Girls Camp! Day 01

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All characters in this story are over 18. Or they were at the time of any sexual behavior in this story anyway! Vote and comment please!


I should have seen it coming. This trip was always going to be an awkward one. There I was, sitting in the two-man canoe with this smokin’ hot teen girl paddling in front of me, her ass on show in those tiny bikini bottoms. I was in heaven and hell at the same time. As much as I wanted to grab that ass right there and then, I knew the trouble it could land me in.

It all started last year. After my second year at university (where I was studying a great degree, but boring as hell), I decided I needed a break. So I put my name in for a gap year, and took up living a life I could put up with. I found a job in the national park about an hour out of the city, where they paid me to be a guide or ranger 4 days a week. The pay wasn’t spectacular, but I loved the job. Being in the outdoors, soaking in the sun and water, it was the best way I could take my mind of two years of study. In fact, I didn’t think I’d be ready to go back after a year. This was too good.

Last week, the group I work for, as part of the national park tours, got a call from a city high school, calling to book a week in at our very popular bunks on the river. It was a great spot to get a way for a week, or create connections with other people, and this type of job was usually highest priority, meaning my superiors would take it on. However, with one on holidays and the other falling horribly sick on the weekend prior, I got the call to fill in.

I spent the rest of the weekend I spent packing and worrying whether I was experienced enough to take the group to our pride and joy in the park. When Monday arrived, I turned up to our base station very early, not knowing what to expect from the group arriving. How old were they? How many people were coming? Did they have any experience? What about a teacher supervisor? Was it a boys or girls group? I felt completely left in the dark.

At ten in the morning, a school bus pulled up outside our cabin, and as I watched out the window, the doors opened and about fifteen bubbly, adorable teen girls hopped out. They were all dressed in similar clothes, short shorts, tight sleeveless tops, and I could already feel my cock stir in my pants. The teacher instructors, a solid bloke in his mid-thirties, and a beautiful lady a little older than myself, introduced themselves and their group, and I introduced myself as Lachie, their guide for the week. They explained how they were married, and that the girls were all part of the cheerleading squad and came up here for team bonding and a bit of practice in the natural environment. I asked their age for insurance reasons and was surprised to find that they were all over 18. Some of them certainly didn’t look like it. Some of the girls came and greeted me with big smiles, obviously excited about a week away from school.

It was a hot day after all, so the girls’ clothing was understandable, but when I informed them that the only way to get there was by canoe, my pants started to struggle. They all stripped off their shorts to reveal butt-clinging bikini bottoms, and some even took off their tops to reveal small bikinis. I had to go back inside the cabin to hide the embarrassing situation in my pants, and collected my pack for the week. Then we got the canoes out on the water, filled with our luggage and all, and set off down the river.

The twenty minute canoe ride was dragged out to half an hour due to the girls playing games and singing chants, only prolonging the torturous time I was having refraining from grabbing the head cheer-leaders ass right in front of me. Her name was Heather, and was quite a character. She led the girls in the chants, and had no shame in putting on the life-jacket and removing her bikini from beneath. The sides of her decently sized boobs wobbled as they were pushed against her chest and out of the side of the jacket. It was almost too much for me to handle. Lucky she was sitting in tuzla eve gelen escort front of me and couldn’t see my groin!

Setting up in the cabins was loud and exciting, and the teachers were happy to know that their cabin and my own were separated from the girls. I could imagine what they had in mind. The rest of the day the girls practiced their cheers on the big grass paddock. One which I myself maintained and kept in perfect condition. It was very flat, perfect for their routines. I was happy just watching as the female teacher ran them through their routines, their little bodies rubbing and gripping on to each other, and bending in seductive ways. A couple of the girls seemed to be looking at me with cheeky smiles, especially when they bent over with their bums upturned. It was a massive turn-on. I’m not surprised some of the girls had their eyes on me. Firstly I was the only man there apart from their older teacher, whom I must admit was less attractive. And secondly, all this work in the outdoors had built my body into a big, tanned unit. I prided myself on it.

In the afternoon, all the girls decided to go down to the river to cool off from the heat and the training. The river was perfect at this spot, and I had to go with them as the guide to make sure nobody got into trouble. The water is clear and cool, with no dangerous rocks or currents, so there was no real trouble except for the trouble in my pants. The girls were back in their skimpy bikinis again, flaunting their super bodies in front of me. Then three girls came and asked me to come in. I declined saying that my cossies were back at the cabins, but they wouldn’t take no for an answer and ended up pulling me towards the water. One girl ripped my tshirt off before I was helplessly pulled towards the water. Just as I was about to splash in, I remembered I had my phone in my pocket, so I took it out and left it on the bank, then jumped in. It was the perfect temperature, and the girls joined me. With all the girls around, bodies constantly brushed against my own, and a few times I could have sworn a hand was grabbing me or swiping over my body.

