Late Night at the Laundromat

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Grabbing his basket of folded clothes, John was about to leave the area Laundromat when a late-comer entered.

He froze. It was her, his ‘laundry girl’. A brunette that had been here the last couple of times he’d come to do wash.

Before she could see him, he took his basket of clean clothes and dumped it back into the washing machine and started it up. Slowly, he fiddled with the buttons, trying to think of something to say to her this time as she walked to the back but a loud voice shattered the moment.

“Hey, Hummel!” His friend Barry yelled from the front. John groaned inwardly and looked over. “We’ll be down the street at the Nickel trolling for drunk sorority girls when you done, join us!”

John gave a half hearted wave and ducked his head. Great, he thought to himself, that was sure to have got her attention.

“So, you attend U of M?” A soft voice asked from behind. Hummel whipped around to find her standing mere inches from him. Raised eyebrows told him he was taking too long to answer.

Finding his tongue, he answered, “No…you?”

She nodded her head yes, laughing with her eyes, “But I’m not in a sorority though.”

“Yeah,” John said slowly, grinning, “that’s Barry…he still thinks he’s in college.”

She stuck out her hand, “I’m Deanna.”

He lightly grasped her slender fingers, holding her hand longer than he should have, “I’m John.”

Her smile grew, “John, do you think you could help me for a moment? I dropped something behind one of the machines and the attendant left for a few hours. Could you move it for me?”

He nodded and started to follow her, saying a silent thank you to Lady Summer for the high heat of late. Deanna was wearing only a simple tank and short denim skirt with flip flops. The white fitted top showed off her trim athletic build. He admired the sway of her hips that lead down to nicely tanned thighs and cut runner’s calves. Her ankle bracelet caught the light as she rounded the corner.

She turned suddenly, causing him to bump into her. His hands instinctively went to Samsun Escort her waist as her arms went around his neck when she fell into him. John could feel her breath on his neck as she looked up into his eyes.

“I’m sorry.” She apologized but didn’t pull away.

He shook his head, looking down into the biggest brown eyes, “It’s okay.”

Her hands slid down his chest before she stepped back, sending a small thrill thru him.

“Which one should I move?” He asked, needing a distraction.

“This one,” she pointed to the end machine, “if you tip for a sec I could grab my things, please.”

As he tilted the washing the machine on its side, Deanna bent down from the waist giving him a glimpse of a firm, naked bottom. Hummel bit the inside of cheek to stifle a groan. Closing his eyes didn’t help erase the image of him coming up behind her, either.

As Deanna came up, her elbow hit the side of the dusty machine. Turning, she brushed against John, smearing a dark spot on his T-shirt and some on his jeans.

“Oh, no,” she gasped, “look what I’ve done.”

John looked down, more aware of her than the dirt.

“Here,” Deanna said, taking hold of the bottom edge of his fitted, grey T, “I can take care of this right now.” She slid both hands over his rib cage gathering the material. He automatically raised his arms for her as she stood on her tiptoes and pulled his shirt overhead.

His breath caught when she lightly ran her fingernails down his chest and began to play with the zipper of his jeans. A soft sound of appreciation escaped her throat as she rubbed the hardness that had begun to bulge. Hummel’s eyes darted around the room.

Deanna seemed to notice his hesitation and smiled, “They’ve all left…it’s only you and me.”

With that she pushed him up against the larger machines, running her hands across his bare skin. “I have to confess, I had hoped you would be here tonight.”

“Why’s that?” he managed to croak as she unfastened his jeans.

Dark eyes looked up at him coyly. “I have to leave Samsun Escort Bayan for a month and I wanted to say goodbye before I did.”

Nimble fingers hooked into his boxer-briefs and they quickly joined his jeans on the floor. Completely naked his erection sprang free, begging for the touch of the nymph before him.

She slid down his body, sinking to her knees. Hot breath tickled him as her tongue licked the underside of his cock. Warm and wet, her mouth enveloped him.

Reaching down, John gathered her long hair in one hand to get a better view of her full lips wrapped around him. The little sounds she made vibrated through his core, increasing his pleasure.

His stomach muscles clenched as she repeatedly deep throated him. He tried to say her name, something to warn her but only guttural sounds came out. “De…ah, I..I’m…ah, arh…:

A harsh cry ripped from Hummel’s throat as his fantasy girl continued to inhale every inch of him. Her tongue swirled around his shaft, triggering a violent orgasm. His whole body tensed and he slammed his free hand back against the metal washing machine as he released streams of fluid into her waiting mouth.

She continued to work him, even after he was drained, amplifying his climatic waves to the point of delightful pain.

“Please,” he begged weakly, dropping to the floor, “you’re killin’ me…please stop.”

A giggle was his only reply. Jon peeked at Deanna with one eye. She was still on her knees, sitting beside him. He stopped her as she went to stand.

“Where are you going?” He asked grabbing her middle, bringing her close.

She smiled, “I thought I’d give you a minute… let you recover, maybe get our things…”

“I don’t need a minute.” He said in a low, husky voice, pulling her onto his lap. Hummel ran his hands over her toned legs, lifting her skirt as she straddled him. He sat up some, leaning back against the washer and adjusted her light form.

Deanna reached down, wrapping her fingers around his waiting cock, placing the head at Escort Samsun her entrance. A feminine gasp escaped her lips as she sank down onto him. She tensed a little, stopping halfway, bracing herself on his upper arms.

John groaned as she rose up and tried again, still not able to take him all in. Needing to feel her completely, he lifted Deanna by the waist and thrust up as he brought her down. Through clenched teeth he muttered, “god…you’re so tight.”

A pleased moan fell from her lips as she leaned over, running the tip of her tongue along his bottom lip and continued gently biting and kissing her way down his neck. Slowly, she began to rock back and forth on his lap. Hummel leaned back and let her take the lead, for now.

He enjoyed watching her ride him. Her pretty face was flushed, head thrown back in pleasure. She leaned back on his thighs, rolling her hips in lazy circles, driving him mad. His eager lips latched onto a rosy nipple, rolling the sensitive flesh with his tongue and sucking it between his teeth.

Deanna inhaled sharply and wrapped her arms around his neck. Pausing his fun, John took advantage and wrapped her legs around him, allowing him to take control of their pace.

Her hair covered both their faces as she looked down at him. He slid his hands around her hips to her ass, lifting and impaling her on his rock hard cock. Moaning softly, she took every inch of him as he bounced her on his lap. Her inner walls gripped him like a vice. Like a glove, echoed in his mind.

Torn between wanting to prolong this real life fantasy and not wanting to be an audience for any new customers, Hummel sat up and grabbed Deanna’s hips, moving her up and down like a rag doll. He captured the other breast with his teeth, nipping and sucking until she cried out.

Her fingernails left red marks down his back as they both exploded together with cries loud enough to be heard from outside. John held her possessively, waiting for the blood to return and his breathing to calm. He could feel her heart racing as he laid his head between her breasts.

The sound of the front entrance bell broke them from their sexual daze. Quickly, they dressed and peeked round to see the attendant had come in and went directly behind the desk. Gathering their clothes, Deanna took him back to her apartment to finish her goodbyes….

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