High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 39

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I opened my eyes before dawn feeling the warmth of her lovely body still snuggled next to me. She looked so peaceful sleeping with her head nestled against my shoulder and one arm draped over my chest. Together we had shared an incredible sexual experience, her luscious body and sensual mind providing untold moments of pure ecstasy for me.

I decided to try and gently remove myself from her embrace without waking her and at the very least prepare a simple breakfast for both of us. I slipped on a pair of boxers and after a quick stop in the bathroom to pee and brush my teeth, I headed to the kitchen and started a pot of coffee. I heard the bathroom door close signaling that my movements getting out of bed had brought Stephanie from her peaceful sleep. I was slicing a couple of bagels when I heard her enter the kitchen and say, “Good morning lover.”

I turned to face her; she had retrieved her diaphanous black, silk thong from the living room floor to cover her loins and had apparently gone into my closet and slipped on one of my white, long sleeve dress shirts. I smiled and said, “Sorry I woke you, hun.”

Rather than buttoning the shirt, Stephanie had pulled the tails tight around her slim waist and tied them in a knot. She smiled and said, “Hope you don’t mind if I borrow one of your shirts.”

The open shirt formed a deep V that covered her nipples but framed the sensual cleavage between her sexy big tits, the sleeves dangled down over her hands nearly hiding her sexy fingernails. As she walked towards me, I gazed at her wondering how long I would be able to resist opening the shirt wider so I could caress every part of her chest. I grinned at her and said, “I love how sexy you look wearing my shirt.”

Once she reached me, I reached out and placed my hands on her hips. Stephanie pressed her sexy body against mine, wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a passionate good morning kiss which tasted minty, then said, “I want to thank you for last night, the sex was incredible but cuddling with me brought back so many wonderful memories. I’ve missed sleeping with my lover for so very long.”

I replied, “It was my pleasure,” then returned her passionate kiss with one of my own, my hands grabbing her ass cheeks and pulling her close.

Stephanie leaned back and said, “The coffee smells wonderful.”

“Would you like a bagel and cream cheese?” I asked.

“I’d love something to eat, I’m famished this morning,” Stephanie replied.

I began to turn towards the counter as I said, “Have a seat, as soon as the coffee finishes brewing and I toast these bagels we can share breakfast.”

As the bagels toasted, I turned again to face her. She had begun the roll up my shirt sleeves and was watching every move I made as she said, “Allen I’m so sorry I broke down last night. I’d thought I would be able to talk about Teddy and me, but as I recalled our life together my emotions got the better of me.”

“I understand completely, you spent most of your life with him. It’s normal to become emotional when talking about it.” I replied.

She smiled and answered, “I do want to tell you everything about our marriage and the time since I lost him.”

I poured our coffee and grabbed a half gallon of milk from the refrigerator along with a tub of cream cheese and placed everything on the table as I said, “Whenever you feel up to it, I’d love to hear more about your past.”

“I’m feeling much better this morning,” Stephanie replied as I retrieved the bagels from the toaster.

I sat down across from her and began spreading the soft cream cheese on our bagels as she said, “Teddy loved taking photographs of me. I’d dress in sexy lingerie and pose seductively for him.”

I smiled as I slid the plate of bagels to the middle of the table.

“The best sex we ever shared was after one of our photo shoots so I knew that taking those pictures really turned him on,” Stephanie recalled.

“I can certainly understand that,” I answered.

She took a sip of coffee and a tiny bite from half of the bagel before continuing, “We must have taken a thousand or more pictures and I decided I wanted to spice our picture sessions up a little so I stopped at a porn shop and purchased a few sex toys. I surprised him with a big, thick dildo and my first anal plug the next time we got into a shoot.”

I was very interested in hearing about their next photo session and asked, “Was he surprised?”

Stephanie giggled and replied, “He was, but as usual Teddy had a surprise in store for me that night.”

“What was that?” I asked.

She smiled as she lifted her coffee cup to her lips, took another sip and continued. “That night I had worn a very sexy, red corset, my tits oozed over the top of the cups. After he’d taken a series of pictures, I pulled the cups down to expose my naked tits. When I began pleasing myself with the dildo, he concentrated on my pussy and the big, thick rubber cock I was fucking myself with. I could see that he was completely wednesday izle aroused, his cock stretched his boxers totally.”

