How Many Women

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How many woman have I loved, how many woman have loved me. I don’t know the answer to either question. I can tell you that I have been married four times and divorced four times. Before during and between these marriages there have been a few wonderful ladies in my life. One that comes to mind was between number two and three. This love affair actually started before I was divorced from number two. The writing was on the wall so to speak and so I did not think it made much difference what I did at that point.

We were lovers for about three years and then I killed this love affair so I could give number two one more chance. But it did not work out and all I did was also loose a great lover also. She was just one hell of a great lover. She was slim, in great physical shape. She was so sexy and so quick to respond to any thing I did. I could even make her climax by just kissing her while I talked dirty to her. She had a tight little pussy and small very sensitive tits. I never fucked her in the ass but she told me she had been fucked in the ass before and thought I could make that an enjoyable experience for the two of us. I have always felt a loose when I think of her. But maybe it was just not to be.

Then I met the lady that would become number three and that would last for seventeen years. This was Karen, a tall well built German girl. Some would say she was of solid stock. I found her very sexy and she was a willing participant in whatever adventures I wanted to play at. We got into swinging even before we were married. We met a couple at a New Years party that gave out signals that they were swingers.

So we got to be friends and were soon all fucking each other in the same bed. That couple introduced us to an another couple which took us into a group of party swingers that met on weekend In groups of five or six couples and a couple more singles both men and woman. Karen was an exhibitionist and would get off on being watched. I on the other hand was a voyeur and that worked out very well. I got off on seeing my wife fuck and suck other guys. Karen had the most beautiful ass I have ever seen on any white girl. Her legs were long somewhat thick, but still had shape to them and her tits were pointed and large.

She is one of the few girls that I have known that actually looked better nude than when he was dressed. She was very popular at these weekend parties. She was very oral and did not mind showing off just how good a cocksucker she was. Karen was strange in how she saw herself and how she wanted to appear to others that were not in our swinging group. She wanted everyone of our friends to believe she was every inch a lady in every respect. I would laugh because we would go out on a Saturday night and she might fuck and suck some guy off that we would meet in a hotel room and then she would get all dressed up and go to church Sunday morning.

Over the twelve years that we did the swinging I took hundreds of pictures of her in the nude with all kind of guys doing everything one can think of. I must have taken thirty pictures of her sucking cocks of all sizes and a few of color. The first time we went to a party where there was a black guy she was put off and would not let him get next to her. But then at one party there was this game where the girls where blind folded and then they would have to suck a cock and guess who’s cock it was. Well Karen also got fucked while still blindfolded and thought it was our host, when in fact it was a black guy and she later gave in and she sucked him off in front of three white couples.

It was about a year later Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort when Karen was at home when a guy calls and said he was a friend of this black guy and wanted to know if he could come over and visit. Karen said, OK and then she called me. By the time I got home she was on her hands and knees with his very large cock up her ass and another guy’s cock in her mouth while a black girl was taking pictures.

I must say the black girl was young and very pretty and I enjoyed fucking her in the ass while I watched my wife getting cum shot all over her face. Sometimes at night we would talk about what she had done and this talk turned her on. I would get a great fucking out of it. Karen was a good wife and a great hostess. We had many great non-swinging parties at our home. But after twelve years we slowed down and after that we each would find a little something on the side form time to time to entertain us. But no more group stuff. Karen had her own business and worked on new construction jobs with all kinds of guys. Carpenters, drywall installers, painters and plumbers I know that from time to time Karen would stop at a motel with one or more of these guys.

I was working as a maintenance man at a large apartment complex at the time. I was fifty at the time and still very much into sex. So if I had a chance to get a little from one of the tenants I would do so with little thought of Karen. Several times it just seemed to fall into place and work out very well for me. One afternoon I was called to work on an Air conditioner in an apartment.

The Lady was a retired teacher and her husband was a news man at a local TV station. She was tall like Karen and about the same size al over. She seem to be very friendly and was staying very close to where I was working so I took a chance and let her know I thought she was sexy. She smiled and responded to my advances. I fixed the A/C and screwed her on the floor in the hallway. She was really turned as it turned out her husband had not screwed her in six months. So I screwed her again doggie style as I was slipping her the bone I told her she had a fine ass and I would like to fuck her in the ass if she was into that Some ladies are some are not.

She reached back pulled the cheeks of her ass apart and told me to fuck her good in the ass which I did. The next day I got a blowjob from her and after that we just did not see one another again. She moved soon after that. That lady was in her forties and really nice. Another I remember was older in her sixties. She was still very pretty and slim, had small tits that were still very firm. A tiny tight ass which she loved for me to fuck. Here again I had to go into her apartment to make a repair. She was very friendly and we talked and joked back and forth. It so happened that weekend Karen was away and so I had planed to go the beach. I happened to tell her this.

I also said, I wished I had someone to go with me. She said, she would go with me out a blinking an eye. I told her I thought that would be great but as long as we were going together maybe we better try each other out before we went. She liked this idea and soon we were in the bed/. She turned out to be an excellent fuck. We somehow started out our very first time in bed by doing a sixty nine. While I was down there I got a finger into her ass and she wiggled her ass as if to say that feels good.

So I used two and she liked that even better. I turned her around and ask If she had any K-Y jelly, she did and I got my cock up her ass to the hilt. I fucked her hard and deep she screamed that she was cumming and I did to up her really tight ass. She told me that was the first tie she had ever cum from being fucked in the ass. I told her to hang with me and I would see if I could give her more firsts. She was really a good fuck and I enjoyed her very much. So I told her that Karen and I were swingers or had been for a number of years.