The girls gradually got out, but I wanted to be the last so as to conceal my huge erection. Only two girls were left and they were swimming near me, not looking like they wanted to get out. I was uncomfortable with their beauty. Far too fuckable to be swimming up against me. They were both petite brunettes and after whispering to each other, fumbled around until they brought their bikinis out of the water, flinging them to shore. As they crept closer, I was cornered against a big rock. Next came their bottoms, pulling them above the water, teasing me with cheeky smiles before tossing them aside again. Then they were on me. Their slippery bodies up against my own. I was helpless. How could I decline that? One of them went underwater to pull my shorts and underwear free of my legs while the other pushed her lips passionately against mine. I opened up to the kiss, and we devoured one another. The second girl had taken my raging hard on in her small hand, stoking it while trying to get in on our passionate kiss. “Well you’re a big boy aren’t you?” she was shocked by what she found in her relatively dwarfed hand. I was in bliss.

Next thing I knew, we had made our way on top of a big rock just out of the water, hidden from the rest of the shore by a few other boulders. I lay on my back, and while one girl mounted my face, forcing me to suck her juicy, young vagina, the other mounted my cock. It was a struggle for her to lower herself onto my thick member, but eventually she pushed her groin against mine, and we simultaneously bucked into each other. The two girls kissed to stop their moans, and we fucked for a good ten minutes like that. After giving both girls multiple orgasms, the girls got into a sixty-nine position, and I fucked the second girl’s pussy in doggy position. This time I was in control and I pounded that sweet girl’s pussy with all the muscle in my body. She may not have tuzla otele gelen escort been able to cheer the next day. The girl beneath had her mouth perfectly in line to either stimulate her friend’s clit, or lick my dangling testicles. Another ten minutes of pussy beating, I pulled out just in time to come all over the girls face that had been licking my balls, and the other girl helped her clean up. It was getting dark.

I snuck into my cabin without being noticed, and looked at the two girls’ bikini bottoms that they had given my as a souvenir for our passionate encounter. I was tired and lay down for a nap.

When I woke up, I had a hard on. I did not expect that after what had transpired earlier. Perhaps I was thinking about it while I slept. But as I thought about it more I felt a little scared and guilty. I was their guide, not their lover. How could I do that, and on such an important job like this one? But I had to get rid of this hard on, so I took a shower to cool off.

I walked out to find everyone having dinner in the communal cabin. In the kitchen was the female teacher, Emma, cleaning up. I took over from her, insisting she take a break. She did, but stayed to chat with me, and I found she was quite an interesting person. Her eyes were very beautiful as well, a golden colour that matched her flowing brown hair. After, we joined the girls and her husband, Mike, out in the hall for dinner and different games and chatting. It was a pleasant time. The girls didn’t want to go to sleep when their teachers did, but I told them I would stay up until they were all in bed, so they moved off to their cabin.

I sat in the background, reading a book while the girls told ghost stories and played games. One of the games became truth or dare, and while I was deep in concentration reading, one girl came up and kissed me on the cheek before returning to her seat, “Done!” she said. I looked up surprised, but thought it harmless and returned to reading.

However, I listened to the next dare as this time the dare was to kiss me on the lips. I pretended not to hear as the girl I had earlier fucked came up to me and kissed me passionately. I could not get into the kiss without revealing what had happened earlier, so I broke it off and she sat down.

All the girls giggled and “oooh”ed. I smiled and told them that was enough, but they just seemed to laugh it off. I hoped it wouldn’t get out of hand. And soon enough, after most girls chose truth, I was back to reading. And then out of the blue, many girls came and held my arms and legs, holding me to the chair. Tentatively, a cute little girl dressed in cotton, button-up pyjamas kneeled between my legs. She looked so scared and innocent, but the other more boisterous girls urged her to pull my pants down. She reached up with her delicate hands and tugged on my tracksuit pant elastic. I could have overpowered the girls to stop it happening, but let it ride. Her face was so young and her eyes so blue. I doubt she’d seen a penis in her life. As mine came into view, in it’s semi-erect state, her eyes were locked open, her jaw dropping and a half smile appearing. The other girls too laughed and cheered, all shocked to see my large cock in the open.