I couldn’t wait to hear what happened and urged her on, “Tell me more.”

She smiled again, paused for another sip of coffee and a bite of her bagel before continuing, “Up until that time our photo shoots were just of me, but Teddy told me that he wanted to take some pictures of me sucking his cock. From that night on every picture session included oral sex. Before that, whenever I gave him head, I always made him climax in my mouth. But when he was photographing me sucking him off, he always pulled out and gave me a sticky facial cum shot. Teddy loved taking pictures of my face painted with his thick cum.”

“That’s so fricking hot,” I replied.

Stephanie giggled and said, “I guess that’s why I love being a cum slut.”

I just smiled in agreement.

“I had long fantasized about having sex with more than one man and I suggested that he and I join a swingers’ group. Teddy had been uploading some of the photos from our shoots to an amateur site that also included swingers’ groups and he immediately agreed to my suggestion.” Stephanie said.

“Wow, I’d love to see some of his pictures,” I replied.

Stephanie giggled and said, “I’ll have to invite you to my place, they are all saved on my computer.”

“I’d like that. So, you found a swingers’ club to join?” I asked.

“Yes, and it was fuckin’ hot Allen. We found a small group of about ten couples. We got together every other weekend, each couple taking a turn to host our meeting at their home. That was where I had my first double penetration and discovered what it feels like to have a really big cock buried in my asshole. Teddy enjoyed the variety of fucking different women almost as much as I enjoyed other cocks. I remember one Saturday night when we were hosting the group. While we were sitting around having a few drinks, I mentioned to the group that I had a fantasy of being gang banged. That night was one for the record books. I got fucked by every man there and being the cum slut that I’d become took every hot load on my face and tits.” She said.

“Geez Stephanie, I had no idea you’re this experienced sexually,” I remarked.

She smiled proudly, then said, “It was during the time that we were in the swingers’ group that I discovered my bisexuality and my love for the taste of female cum. During the week while our husbands were at work, I’d invite a couple of the wives over for lunch and we’d play together. I learned how to please a woman and found out how different a female lover is from a man.”

I smiled at her, then mentioned, “Kay asked me if I thought you were bi and from personal experience, I can confirm that Kay is. Staci told me when you two spoke that you suggested a kinky threesome for the three of us. Up until then, I didn’t know Staci was bisexual.”

“I can’t wait to be with each of them,” Stephanie answered.

“How long were you and Teddy with the swingers’ group?” I asked.

“Nearly five years, in fact, we were planning on going to a party the night of his accident.” She replied.

I knew that at some point in her story she’d get to the accident that took Teddy from her and reached across the table to touch her hand.

“He was driving home from work when a drunk driver ran a red light and broadsided his car on the driver’s side. The police told me that Teddy died instantly on impact so I could at least know he didn’t suffer.” She explained.

“I’m so sorry Stephanie,” I replied.

I could see that she was fighting back the tears again and said, “Can I get you another cup of coffee?”

“I’d like that Allen,” she replied.

I got up, collected her coffee cup and walked over to the counter to refill it. As I poured, she said, “The other driver survived the crash and was charged with vehicular homicide. I assume he’s still in prison.”

I returned to the table and slid her cup across to her.

“Allen, I was devastated, I couldn’t think of going on without him. I sort of withdrew into a shell, not wanting to be around any of our friends. They tried for the longest time to help me with my depression, but I rejected every attempt to cheer me up,” she admitted.

“That’s too bad Stephanie, I’m sure they all loved you,” I suggested.

She sipped her coffee, then continued. “On the second anniversary of Teddy’s death, I had a long cry but made a decision that I needed to move on. Teddy’s life insurance more than covered his final expenses with enough left to pay off the mortgage on our house. I received a sizeable settlement from the other driver’s insurance company and invested that into an annuity so financially I’m set for life.”

“That’s good hun,” I replied.

She smiled and continued her story, “Teddy’s salary was more than enough to support us both. I did work part-time in cosmetic departments at several retail stores, but after weekend family izle his death, I decided to look into something full time. An acquaintance suggested that I would make an excellent realtor with my good looks and outgoing personality being a perfect fit in that business. I took the pre-licensing course and passed the license test on the first try.”

