Girl friend? – Girlfriend?

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Sue Ryan woke up and heard the sounds of her family in full flow. She sat up and stretched, yawning. Climbing out of bed she made her way to the bathroom and wandered in. She heard a gasp and surprised herself as she saw her sister in law Sarah sat on the toilet.

“Shit! sorry Sarah, I’m not awake, ” she turned to go,

“No it’s ok, I should have locked the door, we don’t bother at home as it’s just the two of us.”

She passed a piece of toilet tissue between her legs, dropping it in the bowl.

“Here,” she said rising up and allowing her nightdress to fall back to her knees, but not before Sue got a glimpse of a fluffy ginger triangle of hair on Sarah’s pubis.

Sue gratefully smiled and walked to the toilet, sitting as she hauled her nightdress up her legs and over her backside. She felt the first trickle begin and relaxed as her flow increased and the pressure on her bladder decreased. Sarah was washing her hands and had her back to Sue.

“So Sue, we’re all alone this weekend, the troops are away, what do you fancy doing?”

“Oh, I’ve not made any plans Sah,” she had automatically used her brother’s name shortening for his wife.

“Oh! ok, let’s let the troops get off then have some breakfast.”

“Yeah, ok,” Sue wiped herself and stood to pull the flush. She noticed Sarah was staring at her as her nightdress fell.

“Wow, clean shaven, that looks nice.” Sarah said, blushing, “I’ve never had the courage to do that, Dave would like me too, I know because he keeps telling me.” She grinned and winked.

“I just do it every couple of days so it stays nice and smooth, I prefer it that way, but yours looks really cool. I’ve never really thought about what your pubes would look like.” Sue blushed scarlet. “Oh sorry, that came out all wrong, I just meant I never thought that you’d be ginger down there as well as on your head.”

“And my armpits,” said Sarah lifting her arms over her head.

“Wow, that’s really neat, does Dave like that too?”

“Your brother is mad about it, turns him on instantly, I can get him eating out of my hands by lifting just one arm.” Sarah laughed and dropped her arms to her side.

“Look I should shower, but do you want to go first?” Sue said, looking at the bath / shower.

“Why don’t we wait til they’ve all gone, then we can take our time and we can really get to know each other. I mean Dave and I have been together for four years and yet you and I hardly get time to talk.”

“OK, sure that would be good, you can tell me all about married life and I can remind you what a lonely single girls existence is like.”

Sarah laughed and ran her hand over Sue’s back. They left the bathroom and returned to their rooms. Sue found her dressing gown and wrapped it round her, heading out for the kitchen. Dave and their Dad, Tony, was busy making toast, whilst Dave was making a huge pot of tea.

Mandy, Sue’s Mum was making sandwiches and had a large cool bag which was half filled with food and cans of beer and soft drinks.

“Hi hunny, can you get some tomatoes and lettuce washed and wrapped for me, Sarah’s made a cake and I’ll take a thermos of tea as well.”

The preparations continued, toast was buttered and spread with marmalade or honey. Tea was passed around and the noise grew quieter as the breakfast was consumed. Sarah wandered into the kitchen and half waved at everyone, she poured tea and sat with everyone. Dave placed a sticky kiss on her cheek.

“Morning gorgeous, we’re nearly ready to roll, sure you don’t want to come?”

“Dave much as I live for every second I’m with you, standing in a muddy field waiting for a steam train to pass is not my idea of a fun weekend!”

“There’s more than one engine and we’re taking a picnic, Mum’s coming, it’s supposed to be warm and dry, sure we can’t tempt you?”

“Can I think about that for a second, No thanks.” she grinned and kissed his stubbly cheek. “Go and play trains, enjoy, I’ll have a girlie day with Sue, we can get to know each other and bitch about you.”

“Nothing bad to say about me, I’m perfect.” he grinned and stood raising his arms and stretching them out sideways.

Sue faked a cough inserting the work “Bollocks” into it. Everyone laughed.

“Thanks little sis, I can always rely on you to bring me back to reality.” He planted an extra sticky kiss on her cheek.

Sue blanched and sat back wiping her cheek with the back of her hand. “Eugh, yucky, so gross.” Laughter ran round the table.

Tony stood looked at his watch and urged the troops on because they needed to find a space early in the car park at the steam rally. He’d estimated at least a two and a half hour drive so they needed to get going now!

Within ten minutes the house was still and quiet, with just Sue and Sarah sitting at the kitchen table finishing their drinks.

Sue looked at the crockery strewn table.

“Guess we’re clearing up after breakfast,” she said, glancing at Sarah.

