In The Raw Ch. 02

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That night opened the floodgates: tongues, vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, bigger butt plugs. I ached to feel my ass stretched. It’s something that gets better and better the more you explore it. For me, oiling up is all part of the foreplay. The anticipation of what is to come, with the feel of his greased fingers sliding across my pussy, my clit, my ass. The smell of the oil. The silky smooth hardness of his cock as I grease him up. I like him shaved best of all.

Now, I haven’t bled for a long time, because I always make sure we take our time. If it doesn’t feel right, then I’ll maybe let him stick a finger or two in my ass, nothing more adventurous. When we follow the ritual and take our time. We use plenty of oil and start slow with fingers and maybe a dildo or butt plug. I’m pretty much guaranteed multiple orgasms, especially when I finger my clit while he fucks my ass, and I mean fucks it. I don’t think I’ve had multiple orgasms except when I’ve had my ass fucked. It just gets me in a completely different place. It isn’t just sex in the wrong hole. Sometimes I think I prefer anal to vaginal sex: you get an orgasm every time and they are so much more intense.

Anal became an integral part of my sex life. To put it simply, it was just better with anal. My lovers felt that they could be adventurous with a woman open to anal and that led to some wild times, with fierce orgasms for me. Of course, I had to stretch myself just a little bit further each time to get the pleasure. That is part of the turn on; the feeling of fullness gets me right down deep in my body. One of my lovers even managed to get his hand in there.

He had small hands and was so loving, someone you could really trust. Sex was always pretty relaxed with him. This one time I was very horny. I was also very drunk, so you’ll have to excuse me if I’m a little hazy on the details.

We’d been flirting with each other and caressing through each other’s clothes all day. I was convinced that he was the one for me. I trusted him completely. He called me his Moon Beam – because I was tall and thin with a fair complexion. I called him, (Jesus, I’m so embarrassed!) my Sun because of his beautiful smile. I was completely infatuated: something that I mistook for love back then and one of the reasons I’d go back to then in a flash if I could.

He was always saying these clever things about life, like how it was only through exploring what caused us pleasure and pain that we could truly understand ourselves and other stuff like that. Infatuation does funny things to your brain because I lapped that shit up. Don’t get me wrong, he was gorgeous, inside and out, but looking back, he could also be full of it.

He had drunk way more than me but seemed to be having better success getting his and my clothes off. I just grabbed his shirt in the end and ripped it off. I think he was pretty pissed at that: it was his favourite. Well, pissed afterwards anyway, no red blooded male gets pissed when is girlfriend bursa eskort is naked, drunk and pulling him towards the bed.

I kissed him roughly then jumped on him so that we overbalanced onto the bed. He tasted of this weird oriental tobacco that he used to smoke. It smelt like burnt cinnamon and tasted like mildew. It felt so exotic.

He fell on me, but I was too drunk to feel any real pain (plenty the next morning, but none then). I started kissing him and biting his shoulders. He told me to slow down. We had all night.

He was a dark shadow above me, except for his lips. His lips are the sole clarity in my blurry memory as they kissed their way down to my breasts. The alcohol made the room spin like it was rotating around his lips on my nipples. I hugged him to me. I couldn’t get close enough to him. I wanted him to climb inside me.

A slippery finger slid into my ass and I writhed, telling him how much I loved him. Telling him what an awesome lover he was. Begging him to put his cock into me. He ignored my request and slipped a second finger in. He’d greased this one. I’m not sure where the grease came from, but I could smell baby oil mixed with my sex. His lips slid down to my clit. It was sensory overload: his mouth sucking on my clit and his fingers sliding around, curling and uncurling inside my ass.

Another finger slipped in and I moaned. I felt full. I could feel the pull of my ass on his fingers as they slid in and out of me. My pussy felt so wet. I’m not sure whether orhangazi escort it was my juices or the oil. Probably both.

His breathing quickened as he slid a fourth finger in. If I had been sober, then I would have called a halt there, but I was so drunk and wanton: “Yes,” was all I could say. I wanted him to make me feel dirty. Wanted to be bad, for him to make me bad.

“You ready for this?” He whispered.

I had no idea what he meant, then his hand slid all the way past my back hole. My pelvis felt as if it were being inflated. He had his whole hand in my ass. What sort of slut has a loose enough ass that someone can do that to them? There are porn stars who won’t go that far.

His fingers curled into a fist, then uncurled. I should have been afraid of him ripping something inside me, but I was so past caring by that stage. I had his hand inside my ass. It blew my mind like someone was stroking my clit from the inside. I felt so full. Every nerve was singing. The oil slurped as he slowly fisted my ass. His mouth slurped on my sex.

I came three times that night. The third time I screamed.

I can’t quite believe that he did it, that I was drunk enough to let him do it. I don’t think it’s something I’ll be trying again. The pain lasted for days, hurt to sit down and there was blood. Nevertheless, thinking about it turns me on, which I think is because it is so naughty.

I’m married now and we have kids. I still have a dildo (just the one these days) that I use with my husband. Dildo in my pussy, my husbands cock up my ass. It drives me crazy like nothing else ever could. Funny thing is, though, whilst I’ve always been open with lovers, I’d never talk about this to anyone else. It’s the only thing that I enjoy that I won’t tell my friends about (that and Justin Bieber).

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