Gymnastics Class Pt. 04

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Awesome Cock

For the next week, I neither heard from nor saw Lilith. I’d almost gotten her and the horniness she inspired out of my head, when late on a Sunday night, my phone buzzed.

It was a picture from Lilith, this time of her fantastic ass in those same panties she’d worn the last time.

There was no comment or follow-up, and I remembered her instructions. But good god, what an amazing ass. I also knew I had to get rid of the photo before anyone else saw it, which was a shame.

Nothing more for days, and then a text arrived. “There’s a package with a “gift” arriving for you.”

We get enough mail and packages at home that it was easy to set aside the small box with my name on it. It was from a company called “Undergear,” and when I finally opened it, there were three pairs of very skimpy hipster-style briefs. When I tried one on, it fit but was tight, and the crotch was incredibly emphasized by the cut.

Thankfully, they still looked like underwear when shoved in my dresser drawer, so they were easy enough to hide.

The night before the next class, another text: “Wear a pair.” I knew what she meant, of course.

I went through that entire day with my crotch basically compressed, and thinking about Lilith only made me start to get hard, which made the underpants even tighter. It was tough to concentrate on anything, and worse, she wasn’t there! I hung around for a few minutes, and got another text from her: “Go to the bathroom and take a picture to prove it.”

I went in, but dear lord, was it nerve wracking. I’ve never been the kind of guy to take dick pics, and while this wasn’t technically one, it still felt really strange. But I was also turned on, something that was very, very clear through the underwear.

I sent it, and remembered to delete the photo to make sure it wasn’t still on my camera.

The next text simply read: “Good.”

This continued for the next couple of weeks, random sexy photos of her, and my proving that I was wearing the tight underwear at the gym.

Then, at the beginning of the third week, her text was unexpected: “Friday, 8 pm.”

It took me a second to process this. We’d always gotten together during the class, but class never ran that late.

And then I remembered! This weekend was the annual lock-in at the gym. It’s a 48-hour period where the kids and a few adults stay and do a mix of socializing and learning. As a bonus, it raises money for the gym with sponsors and the like. My wife was one of the chaperones, and would be gone all weekend.

I heard nothing from Lilith all week, and was getting a little nervous by Thursday. Her instruction just gave a time, but surely we weren’t meeting at the gym? And I couldn’t imagine she’d want to come to my house – she hadn’t even wanted anyone to see me getting into or out of her car.

Friday morning, I got three texts from her

The first was simply an address.

The second was, “you know what to wear.”

The third was a close-up picture of her pussy, her pink-tipped nails framing it. I’d never really been a huge fan of pussy close ups when I was browsing porn, but here, where I knew that pussy, and had been under it for god knows how long just weeks ago? I was rock hard just staring at it.

That night, the lockdown began at 5, and after I ate a quick dinner and spent hours pacing nervously, I drove to the address. It was a short drive – not even ten minutes, and I saw that it was a local Mariott. All things considered, a hotel made sense. She hadn’t said anything about packing any clothes though, so I assumed it was just going to be her using me and kicking me out later.

I got to the lot a few minutes early, and at 8, I got a text from her: “Room1032.”

When I got there, I realized that the room was one of the really fancy suites. It even had a doorbell, which I rang. I was buzzed in, and found that this suite had a little entrance hallway before the main room, and that door was closed. I knocked on it, and got a text in reply.

“Strip down to your underpants. Kneel on the floor facing the outer door with your hands behind your back.”

I görükle escort did as I was told, and after I was naked, I heard the door open. Lilith quickly had my hands tied with a drawstring, and wrapped a blindfold around my eyes. While those weren’t surprises, the next part was. I felt something leather being wrapped around my neck, and as it wrapped a couple of times, I also felt a little bit of metal. Thankfully, it wasn’t too tight.

“I stopped at the store and bought a dog collar for you. It’s for your own good, you see.” Lilith was kneeling behind me, and her breath was tickling my ear. “With this leather on your neck, I won’t have to worry about giving in to temptation and biting your neck.”

She stood up. “Hmm, but now that I see you like that, I realize that I should have bought a leash, too. Maybe later. I’ve got other plans for now.”

Even as I thought about what she’d said, and how horrifying but also arousing it was, she had me stand up and walk into the main suite.

Lilith had me sit at the desk chair and ran a rope from my wrists to my ankles.

“Now, I really want to use you right now, but I have a few things to do first. So sit tight, and open wide.”

As she said that, she started wrapping something around my head, going inside my mouth. It was a stretchy nylon or polyester material, a little rough, and it wrapped around my head a number of times.

“Since you’ve already shown how good you are at laundering my panties, I figured I’d try you on a pair of stockings,” she said as she tied the gag into place.

