Holding Hands

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(All characters in this story are of Legal Age 18+)

Jamie woke up that morning tired from school the day before. It was saturday! The weekend and she couldn’t wait to get dressed and go to the mall with her best friend Alicia. She took her time as she got out of bed the sun shined brightly outside her window so she knew it had be sometime around ten judging by how bright it was outside.

“Crap, I slept in late.”

She said as she stretched out her breasts gleaming in the sunlight. She quickly went to the bathroom and began to get ready as she always slept in the nude so she could get ready quickly in the morning among other reasons. Every morning though Jamie would just waste time just watching her self in the mirror; checking her self out a bit she thought. Somedays she though she was gorgeous while other she would have liked the ability to not attract any kind attention. She had a larger then normal cup size. Somewhere between the size of a “C” cup on bad days and a “D” cup on other days good days. Jamie never understood why when she hit 18 her cup size became so erratic.

“Maybe cause I play with them to hard”

She thought to her self as she smirked. She stood on her toes and dropped a bit to watch her breasts bounce. They were perky and she loved them to death that way. She looked her self over a couple of times more as she put on some very tight pantyhose that griped her butt the right way to make it look plump and quite the handful. Unknown to her the door to her bedroom slowly began to open as figure walked into her bedroom quietly. The way the room was built Jamie couldn’t see the door from inside her bathroom, and went about getting ready to leave for the mall. Suddenly a slender blonde young girl comes up behind jamie and grabs a hold of her by the hips gripping tightly the the pantyhose she had just put on.

“Fuck me now!”

The blonde girl growled, Jamie gasps as this young blonde girls pulls excitedly ripping Jamie’s pantyhose in several different spots. Jamie growls as she says to the blonde who’s name is Victoria, Jamie’s younger sister.

“Victoria not only am I late, but Alicia is waiting for me! And you ripped another pair you little bitch!”

Victoria who was is in a frenzy doesn’t listen to Jamie as she slips her hand into the panty hose from one of the tears and starts to rub Jamie’s pussy from standing behind Jamie. She pulls her back to her and whispers lightly into her ear.

“It’s saturday, invite her over. She wants to hang out… that fine, but I get my pussy first thing.”

Victoria was completely naked and her breasts were large in comparison to Jamie’s and the felt like pillows as jamie pressed against them. Double D’s for sure…

Jamie moans loudly as she is torn into a frenzy as well. She turns slowly to realize herself that Victoria is completely naked not only just topless and a look of blood lust in her eyes. The embrace each other in a long sloppy kiss that is more about expelling sexual energy than anything.

“Let me call her then.”

Jamie’s moans into Victoria’s mouth as both of their movements become more systematic.

“I already did”

Victoria moans back as she pulls her other hand and slaps it as hard she can again Jamie’s ass. Jamie responds by groaning loudly as she pulled back.

“She’ll be here in a couple of minutes”

Victoria says as she smiles. She then gets down on her knees and rips a bigger hole in Jamie’s pantyhose. She then sticks a couple of fingers into her dripping wet pussy and began to thrust violently.

Jamie’s knee’s begin to go weak as she leans again the wall near her shower. She grips Victoria’s blonde hair as she continues to get roughly finger banged by her slightly younger sister. Jamie’s hair becomes erratic as it falls in front of her face crimson red a very different color from Victoria’s.

Victoria grabs Jamie violently by the waist and drags her down to the floor on her knees as she shoves the pussy dipped fingers into her sister Jamie’s mouth. Jamie’s sucks on her own cum slowly, savoring the first taste of the day of pussy cum. They both turn to each other now and embrace in another kiss this one much more gentle bursa evi olan escort but still lust filled. Their tongues meet as jamie sucks her sisters tongue softly licking every part of her mouth. They had done this so many times before and every time they would want to be ever more wild and in a “I want every part of the other person” mentality. Jamie pulled back as Victoria kept pushing forward even after Jamie closed her lips.” She kept licking every part of her lips. almost like a dog in heat and beyond rhyme and reason, she was in heat. They embrace again in another sloppy kiss.

The door bell rang. Jamie and Victoria didn’t pause as they heard their mother yell from down stairs of their two story home.

“I got it! ….oh hi Alicia.”

The door slams shut.

“Alicia is here.” Jamie says quietly, Victoria’s response was to push her sister down and pull apart her legs to see that it was still wet with cum from the finger fuck. Victoria ran her had up her sisters thigh and smiled down at her. She then stopped at her pussy and lightly touched her sisters shuttering pussy sending a chill down Jamie’s spine. Jamie sat up as she grabbed her sister again for another kiss.

