Honeymoon Videos

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Note from Slick: Ever wished you had a private video of your honeymoon nights while experimenting and laughing? Well this story involves newlyweds who get really turned on just from the thought and…. I guess you will just have to read the rest. Everyone in the story is at least 18 years-old. All rights reserved.

Honeymoon Videos

Cindi and her new husband Bill were sitting on their stools when a dark skinned man walked up to them at the beach bar. No one else was within hearing when the man handed Bill a sheet of paper. “If you are interested I’ll be here tonight at 8:00PM,” the man grinned.

Bill watched the man leave and then read the sheet.



I will visit your room and video tape you and your wife as you enjoy your personal time here on the island. What you do is up to you.

30 minutes: $50 60 minutes: $100

You get the only copy of the video.


“What does it say?” Cindy asked as she tried to glance over his shoulder.

“Uh……..the guy does private videos,” Bill said.

“I wanted to get a video of us,” Cindy said innocently.

“Not this kind,” he laughed. “The video would be of us in our bed.” He whispered.

“In our bed……..I don’t understand.”

Bill laughed. “Having sex,” he whispered.

“Oh my God!”

Bill laughed but could feel himself getting hard. He had thought about setting up a video to tape them but didn’t think she would go for it. “We could just mess around some.”

Cindi sat up on her stool. “You are kidding……..right?”

“Of course,” he lied. But it was after lunch as they removed their clothes to put on their bathing suits when Bill took their video camera and aimed it at Cindi’s back as she removed her tiny teal bra and stood in her matching panties.

“We need to buy some suntan lotion…” She said as she turned to toss the bra on the bed. She saw the camera. “BILL!” Her hands moved immediately to cup her petite titties.

“Come on honey……it’s just us. No one else will see them.”

Cindi blushed because she really didn’t like to be naked even in front of him. “You know I don’t like this.” Since Bill had already undressed her eyes moved to his rising penis. Even though they had sex before the wedding it had not been bells and whistles for either of them. Both were very inexperienced and shy. This was the first time they had gone past the dark at night under the covers sex.

Bill was about to pull the camera down when he saw her fingers drop off her chest. “God you are so beautiful.”

“Really?” She blushed as he moved closer to get her boobs up close. She knew her nipples were as hard as they had ever been.

“Yes………now maybe you can…stand by the window.” Their room was on the second floor looking down at the pool.

“But the curtain is not closed,” she said.

“Some of the women are topless so it shouldn’t matter,” Bill said. He had tried to get her to take off her top but she had refused.

Cindi hesitated until she saw his penis now fully erect. Her wobbly feet moved up to the curtain and peeked out. Only another couple sat near enough to see her. “Can I close it a little?”

“No….leave it open,” Bill said. He panned the camera down to her cute little ass as she turned again and looked out. Her panties were pushed down into her buttocks giving the appearance that her ass was bare.

“OK but get it fast,” she giggled as she moved out into the whole full length window and watched at the man down below who was looking up at her. “Oh God……he can see me.” She jumped back behind the curtain.

Bill laughed and continued to video her. “Take off your panties.”

“Bill…….please……..I can’t,” she said now breathing heavily. She knew her pussy was dripping wet. She moved to the camera and put her hand over the lens. “Let’s go to bed.”

Bill too was so hot he didn’t want to lose the mood especially since she was so turned on. He pulled the camera down and turned it off. As she turned to go to the bed his fingers jerked down her panties and she stepped out of them. She moved under the bedspread and sheet but he pulled them off.

“Let’s do it in the open.” He said as he moved down next to her and teased around her golden bush. Her eyes were closed and her head was back on the pillow when he pressed down into her moist slit. Never had he felt her pussy this wet. “You like being videoed don’t you?” He rubbed over her small but firm clitty.

“No………yes…….it was so……hot,” she smiled before reaching down to grab his hard member. “Please I need it…”

Bill had to look at her face to make sure this was his ultra conservative wife. She was begging him to fuck her. He moved between her opened thighs and rubbed his thick head over her damp folds.

“Please….” She begged again. She could still see the man’s eyes down below looking at her nearly naked body. Her eyes opened as Bill’s shaft slowly Gaziantep Yabancı Escort pushed up into her. He was harder and bigger than ever before. “Ahhhhhhhhh!”