“Suck it! Suck it! Suck it!” the girls cheered. I was in too blissful a state to resist as the girl now readily took my growing cock in her hand and lowered her youthful face to it. Her mouth opened wide and just got over the head of my cock. Her lips tightened over it and a rush of blood flooded to my penis, it enlarged quickly to its full nine inches, and pushed her mouth to spread open more. Still holding my cock in one hand, she lowered her head down the shaft a few slow inches, before coming back up. I could see the girls around me looking on in desire, not even restraining me anymore in their arousal. As she pulled her lips off my cock with a pop, I freed myself from the girls grips and stood up, pulling the girl up to standing position as well. “Time to go to bed everyone!” I wasn’t tuzla sınırsız escort angry, but my voice was serious and they all giggled and left to their rooms. I shut down the lights and headed to bed. My cock was still stiff but I felt I did the right thing. It could have easily got out of hand. I sunk into my comfy bed and fell to sleep with erotic thoughts.

I don’t know what the time was, but I was woken from a deep sleep that night, with the feeling of a hand on my erect pole. I switched on the bedside lamp to find the innocent girl from earlier in the night as she lowered her head again onto my cock. Looking at my clock it was 5.30 in the morning. I sat up in a rush, looked at the girl in her cute little-girl pyjamas, and paused. She was so cute. I desired her so much. “Could this be a dream? If it is, then I’m going to make the most of it!” I thought.

I grabbed the small girl around her waist and threw her down on her back onto my mattress. I crawled quickly on top of her, kissing her while unbuttoning her top. I was mad with hormones, rampantly stripping the girl of her clothes while kissing her lithe golden body down over her neck, breasts and naval before reaching her panties. I ripped them off and stuck my tongue deeply into her small patch of cunt muff. She moaned and grabbed the back of my head, pushing me and squirming around on my bed.

I pushed myself up to kiss her again and thought it would have been a disturbing picture. Here I was, a big hunk of man, towering over this tiny girl, probably the one lifted by the others to the top of their cheer leading towers. She gripped my cock and guided it to her dripping pussy lips. The head squeezed in and I knelt up to help it inside her tight hole. Slowly with added fingering of her clit, she was able to accommodate most of my large prick inside her hole. I think she may have been a virgin, but I was too caught up in the heat of my “dream” to take notice. Soon she was begging me to “fuck me hard!” I pulled her legs onto my shoulders and leant over her once again. With the flexibility of a cheerleader her knees squished into her chest, my hands planted either side of her face as I rocked back and forth. The rhythm brought deep moans from my chest and loud squeals from the entity beneath me.

This went on for some time, gradually building to a quick pace, as I thumped my log in and out of the little girl. I thought of her parents who would be resting soundly as they thought their daughter was in the safe environment of girls camp. But here she was being deflowered by a man twice her size, and my passion and heat overcame any sense of guilt, meaning this only heightened the sense of eroticism in the room. “Say I love girls camp,” I whispered.

“I love girls camp.”

“Louder baby girl,” I cooed.

“I love girls camp! I love girls camp!” she said while gripping my back digging her nails into my skin. I thrust harder and faster.

“C’mon, scream it baby, scream for me!”

“AHHH, I LOVE GIRLS CAMP!! AAAAHHH!” her voice vibrated with the rapid, powerful thrusting into her. I was like a jackhammer in heat, my ass tensing on each in-stroke, and I exploded my load deep inside her cunt. She too orgasmed, and her screams died down to whimpers.

As I lay on her getting my breath back, my penis still inside the girl, we heard a door open nearby. It was the next door cabin. Quickly, the girl jumped up, grabbed her pyjamas and bolted out the door. About thirty second later, Emma knocked on my door and walked in with a concerned look on her face. I sat up as though I just woke up, accidentally knocking the sheet off me to reveal my naked body. I quickly pulled it back over my crotch.

Emma paused briefly before whispering, “Sorry to disturb you Lachie, but I thought I heard a scream from this direction.” I told her I had heard nothing, and looked her up and down. She was in a very sexy silk nighty, barely coming down to over her crotch, and revealing her long slender legs. Her B-cup breasts and thin waist were also very clear through the tight fittedness of the outfit. She said she was sorry and would see me in the morning, and just as she was leaving, I said, “Hot outfit, miss!” I didn’t get to see her reaction. It was then that I saw the white panties of the girl I just creamed hung over the end of my bed. I hope Emma didn’t notice them.

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