From Paddock to Plate Pt. 02

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Close Up

“Now, angel you know I have to hurt you don’t you.”

“Yes Sir. Hurt me, take me.” She begged. “My body is yours to do with as you please.”

“Do you remember your safe word?’

“Yes Sir. Red Sir.”

“Good girl.”

He left the bed room to retrieve His bag. She could not see what He was doing as she was instinctively bound to hold her position, eyes front but felt His absence. It was only for a few minutes but seemed like more. Earlier she had laid out a few of her own toys on the bed as was His pleasure. Nipple clamps, suctioning cup, butt plugs, tube of lube and blindfold lay neatly next to her. When He returned, she could only hear the rustling of Him taking things out and laying them beside hers.

He kept silent as His preparations were made to build the mood. A hand slowly and sensually grazed over her exposed bottom. She shivered with excitement. This was it. It was the moment that she could surrender completely to His control, feed His primal needs to show His love through pain. He had promised pleasure but also had asked her to accept His need to hurt her. .

“Are you ready, Angel?” He asked gently. “Will you take my gift?”

“Yes Master i will, i am here, ready to do Your will, to obey Your every command, to serve You faithfully, to submit to Your Dominance and to be the best submissive i can be.”

“There’s my good girl.” He replied surveying the toys she had laid out. “I see you have obeyed my instructions. Well done girl.”

He picked up the lube and squeezed some on His fingers. He chose the medium butt plug from the three before Him and smeared it with the lube. The remainder was massaged around her puckered hole. otele gelen escort A sharp intake of breathe was heard as the cold metal made contact.

“Breathe and relax girl.” He said as He slowly pushed it in centimetre by centimetre. After a little resistance, she accepted it, welcoming the stretch of her sphincter then with a pop it was in. The plug would heighten the feeling of fullness when the time came for Him to plunge into her cunt and prepare her ass for the surprise He had planned for later.

Next the suction cup was applied to her clit. As He turned the screw, the nub was drawn out from its hiding place and stretched to twice its usual size. He knew that this would make it Uber sensitive and the slightest touch could bring on an orgasm. He was looking forward to denying her.

Last were the nipple clamps, joined together with a chain to allow them to be pulled. Her already sensitive nubs could bring her to climax with the slightest stimulation but the extra pressure added a layer of pain that would take her to subspace.

Both hands returned to kneading her ample derrière as if working bread dough. She moaned softly in pleasure, relaxing into the rhythmic touch, lulled into a false sense of security. It grew pink as the capillaries rose to the surface then WHACK!

She yelped in surprise. It was the first impact of many to come. Light taps kept her guessing as to when the next blow would fall. He drummed a tattoo to match a song in His head. Then the second hard smack on the opposite cheek. This continued until ten hard smacks had been given. She squirmed.

“Don’t move.” He admonished. türkmen escort “I haven’t even started. Now this is how we’ll play this. I will select an implement at random. You will take twenty strikes with each one. If you move, I will start again. If you behave you will be rewarded. Do you understand?”

“Mmm hmm.” She answered. He grabbed her hair wrenching her head back.

“Is that how you answer me?” He hissed as eyes flashed.

Frightened by His reaction she cowered as much she was able given His firm grasp. She couldn’t believe that she had been so flippant. She burst into tears in embarrassment and shame.

“Master…Sir, pl…pl…please forgive me.” She begged.

“Just this once, girl. Next time I will punish you.”

“Yes Sir. I’m sorry Sir.”

“So, do you understand?”

“Yes Sir, i understand.”

“Good girl.” He glanced at the arsenal available at His fingertips. He selected the crop and began lightly tapping on her pink cheeks. His foot nudged her legs wider then slapped the flat of the crop on her pussy lips. “That was just a taster. Now I want you to count.”

The crop came down hard on one cheek then the other. “One, two, three…” she counted as each blow fell, a slight hitch in her voice as she tried to stay stoic. He was proud of the way she was taking the pain but His aim was to make her let go and weep. He changed to the paddle, a more thudding sensation. Again her ass was assaulted. “One, two three…”. There was more of a quivering to her voice as she continued to count. A smile appeared on His face. He hit harder for the last three strikes then caressed her reddening evi olan escort butt. “Look at me, girl.” She turned her face to the side revealing eyes glistening with tears. He took her chin in His hand and kissed her lips gently then peppered her face with small pecks finishing with her eyes to taste the salty tears.

He moved back to the end of the bed.The next toy surprised her as she expected more pain but it didn’t come. Instead the brush of an ostrich feather soft against her burning skin . Once, twice. “I still need you to count, girl.” He said with a smile in His voice. He loved to keep her guessing. After the last stroke, He ran His hand over the hot flesh, pleased with His handiwork. The hand then roamed down to sweep along her thigh, first the outside then up the inside to find her wetness. Running His fingers between her slippery nether lips, He sought her entrance and first one, then another finger entered her. A sigh escaped her lips as she pushed against them. Ever so slowly He finger fucked her cunt as her breathing hastened. Then just as she approached her peak, she was empty. “Not yet, angel. I need you to hurt for me a little longer.”

She heard the clink of metal as He unbuckled His belt and drew it through the loops of His trousers. He doubled it over and snapped it. She steadied herself and drew a breath. Yes, she wanted to hurt for Him. She wanted to take the pain, the agonising pain, the sublime pain, the pain that reinforced who was in charge, His gracious gift to her.

He swung hard with a force that made her knees buckle and give way so that she landed face first on the bed. Her weight on her breasts sent an excruciating shock wave through her entire body as her clamped nipples brushed on the sheets. She cried out, feeding His lust. Again and again the thick leather struck her until she was nearly senseless, accepted as her service to Him. She had promised to take what He desired, and as she sobbed, He lay beside her, took her in His arms and praised her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32