Handsome Ch. 23

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Chapter 23
Lights, Camera, Action – Scene 1

I had a major surprise the next afternoon; two of them, in fact. First, the football coach, Tucker Gifford rang the bell, and wanted to recruit me to the high school football team.

I was flattered, and then astounded when told it was for the quarterback position.

“Coach,” I replied after regaining my composure, “I don’t know what to say, it’s … it’s an honor, for sure, but I don’t play the game. Baseball’s my sport.”

“Aubrey,” Coach Gifford said, “with an arm like yours; I’d be willing to spend extra time with you, starting tomorrow for that matter, to bring you along. You’re a gifted athlete, and that means you’re capable of playing more than one sport.”

“Yeah, but…”

“All we have is a kid coming in as a freshman, and while he may have some ability, he’s greener than you are.”

“I don’t know … I mean I don’t want to damage my arm or my shoulder…”

“You’re what … eighteen? You won’t do any permanent damage to that arm.”

That statement didn’t ring true, as I’d heard of guys having severe knee injuries playing football, and while that wasn’t their arm, it was serious enough to keep them from playing anything that required any running whatsoever.

“Um, tell you what Coach Gifford, let me talk it over with the baseball coach, see what he says about it.”

“Already spoke with him, Aubrey. He’s fine with it.”

“Still and all … I’d feel better about things if I talked it over with him. We’ve got a shot at the state title next season and I’d hate to spoil things by getting dinged on the arm, or something.”

Coach Gifford took a deep breath and then took a different tact, trying to persuade me to commit then and there. But I held my ground, which surprised me, and eventually he gave up and left after I assured him I would speak to the baseball coach.


The second surprise was having Haley pop in just after my mother came home. Mom didn’t mind, in fact, she gave me a big wink and told us she’d be staying downstairs, and if I was needed that she’d call from the foot of the stairs.

Hayley was giggling all the way to my room, holding a large shopping bag rather possessively under her arm.

“Is that the camera?” I asked after we were in my room.

“Yes, and more,” she said excitedly.

I sat and watched as Haley removed one camera after another from the bag and then two mini-tripods and several tape reels from which we would be recording.

We took turns with the cameras, videoing one another, and testing the results. When we were satisfied that we had at least a rudimentary knowledge of the use of the cameras, (which were the same model) we set one up on the mini-tri-pod and had it recording us as we discussed how and what we were going to do with them.

I told Hayley what I envisioned for our first video. It involved one camera focused on her face, with her slowly licking and sucking only the tip of my dick. We would both be at least partially dressed. My cock would be hanging out of my jockey’s. Hayley would be rubbing herself just out of camera range, so that the very observant viewer might determine from her movements just what she was doing.

At some point I would have her reveal her breasts, but I wouldn’t touch them. I would have her lie down on the couch and touch her pussy while I would tap my dick against her pussy from time to time. I knew she had this thing she did with her cunt – making it open and close every few seconds when hot – and thought we’d kind of end it with me coming on her pussy while she did that thing with her pussy.

Hayley thought it wonderful, and came up with one scenario of her own. It involved all four girls. I knew right away she had something good going; although she wasn’t sure which girl would do what at first.

She did want Sandra to be the “victim,” who would be on her back on the bed. Because, she said, “Sandra has lots of juice when she’s excited. Billy and Janet could pretend to give her a massage, concentrating on her breasts at first, rubbing lots of lotion onto them, kneading them and caressing them until her nipples were fully hardened.

At a given point they would move to her thighs, each caressing the innermost sides of each. Meanwhile the third girl, (Hayley, would kiss Sandra on the mouth and then move to her tits. Down below, two sets of hands would be massaging Sandra’s lower half, say, having Janet working Sandra’s clit, and Billy her cunt. Hayley would kiss and massage her face and breasts until Sandra came.

“Okay,” I agreed. I was sure the other girls would have scenarios of their own, and even the guys might contribute something when they arrived on the scene.

We found that we had run out of ideas for the moment. I suggested we watch some porn in order to stimulate our respective brains. Hayley agreed, but first wanted to rehearse our own porno and proceeded to unzip my fly, took out my dick and gave it a light suck.

Just then, my mother called my name from the foot of the stairs. I got up, zipped my fly and izmir escort opened the door.

“Yes, Mom?”

“More company, Aubrey. Excuse me, but what did you say your name was?”

“It’s Janet. Hi, Bree!” she called out enthusiastically.

I shrugged my shoulders and glanced at Hayley, who shrugged hers back at me.

