Increased Sexual Options Ch. 1

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Lately I have been feeling old. I am only 33, but the days of going out, and dancing all night long seem to be an eternity away. I long for the days of drinking and partying till dawn. Of course, being known as Dave the drunk, wasn’t all that cool.

I have been dating a woman who is 9 years younger than me, and she certainly keeps me on my toes. Lately, however, I have been wanting to do something more than just my normal boring routine every weekend. I know she would appreciate something different as well. That is why I agreed to go to a new dance club that just opened up near where I live.

Camille is a wonderful girl, and has been wonderful to me for the last three months that we have been together, but I just can’t bring myself to say those three words that all women love to hear.

It’s not that I don’t want a commitment, it’s just that…well, something has happened that I am not sure how to deal with. I have been confused about my sexuality ever since I rented a bi-sexual porno by mistake about 5 weeks ago.

The movie that I ended up with, wasn’t the same one I thought I was renting, but I didn’t realize it till it was already playing in the VCR. It started out with 2 guys and 1 girl- not an uncommon scenario. The girl got on her knees and started licking this guys cock till it got hard. She was stroking his long shaft while she swallowed his dick. Then, the other guy gets on his knees, and starts licking the first guys balls.

I stared in horror. This is repulsive! At least, that is what my mind told me at first. My body, however, was saying something different. I don’t know why, but I was sickened, and turned on at the same time.

What is it that Cammy says all the time? Open your mind to all possibilities, and try new things. Hmm, maybe this is one of those times. No matter what my mind was telling me, I had a full on erection.

The guy getting his cock sucked was your typical muscular porno stud. His cock was probably about Gaziantep Oral Escort 8 inches long with short blonde pubic hair.

They pulled away from each other and the girl laid on the floor while Blondie climbed on top of her for a 69. The second guy, who was now on his knees behind Blondie, was a very dark skinned black man. He was tall, maybe 6’5, and his cock was the size that you only see in the movies. It was unnaturally large. Maybe 10, or 12 inches in length. Its thickness was amazing.

My cock, which was throbbing to be released from the confines of my jeans, is only about average at best. It’s a little less than 7 inches. I keep it completely shaved, and its slight upward curve is perfect for hitting the elusive G-spot in most women.

As I pulled off my pants, and boxers, I watched as the black man with the enormous cock, bent over and started licking the asshole that was before him. I couldn’t believe I was watching this. I wanted to stop…but I couldn’t. I decided to give in.

Fuck it, I might as well enjoy it. At least that is what I kept telling myself.

The black man had Blondie’s ass spread wide, and was sucking his asshole. The girl underneath was deep throating Blondie’s dick while he got his ass licked at the same time. Of fuck, this was hot. Who was I kidding?

I got my lube out and started stroking my rod. I started imagining that I was the one having my cock sucked, and my ass licked at the same time. I became more and more horny, and turned on. I couldn’t believe that this excited me, but it did.

The black man had risen up on his knees, and was rubbing his cock head against the cute puckered hole that his mouth had so lovingly lubricated. I couldn’t begin to imagine what that would feel like. It was so big and long. There is no way that wouldn’t hurt. Hell, even a finger in my ass hurts a little.

He started pushing his cock in. The head popped in, and then he stopped moving. The white ass that he was penetrating was wiggling back and forth.

The girl sucking his cock was getting quite a good pussy licking during all of this action.

My dick was throbbing, and aching to cum. I was getting so turned on. I was stroking my cock, and I now started rubbing my asshole too. I knew I was going to cum soon.

The black guy was getting into it now. His cock was slowly sliding into the tight ass, and stretching it so wide.

“Do you like my big black cock up your ass?” He said softly.

“Oh yes…it feels good. Feed my asshole your big cock.”

“Beg me for it. Beg me to fuck your asshole you slut”. The black mans words were getting louder and his body was moving quicker now. He was fucking his cock in only about half way in, and then he would pull it out, and go only half way back in.

Those dirty words were working wonders on me, as well as the young red head that was gobbling Blondie’s dick. She reached between her body and the one on top of her, and grabbed his head and started to grind her cunt into his face. He was sucking her clit hard now, and stuffing her cunt hole with three fingers at the same time.

In between licks, he would look back at the black man that was shoving his dick up his ass.

“Oh please, fuck my asshole. Fill me with your big fucking black cock. Ram my tight white ass, make me your little cum slut.”

At that moment, the red head came. She was furiously grinding her clit against the hungry mouth of Blondie who was also getting a dick shoved up his ass further than he had ever had one before.

She screamed out as she came. Her whole body was flopping on the floor wildly.

My cock was pumping through my fist, and I was rapidly rubbing my asshole. I would push the fingertip in, but that was all.

The three of them changed positions now. The black man was lying on his back, and the red head was sitting on his huge cock. She was bouncing up and down it like she needed his dick to keep her alive.

Blondie climbed behind the girl, and started playing with her ass. He put some lube on his fingers, as well as his dick, and started rubbing it on her ass. She fucking loved it. She was moaning, and talking like such a good little whore.

“Oh yeah! I want your hard pole up my ass baby. Fuck it hard. Fuck my tight ass while I sit on this big fucking black cock.”

Oh my god, I couldn’t handle much more. I was going to cum anytime now.

The girl got her wish. With his hands on his hips, and no sort of easy-does-it attitude, Blondie slid his length all the way in. She was yelling out now. Begging to be fucked like a bitch in heat.

Suddenly, Blondie pulled his cock out, and blew his load all over her ass. She was slamming her cunt down hard now. She too was coming again; at least she gave the appearance of having another orgasm.

I was stroking faster now. I pushed my finger up my ass, and a throaty groan escaped my mouth.

The red head pulled her twat off the dick that was fucking her, and she ate it up. Sucking and licking. Stroking his shaft with both hands.

Blondie was on his knees licking the big black balls that were about to push out a big thick load of cum. Without warning, the first shot of cum made it down her throat. She pulled her mouth off of his cock, and stroked it. A few more spurts of cum coated her face.

That was it. I blew my fucking load. I didn’t even stop to get a tissue. I just let my cum spray all over my bed.

I laid back on my bed and just let my thoughts wander. Do I really like watching other guys get fucked? Would I like to get fucked? Maybe I just want to suck a dick to see what its like. I don’t know right now, but maybe I should keep my options open.

I thought about all this, and wondered how Cammy would feel if I told her I got turned on by watching two guys suck and fuck each other. Maybe she would be turned on by it. All I know is, I think a whole New world of sexual experience has just opened up to me. Now, the only question is what am I going to do about it?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32