“So I’ll be out running a quick errand, but I don’t want you to get bored, so here’s something to listen to.

She placed headphones on me, and immediately, I heard the sounds of women moaning. It was very obviously something looped from a porn, or from multiple ports, actually. Lots of groaning and moaning with a little bit of music in the background. I couldn’t hear Lilith leave, but I was certainly rock hard before she was out the door.

And then it got even more arousing, as I heard Lilith’s voice, that voice that I’d never have associated with anything kinky in a million years a few months back, start to talk over the sounds.

“You are my fucktoy. You’re there to please me when I need it, and any pleasure you get will be entirely at my discretion. Your mouth and cock are mine for the taking.”

It went on like this for a bit, with brief pauses where there was just the porn sounds. My cock was practically ripping a hole in the underpants by now. The worst part was that she wasn’t saying any of this in a threatening or severe voice; she was saying it in her wholesome and practical manner. It wasn’t an order, it was simply the state of things.

I don’t know how long I was there, but it felt like about twenty minutes when I heard the door slam even over the noise. The headphones and gag were removed, and Lilith removed my blindfold to reveal an amazing sight. She was wearing a tight red dress that hugged every one of her curves and also displayed most of her amazing cleavage. The dress flared out a bit after going past her hips and ass, and ended at her knees. Her legs were bare, and she finished it with a pair of bright red heels.

Lilith also had made her face up to match the outfit, her red lipstick a much bolder one than she normally wore, along with some grey eyeshadow and black eyeliner. Her normally-pink nails were also crimson.

After posing for a minute, Lilith slowly tilted her eyes down to my bulging crotch. “You like what you see?”

“Yes, Lilith,” although she clearly knew the answer.

“Well, now you can start demonstrating it.”

Lilith released me from the chair and had me kneel in front of the room’s armchair. She quickly tied my feet together and then attached the rope to the one on my wrists, effectively immobilizing me unless I just wanted to fall down.

She then sat in the recliner and put her feet on my shoulders.

“Now,” she said, “kiss this.” She took one of her feet and put the shoe in front of my mouth.

I hesitated. I’d never done anything like this. görükle escort bayan The kinkiest thing I’d done with any partner had been some basic bondage stuff, and until Lilith, I’d usually been the one doing the tying. I’d never thought about anything kinkier, really. But I wasn’t in a position to argue, and honestly, new as this was, I found it intriguing.

I leaned my head down to kiss the shoe. It had that “new shoe smell” and clearly wasn’t something that had been worn outside. I kissed it.

“Keep going. Kiss it all over.” She moved her foot so I could kiss the side, and then further up the shoe.

“Now,” Lilith said, moving her foot forward, “kiss my foot right where it meets the shoe.” This was a few inches above her toes, right on the top of her foot. I kissed her and heard a slight gasp. I continued to kiss the top of her foot as she moved it around.

After a few minutes, she pulled her foot back, but only long enough for her to twist her ankle up so that her heel was the focus. She put it right to my lips.

“Suck,” Lilith said.

I wanted to resist – this was definitely something beyond anything I’d expected or experienced coming here tonight – , but this was a four-inch piece of hard leather pushing at my lips, and resisting seemed like a bad idea, so I opened up.

The heel was round and thin, and while it was long, it hardly was long enough to choke me. As Lilith slowly thrust her foot in and out, the heel slid in and out more and more easily, lubed by my own saliva. While I knew that she couldn’t feel anything, it simply felt more natural to actually suck at the heel instead of passively letting things happen.

After a few minutes of this, Lilith pulled her heel entirely back.

“Now, it’s decision time for you. I can stop now, untie you, and let you go. Or I get to continue to use you, with no protests or complaints.”

“Before you decide,” she said, cutting me off before I could begin to speak, “you need to know the consequences of each decision. If you decide to walk, that’s not just it for tonight. That’s it, period. You’ll never taste or even see my pussy again, you’ll never get to feel my lips on you, nothing.”

“But if you say yes, I want to be clear that all I’m promising is that you’ll continue to be by fucktoy. I’ll use you when I want and do what I want to you. I won’t ever cause you a problem at home or at work, but you’ll serve me at my pleasure, every few weeks, months, whatever. And it’ll never be anything more than this, not a relationship, not even any ongoing cybersex or sexting. The most you’ll get from this is getting to come if I decide it’s okay.”

“I’m in,” I said.

She smiled. “As I was talking, I was watching your cock strain against those underpants, trying to break free. I knew your answer before you said it. Now, let’s get back to business.