Bill did his best not to cum because her wanton moans were bringing him close. He leaned down to suckle her nipples and heard her cry, “YES OH YES SUCK THEM!”

Her ass was now bucking up and back and her thin legs were wrapped around his hips. Cindi had lost control for the first time ever and was closely approaching her first real orgasm.

“Oh Bill…………fuck me,” she moaned.

Bill again looked at her face. She had never said the “F” word around him before. His hips moved into third gear and his cock pounded in and out of her.

“OH MY GOD!” She screamed with her body exploded into thousands of particles. Her pussy was on fire and it had flashed all over her body. When she felt his hot release inside of her she climaxed again. “AHHHHHH!”

Bill held on as best as he could. Even though he outweighed her by seventy pounds she was the one tossing him around on the bed. After they finished he moved off of her to the side. Both didn’t move for almost five minutes.

“I never knew,” she giggled as she turned and hugged his big frame into hers.


Rob Jenkins had just returned from the beach and had sat down next to his bride Tika when he saw some movement in the window above their chairs. He looked up just as a young blonde-haired girl jumped out into his view wearing only green panties. She looked at him and jumped back. He was really starting to like this place.

“So how was the beach?” Tika asked. After two pina colatas she was feeling a good buzz.

“Nice, the water is so warm and clear. Why didn’t you want to come with me?”

“Because you would just be bugging me again to remove my top,” she smiled.

“Well yours are a lot nicer than the ones I just saw,” he said while pulling his sunglasses down to the tip of his nose and looking over them at her nice round 36D mounds.

“And only you get to see them,” she giggled. Tiki had actually been raised at one of the Caribbean islands by a real strict father who kept her in Catholic School and at home until she finally managed to go the US for college.

“I did get this from a man walking by,” he grinned as he handed her the sheet of paper about the private video.

Tiki took the paper and read it. “That’s not going to happen.” She tossed the paper back at him and leaned back against her chair.


An hour after their eye opening sex Bill and Cindi went to the beach and had spread out their towels when two young teenaged girls put their towels next to them. Bill tried not to stare but both were very well built and had micro bikinis on.

“Hi,” the shorter stockier girl said before sitting down on her towel which had a Notre Dame logo on it. “How is the water?”

“We just got here ourselves,” Bill smiled. “Is this your first day?”

“Yes we just arrived and couldn’t wait to get some sun,” the taller dark-haired girl answered. “Where are you from?”

“Ohio,” Bill replied. “I’m Bill and this is my wife Cindi.”

“Hi, I’m June and this is May,” the first girl smiled. “I know May comes before June,” she laughed.

Bill checked out June as she moved down onto her towel on all fours while spreading out the corners. From his view he could see her bikini bottoms stretched across her pubic mound and thought he saw some dark tendrils peeking out. He felt the stirring and decided to head to the water before he would be embarrassed.

“Where are you from?” Cindi asked as she watched her husband heading towards the water.

“Indiana,” May answered. “We both go to Notre Dame.”

“We are not far from you,” Cindi grinned. “We don’t get much sun either.” She could see both girls were pretty white.

June glanced at an older woman nearby who was topless. “Have you gone topless yet?”

“No,” Cindi smiled. “Bill wants me to but I’m too nervous.”

“Us too…….I mean you know……being nervous,” May said. “Maybe later this week.”

“Good because I don’t think my husband can handle it if you took off your tops right now,” Cindi laughed. They all turned and watched Bill walking from the water. His trunks were wet and clinging as he moved up to them. The obvious shape of his semi-hard cock was on show. “The water is nice.”

“Would you put some lotion on me?” Cindi asked hoping he would sit down and quit showing the girls his goods.

“Sure,” Bill smiled as he took the lotion and waited until his wife turned onto her front. As he sprayed it onto her back he noticed May was doing the same thing to June. Since he was kneeling facing them he knew they could both see his rising rod but didn’t care.

“He’s getting hard,” May whispered to her room mate a few minutes later. June turned her head his way and smiled as May untied her top around her neck and released her clasp in the middle of her back. The girls had a long history of making it tough on Notre Dame male students.

Bill saw May released June’s top and slowly did the same to Cindi. As Junes straps fell to her sides he could now see the pink side of her nice firm tit.