“Come on up, Janet,” I said. “Thanks, Mom, we’ll try to keep the noise down.”

I wasn’t sure, but I thought I heard my mother say, “That’s what I’m afraid of.”

Janet entered my bedroom, and stopped in her tracks on seeing that Hayley was already there. But Hayley reacted quickly, and welcomed her, saying, “I’m glad you came over. We’ve been discussing a few things, and need your input.”

“What … I mean, such as?”

“I’ve got some video cameras. We’re going to film ourselves getting it on.”

“What!” Janet gasped, trying to absorb the implications of that statement.

“You want to video us while we fuck?”


“But why?”

“Everyone’s doing it these days,” Hayley said, as if it were a fact.


“In fact, we’ve been discussing some scenarios, and you can help us film part of one … that is if you’re agreeable.”

“I don’t know … I … I…”

Come on, you get to suck Bree’s cock. Wouldn’t you like that?”

Hayley had correctly guessed that she had come over to do just that, probably more, if I were available. She was also smart enough not to mention it.

“Well…” Janet said and paused.

“Take it out, Bree,” Hayley said hoarsely.

I took my dick out, and let it bob up and down.

Janet licked her lips, and I knew Hayley had her.

“Come on Janet, give it a lick,” I whispered, as if we were all alone in my room.

A moment later, she was on her knees, fumbling with my belt, wanting me totally free.

It was good that her hands were cold because all that talk about fucking and sucking had me ready to explode. And, when Janet wrapped her long, slender fingers around my dick, a wave of pleasure that could have brought me off collided head on with the clutch of her cold fingers around my shaft.

Janet looked hesitantly into my eyes. Hayley had a big smirk on her face.

“You okay?” Janet asked.

I only nodded.

She parted her lips and took in the head of my dick. The excitement of her doing this, with Hayley watching was a real turn-on. I had look away, then close my eyes and pretend it was only Hayley and me, or I would have cum then and there.

“Listen,” Hayley instructed. “The two of you have to relax, okay? Janet, just suck him for a while before we try anything more complicated.”

And so she did; over the next few minutes, Janet essentially tortured me with the warm, slick, velvet caress of her mouth and tongue.

After a short time, I began to compare Janet’s style with Hayley’s. They were decidedly different, yet in many respects, exactly the same.

“How do you feel?” Hayley asked, and my thoughts on their differences vanished. I opened my eyes to see who she was talking to. It was Janet, who removed my dick from her mouth, and looked up at Hayley.

“Okay I guess, a bit nervous, but okay.” Then she turned to me and asked: “How do you feel?”

“Well,” I said slowly. “I’ll survive…”

Janet sat up in the bed with a vexed expression on her face, but Hayley just laughed.

“He’s hot as hell; don’t listen to his macho bullshit.”

I laughed as well.

“Are you sure?” Janet turned to me, still frowning.

I nodded, somewhat anxious about what knowing my excitement would do to her upcoming efforts on getting me down her throat.

Janet smiled again and turned to Hayley: “So what do I do now?”

“Well, first watch me, okay?” Hayley said.

“Okay…” she replied somewhat dubiously.

I braced myself.

Hayley made sure my dick was fully covered with saliva by spitting on me several times, then rubbing it liberally all over the head and shaft.

Then, motioning Janet to come close and observe, she took me in her mouth and sank down, gulped once and sank down until her lips were pressed against my pubic hair.

Usually I can take no more than a minute of this, and now I was signed up for a practice lesson with a virgin throat. I moaned.

“Did you see what I did with my throat,” Hayley asked when my dick left her mouth.

“I don’t know,” Janet hesitated. “It was moving.”

“I was swallowing, that’s the only way to get it down the throat, imagine you are eating a hot dog, without biting and chewing, of course.”

Both of them giggled over that line as they apparently envisioned it happening.

“So all you need to do is swallow it,” Hayley continued.

“But doesn’t it make you gag?”

“That’s what the relaxation is for. You have to relax and breathe calmly through the nose.”

“Yes…” Janet said with some skepticism.

“Now listen to me, Janet. Once it’s going down your throat, there’s a given point at which you can’t breathe through your mouth.”

Janet’s eyes opened wide, alsancak escort but she didn’t say a word.

“Your nose, Janet, you use your nose at that time, and concentrate on swallowing him. That way you can overcome the gagging. It’s a trick you learn by doing.”

“Now,” she said, handing my tool over to Janet, “Give it another try.”

