Inside the Garden Shed Ch. 04

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Chapter 4 – CFNM interlude

Since retirement Gary had been an early riser. Not one to stay in bed, he liked to be up and doing. Early shopping at the supermarket meant a lack of bother because of a lack of people blocking the gangways and causing queues at the tills. It meant he could be back for a still early breakfast in the garden and then some pottering about – if he was not going out to golf or something else. This particular morning he had actually gone to the garden nursery early and so had plenty to do in the garden as he had bought rather a lot of things. It was yet another glorious morning – so different from the year before when summer seemed never to come – and Gary was as happy and content as could be. Who could not be with a lovely garden and a lovely neighbour who sometimes popped around?

It was good to hear Zoe’s call around eleven; Gary had just been thinking coffee and, as if on cue, he had heard Zoe’s voice. He replied,”Your usual? Just come around.”

“With plenty of cream” came back. His cock actually rose just on the phrase. It was funny how easily one could be conditioned to new sexual stimuli. Was he a little like Pavlov’s dog? He went inside to get things ready.

When Gary came out with the coffee mugs he realised he had made a mistake – he had only brought two mugs. He was going to need a third because Zoe was not alone.

Gary stood completely still unsure what to do. He had just walked out and there was Zoe but with Zara both fully clothed and smiling: there he was completely naked with a coffee mug in each hand. At least his cock was not embarrassing him with its rude proudness but certainly he did not have a stitch on.

“Oh, right, well, hallo to you both – I’ll get another mug.” A speedy retreat seemed a good policy.

It could not be, though, that Zoe had expected anything else. She had used the coded phrase after all. She would have known Gary would be naked. This was nothing other than intentional. Gary decided there was no need to get dressed. If two young women wanted him to be with them in his natural state then who was he to disagree? It had never happened to him before; he had never been naked with two attractive girls before – more was the pity – and it was not an opportunity to be wasted. Moreover Zoe must have known he could just as easily been more than naked – he could have been showing his usual pleasure at seeing her. Was that what they had been hoping? He could feel a thickening at the thought. He tried to put that out of his mind as he stepped back into the sunshine.

“There we are. I’ll get the biscuits.” It was all so very normal – but not! “Do sit down.”

And so there they all were making small talk and drinking coffee as if there was nothing out of the ordinary.

It was Gary who, after a time, opened the real subject. “I hear, Zara, from Zoe, that you have an interest in sheds.”

“No, I…” But she reddened.

“I hear you have been in my shed.”

“Yes, sorry.”

“And peeking.”

It was lovely. As he said it, Zara’s eyes dropped to his cock. It was almost like she was touching it – just the acknowledgement of its presence as her eyes looked straight at it. And she had such a pretty blush.

“Zara liked seeing you naked, Gary. Women like looking at naked men you know – and their equipment. It’s not just men that like to see naked women. And, Gary, you are not seeing naked women today; Zara is not ready to take her clothes off.”

Gary pulled a face as if to say, “well, that’s not fair.”

“I told Zara we had been naturists together – and a little more. She wanted to see. Wanted to see you erect, Gary, and wants to see you come – again.” She turned to Zara who was looking almost as if she would rather not be there; as if Zoe was saying far too much, “He ejaculates so much doesn’t he? That so impresses me.”

There was a pause, “I think so. I’m not very experienced.” There was an interesting mix of embarrassment and self confidence coming. “Could I see it again please, Mr Roldern?”

It was an unbelievable bursa escort request. A schoolgirl asking to see him come! He wondered at just how much experience she had – did she have any apart from seeing him from his garden shed? Zoe had said quite definitely she was a virgin – but that only meant she had not engaged in one particular form of sexual activity. There was plenty boys and girls could do with their hands… and mouths.

“What do you want Mr Roldern to do, Zoe? Tell him.”

It was lovely to see her swallowing before she said, “Can I see you get erect, Mr Roldern?” The blush was still there.

“And?” Zoe was being naughty. Forcing Zara to use the words.

“Can I see you… come as well, please?”

Gary could not quite do that to order. “I expect so.”

“Gary,” it was Zoe making things clear, “no clothes are coming off us today but… perhaps another day Zara may pluck up the courage. But I have warned her that if she does she’ll have to be spanked. I told her you wanted to do that.”

“I didn’t, I don’t!” It was Gary’s turn to be embarrassed.

“Yes, you did Gary, you told me. All men like spanking.”

“But there’s no need, no need at all for Zara to be spanked. No need.”

The girls were giggling which puzzled Gary.

“I win my bet.” Said Zoe. “I said you’d get hard when we talked about spanking and look at you now! Come on stand up, show Zara.”