Cindi didn’t know her top had been undone until Bill’s hands moved completely over her bare back. “Bill.”

“No one can see,” he whispered. To make it even worse for him May was now rubbing lotion over her stomach and up over her chest. As Bill’s fingers neared his wife’s hips he pushed his fingers under the waistband of her bottom.

Cindi turned her head and glared at him. “Be good.”

Finally they all settled down and Bill turned onto his stomach to hide his excitement. He was almost asleep when he heard his wife’s voice, “Bill please tie me because I need to go to the restroom,” she whispered.

He moved up onto his side and as he reconnected her straps noticed June had turned just enough that he could see the edge of her darker areola. It was a strange effect on him because there were other women lying around who were completely topless. Yet that peek was driving his libido nuts.

Cindi sat up and saw him hard again. “Be good while I’m gone.”

Both girls heard her and smiled.


Tiki had gone back to the room to shower and to get ready for dinner when Jim noticed a familiar face walking up towards the restrooms. He moved over into her return path and waited.

Cindi felt flush from the hot sun as well as having her top untied at the beach. She poured some cold water over her face and moved outside. She stopped when she saw him standing there.

“Well hello,” Rod smiled.

“Do I know you?” Cindi said trying to act like nothing happened.

“No…..but I know you,” he grinned. He looked at her covered breasts. “They look a lot better without the top.”

Cindy blushed. “I…..uh…didn’t know..the curtains were open,” she lied.

“I’m glad you didn’t because you made my day,” Rob whispered. “Maybe next time you can show me everything?”

Cindi gulped because another male had never come onto her so fast and forcefully. “I’m…..married.”

“Me too,” Rod grinned. “I’m not asking to fuck you. I just want to see your wonderful body.”

“How dare you?” Cindy growled as she tried to walk by him but he blocked her path. “Let me by please.”

“Not until you prove to me that you are a natural blonde.”

“What?” At first she didn’t know what he was wanting but then it hit her. “You’re crazy.” The closeness and his tan hairy chest were driving her body’s heat upward. She could also see his hardness under his tight bathing suit. “Get away from me or I’ll scream.”

Rob smiled. “I was just having some fun. I hope you didn’t take it wrong.”


As soon as Cindi walked away June asked May for her bottle of water. She knew that in order to drink it she had to raise her body thus allowing Bill a full shot of her chest.

Bill realized it too because his eyes opened wider and wider until June’s nice round titties with long hard pink nipples appeared. As she took a big drink she heard a man’s voice behind them.

“Are you three interested in some private videos?”

Bill glanced back and saw the same man who had given him the video advertisement.

May grabbed the sheet of paper and read it. She laughed. “So do you want to video us naked doing all kinds of sexy stuff?”

“Sure,” the man answered.

“Well you should be paying us $100 per hour,” May said before wading up the paper and tossing it at him.

“I’ll be at the hotel every night at 8:00PM if you change your mind.” He walked down the beach handing out more paper.

“I guess some couples wouldn’t mind a private video,” June said glancing over at Bill.

“I wish,” he grinned. “But Cindi won’t go for it.”

“If you have a video camera we will do your video,” May whispered as she saw Cindi walking back. She got there before Bill could stutter and sat down without saying anything.

“Are you alright?” He asked.

“Uh….yeah,” Cindi answered as she moved back down on her stomach. Her mind was on that man who had been so direct and so…soooo hard.

They spent the rest of the afternoon talking and going back and forth into the water. It was strange building up a friendship with two younger girls but Bill didn’t mind at all. He wondered if May was just joking about video recording him and Cindi.

“Maybe we will see you at dinner?” Bill said as Cindi and he picked up their towels and headed back to the room.

“Sure,” June grinned.

After they had left May sat up. “So what do you think?”

“They are newlyweds,” June smiled. “I doubt if they would want to have a foursome with us.”

“But he looked really good under those trunks and I think we got to him.”

“She looks good too,” June giggled.

“You get her and I get him,” May said seriously. When they planned the trip their intent was to meet a nice looking young couple and experiment some group sex with. Both were engaged back at home and wanted to use this trip as a final fling.


As soon as the door closed Cindi was all over Bill again. Her fingers dashed down the front of his trunks and grabbed onto his semi-hard cock.

