Happy Anniversary

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Estelle sat silently in the passenger seat. As Steve drove he prattled on about something that had happened to him at work. He didn’t have half the stress in his job that Estelle had — nor did he make half her salary! — but she let him continue without interruption. Even if she had broken in to tell a work story of her own, he wouldn’t have understood her office politics. Some things were beyond his comprehension.

As her mind drifted, Estelle thought of her parents back home in China. Her mother, especially, had disapproved of her marriage to Steve. She’d thought Steve was beneath Estelle. Of course the two lovers hadn’t paid attention, they’d wanted to spend their lives together, so they went ahead and got married. Besides, things were different in Canada: people were more progressive here than back home. If Estelle made more money than Steve, so be it!

And if she happened to be smarter, so be it. If she’d maintained her looks, while he’d gotten fat… If her sex drive had remained high, while his had withered…

He finally stopped talking when they arrived at the restaurant. She’d known this would be where they’d end up. It was their anniversary — fifteen years! — and they always came here for their anniversary dinners. She gave a perfunctory smile when he came around to open her car door for her, making a brief attempt at chivalry.

They had a reservation, but Steve made a show of slipping a loonie into the hand of the girl who seated them so that she’d put them at a “good table.” It would be up to Estelle to wait until he wasn’t looking and slip the girl some real money; at least a five. It was doubly frustrating, because a tip wasn’t necessary in the first place, but a small tip was insulting. So Estelle would correct his mistake, which was prompted by his underlying mistake.

Fifteen years.

Once seated, Steve resumed whatever story he’d been telling in the car, and Estelle resumed pretending to listen. Their waiter came with water and menus, and pointed out the wine list. It was one of the few times of the year that Steve wouldn’t be counting pennies, so of course he’d want to make a show of choosing a bottle of wine.

The waiter caught Estelle’s eye as he left, and she felt a tingle in her Ataşehir escort bayan nether regions. He was so tall, and white, and handsome.

He was soon back, to allow them to choose their wine. “I’m thinking…” Steve said, as he deliberated, “either this one, or this one. What do you think sweetie?”

“Yes, I think a bottle of this one would be perfect,” she responded, making it sound like she was agreeing with him as she chose a completely different wine.

“Perfect!” he responded.

“Very good, Sir,” the waiter responded, scooping up the wine menu. “I’ll be back momentarily to take your orders.”

When she took her first sip of the wine, Estelle knew she’d chosen well. It was as if she could feel her whole body warming up as the wine rolled over her tongue, and she relished the aftertaste for a moment.

“Not bad!” Steve exclaimed, as he took a gulp of his own wine. She tried to drown him out of her thoughts for just a moment longer, so she could enjoy the wine, but when he smacked his lips it was too much.

“I’m going to use the restroom, before the food arrives,” she murmured to him.

“OK, Sweetie,” he said, as he reached for a roll.

She entered the women’s bathroom and went to the mirror over the sink. As she freshened her makeup, getting her lipstick just right, she also examined her skin. She was still beautiful, still had smooth, young looking skin, but she had to admit she was looking more and more like her mother every day.

Just as she was putting her lipstick back into her purse the door opened behind her, and the waiter came in.

“Hello,” she whispered, looking at his reflection in the mirror.

“Quiet,” he responded, lifting her dress up over her hips and pulling her panties down. A scant moment after he’d entered the washroom the head of his cock was already poking at her damp entrance.

He slid his cock up and down her pussy lips for a moment, getting it with her juices, before plunging into her.

“Ohhhh!” she exclaimed, holding onto the sink to keep from collapsing, as she felt her legs getting weak.

He grabbed her hips and began fucking her, entering further and further into her with each thrust until he was Escort Ataşehir balls-deep. She sighed as she felt him stretching her pussy walls; she’d come into the restaurant feeling lifeless inside, and now the anonymous waiter was shoving a soul back into her body, right up her cunt.

“Fuck me,” she whispered. “Please… Please fuck me!” He was so goddam big, she’d never had a chance to get used to taking cocks this size.

Of course, he seemed to be paying no attention to her. She was simply a set of holes for him to have his way with; just being used for his pleasure. When he’d entered the bathroom he hadn’t bothered to check if anyone else was there; he didn’t care who saw him fucking this slut. Neither had he hesitated to simply pull out his cock and stab it immediately into her. She was here for him to cum into, and it was all he cared about.

She felt her first orgasm wash over her. He must have noticed, because he started fucking her harder, using her hips to pull her against him like a doll. She reached under her to finger her clit, and felt a second orgasm building up. Then he pulled her tight against him, thrusting as deep as possible into her — she felt his balls smack against her hand, as she diddled her clit — and then she could feel his cock pulsing as he shot his load into her. She worked her pussy even harder and came again, slumped over the cold sink, with her panties around her knees, as a stranger filled her cunt with his seed. He didn’t care if she got pregnant; it wasn’t his concern.

When he was done, he pulled out of her and smacked her ass.

“This time again next year?” he asked.

“Mm hmm,” she responded dreamily, still bent over the sink. She’d had this same waiter fill her cunt with cum in this same bathroom three anniversary dinners in a row; of course she’d be back again next year!

After he left, she took a moment to make herself presentable again. It wasn’t difficult; he hadn’t kissed her or anything, so her makeup was fine. Last year he’d pulled her hair as he fucked her, and she’d had to fix that, but this year he hadn’t even taken the time to do that. So she simply smoothed her dress back out over her slim hips and waited for her breath to Ataşehir Rus Escort go back to normal. She dropped her panties into the garbage on her way out of the washroom.

She got back to the table just as the waiter was arriving with their food.

“I hope you’re hungry!” he said, as waiters always do.

“Starving,” she said.

After the waiter left, Steve teased her. “I don’t know if the wine was a good idea — it looks like you’ve got the Asian blush!”

“It’s worth it,” she responded, taking another sip. “Sometimes you just have to enjoy life.” She reveled in the feeling of the waiter’s cum dripping out of her well used pussy. “You have to live it to its fullest.”

As usual, Steve went straight to the bathroom when they got home. Estelle wondered if he masturbated in there. Fine with her if he did, since that’s exactly what she intended to do right now.

As soon as the door closed behind him her dress was on the floor and she was under the covers. She used her fingers to scoop up any stray cum that had leaked out, bringing it to her lips. God, she felt so dirty! Her husband was only a few feet away, and she was in bed eating a stranger’s cum off her thigh!

She moved her finger slightly higher, and started working her clit. She arched her back, toes gripping the sheets, as she came one more time.

By the time Steve came back out of the bathroom she looked normal again.

“Good night,” he said.

“Night,” she responded, before turning out the light.

Soon she could hear Steve snoring beside her, but Estelle lay awake for hours, imagining that she could feel the waiter’s cum resting inside her womb.

One year later. Another year in her dead marriage, another year of pretending to listen to Steve’s stories. Here they were at their usual anniversary restaurant. Sadly, their usual waiter was no longer there.

Oh well, Estelle thought. I couldn’t just keep coming here, year after year, and letting a stranger fuck me in the bathroom. There must be better ways to add some spice to my boring life.

After they’d ordered she excused herself, and went to the bathroom. Moments after entering, she heard the door open behind her; in the mirror, she saw a busboy behind her, along with a chef.

“Brian talked to us,” the busboy said. “He said if you ever came back, we should… take care of you.”

Estelle felt moisture running down her thigh, as her pussy reacted to this news. Steve would have to entertain himself for a while…

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