Jane’s Happy Endings Ch. 09

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Jane’s schedule had really picked up. The owners of the massage parlor realized how highly requested she was and found a way to give her more hours throughout the week. Word spread about Jane’s abilities as a masseuse, and now she was busier than ever. Beautiful women were referring other beautiful women, and Jane was happy to massage them all.

A career in fashion was Jane’s original aspiration. However, she was making so much money as a masseuse, she had to consider putting her dreams on hold. Jane worked her ass off every day as an intern, but when she was done, she went straight to the massage parlor every single night. As much as all the girls were beginning to adore her, what they admired the most was her relentless work ethic. The more she accomplished, the more her confidence grew, and everyone could see it.

Although Jane was still just an intern, you would not know it by the way her co-workers treated her. Veronica and Ashley were so nice to her, always offering help and refreshments. They wanted to remain on her good side and earn as many brownie points as possible. Even Monica was being nice to the intern, despite never receiving a massage from her. Monica constantly fantasized about the things Jane could do to her. She had already spoken to Ashley about her experience with the Asian intern. But now she wanted to talk to Veronica, in hopes of more juicy details.

After work one day, Monica decided to reach out to Veronica.

“Hey girl,” she texted.

“Hey!” Veronica responded.

“We haven’t hung out in a while.”

“You’re right!”

“I miss spending time with you!”

“Let’s get together!”

“Are you free tonight?”

“Actually, I am,” texted Veronica. “I was supposed to hang out with Jane, but she got booked up at the massage parlor.”

Monica got excited because that is exactly what she wanted to talk about. But she played it cool. “Oh, that sucks! Do you want to come over and have a drink with me?”

“Sure Monica! That sounds fun!”


Veronica arrived at Monica’s apartment, ready to drink and reconnect with one of her closest friends. Monica intended on getting her a little boozed up and asking her about all the sexy things that Jane has done to her. After all, it worked on Ashley. It was worth a shot.

The two Latinas had a great night together, talking about their friendship and how far they had come in their careers. After a few drinks, Veronica realized how much she missed hanging out with Monica.

“We should do this more often,” suggested Veronica.

“I totally agree,” said Monica. “So, you were supposed to hang out with Jane today?” she asked.

“Yeah I was,” answered Veronica. “But she has been so busy giving massages.”

“She must be really good,” said Monica.

“Yeah, she is,” Veronica responded.

Monica decided to take her shot at getting more information. “You get massages from her, sometimes right?”

“I do,” answered Veronica, with a smile.

“How are her massages?” asked Monica.

“They’re amazing,” Veronica expressed, as she gazed off and fantasized about the amazing experiences from the past.

“Oh yeah?” asked Monica. “How so?”

“Her hands just feel so good all over my body,” answered Veronica, not wanting to get into all the details.

Monica bit her lips. She was getting turned on, but she needed more. “Has she ever done anything sexual?” asked Monica.

Veronica began to blush extremely hard. She knew that she could not keep it a secret and the red on her face had already given it away. “Maybe,” she finally admitted.

“Oh my God!” squealed Monica. “You have to tell me!”

“Do you think that’s weird?” asked the concerned Veronica.

“Of course not,” answered Monica. “It sounds really hot!”

“Oh my God,” moaned Veronica. “You have no idea!”

Monica responded with a moan. She could not take it anymore. “Please tell me!” she begged.

“Okay, I’ll tell you,” said Veronica. “Well the first time I went in there, I was really surprised that it was Jane giving the massage. But I figured that since she is our intern she would be really nice to me and maybe even let me get free massages in the future. But then she gave me an unbelievable massage and I could not stop coming back for more!”

“Oh God!” said Monica. “What happened during the massages?”

“The first time she massaged my back and my legs. But eventually, she started massaging my ass and it felt amazing.”

“Oh, I bet it did!”

“I really liked the way she massaged my ass, so I asked her for another massage,” explained Veronica. “Eventually she started bending me over her lap to give me a deeper ass massage. And then she started massaging my ass hole.”

“What?!” asked Monica, pretending to be shocked.

“It might sound crazy, but it felt SO good when she rubbed my ass hole.”

“I bet,” said Monica, as she moaned to herself. The more Veronica spoke, the wetter Monica became. She fantasized about being the one receiving Jane’s massages. bursa evi olan escort

“She caught me masturbating,” said Veronica. “So, she gave me a little spanking.”

Monica moaned even louder. “Oh fuck! I bet she gives really hard spankings, doesn’t she?”