I laughed and said, “I remember the first time we met. I thought the same thing your personality certainly had something to do with me signing the lease for this place.”

Stephanie laughed even louder and replied, “I seem to recall you spending more time looking at me than the layout of the condo.”

“What can I say, I’m a connoisseur of exquisite curves,” I answered with a big grin on my face.

Stephanie continued, “The night we met in the parking lot, I was planning on going out to a bar and pick someone up after my appointment to show one of the vacant apartments. As you were admiring my exquisite curves the first time we met when I was showing you the apartment, I was also looking you over, although in a more discreet manner, and thought you were sexy and was very impressed. My request for an invitation to your housewarming party, which I normally don’t make, was a subtle way of providing me with an opportunity to seduce you, a post-closing ‘special service’. I think we are both very happy with the.”

“As it turned out, getting into real estate not only gave me business goals to shoot for but also provided me with a lot of opportunities to explore my growing need to find sexual satisfaction. Sooner or later a big, thick dildo just doesn’t cut it, if you know what I mean Allen,” Stephanie explained, winking as she spoke.

“I think I do,” I replied with a smile on my face.

“I had already made up my mind that no man could replace my Teddy and that I’d never marry again. The thought of losing another man I loved so dearly frightened me. In my business, men and women come and go, there’s always a new buyer or seller and an almost never-ending parade of people who think the real estate business is easy money,” Stephanie remarked.

“Do you remember the first time you had sex after Teddy passed?” I asked.

“Like it was yesterday, I met with a man who was going through a very messy divorce and wanted me to sell his home. I swear to god Allen this place was worth millions. It had at least ten bedrooms and baths, a huge game room, a home theater and outside there was a hot tub that held easily a dozen people. As he showed me the home, he was constantly touching me, not in a sexual way but nonetheless his hands and fingertips were almost always in contact. His light contact aroused me and when we entered the master bedroom, he made a comment that nothing had happened there for a very long time. I told him that was too bad and as he touched my arm, I covered his hand with mine then slowly brought it up to my chest. From that point forward his hands never left my body. He slowly undressed me leaving only my lacy thong in place and then proceeded to kiss and lick every inch of my body. His oral talents have only been surpassed by one other man.” Stephanie explained.

I smiled and asked, “Who was that other man?”

With a sheepish grin on her face, Stephanie said, “You are that other man, Allen.”

I just smiled at her, said, “Of course you fucked him.”

She replied, “Of course, but it was more like he fucked me. I had multiple orgasms as he fucked my cunt, then enjoyed having his rock-hard cock buried in my tight, little asshole. When he finally came in my cunt it was like he’d been storing his cum for years.”

“That’s so fuckin’ hot,” I answered.

Stephanie giggled and continued, “With his asking price it took nearly nine months to get an offer. Each time I’d set up a showing, I would return that evening to give him feedback about it and we’d fuck again. We fucked in every bedroom in the house, on the pool table in his game room, a couple of times in the hot tub and once or twice in his home theater while watching a porn movie. Each and every time he’d pump me full with hot, thick cum, then I sucked his cock clean.

“So, you finally sold his home?” I asked.

“Yes, it finally sold and he got his asking price. To celebrate he took me to dinner at a very nice restaurant, then we fucked one last time. I haven’t seen or heard from him since.” She admitted.

“Have you given any other clients that special kind of service?” I asked.

Stephanie laughed, then said, “So now it’s called a special service, and yes I have fucked several clients when the opportunity presented itself. Nothing long term like the divorced guy, but a quickie for a client who I found especially sexy.”

I got up and walked to the counter and refilled my coffee cup. As I turned and started back, Stephanie smiled and said, “I see my story is having a positive effect on you.”

I smiled and grabbed the bulge in my boxers as I said, “When welcome to chippendales izle you finish your story, I’ll give you some of this.”

She giggled and replied, “Bull shit some, I want all of it, every fuckin’ big, thick inch.”

I sat down next to her this time and waited for her to continue.

