Hell Hath No Fury Ch. 17

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A police car followed Heidi home after she left the high school, and remained outside her house. She went inside, took a bath, and collapsed into bed. But, even though she was exhausted from the day’s stressful events, she couldn’t sleep. She laid there, trying to figure who could hate her enough to want to do all these terrible things to her. Try as she would, she couldn’t come up with a name.

The attitude of the police was starting to bug her. Sometimes, when Sergeant Tyler questioned her, it seemed to Heidi the detective believed she knew who was behind all this, and why, but wasn’t telling. Heidi didn’t understand the detective’s attitude. If she had even the faintest idea who the sick person was, she’d have told the police in a minute.

Milt Bingham was making his usual end of the school day tour of the building. The tour was a habit he’d gotten into shortly after he came to Jamestown High. When he left the school building in the late afternoon, he liked knowing it was empty and secure. He approached the gym area, checked the men’s locker room first, then he walked across the gym to the women’s locker room and opened the door.

While Milt was inspecting other areas of the school building, Debbie Dickinson had entered the female gym teacher’s office. She wanted to see the teacher, Rachel Conyers, very much.

Miss Conyers looked up when Debbie entered the office and shut the door, then locked it.

“Hi, Miss Conyers,” Debbie said softly. “I…I thought I’d stop in for a minute. You don’t mind, do you?”

Smiling warmly, Miss Conyers stood up, walked to her office door, and pulled down the shade over the window in the door. She turned, smiled at the petite, but full-bodied brunette girl, then she pulled her into her arms. “You know I don’t mind, darling,” she said before she covered Debbie’s mouth with hers.

When Gaziantep Gecelik Escort the kiss ended, the coach began undoing the buttons down the front of Debbie’s blouse while the teenager trembled with anticipation.

Milt, meanwhile, had entered the women’s locker room. He looked around. The locker room was empty and Miss Conyers’ door was closed. He saw that the shade was drawn, but it looked like the light in the office was on. Thinking Miss Conyers was still in her office, he walked across the empty locker room, toward the office. As he neared the office door, he heard sounds he realized were moans. Milt started walking a little faster.

“Ohhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Annnnnnhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Miss Conyers!!! Yesssss!!! Yessssss!!!!”

“That’s a woman’s voice!” Milt thought, his heart pounding. He moved closer to the door and peered in. He could see Rachel Conyers’ desk through a gap in the shade and what he saw stunned him. Debbie Dickinson, one of the students, was lying naked on the teacher’s desk, her hands pulling at her large, rosy-tipped breasts. Miss Conyers’ head was between the student’s legs. Milt felt his cock growing hard and his breath began to come in ragged gasps.

“More!!! More!!!” the petite brunette cried, “Oh, God, Miss Conyers!!! Eat me more!!!! Yessssss!!!!”

Milt was transfixed. This was wrong! He should do his duty, go into the teacher’s office, and bring what was going on to a halt. But, for reasons he couldn’t totally understand, he didn’t do that. Instead, he stood at the door, watching, his cock growing harder and harder.

“Commminnnngggg!!!!! Oh, God, Miss Conyers!!!!! I’m commmminnnnggggg!!!!” Debbie cried. Her middle writhed frantically against Miss Conyers’ mouth.

While the assistant principal continued to watch, Miss Conyers lifted her head from between the student’s thighs, then the two women embraced and began to kiss and caress each other. His heart was thudding, he was gasping for breath, and a hurricane of powerful sensations was whirling through him.

Debbie slid off the desk. Miss Conyers stripped off her clothes, jumped up on the desk where Debbie had been, and laid back, her legs spread.

Avidly, Milt’s eyes traveled over the female coach’s lush, full body. He shuddered when the student began to explore it with her hands and lips, making the older woman tremble and cry out with joy. Eventually, the teenager’s head moved between the coach’s outspread legs and her mouth descended into Miss Conyers’ lush blonde delta.

“Mmmmmmmmmnnnnnnhhhh!!!!!!!! Yessssssssss!!!!” Rachel Conyers purred, her hips rotating, pressing her middle against the student’s mouth. “Debbie!!! Oh, Debbie!!!! You do that so well!!!!”

Milt continued to be a gasping spectator, watching Debbie drive the lusty coach wild with her thrusting tongue, moving lips, and probing fingers. He knew he had a duty to do, that it was his job to break up this horrible event, but he couldn’t force himself to do that. Instead, he kept on watching and growing more and more aroused as he did.

“Eeeeeeahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!” Miss Conyers cried, her back arching like a bow, her legs clamped tightly around Debbie’s head, as a powerful orgasm ripped through her. “Yesssss!!!! Oh, darling yessssssss!!!! That’s it!!! I’m commmminnnnnnggggg!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!! I’m commminnnnggggg!!!!”

As Milt watched, something unexpected happened to him. He emitted a soft groan and his throbbing cock began spewing his hot cream into his pants. Sobbing, he turned and hobbled out of the locker room.

The two women in the office hugged, kissed, and continued to fondle each other playfully.

“Are you glad I stopped in?” Debbie asked, kissing the coach’s breast.

“Oh, yes, my sweet dove,” Miss Conyers replied, stroking Debbie’s hair. “You know I love it when you visit me Nobody eats me the way you do.”

Milt got into his car and started for his apartment. While he drove, he felt the cooling juices dampening his pants and rage rose inside him. “They’ll get theirs!” he muttered, gripping the steering wheel so hard his knuckles were white. “That kind of evil behavior can’t and won’t be allowed to continue in my school!” A cold smile formed on his face. “Once I take care of that other matter…” he told himself, “…I’ll deal with Miss Conyers and her little friend!”

Tim slipped into the shower and began getting ready for work. He wondered what the shift would be like tonight and hoped he and Lex would be assigned their regular sector. He wanted to be close to Heidi, to be there to help her if she needed him.

Heidi lay in bed, almost asleep. For some reason, she thought about Bob Samuelson. “I wonder if the vandalism to his car could have had anything to do with me?” she thought. “It started after the night he and I had dinner at his house.” She considered telling the police what she was speculating, but realized she might also have to tell them why that incident and what had been happening to her were connected and wasn’t sure she should do that. If she did, she might jeopardize Bob’s marriage. “I can’t take that chance,” she thought. “At least not without talking to Bob. If he says it’s all right for me to tell the police about us, maybe…”

Thoughts of Bob led to recollections of what a satisfying lover he was, and those memories warmed her. Then she had a disturbing realization. “As good as making love with Bob is,” she mused, “there’s still something missing. I feel wonderful after we make love, but it still isn’t the way I want to feel.” As she fell asleep, it occurred to her that she’d never felt there was anything lacking after she had made love with Tim Jackman.

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