Here for a Few Days

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Rm 530

You’re cuter in person. I give you a hug hello, and oh my god do you smell good. Your voice…a deep baritone, instant weak knees. That’s an oddity of meeting online, you don’t always hear the voice until you meet. Life is weird.

I kick off my sandals and plop on the bed, cross-legged. We chat… you’re smart, really smart, calm-natured, kind. I really want to touch you…do I make the first move? Do you? Are you no longer interested now that I’m here? I make you laugh, you make me laugh. I touch your arm, your leg…you don’t recoil.

I think you’re still up for it…what the hell…you’re not a virgin…just do it.

I shift my posture, sitting on my heels. Facing you, “you have me here, what are you going to do with me?” You smile and chuckle, “yeah I clocked the shift in posture. Alright, we talked ground rules and limits, welcome to my playground.” I pull out my toys, and condoms, and vegan lube …don’t knock it, it’s fucking awesome.

“Oh yeah, those aren’t going to fit.” You pull out your cock rings and condoms and …oh, yep, you’re right mine won’t work. Damn.

Inventory complete, we strip – seeing each other fully. Both smiling, that’s good…and did I mention…damn that is a thick, fucking cock. And it’s not even hard.

We touch and kiss, your skin is soft, your body firm. You feel so good. You hands in my hair, my neck, down my body, you roll me on my back. Your hands between my legs. You shift your body, we could 69, but your attention on my pussy is too distracting. Fuck…am I gonna cum, already. Damn, that was fast.

Oh…we’re still doing me. Hell yeah.

You hit my g-spot and don’t let up. I’m grabbing your leg, my head turns and screaming with pleasure into the pillow. “Cum again, yeah – cum for me.” I’m close, wet, almanbahis gushing wet, you cover my mound with your mouth, sucking my clit, fingers fucking me – your other hand around my throat – yessss. My body wracks with pleasure, my vaginal muscles clamping around your fingers. “Fuck.”

We shift, you lying on your back, me on you – kissing you, touching you. My tits dragging down your body. I arrive. I’m a little intimidated…thick, soooo thick. My mouth stretches as wide as it can…I wish it could open a little more. My lips and tongue sliding up and down your shaft, my fingers playing with your balls and ass hole. This isn’t cutting it…vegan lube to the rescue. You mention you’ve never used lube with a hand job…you appreciate the efforts. “Ohhhh yeah, that feels good.” I continue my attention on your cock, rubbing, sucking, tittie-fucking. Back in my mouth, quietly I hear “deeper, deeper” ….baby, I am choking on this can of a cock, my throat as relaxed as I can get it. My type-A, overachiever personality takes over. I look up. “I’m trying, I swear.”

You smile at me, a devilish smile. The cock rings and magnum condom now in place you invite me up on you. You fill me, of course you do – I may have given birth but you still fill me. You guide and encourage my hips to grind and explore you inside me. I find my rhythm, arching my back, settling into full camel pose, you between my legs, your cock deep in my pussy, I cum. I start to move, and you stop me grabbing my hands, encouraging me to use your hands as anchor points. “Do it again, ride my cock and cum again.” Yes, sir. I cum, again. Collapsing on you.

You sweetly ask, “missionary or doggie?”

“Doggie please.”

I am flipped over my ass in the air…modified child’s pose. You you are almanbahis giriş deep, your balls slapping my clit as you thrust into me. “Fuuuuuuck,” my hands dig into the sheets and I push back onto you.

“Yeah, I like that. Grab those sheets.”

I cum..hard…I’m loosing count. “Lie down, right there. Legs together.” You straddle me from behind. “Stick your ass up and keep it up.” Yes, Sir.

You enter me and fuck me again…that…feels…amazing. Ding, ding!

“Flip over”

As you wish, my legs up and wide, grabbing my feet and assuming ‘happy baby’, your hands on the back of my thighs, steadying your deep thrusts. Ding, ding, ding …honestly, how does one keep count with you?

Now it’s your turn, asking permission to cum – permission granted! You release and stay inside me. Your cock pulsing. I respond with gentle squeezes (thank you kegels). Your breath deep and focused, meditative. I watch you in awe. You are beautiful and serene. I smile at your contentment. We stay like this for several minutes. It’s truly lovely.

We clean up and lie next to each other, both fighting a post-coital nap. The sun through the window eliciting feline feelings…I am

seriously fighting the urge to curl up in a ball and fall asleep.

I check the time…”I need to get going.”

“Ok” you say sleepily from your pre-napping spot on the bed. “Want me to walk you out?”

You look so peaceful, “No, I’m good.”

A sweet hug and kiss goodbye.

Until next time room 530…til next time.

Rm 509

Take two – new hotel, same floor…what we only have 45 minutes? “Sorry, they made some changes to the schedule.”

Better work fast…

Naked and curled into each other, we already know, a bit, about our bodies. Oh yay, the almanbahis yeni giriş kissing is better this time. Not that it was bad before, but now It’s lovely. Did I mention how much I enjoy making out? And naked making out, is truly my favorite.

Finger tips and nails lightly drag down bodies, skin prickling at the touch. Your cock and my pussy responding. I stroke you to attention. You pull me close and around you, my leg draping over your hips. Your hand smacks my ass, I smile in appreciation…we’re still making out. This is awesome.

Your hand caressing my ass, wrapping around, pulling me tight to you, your fingers exploring and inside me.…

“Cum for me” …shit, how do you have this effect on me. Ding.

I slide my hand between us, grabbing and rubbing your, now hard, cock, “Time’s ticking, I’m gonna need you to fuck me now.” Wish granted.

I’m on my back and again you fill me, deep. Like old lovers, we know how to move and position our bodies. I cum again. You thrust, deep and fast “I’m gonna cum.”

Your body wracks with your orgasm, the energy exchange makes my body respond – curing up into you, my legs wrapping around you, my hands rubbing your shoulders and chest.

You twitch and wiggle, still inside me, as the last waves of pleasure run through your body.

The alarm on you phone goes off…we did it! Time constraints be damned.

You hop in the shower, if I joined you, you will definitely be late. I dress and gather my things. You dress and we say our goodbyes in your room…considering about 100 of your colleagues are in the same hotel and you don’t need to explain to anyone why you may be running late.

I walk a few strides ahead to the elevator, strangers in the hotel. A useful act. We hit the lobby, you go right, I peel left to the exit.

I head to my car and text you to let you know I got home.

“I love that I can still smell you on me. Thanks again. Can’t wait till you’re back in town.”

“#missionaccomplished I wore it just for you.”

Swoon. Still sweet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32