Lilith freed my wrists from my ankles, but only long enough to walk me to the bed. Each ankle was secured to a corner of the bed. She had me put my arms straight out instead of over my head, so that each hand basically hit the edge of the bed. She then tied ropes to each wrist. As soon as she was done, I gave an experimental pull, but I couldn’t move my arms back at all.

“The headboard the hotel attached made tying you down in the traditional spread eagle too complicated. So I just got some rope I had and tied the other end to some of my heavier weights. From this angle, they might as well weigh a hundred pounds. She was right -I couldn’t get any leverage at all.

I didn’t really have much time to worry about it, though, because Lilith was already climbing onto the bed. She knelt astride my head and pulled up her dress, revealing that fantastic pussy.

“This, I believe, is old hat for you,” she said, settling down. As I began to lick, she lowered her dress so that it covered my face. It didn’t completely blind me – I could see the light through the red material – but it basically gave me nothing to focus on but the task at hand.

Which I focused on as always. Lilith no more tried to keep her voice down here than in her garage, and bursa escort her sighs turned to moans which turned to screams.

After three cycles like this, she reversed her position and shifted slightly so that we were in the 69 position, with my head still under her dress. As she lowered herself and put my tongue back to work, I felt her hands pull at the tight underwear she’d provided, and my cock sprung free. She idly toyed with it as I worked, stroking it enough to keep me hard.

Once Lilith had another screaming orgasm, she leaned down and took my cock in her mouth, but the feeling of ecstacy lasted only a second. As she finished sucking the length of my cock, she pulled her mouth off and rolled to the side and off the bed. She walked out of the room without a word, and I knew better than to do anything but wait, my desperate cock sticking up in the air.

She didn’t take long to come back in, a small duffle bag by her side. She climbed on the bed and sat on my chest, hiking up the dress so that I could feel her soaking pussy. Without preamble she reached her hand towards my mouth and I instinctively opened it as she shoved yet another pair of her panties in.

“So here’s what’s going to happen next. The lock-in runs until Sunday at 5. So you’re mine until Sunday at 4.”

I must have looked like I was about to interrupt – not that I could – but she put a finger on my lips, otherwise not even acknowledging my reaction.

“I know what you’re probably thinking, that you didn’t pack any clothes. That’s fine. I won’t need you dressed at all this weekend. In fact, when I went out earlier, I took the clothes you wore here with me. Good thing you didn’t say ‘no’ earlier – I’d have had to run back out.” She giggled, and I honestly didn’t know if she was serious or not.

“I have no intention of letting you come until Sunday afternoon,” she continued, even while reaching back and idly stroking my cock again, “and I haven’t decided how you’ll come yet. But after 48 hours with me, I know you’ll explode.”

“I’ve got your cell phone, and naturally, if there are any emergency calls or texts, we’ll deal with those as needed.” I felt a little embarrassed that I hadn’t thought about that, although I blame being tied down and aroused for that.

“Oh,” she said, as if it were an afterthought. “Remember how I said I wanted to claim you?”

I nodded. It had been over a month ago, but yeah, I’d hardly forgotten.

“So I found a way.” She opened the duffle bag and dumped it out, and I recognized my underwear.

“I took your keys and stopped by your place. Your underwear drawer is now filled solely with more of those nice tight hipsters. Every day, when you get dressed, you’ll have to think of me. As for these,” she said, pointing to my regular underpants, “well, you can just watch.”

She took a pair of scissors out of the bag, grabbed one of my pairs of underpants, and started cutting it! The pieces dropped onto my chest, right in front of where she was sitting.

Lilith just kept going at it, smiling sweetly as she shredded all of my old underwear. The scissors were sharp, the kind designed for cloth, but it still took her some time. By the time she was finished, my chest and throat, as well as the bed, were covered in pieces of cloth.

She gathered up the debris, taking the pieces to the trash can.

She came back to the bed and pulled out my gag. “I’m sure you have lots of questions, but I’m also sure that, well, I don’t care. It’s getting late, so I’m going to tuck you in and then go to bed myself.”

She leaned down to my cock and gave it a kiss on the head, her red lipstick leaving a mark, then pulled the tight underpants back over my again-hardening member. She followed this with a kiss on my cheek, then walked out of the room, turning off the lights and shutting the door.

My mind was racing. Each time with Lilith had gotten more and more extreme. It had started with her just being forceful and in control, then moved on teasing me and leaving me high and dry, then was followed by her tying me down and using me in her garage, and now this.

I’d agreed to this, I guess, but I also had no clue what I’d actually agreed to, and no clue what was happening next. And yet, I was horny as hell and hadn’t enjoyed myself with a lover this much in ages. With no other choice, I did my best to calm down and eventually fell to sleep.

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