip her fingers into her opening and cover them in her wetness before returning to her clit. After a while, I could tell she was getting close because she was lifting her hips up slightly as she moved her fingers. I listened and watched intently as she got closer and closer. Suddenly I said forcefully, istanbul travestileri “Stop!”

Her fingers immediately stopped moving and she remained with her hips lifted off the ground awaiting my next instruction. I could see her hands shaking in obvious frustration at being denied the pleasure when she was so close. Letting her tremble for a few moments I then spoke, “Melanie, I want you now, but you cannot come until I say you can. Do you understand?”

She nodded.

I moved onto the floor, positioning myself on the soft throw rug and let her climb on top of me. I didn’t move a muscle as she straddled me and then, opened her lips with one hand, slipping her wet pussy down over my hard cock. Watching her face, I noticed her bite her lip as she began moving and I thought, “Good girl, you are learning.”

In a few moments, she had regained enough composure to concentrate on me, moving up and down on me, while squeezing me from the inside. The sensation was incredible, as incredible as the sight of my cock disappearing into her body and then reappearing glistening in her juices.

Soon I found myself lifting my hips up to meet her descent over me and with a few forceful thrusts, I came, splashing my cum deep in her body. She knew to stop moving as soon as I came, fully aware how the head of my cock gets oversensitive just after I come.

Wickedly, I looked up at her and said, “Now make yourself come, but, remember my cock, you can’t move over it.”

She nodded and slowly repositioned herself, leaning forward and bracing herself on her hands on both sides of me. Then she moved istanbul travesti her legs back between mine, where she was just above me, suspended by her hands and supported by her toes, almost like in a push up position.

My cock was still inside her, so she then let her weight transfer from her hands and toes to between her legs, where her clit was pressed between our bodies. Arching her back, she was able to balance herself above me, supported only by her pubis as it ground into mine. She remained stationary, stimulating her clit by just pressing it against me until my cock has shrunk enough to slip out of her pussy.

Once that happened, she rocked herself, still without touching the ground, all the time balancing on her clit. All I could do is watch as she began moving faster and faster, breathing harder and harder as she rocked. She began to moan with each forward movement and take a deep breath as she rocked back. In a few moments she came, stretching her arms and legs out wide, still balancing on her clit.

Then she collapsed, falling on me in a damp heap. Her limbs were now limp and her sweat rolled onto my body. I could feel her trembling and knew she was crying, so I let her rest a moment on top of me.

After a few minutes I gently nudged her shoulder and she climbed off me, moving back into position beside the couch. I called out, “We’re finished here hon,” and watched as my wife came in with a damp towel and cleaned the juices off my cock, balls and thighs.

I reminded her, “Be sure and get the furniture too.”

She nodded and turned to the naked woman, wiping the cum off her thighs and then drying the sweat off her body with a dry towel. When she finished she looked over to me and said, “Dinner will be ready in a few minutes.”

“Okay, I’ll put on some clothes and then sit at the dining room table,” I said as she walked back to the kitchen. Enjoying the way her ass swayed as she walked, I began planning the rest of our quiet evening alone together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32