“Jesus…..what’s gotten into you?” He laughed as he helped her push down and off his suit.

“I don’t know,” she lied. The man had caused a fire down below that she wanted Bill to extinguish.

Bill watched as she ripped off her top and pushed down her bottom. As he turned to move to the bed she grabbed his wrist. “No…let’s do it here on the floor.”

“What?” Bill asked as she pulled him down until he was lying on his back looking up at her yellow bush and glistening pussy lips. “I should have my camera now,” he grinned as she opened her legs wider and squatted down until the tip of his hard-on pressed up into her dripping gash.

“Maybe I’ll let you record us like this,” she giggled. His crown was sucked up by her sex.

“Really?” he asked. “So we can get someone else to record us?”

Cindi was on fire as she imagined that man aiming his camera at her opened pussy lips. “Don’t you care if another man sees me like this?”

“Not as long as it’s me fucking you,” he said. Now that she had used the “F” word he was going to use it too. “Or how about a woman recording us?”

“A…….woman?” Cindi repeated as her pussy bottomed out on his shaft.

“May and June.”

“You’d like that wouldn’t you?” She giggled as her legs lifted and lowered onto his pole.

“Yessss,” he moaned while imagining both May and June naked.

“Maybe,” Cindi giggled. At least if it was another woman she might not be so shy.

“God,” Bill groaned when he heard her. “I’m going to cum baby.”

“Good,” she laughed as her ass humped up and down. She was as hot and turned on and climaxed at the same time.



“So you are not really interested in doing a video,” Rod said to Tiki as they lay naked after a hot fuck session.

“Can’t you just set up the camera on the dresser or something?” Tiki asked. Her upbringing didn’t allow her to do something that nasty.

“It’s not the same. I want the video to show everything.”

“And another man would be looking at my…..my vagina? Up close?”

“Honey we would never see him again.”

“I’ll think about it,” she said just to keep him quiet.


Cindi and Bill walked into the large dining room and were about to sit down when they saw June waving at them at a far table. They moved over and sat down.

“Thanks for coming over,” May smiled. “Those two men want to join us but we told them the table was full.”

Cindi turned and looked at two fairly good looking men. “They look pretty nice.”

“We have two back at home,” June said softly sitting next to Cindi.

“You do?” Bill asked kind of disappointed. “So you had better be good girls on the trip.”

“We never said that,” May giggled back at him.

“We still have two seats,” Cindi whispered. “They might be over here soon anyway.”

As she said that a couple moved up behind her chair. “Do you mind if we join you?”

“No please do,” May said to the tall handsome man and woman.

Cindi smiled as she turned to see the new couple until she recognized him. Her smiled turned downward.

“Hello again,” he grinned.

“Have you two met?” Bill asked surprised.

“Just in passing?” Rod said. “Actually I don’t even know your name.” He held out his large hand.

“Cindi,” she said trying to smile. Her fingers touched his and immediately move away.

“I’m Rod and this is my wife Tiki,” he grinned while sitting next to Cindi.

The others introduced themselves. “Tiki is a different name. I was just wondering where it came from.”

“I’m from a small island not too far from here,” she replied. She knew her skin was darker than theirs and hoped they wouldn’t be racist enough to cause her any discomfort.

They made small talk through their salads and dinner and it wasn’t until they waited for their desert when Rod whispered to Cindi. “Are you going to show me?”

Cindi was glad that Bill and the others were in a conversation about going to a private island. “Not in your lifetime.” She whispered back. She pulled her napkin neatly on her lap and felt his fingers reach over and take hers. She was too shocked at first to pull away. “Stop,” she whispered. As she jerked her hand away his fell to her thigh just over the hem.

“Show me and I’ll stop,” he whispered back. His hand was now gently caressing her soft thigh.

Cindi had already had two glasses of wine and felt pretty loose. His touches were driving her newly revived body wild and she knew he was not going to take no for an answer. “OK…but stop touching me,” she whispered back. She saw his smile as he pulled his hand from her body.

“I’m going to the restroom,” she whispered to Bill as she stood on shaking legs and moved towards the entrance to the restroom. She knew he would be close behind her.

Her heart was racing as she slowed down and saw the entrance to the dark patio. Without turning around she did a sharp left and walked out the patio door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32