This time Janet didn’t look up at me before attacking my cock, but there was an expression of determination on her face. She was going to do this, or die trying.

I was kind of proud of her and wanted to help if I could.

Her first attempt was a disappointment. It did appear at first that she might make it. My cock head was sliding into her throat, but then she clamped her throat muscles, and started gagging.

She backed off, and sat silent a moment, my cock inches from her mouth.

“I think … maybe…” she murmured.

“You need to relax those throat muscles,” Hayley said, as any worthwhile instructor might.

“Yeah, I think you’re right. It’s just the relaxation part.”

“Hayley,” Janet said, “I’ve been wondering. Are you getting off watching me blow your boyfriend?”

Hayley smiled. “And if I am? You think that I get more fun out of him, that way?”

“Maybe, or are you planning to have one of the other girls blow my Eric?”

“My, how possessive you sound. Like you didn’t come here to be with Aubrey … one way or another.”

Janet was definitely embarrassed by Hayley’s jibe.

It seemed like the fun was over, at least for now so I sat up in bed reaching for my underwear.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Hayley growled. “We’re not finished with you,” she turned to Janet. “Or are we?”

Janet hesitated. “Well this was supposed to be a lesson, right?” This told both Hayley and me that she did want to blow me, and possibly more.

“It would,” Hayley smiled smugly. “Now let’s get back to basics, shall we?”

Janet relaxed, then giggled. “Okay,” she said reaching for me again.

“Oh, lookie what happened here,” Janet giggled, seeing my now semi-limp cock.

“You’ll just have to breathe life back into him,” Hayley chirped.

Janet smiled, blushed and went to work on my cock.

Hayley moved close to her ear, and whispered: “You know how to make him rock hard in under a minute?”

“Mmfffh?” Janet mumbled.

“Look into his eyes when you suck him. Tell him with your eyes just how fucking good he tastes.”


Hayley got a mischievous glance in her eyes and added, “Works on women as well.”

Janet stopped, stared at Hayley, and turned tomato red.

“Doesn’t it, Bree?” Hayley asked. I readily agreed.

Janet looked at me instead of at Hayley, and started sucking. Her eyes were locked into mine, and I could see she was actually beginning to enjoy it. She took a deep breath, and slid me down her throat. Just like that. I don’t think she even realized she did it until she removed my cock from her mouth and turned to Hayley.

“I did it, didn’t I?”

“Yes, you did, now do it again…”

Okay” she mumbled, and took me in her mouth again, and as I surged down her throat I felt her hesitate for a moment, before backing me back out and she licked the tip of my cock. “You like that, huh?” she mumbled.

“Oh yes,” I groaned. “I love it!”

“Me too,” she whispered, and took me deep once more.

“He’s gonna come,” Hayley mumbled. “Take him deep and let him shoot down your throat.”

Janet swallowed me easily this time, taking my full length before easing me back out and sucking ferociously on the head for a full minute. Then, with a triumphant laugh, she took me deep again and again, until satisfied she could do it at will.

“I think I know how to do this now,” she mumbled with a shivering voice.

“Well,” Hayley said matter-of-factly. “Why don’t you bring him off?”

“Um, I wasn’t sure he was going to, um, you know….” Janet hesitated.

“What she means is,” I said, interrupting their conversation, “she wants me in her.”

“You want to fuck him?” Hayley asked Janet.

“Um, I guess … yeah I do.”

With an authority that belonged to a much older woman, Hayley said, “Let him cum in your mouth, then you can fuck him.”

Janet never hesitated. She sank my cock down her throat until her face was pressed against my belly. As I felt that incredible tight grip around my cock, a cry of ecstasy left my mouth, and load after load of cum left my cock and filled Janet’s throat. She swallowed most of it though, but kept the last two spurts in her mouth, and let me flop from between her lips, and turned to Hayley.

She motioned for Hayley to come closer, and when she did, they kissed and exchanged my semen.

“Hayley?” I said softly.

Janet giggled and in a ragged voice rasped,

“Thank you, Lee.”

“Mmmm?” Hayley replied, and opened her mouth to me, revealing that she now possessed most of the sperm that had been in Janet’s mouth.

I said, “By any chance, are the cameras rolling?”

Hayley glanced upward at the buca escort camera we had just installed at the corner of my room nearest to us, and slowly nodded as she swallowed what was in her mouth and licked her lips in a wantonly satisfied way.

“You recorded us?” Janet gasped, recoiling away from the two of us.