This kiss was much less intense now. Almost lovingly as they kissed each other they pulled each other into a hug while sitting down. They just stayed in this position for a while until Jamie’s realized that Alicia was no where to be found. She began to stand up as Victoria slapped her sisters ass hard. “Timeout, pussy. Be back in five.” Jamie laughed as she walked out to her bedroom and into the hall. Her room was not to far from the stairs as she walked down them to see that Alicia was sitting on the couch with Jamie’s mother squeezed right between her legs giving her pussy a tongue lashing. Alicia had her blue jean skirt around her ankles and as usual she wasn’t wearing any panties underneath.

“Should I just keep keep going with Victoria? Or do does Alicia want to join us up here for a bit?” Alicia moaned loudly as she came loudly and Jamie’s mom planted her mouth on her pussy drinking the young girls sweet juices.

Her mother pulled back and looked up at her daughter and smiled. “I didn’t want to bother you or your sister honey. Remember it is saturday. And don’t forget how your sisters gets without a saturday morning fuck.”

Jamie sighed as she felt her sister come up behind her grabbing her breast tightly and squeezing them. “Oh your having a good day…”

She then walked past her downstairs still completely naked heading towards the kitchen.

“I want pussy with my cereal bitch, My sister is getting ready so you will have to do.” She said as she walked past the wrap around couch they owned.

Alicia obeyed the order and got up and followed Victoria . She was now half naked after leaving her skirt on the living room floor. Jamie laughed as she heard a small clatter of plates and moans again coming from the kitchen. Jamie’s mother smiled as she fixed her hair which was also a crimson red like Jamie’s suddenly hearing the buzzer of the dryer from the garage.

“Get dressed honey, Before your sister has a chance to tire out Alicia” Her mother said waking away toward the garage. Jamie smiled as she walked back up the stairs and into her room. The entire time she was getting dressed she would hear banging and moaning coming from downstairs. Eventually her mothers voice and moans came around as well, but shortly disappeared again when the she had another chore to accomplish it seemed to Jamie.

Jamie came back down the stairs to see that Victoria was in between Alicia legs finishing what Jamie’s mother had started on the couch again, This time though Alicia was on all fours with Victoria underneath attacking her sweet spot.

Jamie watched for a second taking in the beauty of it all. She looked over her sister. She was a slender build platinum blonde hair and the shortest lady in the house. Unlike her own pale skin like her mothers, Victoria was a little more tan and was only a few inches shorter then Jamie. Jamie’s hair was long dark, but it didn’t have any kind of look to it other than just smooth long red hair. Victoria though had altıparmak escort such large boobs, but they were extremely beautiful with her lightly tan skin she looked a neighborhood princess blonde bomb shell. Alicia on the first hand was a smoking hot latin beauty on the other hand tough sports star. Tall, very well built with long black hair her lightly brown tan skin from her spanish family showed. She had the longest legs with the biggest breasts and butt combination that Jamie had laid eyes on….. or mouth too. She was so tall that she never had to wear high heel’s.

Jamie suddenly heard the door bell ring again and a rapid knocking following. The house was two stories but smaller and more compact so the two girls on the couch stopped as they were both out of breath from the activities. So they slowly pulled back from each other and sat up, but as they pulled back they gave each other a wink and blew a kiss simultaneously.

“Jamie get the door please….”Her mother demanded from the kitchen as she was holding plates which looked recently washed then going back into the kitchen to store them

Jamie complied as she turned away a few feet to the front door. As she opened it slightly it flung open quickly hitting her forehead and nose lightly. She pulled back clutching her forehead from the small impact. Tracy our neighbor was standing there looking slightly angry

“Ladies I have my family visiting, and I hate to have to explain there is a orgy going on next door. Can we please keep it down just a bit?”.

Tracy looked over to the girls getting dressed on the couch and that didn’t aid to the frustration. Tracy’s was a slender twenty eight year old that had moved into the 1 story house next door a year ago some time after Jamie and Victoria’s family moved in. She was beautiful with smaller breasts and butt combination that looked like if she exercised more, but sadly she only dabbled in the lesbian side when she was single. Sadly for Victoria she was not at the moment so she wouldn’t have another play mate.

Jamie’s mom popped her head out from the kitchen.

” Were sorry about that Tracy, Girls keep it down now. Your father will be home soon anyways from the graveyard shift so get dressed Victoria.”

Victoria groaned loudly as she threw herself back in the couch. She whimpered like a selfish child while Alicia took the time to re-arrage her self with her longer skirt and bright yellow top. Jamie waved as Alicia came over and they kissed softly Jamie tasting a bit of her sister in the kiss it tasted sweet to her lips. Victoria snuck of to her bedroom and Alicia grabbed Jamie by the hand leading her outside the house to the street. The two walked down the quiet neighborhood. They talked about mainly light topics, trying to have something other than ” When are we gonna fuck next?” conversation again. They laughed as they talked about how the boys in class would never have a chance even though they so wanted to get with either one of these two gorgeous girls.