I ask her if she would like to meet Karen. She said, yes. I told Karen about her and that I had been fucking her and wanted Karen to meet her. Karen was agreeable and one night we three went out to dinner together. Later that night she joined Karen and I in our home and in our bed. Karen was sitting across my face and Carol was sitting on my cock. Carol reached up and took Karen’s tits in her hands Karen did the same to her.

I could not see just then but I felt them lean together. They kissed and soon after I watched as Carol and Karen did a sixty-nine till each had a climax. Of course I screwed Carol in the ass as she was licking Karen’s cunt. When all was said and done for that evening Karen was going to stay home while I drove Carol back to her apartment.

What I remember most about that night was the way they kissed good-by. Karen was on the living room sofa and Carol came down a short hall. They looked at one another and Carol walked over to Karen and bent down and gave her a kiss on the mouth. They lingered and I am sure there were tongues involved. Carol reached down and cupped Karen’s tit. They parted and we left. That was the one and only time Carol ever came to my home. Carol was seeing a guy and she told me a few months later she was going to marry the guy. Of course she said, we could still see each other during the day. I thought that was damn nice of her and we did for a while.

Chuck the young man that was working part time became full time and between the two of us we kept the place up and running smoothly. He was a nice kid of twenty-four. He also had a few of the young ladies that he managed to see on a regular schedule.

There were from time to time a few surprises. One was so strange it caught by complete surprise. I am a non-smoker and liked my ladies to be also. I just never got use to the smell and taste of a smoker. I even remember once a girl told me she could tell if a guy was a smoker when she sucked him off. Now back to the surprise of the day. Like always I picked up the work requests every morning. Chuck and I would divined them up and go off our separate ways. I had one to repair a dishwasher. As I always did I knocked on the apartment door a couple of times. If there was no answer I would use my master key to get in. I would crack the door and call out Maintenance. If I still got no answer I would go in and do my work. That is want I did. Going straight to the kitchen I stared working on the dishwasher. I was on the floor reaching under the machine when a pair of bare feet appeared in the doorway. I looked to see a tall beautiful girl wrapped in only a towel. I said, ‘Hi, I knocked and called I guess you did not hear me.”

“No, I heard you but I was in the shower as you can see. But that is OK. I have heard you are a nice guy so I did not worry.”

She was tall, light brown hair, long legs and a full round pair of breasts. She was smiling down at me, still holding the towel. She pulled it up a little higher around her generous breasts and that little movement lifted it about her crotch. I was now looking at a patch of fine light brown hair. I could see her pussy crack and it was lovely. One of her pussy lips was sticking out. It looked like a little tongue, which I thought was cute I was also thinking I would like to stick my tongue in that lovely pussy. She said, “ I am Connie Markson.”

“I am Dan the Maintenance man. Nice to see you, I mean meet you.”

She smiled and came down into a sitting position resting her butt on her heels. This caused her pretty little pussy to open and I could see the pink inner lips. She held out her hand to shake and I lifted myself up on an elbow. I took her hand just as I did she lost her balance and fell into me knocking me flat on my back and her on top of me.

Her towel fell open and her lovely firm breasts were almost in my face. She started to laugh I joined her. Instinctively I had reached up to catch her and my arms were around her naked shoulders. I said, “ I guess we just have to stop meeting this way.”

She lifted her head and smiled and said, in a joking way. “ Oh, my don’t say that. Don’t say such a thing this is only our first date.” We laughed and I pulled her a little closer. Or lips were only inches apart. I said, “ If you want to get up and fix your towel I’ll not look.” She lowered her face to mine and she kissed me lightly on the lips.“ She then said, “ I am sure you have seen naked ladies before. One is pretty much like another don’t you think?”

I said, “ Connie few are as beautiful as you are. And yes, I have seen a few nudes in my time which I might add is a lot more time than your time/”

‘Oh, Dan, your trying to say your too old for me.”

“Not at all Connie, just letting you know that I do have a few years on you.” As I said that I slipped a hand down her bare back letting it come to rest on her firm plump ass.

I look directly into her eyes as I let a finger tip press her little rose hole. She let her eyes go close as if to tell me that she was becoming aroused. I rolled over and let her come to rest on the floor. I stood and as I got to my feet I pulled her up into my arms. I kissed her and said, “ I think we need to go to your bed to continue this.” She walked ahead of me pulling me behind her. Her hand was locked in mine, my shirt and trousers were dropped by the bed. I fell across her naked as she was. We kissed and I caressed a firm hard nipple. I told her she had great tits.

I got a bit of a response I thought to my words. So I tried again to see. I said, “Are you a cock sucker? I would love to have my cock sucked before I fuck you.” Now I knew she was feeling aroused, she shivered to my words as she took a tight grip on my cock. I watched as her lovely head moved down my belly. Her hair was light brown and she was a beauty. She pulled the foreskin back and let the rip enflamed head fill her wet mouth. Going up on one elbow she lowered her head. My whole cock disappeared into her hot sucking mouth. I said.” Oh, god what a cocksucker. Suck it baby, get me good and hard so I can give you a good fucking.”

Seconds later I plunged into her wet cunt. She wiggled under me and reached her first climax a minute later. I pulled out and moved down so I could lick her climaxing pussy. She wiggled and screamed to the touch of my tongue. I felt her start to get close to another climax so I replaced my tongue with my cock. I fucked her to her second climax. She was in hyper drive. She told me later her husband had never once in eight years of marriage licked her pussy. She loved it. I shot off in her wonderful cunt and rolled off some twenty minutes late. I had work to do.

That night I fucked Karen with renewed vigor. She got so aroused she climaxed quickly so I licked her to another before I remounted her and fuck myself to a climax.

I was really getting into this working stuff where I could fuck at work and go home and fuck again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32