It was becoming incredibly obvious that Monica was getting off to Veronica’s story. Although Veronica did not originally intend to turn Monica on, she was now enjoying it as she relived her sexiest moments with Jane. “She gives the BEST spankings,” Veronica said, in a quiet and sensual voice.

It was happening all over again. Just as she did with Ashley, Monica was now massaging her own pussy through her leggings. She could not help herself anymore. Veronica’s story was too hot for Monica to handle.

“Later she rubbed my clit with her fingers and my ass hole with her thumb. It was fucking amazing!” explained Veronica.

“At the same time?” asked Monica.


“With two hands?”

“No,” answered Veronica. “She rubbed my pussy and my ass with one hand, while fondling my boobs with her other hand.”

“That sounds so hot!” muttered Monica, as she continued to play with herself. “I have never even imagined anything like that!”

“It’s amazing,” explained Veronica.

“I bet you came so hard, didn’t you?” asked Monica, begging her to say yes.

“Oh God,” moaned Veronica. “I couldn’t believe how hard I came,” she said, as her eyes rolled back.

Monica could not help herself. She slowly crawled up on the couch and remained on all fours. “So, you were in this position when she massaged your pussy?”

Veronica approached the smaller Latina and grabbed her by the hips, helping Monica poke her ass out. “It was more like this,” she instructed.

“Oh my,” said Monica. “And then how exactly did she massage you?”

Veronica could not contain herself either. She wanted to step in Jane’s shoes and show Monica what she experienced. “First of all, I wasn’t wearing leggings.”

“What?” Monica asked, while blushing.

Before she could get another word out, Monica’s pants were ripped down at the hands of Veronica. Her little black thong was exposed, and Veronica was able to appreciate her beautiful bottom for the first time. Monica looked back and watched Veronica give her bottom a hard smack.

“Oh God!” Monica squealed.

Veronica then pushed her friend’s thong out of the way so she could rub her wet pussy.

Even though Monica wanted it, she was still shocked that Veronica made such an assertive move on her. “Veronica!” she exclaimed, as she fell under her friend’s sexual control.

“It feels good, doesn’t it?” Veronica asked.

Monica loved it. She grinded her pussy down against her friend’s fingers. “That feels so good!” she moaned, as her ass wiggled in the air.

Veronica then used her thumb to rub the smaller Latina’s anus while she continued to finger Monica’s pussy. Using the same technique that Jane used on her was turning Veronica on. She watched Monica squirm and moan as she took control of her sexy little body.

The strong stimulation paralyzed Monica as her anus was being stroked by Veronica’s thumb. She felt her nipples get rock hard as her ass hole and pussy were being penetrated. Monica could not open her eyes or close her mouth. She was frozen in a state of shock and pleasure.

Just when the smaller Latina thought she could not take anymore, she felt Veronica’s smooth hand reach up her shirt. She was wearing a sports bra and Veronica was able to get under it and grab her breasts. Even though Monica was smaller and shorter than Veronica, she had curves that could rival anyone in the office. Veronica enjoyed exploring her friend’s large tits and fat ass, for the first time.

Though Veronica loved being in control of Monica’s thick body, she enjoyed reminiscing about her first massages with Jane. And as much as Monica was enjoying the massage, she could not help but fantasize about being dominated by Jane. Their Asian co-worker was not even there, yet she was turning both women on at the same time.

“Are you ready to cum?” asked Veronica, sensually.

“Oh fuck!” screamed Monica. “How did you know?”

“I know baby,” replied Veronica. “I know you want to cum for mami.” Veronica knew because she had been in Monica’s place so many times. She knew that if she were Monica, she would be on the verge of succumbing to an orgasm.

Monica submitted to all the different pleasures stimulating her body. Suddenly, she felt a climax erupting inside of her. She let out a high-pitched moan as all the tension released from her body, causing her to crumble at the hands of her sexy co-worker. Her pussy and ass flinched repeatedly as Veronica continued to stroke her pleasure spots.

“Oh mami!” she screamed. “I can’t take anymore!”

The power that Veronica felt gave her just as much pleasure as she was giving to Monica. She held the smaller Latina down and continued stroking her little ass hole. “You’re altıparmak escort just going to have to keep cumming,” she said, with an assertive voice. She stroked Monica’s pussy even faster, causing her orgasm to keep going.

When the orgasm finally came to an end, Monica was left panting and squirming as Veronica rubbed her juicy ass. After she caught her breath, Monica looked up at her beautiful friend and thanked her for the amazing massage she gave. “That was amazing!” exclaimed Monica.