“Yeah, wanna see?” she said, hopping from the bed and moved to the television, turned it on, did something with a remote that must have rewound the tape, tested it, and started the video. Well, one tape, not four, we would see the others later that night at Hayley’s house where a machine I had not known existed, would run all four tapes at the same time while Hayley and I edited another seamless tape with those camera angles we thought best would become our final cut of whatever had been filmed.

But let me get back to the present. Now that I had spent my load, I wondered what little surprise Hayley had in store for me and Janet.

I didn’t have long to wait.

“Want too?” Hayley asked Janet. There was a gleam in her eyes.

“Yeah sure,” Janet sighed and Hayley grabbed her, and pulled until Janet’s head was resting in her lap.

Janet looked up at her. I felt my hope and my dick rising. ‘Would they do it with me watching?’

“Why don’t you ask me?” Hayley continued softly.

“Ask you?” Janet, eyes wide looked at Hayley.

“Ask you what?”

“Well, to borrow Aubrey, of course.” Hayley smiled.

“What?” Janet’s eyes grew wide. “I didn’t come here for that,” she mumbled.

Hayley continued smiling, and I knew there was a hell of a lot about her I’d never figure out.

“You’re horny. He’s a man, why not?”

“No, I can’t, Hayley!”

“Of course you can,” Hayley assured her.

Sounding as if she meant it, Janet said, “No Hayley, I really can’t do this.”

“Okay, okay,” Hayley said. “Listen, I am sorry, maybe I was out of line.”

“It’s okay,” Janet said. “I’ll just … leave you two. Do what you want.”

“Don’t leave,” Hayley said. The plea in her voice was evident. “You … you can help us out.”

An expression of mixed suspicion and curiousness appeared on Janet’s face.

“What’s that?” she asked.

“Well,” Hayley started cautiously, “You could film us … you know … doing it, with one of the cameras.”

Janet nodded. I thought it meant that she was agreeable.

But she said, “You want me to record you, fucking him?”


“Fuck you!”

“Well, we could let Bree record us then. The important thing is to film somebody fucking. You want; I’ll do you and Bree. Do you?”

“Do I what?”

“Want me to film you and Bree. And look,” she said excitedly, “he’s hard for you!”

Janet couldn’t help but glance at my rapidly rising cock. She hesitated.

I held my breath. Hayley was dead calm. She was really impressive as she manipulated her friend.

“If you like it, we could even give you a copy; a confidential copy of course.”

“I don’t know” Janet said, her confusion obvious. She definitely wanted me to fuck her. She wasn’t sure about the cameras.

“Hey,” Hayley laughed. “It will be fun, just let me get the camera and show you, you’ll love it.”

Hayley went to each camera and replaced the tapes. Janet bit her lower lip and frowned. The important thing was that she hadn’t said no.

When Hayley finished with the cameras and placed them back in their original positions, she lay down on my bed and asked Janet if she would video her while I went down on her.

Janet brightened at this, apparently relieved that she was not the focal point of the cameras.

Hayley raised her eyebrows, telling me she was certain Janet had taken the bait.

I began to remove the remainder of my clothing. Janet giggled, but her gleaming eyes raked my body.

Hayley started to slowly unbutton her jeans one button at a time. I was fascinated by what Hayley’s hands were doing, and realized that Janet had picked up the camera and started filming her. I knew then Hayley had already triggered the other cameras with the remote. We were off and running with our first serious porno scene.

Janet was moving around the room, filming Hayley’s little strip routine. Hayley turned her ass to me, grabbed the waist of her jeans, and slowly tugged them down, exposing the rounded curves of her firm ass. She wore filmy (no pun intended) sexy, black lace panties; having planned ahead for the occasion.

I heard Janet gulp as Hayley revealed more and more of that gorgeous ass, tantalizingly slipping the panties and jeans to her knees; then wormed her way out of them.

She sat down on the bed and started to play with the hem of her t-shirt. Smiling into the camera, she unhurriedly caressed herself from her knees to her thighs and then her belly. The t-shirt was wrinkled into a roll of material that barely covered her breasts. Both Janet and I waited to see them exposed.

Finally her hands stopped by her breasts and squeezed the more than handful mounds. I knew she had very sensitive breasts. Most girls do. But hers were extra sensitive. She had told me that whenever she masturbated, she would always start by squeezing her breasts. It was actually her breasts that had introduced her to masturbation in the first place. “It’s quite simple,” she said, “When I squeeze them they start tingling somewhere else, and naturally I had to check that place out.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32