“What that client did was awaken my sexual desires again. Teddy and I made love several times a week and I began seeking men to fulfill those desires more often. I attended real estate conferences, not to learn, but to find men who could satisfy my cravings. I often went to a local club looking for men or women I could seduce,” she admitted.

“Wow,” I said.

“Now that Kay has shown me how to relax my throat, I’ll be able to use my new-found talent to pleasure any man I choose to seduce. I think that Kay is very sexy. I’m really looking forward to being with her again, this time I want to concentrate on her while you watch.” Stephanie admitted.

“I know I told you during our phone conversation arranging your meeting with Kay that it was only going to be a deep throat lesson. After the incredible double team, deep throat blowjob you both gave me when you excused yourself Kay asked me if I wanted to fuck both of you when you got back to which I replied, ‘Absolutely’. Why did you leave, did you really have an early morning appointment or did you assume that our prior conversation about not fucking still applied?” I said

Stephanie replied, “Kissing Kay and sharing your cum with her got me hot and wet. It was really difficult to leave. Had I known that Kay was bi-sexual and if either of you had invited me or said something sooner, I would have stayed. You know I love your big cock and would never turn down an opportunity to enjoy it. I would love to share Kay’s sexy body with you. You both get my juices flowing. In fact, when I went home that night and before I went to sleep, I masturbated with one of my toys thinking about a threesome until I came. I would also love to spend a night with Kay, just the two of us. I hope you won’t be mad about that Allen. Knowing that I’m bisexual and love sex, you could introduce me to the other women you are fucking.”

Knowing that I was planning on being with Kay later I said, “You may get the opportunity to be with Kay later today.”

“That would be wonderful,” Stephanie replied.

I figured now was as good a time as any to explain my plans with the GoPro and said, “Like you, Kay is into exhibitionism. Since I moved in and met her, she has done several solo performances masturbating in front of her window so I could watch from my balcony. I’ve watched her seduce and deep throat a huge, black cock”

“God Allen that is so fuckin’ hot, I’d love to have you watch and film Kay and I making love together,” Stephanie replied. After a short pause she added, “When we spoke on the phone, Staci described the first time you fucked. She said the two of you were watching a woman across the way deep throat a huge, black cock. That was Kay who Staci was watching, wasn’t it?”

“You are correct. Staci knows that I’m fucking other women but doesn’t know that Kay is one of them. Kay now knows about Staci, I told her after you left the other night. Watching Kay fuck another man is a huge turn on for me, but the view from here isn’t always very good. Kay and I decided that our fetish would be enhanced with the use of a GoPro camera I’m expecting a delivery of one later today. I was planning on going over to her apartment to set it up in a hidden location and run a test. She’ll be able to stream the show, both the video and sound, to my phone. I can transmit from my phone to any big screen television.” I explained.

Stephanie smiled and said, “So basically, you’ll be making amateur porn movies?”

“Yes, and with the equipment I’m getting, the movies can be saved to a computer and viewed again or uploaded to the internet with the approval of all parties involved,” I replied.

“I want to star in one of your movies Allen, I’d love to have you film me and another man,” she quickly said.

I just smiled at her realizing she too loves having others watch as she fucks.

“In the last ten years I’ve fallen in love with sex again, from the first moments of gentle foreplay to the frenzied race to orgasm, there is nothing I don’t love about having sex. I love feeling a man’s cock grow rock-hard in my mouth, I love having another woman’s mouth on my loins or having her fuck my asshole with a strap-on cock. I crave the taste of sex, either a thick, sticky load of hot cum or the sweet nectar that flows from another woman’s cunt as she climaxes. Sometimes I think I’ve become addicted to sex.” Stephanie said.

“There are much worse addictions, Stephanie,” I replied.

Stephanie seemed to be leading to something. She stood up, slowly untied the knot that held my shirt over her big, firm tits, let it slip from her shoulders and fall to the floor, then proceeded to walk from the kitchen, her sumptuous rear end swaying enticingly. Looking over her shoulder, her eyes sparkling with mischief and desire, she confirmed it when she said, “Allen, you and every man I fuck feed my addiction and I’m feeling like I need a fix. I want every inch of your big, hard cock buried in my throat, then in my asshole. I want to feel your searing hot cum scorch my flesh.”

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