Veronica took a step back, proud of the massage she provided to her cute little friend. “Want to know the crazy part?” she asked.

Monica rolled over and collapsed on the couch. “What is it?” she asked.

“Jane’s massages are way better,” Veronica said, biting her lip.

Both women moaned at the thought of being touched by Jane’s magical hands.

The night grew late. Jane was just finishing up at the massage parlor. After a long day of internship work followed by a night of giving massages, Jane had become worn out. She was ready to get home and go straight to bed.

As Jane was preparing to leave, she heard a quick knock at the door. “Who could it be?” she thought to herself. Before Jane could even answer, the door began to open.

“Hello Jane.”

The masseuse was a bit surprised when she realized who’s voice she was hearing. The door closed and Jane laid her eyes on her unannounced guest.

“Hi Ashley,” Jane said, with a bit of confusion. “Can I help you with something?”

“Oh, yes,” Ashley said, gathering her own thoughts. “Yeah, I realized I haven’t been as nice to you as I should be. And that was very wrong of me, don’t you think?”

Jane was very confused as Ashley stumbled over her words. “Ummm, no,” she responded. “I think you’ve been pretty nice to me lately.”

“Yeah, I guess so,” responded Ashley. “But, like, I could have been nicer, right?”

Jane could not figure out where Ashley was going with this. “I guess so,” she responded. “I guess anyone can be nicer to anyone if you really think about it. But it is okay. You have been really nice to me this week.”

“Oh, um, yeah I guess,” replied Ashley.

“Is there anything else you needed?” asked the confused intern.

Ashley racked her brain, trying to come up with a new plan. “Well, yeah,” she said. “I demand a free massage!”

Jane chuckled to herself, still confused by Ashley’s weird behavior. “Um, we’re closed,” she answered. “And I’m tired, so I’m going home to get some sleep.”

“You’re not mad?” asked Ashley. “You’re not mad that I demanded a free massage?”

“No,” answered the confused Asian. “Should I be mad?”

“Yes!” exclaimed Ashley. “That was pretty rude the way I barged in here, unannounced.”

“It’s okay,” said Jane, as she giggled to herself. “It’s not a big deal Ashley.”

“No, I disagree,” Ashley responded. “It was really rude how I just walked in and demanded a free massage.”

“Okay,” said Jane, after a moment of awkward silence. “Should I demand an apology?”

“You could,” answered Ashley. “But I don’t know if that would be enough.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah really,” answered Ashley. “I was so rude; I probably need a spanking or something.”

A grin slowly appeared on Jane’s face as she finally realized what Ashley was trying to do. After their last encounter at the massage parlor, the two ladies had gotten along much better at work. Jane was not as quick to snap at Ashley anymore, now that they were friends at work.

Ashley fantasized about the way Jane punished her last time. It got even worse after she told Monica what happened, and even gave her a demonstration. She had become closer with her Asian co-worker, but still found it a bit awkward to ask her for another spanking. Ashley came up with a last second plan in hopes of being punished by Jane, once again.

Now, fully understanding Ashley’s terrible plan, Jane found the whole situation cute. Seeing the Latina act so awkwardly while stumbling over her own words almost flattered Jane. Growing up as awkward and shy as she did, Jane appreciated Ashley’s effort and decided to go along with it.

“I guess you’re right,” Jane happily answered. “I think I should give you a hard spanking, right now.”

Ashley became excited and quickly approached Jane as she started to unbutton her tight high-waisted work pants. The assertive masseuse grabbed the beautiful Latina by her long hair and dragged her towards the chair in the corner. Jane pulled Ashley’s pants down before bending her co-worker over her lap.

With her pants down to the floor, Ashley was wearing a white button up and a ruffled baby blue thong. Jane loved the small ruffles on Ashley’s panties. She played with them as she rubbed the Latina’s fat ass, preparing it for a hard spanking.

Just being forced over the smaller Asian woman’s lap had already turned Ashley on. She closed her eyes and prepared for her bottom to be punished by Jane’s strong hand. Ashley gemlik escort felt her hair being pulled and she let out a subtle moan. Before she knew it, she felt a stinging blow land on her voluptuous tushy.

“Ay!” she yelped, realizing that Jane delivered the first blow.

Jane spanked the Latina several more times, causing her to moan with every smack.

“You’re a bad girl, aren’t you?” Jane teased.