Zara was both smiling and staring. It was unbelievable for Gary. He had got hard without noticing. There was something particularly erotic in standing up with it showing; it was not quite so obvious sitting down but as he stood it really pushed into prominence right in front of the girls, bringing it closer to them – right in their faces so to speak. There he was, Gary Roldern, showing his cock off to an appreciative audience of women, no girls, of 18 and 34!

“It wouldn’t go in, Zoe, really it wouldn’t. It’s miles too big – round I mean – I know it’s not very long but… Sorry Mr Roldern I didn’t mean to be rude.”

“Please, Zara, say what you like.”

“Babies come out, Zara – well of some women anyway – so you and I could of course stretch.” Zoe being practical. “You’ll just have to work up to one like that – a challenge.”

They burst into a fit of giggles as women will. Gary smiled. The idea came to him of a series of boys and men lining up to ease Zara, to stretch her in stages. A little trainer cock, all spindly but easy to push in, building up to something the thickness of his – though perhaps with a bit more, or a lot more, length to it, the sort of thing you saw in porno films – sometimes allegedly ten or more inches long and thick like him. Well, he could do thick but three inches just did not measure up to the video stars!

“Walk up and down a bit, Gary, show yourself off for Zara.”

It felt strange but so exciting to be displaying himself to these women. Displaying an erection almost ridiculously short but nonetheless angled very well, with a prominent head and certainly girth – and it stayed hard as he showed himself off which was not something most men could perhaps so easily do.

Zoe got up from her chair, “Come on Zara, let’s get Gary to show you his garden – he likes to do that; it is lovely isn’t it? I’m so taken with it. And Gary, no letting that erection droop. Zara wants to see that too!”

It was even better walking around his garden all worked up showing the two girls around. Of course erections do not stay for ever without stimulus and Gary found himself drooping after a time talking about plants. Zoe’s ploy was obvious. She was going to force him to have to wank in front of Zoe – not just be exposed but to do that intimate thing. Zara just stared and stared as he brought himself back up to his ‘full’ height.

But it would not stay up and again he drooped. Zoe made a tutting sound. “I’m a married woman and mustn’t touch but, Zara, if you want to it will help Gary. Just lightly cup his balls and lift them whilst he walks. That’ll do the trick.”

“May gürsu escort I?” It seemed to Gary that Zara was more asking Zoe than him! Women in control – well, fine, he was happy with that!

It did the trick, even without Zara touching – but she still did. Lovely to have this tall, fair teen reaching out and just holding his scrotum and balls in the palm of her hand. So gentle, such soft skin – such young skin! They walked on around the garden like that. Gary at attention as if his bollocks were resting on a velvet cushion, his eyes every so often glancing down to see just where Zara’s hand was – it really was holding his balls! He was tempted, but how would they react, to suggest he got his camera and got Zoe to photograph them like that. What a photograph! Zara and him standing side by side in the sunshine, she in denim skirt and tee shirt, pretty, tall, fair and smiling at the camera, he, well looking like his 58 years but naked, erect and with Zara’s hand lightly supporting his balls with his cock standing (stumpily) proud above. Of course he would have a great big grin as well!

Having toured the back garden they returned to the chairs on the patio.

“Would you like Gary to make himself come or would you like to work his cock for him, Zara?”

“What do I do?”

Didn’t she know? Surely an eighteen year old these days would know enough about boys to know that?

“Just slide his foreskin up and down, play with his balls and his nipples if you like. Men like that. Do what you would with your own.”

Gary liked that – an allusion to Zara masturbating herself. He would like to see that. Perhaps he would on another visit – perhaps he might… assist! He would love to play with her breasts and more! What were they like under that tee shirt?

Zara’s hand moved, slowly, delightfully slowly, her finger tips traced the contours of his penis, up the veined, wrinkled shaft to the smooth bulbous head. It was, of course, wonderful.

“Like this?” She was asking Zoe as her hand began to slide his foreskin up and over his glans. “It must be nice having Tom in your bed to play with like this.”

“It is, it is.”

Gary was thinking how nice it would be to have Zara in his bed to play with. Imagine that; Zara staying overnight; perhaps her parents away and she feeling a bit lonely. Her telephone call. His ‘yes just pop around. No need to bring anything.’ There would be no need for night attire! Imagine undressing her. Imagine sharing a bath – imagine fucking her in bed! His cock going to and fro between her legs and eventually the spurting; his always prodigious orgasm really filling her up.

“Not too fast, nice and slow.”

With her free hand Zara was stroking one of his nipples. Gary imagined her doing just the same to her own nipples in bed. It was a more than attractive image. He wanted to suggest Zara loosen her clothing in the heat but knew Zoe would not permit that. Zara’s hand continued to work him. Gary lay back and surrendered to the feelings and the sheer pleasure of the attention of two girls. Zoe was watching with an amused smile on her face. Gary was sure she wanted to put her hand under her dress.