Sarah nodded and stood, beginning to gather the discarded dishes together. bursa evi olan escort In ten minutes they had cleared and cleaned up. Sarah glanced at Sue and held her hand out.

“Bath-time, come on let’s clean up, ready for our big girlie day.”

Sarah led Sue up to the bathroom and pulled her into the room.

“Look, I like to have a good soak first thing, how about you?”

“That would be nice, but in this place it’s a rare luxury.” Sue put the plug in and turned the taps on.

“Do you want to go first, or shall I?”

“Why not have a bath together, come on it’ll be fun, I used to do this with my best friend Julie, we’d spend hours in the bath, refilling it as it got cold.”

“Whaaat, I can’t do that, I’ve not shared a bath since Dave was seven and I was about four or five.” Sue reddened, she felt herself burning up. Her heart raced and her hands shook.

“Oh go on, please, I’d like to really get to know my husbands beautiful little sister, I haven’t got one, but I’ve always wanted to know what it’s like, go on, dare you?”

“Sarah, I’ve never been naked with another girl before and I’d be embarrassed, I can’t”, Sue fumbled with the tie of her gown.

“Pooh! come on, last one in’s a cowardly custard!”

Sarah pulled her nightie over her head and stood before Sue. Sue looked at her freckled body with its milky white skin and her large pink nipples. Sarah smiled and pulled at Sue’s tie undoing it and reaching to pull her dressing gown down off her shoulders. As she moved around her small breasts bobbled and swayed. Sue sighed and reached for her nightie, grasped it and pulled it up over her head.

As she struggled to pull her head out of the opening she felt Sarah’s hands flutter over her sides. pulling her into a hug. She pulled herself free of the nightie and threw it towards the door. Her hands found Sarah’s shoulders and she ran her hands down her soft creamy skin until she found her hips. Sue was aware of the tickly feeling of Sarah’s ginger pubes rubbing against her bare Mons. Her small breasts were crushed against Sarah’s and she could feel her nipples hardening.

Sarah squealed and hugged Sue tighter. then releasing her kissed her lips lightly just for a second.

“Come on, let’s get in before we freeze, look my nipples are as hard as hard.” Sarah pushed her chest out towards Sue who stared in fascination at the two teats and puckered aeriola.

“You too,” said Sarah and pressed her finger to Sue’s right nipple. An electric frisson swept through Sue’s body and she giggled and shivered.

They stepped into the bath, with Sarah laying down and Sue sitting between her legs, Sarah’s hands found Sue’s shoulders and pulled her gently back against her chest. Sarah’s hands settled on Sue’s stomach and the pair luxuriated in the warm water. Sue placed her hands on Sarah’s.

They lay quietly in the water, then Sarah kissed Sue’s neck gently. Sue sighed and moved her head to the side, giving Sarah a larger target. Sarah obliged with further kisses.

“God! this is so nice little sister, I haven’t felt this good in ages.”

“Really, aren’t you and Dave content? don’t you and he share a bath? you have that lovely flat and must spend some quality time alone don’t you?”

“Sue, I love your brother more than anything and yes he makes me very happy, more than I ever could wish for, but I do miss my girly days, I lost contact with Julie after I went to College, we just never managed to meet up again.”

“Oh no! how sad is that, surely you could call her home?”

“No, her mum and dad split up after she went to Uni and she just never came back to town. I tried to find out what she did after she qualified, but as I’m not family they can’t tell me. They did confirm she’s left the Uni area though.”

“Oh dear, but at least you had a girl friend, I’ve got a couple of mates but we’re not that close, not sharing a bath close anyway.”

“Well in that case we can be bath friends from now on, how about that?”

“Yeah sounds good, we’ll be bath friends together.”

They laughed and then Sue sat up and let some water out and turned the hot tap on.

“Have you ever kissed a girl?” Sarah asked as she pulled Sue back down into her arms.

“No, did you and Julie kiss?”

“All the time, we were practicing for when we went out with boys.We got quite good at it too.”

“Really, how far did you go?”


“No! really? Wow.”

“We felt each other up as well. Are you shocked?”

“A bit, and also a bit uncomfortable, I can’t imagine kissing a gir…”

Sarah had turned Sue’s head and her lips gently landed on Sue’s, her tongue working into the “Oh” of surprise on Sue’s lips. Their tongues ran against each other and tangoed around.

Sue felt Sarah’s hand touch her breast and the tightening of her nipples, her head exploded and she turned to make better contact with Sarah. Rolling around she lay against Sarah’s body and her arms circled Sarah’s neck. Eventually they broke altıparmak escort the kiss and Sarah looked into Sue’s eyes.

“I really needed that thank you. It’s been a really long time since I’ve held another woman, far too long.” She kissed Sue’s lips again.