“Yes mami!” moaned Ashley. “I needed to be spanked!”

Jane rubbed Ashley’s fat ass before she continued to spank it. Each blow landed harder and louder than the smack before it. She made sure that each of Ashley’s cheeks received equal punishment and attention. The Latina cried out, moaning from the pleasure of being dominated by the smaller Asian woman. With every single smack on her bottom, Ashley’s pussy became wetter.

It was painstakingly obvious that the Latina was enjoying her punishment. Jane rubbed her fat ass once again and then moved down to her pussy. As the masseuse rubbed Ashley’s pussy through her thong, she realized how soaking wet the Latina had become.

“We wouldn’t want to get these cute little panties wet, would we?” Jane asked, as she began to pull Ashley’s thong down to her thighs.

Ashley wiggled and squirmed in Jane’s lap, as she felt her bare ass being rubbed by the Asian woman’s soft hand. The naughty Latina let out a sudden moan as she felt Jane’s hand go between her legs and rub her pussy.

“Oh, you’re so wet, aren’t you?” asked Jane, in a teasing voice. “You’re not enjoying this spanking, are you?”

“You give such good spankings mami!” moaned Ashley. “You’re so strong and assertive!”

The compliment made the masseuse happy. She was once so shy but now she is being praised for her confidence. Jane began rubbing the submissive Latina’s pussy even faster and harder, causing Ashley to squirm in her lap. Ashley was left moaning uncontrollably as the Asian masseuse continued massage her wet pussy. The pleasure was so intense, Ashley could barely open her eyes.

Ashley fantasized about this every day since her last encounter with Jane. The pleasure and punishment were even better than she remembered. It was not long at all before the naughty Latina could feel her pussy coming to a climax.

Since the Latina was bent over Jane, she was afraid of squirting all over the Asian masseuse’s lap. As the orgasm quickly approached, all Ashley could do was hope that it wasn’t going to be huge. Just as she braced herself for the oncoming orgasm, the Latina suddenly felt a sensation in her ass. She looked back and noticed that Jane was now rubbing her anus with her thumb while rubbing her pussy with her fingers.

The double stimulation completely caught Ashley off guard, causing her to have an explosive orgasm beyond her control. Her body twitched and bounced as she squirted all over the smaller woman’s lap. Embarrassment and pleasure filled her body as she realized that she could not stop cumming all over the place. Ashley moaned loudly and uncontrollably as the orgasm continued to rock her entire body.

By the time Ashley’s orgasm finally came to an end, she was left exhausted and embarrassed as she lay over Jane’s lap. Reality set in that she had just squirted all over Jane’s lap, chair, and floor. As she struggled to catch her breath, the Latina dreaded lifting herself up and seeing Jane’s reaction.

Suddenly, all of Ashley’s insecurities were wiped away when she felt Jane’s hand rubbing her bottom, sensually and erotically. She began moaning as she felt Jane’s little hand rubbing circles around her entire ass. The Latina looked up and noticed a smile on the dominant Asian’s face.

“You’re not mad that I squirted all over you?” Ashley nervously asked.

Jane then slid her fingers through the hot Latina’s juices, ending with her soaking wet pussy, and brought them up to her face. “I don’t mind at all,” she whispered with a smile. She carefully helped Ashley up to her feet before looking her in the eyes and placing her wet fingers inside her own mouth.

Ashley was shocked and turned on that Jane would accept her juices into her own mouth. The Latina moaned to herself and almost fell to her knees. “You’re unbelievable!” she exclaimed, being uncontrollably turned on by the smaller woman.

Jane giggled at Ashley as she continued to suck on her fingers. She eventually led her Latina co-worker out of her office before saying her goodbyes. “You better stop being naughty,” she said, teasingly. “Or I’ll have to give you another spanking,” she added, with a wink.

“Yes mami!” Ashley moaned. She then rubbed her red ass as she walked to her car. The naughty Latina was satisfied with her punishment. She now fully accepted her submissive role to Jane.


That night, Ashley’s phone rang.

“Hey Monica!”

“Hey Ashley! You’ll never guess what happened to me tonight!”

“What happened?”

“It’s really juicy!”

“Oh, please tell me!”

“So, I was hanging out with Veronica and you’ll never guess what happened!”

“Tell me! Tell me!”

“You’re going to be so jealous!”

“Just tell me already!”

“Well, Veronica and I got a bit tipsy, and I asked her about Jane.”

“What did she say?”

“She admitted that Jane gave her some pretty erotic massages!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32