They finally hit the bus stop right on time as the bus to their local shopping center arrived. They both boarded to see its mainly empty except for another guy with his girlfriend sitting up near the front, and just the bus driver who looked as bad as she smelled. Which happen to be like burnt eggs sitting out in the sun for too long. They head toward the back and sit in the large oversize seats that are ancient. Thankfully though it gives them a lot of privacy in the back. the bus takes off quickly. The ride was long since the only mall near the small town they were in was in another county they were gonna have to wait a while. Jamie looked over to Alicia who was taking the window seat and smiled seductively. Both girls giggled lightly as Jamie lifted Alicia skirt slowly to see that her pussy was still bright red from the long tongue lashing her sister had given her maybe not ten minutes ago. She slowly placed her palm on her leg as she slowly caressed her inner thighs.

Alicia was exited as cold chills ran down her spine watching Jamie slowly mover hand up and down her thigh caressing softly as they stared into each others eyes.

Jamie looked around to see gemlik escort that for the most part the bus was quiet so she pulled in Alicia for a soft tender kiss. As their lips met passion started to burn in Alicia and Jamie legs. Jamie slowly brought her hand back up her friends thigh an slowly inserted a finger in. She teased her friend as she quickly pulled it out and Alicia cried out softly biting her lip in order to not let out a cry of pleasure. The two looked to the front of the bus as nobody looked back. The engine from the bus was too loud for anyone to hear any noise other than that and the screeching of the tires during the stops, Thankfully it clouded all of the noise coming from the back. Plus the old hag driving the bus was too busy chatting to some homeless man who must have got on after them. Jamie pulled her fingers from Alicia’s mouth and to her mouth slurping softly.

Alicia smiled as she pulled Jamie closely and reached under her short blouse cupping one of her breasts and massaging it softly. Alicia was much more direct with her play mate would ever be. She smiled as she rubbed hard suddenly for a moment then back to a gentle massage as though trying to make Jamie cry out in pleasure. Jamie wouldn’t though she had a very high threshold for pain and pleasure which drove Alicia crazy.

This continued on for another few minutes before Alicia pulled Jamie in for another kiss. This kiss was only very subtle in which they just though as they only pecked each other lightly. There was more fun to be had later. They needed to pace themselves or they would never make it past the bus ride.

Suddenly the bus came to a screeching halt. The girls turned forward as they saw the bus driver creak open the bus door and a young man stepped on.

“Fucking Kyle!”

They both said to each other quietly. Both of them with a sour look on heir faces as the young man walked to the back of the bus. Both of the girls went into clean up mode as to pretend nothing had happened.

Kyle made it to the back as he saw the to girls sitting next to each other. He gave a smirk as he cleared his throat before he talked.

“No need to hide it dykes, I can smell the pussy juice you girls squirted when you saw my fine ass get on this bus.”

Jamie looked up at him

“Say what you want about your ass, but your baby dick is not impressive.”

Kyle was a small guy of African decent. For the most part he was apart of one of the five black family’s in town. Kyle had three other younger brothers and one older sister Dominique who let’s say got real friendly with Jamie and Alicia’s and the other girl playmates one night together. Kyle found out and has hated the girls ever since. Dominique still visits Jamie’s sister Victoria every week after school on Wednesdays though, never missed one week.

“Least I don’t have to pretend I got one bitch. One day this cock gonna be down your pipes and your gonna be beggin for more no matter what size it is..”

He answered angrily.

Alicia turned now getting into the argument now.

“Your sister loves my pretend cock, especially when I shove it in her ass and fuck her. Then she takes it and guess what? Fucks me right back in the ass with it too Putto!”

Kyle stood up his eyes full of rage as he stood above the two girls. The girls reach out to each other and gripped each others hands tightly. Kyle’s anger quickly faded as it turned into a sinister smile.

” Pass today….But it will come back to you soon”

He laughed a bit as he walked to the front of the bus and sat down.

The rest of the bus ride was silence. The girls glared at Kyle the whole bus ride. Kyle never looked back which added more to the tension.

The bus closed in on the mall. Alicia reached up and yanked on the chain as the bell rang. The bus came to another screeching halt in front of the mall as the doors creaked open. The girls took the back exit praying the entire time Kyle would just stay on the bus. They waited there…..The bus slowly creaked again as it took off the girls just stood there and watched it take off. There they were holding hands hoping the bus wouldn’t stop which it didn’t thankfully. They then turned to mall and kissed each other lightly before walking toward it. Never letting go of the others hand.

(This Story Is Purely Fictional. The characters in this story are not real. This story is made up and in no way a re-telling of events. Because they never took place.

Thank you and enjoy.)

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