“Are you gay Sarah? are you?”

“I don’t know, I just really need to make out with a women, especially a really beautiful woman like you.”

“Oh come on, I’m not that special, small tits, no arse, you’re stunning I can’t get over how beautiful you really are. No wonder Dave called you gorgeous, I’ve never, ever been kissed like that before, that was just… I can’t even think of words to describe it.”

“So you’re not disgusted or anything like that?”

“Stunned, shocked, surprised, overwhelmed, astonished, excited, all of that, but disgusted no, no..”

Sue moved her head to Sarah’s and kissed her again, they locked together, finally breaking apart to gaze at each other.

“Shall we find somewhere more comfortable than this hard old bath?”

“Mmm, my room ok?”

“Perfect, come on, lets go.”

Sarah eased Sue off her, her hands sliding over her pert small breasts, as Sue placed her hands on Sarah’s shoulder to allow her to begin to sit back in the bath. Her hands strayed to Sarah’s breasts and rock hard nipples, she ran her hands over them. Sarah sighed and pushed her chest out. They struggled out of the bath and found towels to gently pat each other dry.

Wandering naked into Sue’s room they sat on the bed facing each other.

“Sue, I have never told Dave about Julie and me, I don’t think he’d understand. He’d get jealous and panicky, so please keep it to yourself.”

“I think you should know that Dave and I are closed books as far as our personal lives go. We never ever talk about our relationships or that sort of stuff.”

“OK, are you sure you’re ok with this, I mean me and you and being naked and…”

“Oh for God’s sake shut up and hold me, I want you to kiss me again.”

They came together and kissed; hands finding breasts and nipples. Sue felt Sarah’s hand sliding down her stomach and opened her legs in anticipation. Sarah carefully explored Sues slit and began to rub her finger around her entrance, Sue adjusted again and felt Sarah’s probing finger enter her. Their mouths mashed together and Sue ran her hand down to Sarah’s ginger rug. Running her fingers through the wispy hair until she found the moist entrance to Sarah’s inner core. Sliding her finger along Sarah’s slit she entered her opening vagina, feeling the warmth and juices envelop her finger. Sarah broke the kiss and smiled lopsidedly,

” Oh that feels so good, only a women knows how to play with another woman. touch my clit, please, rub it.”

Sue extended her thumb back along until she felt the little nub, then worked her thumb alternately either side feeling the bud coming out of its hood. Sarah was now dancing on her finger and pushing against her thumb. Sue was enjoying the sensation of the strange finger in her and rose and fell slightly, Sarah extended another finger and Sue felt herself stretched slightly as the extra width forced itself into her.

They panted and held each other with the free hand, Sarah sliding her hand to toy with Sue’s nipples. Sue knew she was just seconds away from cumming, when Sarah suddenly jerked and spasmed into a noisy climax. Sue lost it and began to plunge onto and off Sarah’s fingers, cumming herself seconds later.

They slowed and removed their fingers, Sarah raising hers and sucked Sue’s juices off them. Sue hesitantly put hers to her lips and used the tip of her tongue to taste them before opening and taking them in.

They lay back on the bed, staring up at the ceiling, then stealing glances at each other and giggling.

“Oh My God, that was unbelievable, I’m soaked, wow, I’m speechless, I…”

“Shhhh, I know, pretty good huh! Now you know why I need that every now and again, it just makes life so perfect. Dave’s very good in bed, but even he couldn’t compare with the way you made me feel.”


“Really. Well nap time I guess, then we can decide what’s next.”

Sarah pulled Sue to her and they lay wrapped round each other, settling down to a dreamless sleep.

A little after eleven Sue woke needing to pee, she tried to move out of Sarah’s arms without disturbing her, but managed to wake her anyway.

“Sorry, I need a pee, I tried not to wake you, guess I failed.”

“Don’t worry I need to go too, come on.”

They plodded hand in hand into the toilet, Sue sat down and started to pee, Sarah sat on the floor looking up at Sue, smiling. Sue grinned and opened her legs so Sarah could see her stream, Sarah winked and blew a kiss.

“You’re dreadful, I feel like a fourteen year old again. Stop looking at me it’s embarrassing, stop it.” Sue grinned and blushed from her face to her chest.

“what I don’t know what you mean. I’m just sitting here waiting to pee, what’s the problem?”