“Zoe why don’t you…”

“Gary, what a thing to suggest! In front of Zara. Really! She would be shocked.”

It seemed rather unlikely given Zara’s hand was wrapped around his cock and she was busy masturbating a naked man!

The culmination was inevitable. He was getting very close and he pushed Zara’s hand away to slow things down and allow him to recover.

“No Gary. You have got to come. No holding it back. We can’t have you keeping all that stuff and going off and having a quiet wank in your shed after we have gone. It’s got to come out, and come out now. Zara wants to see you ejaculate. I’ve told her you’ll shoot almost to your chin. She wants to see you come and she wants to see you really spurt, lots of it, all over yourself. Now open those legs wide like you get me to do, give her access to your balls so she can slap you if you don’t do as orhangazi escort you’re told – which is just to comeand make it a big one!”

It was great. Gary lay back, completely exposed to these women, really completely under their control, and let Zara do the work. With one hand she steadily worked his foreskin and with the other she fondled his balls, moving them around in their sack. He was not going to last long. He didn’t!

“Zoe, Zara, I’m about to come.”

“Faster Zara,” commanded Zoe.

He was glancing from her moving hand to the concentrated look on her face. Gary presumed he made some inarticulate noise and then closed his eyes tight as the first spasm hit and he felt his ejaculation begin. He opened his eyes in time to catch the second spurt flying and see Zara staring open mouthed as he felt the semen hit his chest.

And being him he just kept coming for quite a time as one hand kept pulling and the other kept fondling.

“Gently slow, Zara, yes that’s it. Just hold him as he softens. Well, didn’t our boy do well!”

Gary looked and, well, yes he had! There were strands or streams of cum all up his chest, across his tummy, all pearly white in the sunshine. There was even some on Zara’s hand. He was hardly going to miss spotting that!

“It’s so different what boys or men do, isn’t it Zoe?”

“Necessary for life.” Was there wistfulness in her voice? “But yes, so different but not all men do anything quite so dramatic. Our Gary does overdo it a bit. But I like that!”

“So do I. What do we do? Do we mop it up? Shall I get a tissue?”

“You’ll need a box! No, leave him Zara. I like him like that. But don’t let him drip on you Zara. That stuff’s probably potent. We don’t want to get you in the Club.”

“But surely it’s got to be up…”

“Of course it has; I’m only joking. You can rub yourself all over with it – just not there!”

Gary was happy to listen to the chatter and lie there fully satiated. An eighteen year old, pretty girl had just tossed him off. He, Gary Roldern, had just been masturbated by an eighteen year old girl, she had made his penis spurt and there she was still holding his cock with his stuff on her hand.

They chatted some more, making no effort to tidy Gary up. Zara’s hand did not leave Gary’s cock and he was not going to suggest otherwise. He was very happy to be held there. Happy for Zara to hold it anytime.

“Well, I think we had better be going. Thanks Gary for the coffee and especially for providing so much cream! We liked that a lot didn’t we, Zara.”

“Ooh yes, Zoe, thank you Mr Roldern.”

“The pleasure was mine.”

And they all laughed.

“Are you going to show us out, Gary?”

Zoe was going to make him walk down the garden dripping. They found it very amusing. He paused at the gate.

“Come, Gary, aren’t you going to show us all the way?”

So, once again, Gary had to go out into the loke covered in his own cum.

Zara kissed him lightly on the cheek, “Thanks, Mr Roldern.”

Zoe threw up her hands, “No touching! Bye Gary. Zara, you’ll have to let him go now.”

And they were gone leaving a naked Gary standing in the loke. He turned back to his own gate and hurried through anxious not to be caught like that in the loke. Hopefully too the three of them had not been overheard. He paused, turned into his shed and sat staring back down his garden. What an unexpected morning! In his mind he relived the whole excitement of the girls’ visit. Zara had really masturbated him to climax right in his sunny garden as Zoe watched. She really had! It had certainly been a lot better than solitary wanking in his shed! What did the future hold? Would there be more wanking and perhaps, this time, the girls would dispense with their clothes? The prospect of seeing them both naked was very, very attractive. What would Zara’s breasts be like? There were many questions, many thoughts but this was not the time for a wank. It was time, though, that he did some work. Gary looked down at the mess across his chest and tummy. He was in no hurry to rub that off – he would have a shower later but until then he would leave Zara’s copious ejaculation be. An ejaculation produced by a young and pretty teen. Gary picked up his digging fork and went back out into the bright sunshine.

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