“Ok, well gemlik escort I’m finished, so pee.” Sue stood and walked over to Sarah, who looked up and leaned in to kiss Sue’s labia, sucking one into her mouth. Sue felt her legs go to jelly and placed her hands on Sarah’s head. Sarah moved a little and her tongue began to explore Sue’s crack. Sue bent her legs and Sarah moved under her. Licking, kissing, sucking she soon had Sue on her back and dived between her outstretched legs to devour her pussy. Sue bucked and screamed and thrashed around on the floor ’til with a long moan she shuddered into a long orgasm, her legs twitching and her opening and anus pulsing in rhythm. Sarah sat back and wiped her lips with her hand, then licked the back of her hand.

“My turn baby,” Sarah crawled over Sue and placed her hairy pussy just above Sue’s nose.

Sue looked and marveled at Sarah’s pussy examining its complexity,

“Are you ok if I just look at it for a minute, I’ve never seen another woman’s pussy before, hell I’ve never seen mine before, God it’s beautiful, so beautiful.”

Her tongue came out tentatively and just grazed Sarah’s labia. Sarah shuddered at her touch. Boldly Sue lifted her head slightly and kissed Sarah’s lips, then taking a lip into her mouth sucked gently, releasing it she repeated the action on the other lip. Then she ran her tongue from her lips to her anus and back. Sarah exhaled deeply and lowered herself slightly. Sue began to lick and suck, kiss and lap at Sarah. Opening her up she licked her opening then pushed her tongue into the soft folds. Sarah gasped and placed her hands on the floor to steady herself.

Sue explored Sarah with her tongue, lips and fingers, reaching up she cupped her breasts as she licked her clit. Sarah shuddered and screamed as her orgasm devoured her. Rocking on Sue’s tongue she finally sat back on the floor, legs open. Sue rolled over onto her stomach and stared at Sarah.

A soft hiss preceded a gush of pee from Sarah’s open lips which rolled in a tide across the bathroom floor. Sue laughed and sat up, whilst Sarah sat back open mouthed and silent.

“That was the best ever, ever.” Sarah shuddered and tears rolled down her face, Sue danced round the small lake of pee and cuddled up to her.

“It’s ok, alright, shhh, it’s ok, I’m here, it’s alright, shhhhhh.” She stroked Sarah’s hair and rocked her in her arms. Sarah clung to her and cried helplessly. Slowly her crying faded and her tears stopped.

“What a soppy bugger I am, sorry, sorry, I don’t usually get that strung out, but honestly that was the best climax I’ve ever had.”

“Well glad you liked it, because I did too, thank you Sarah, I feel great and I love you, I honestly do.” She hugged her tightly and they sat on the floor together.

After a while Sarah nodded at the small pool of pee.

“I’d better clear that up, sorry that was a bit messy,”

“No harm done, here drop those towels on it and we’ll wring them out in the bath and then wash them. The girls spent a little while cleaning and tidying then decided to share the shower. They washed and dried each other then wandered back to Sue’s room.

“Hey fancy shopping later. Hmm, I’ve nothing to wear, can I look through your stuff?”

“Sure, but you must’ve brought clothes with you!”

“Yeah but you have prettier clothes, ohh look, can I wear these please?” Sarah help up a pair of white knickers, plain and ordinary.

“Sure but why would you want to wear those, you must have better pants than those.”

“I want to wear them because they’re yours, why don’t you wear a pair of mine?”

“Ok, I’ll do that, kinky or what?”

“No bra’s today or tomorrow.”

“Ok, I sometimes don’t bother anyway, so that’s no big deal.”

“Hmm, this skirt and blouse for me,” Sarah closed Sue’s wardrobe and stepped into the skirt, then zipped it up and pulled the blouse over her head. “Right Dave’s room and you can rifle through my things for your choice.”

They headed across the hall and Sarah opened her suitcase. Sue chose a pair of hi-cut briefs and a skirt and blouse. After dressing they combed each others hair and went downstairs.

“So what shall we do now, it’s nearly one o’clock, we could go into town or out to the new shopping centre?”

“Let’s go have lunch at the pub and decide there, is that ok?”

“Good idea, we can walk to the pub and then get a taxi into town or out to the Mall”

“That’s so American, it’s a shopping centre you twit.”

They giggled and pushed each other, laughing and moving up the hall, they swapped shoes, finding that they were both the same size. they locked up and walked arm in arm to the pub on the green.

They ordered and split a bottle of wine, later they ordered a taxi and left for the shopping centre, giggling and holding each other.

At the shopping centre they soberly toured the shops, trying on a multitude of clothes, well at first. Then in a fit of giggles they started to wind each other up and egg each other on, trying to be more outrageous than the other until finally and despite some obvious attempts to stop them they shared a changing room. Changing they stopped to kiss and fondle each other, then Sue said it would be funny to switch back clothes, including knickers, so they did, giggling and holding each other when they left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32