Laurie’s Milk Ch. 03

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The curling waves broke the silence around them gently. Steve and his best friend Alex sat in canvas chairs on the waters edge, fishing rods in holders in front of them, a bottle of whisky between them and a bucket off to the side on the off chance they actually caught anything. Their boys trip camping and fishing on Lord Morrison Island was just a good chance for them to have a catch up and unwind, whether they actually caught any fish was a bonus.

The sun was setting behind them as they watched the sky change colour and sipped at their glasses. Alex sighed. “Reckon the girls are at the hotel yet?”

“I doubt it, Laurie had to drop Angus at her mum’s and she wouldn’t have done that until he had had his afternoon nap. They’re probably on the way there now” replied Steve. For him with a six month old baby at home, this was time he could unwind without worrying about feeding schedules or dirty nappies, and he was glad Alex’s girlfriend Danny had managed to convince Laurie to use her mother’s ‘always welcome to have him’ babysitting services, and have a long weekend herself in the city getting pampered and having fun. Both of them enjoyed parenthood enormously, but from time to time Steve worried Laurie might forget that she was allowed to be the woman she was before becoming a mother.

“Sure. Danny is excited, she reckons she’s taking Laurie to a club she used to work at. They’ve got some cover band in tonight that she’s excited about for some reason” said Alex.

Steve laughed. “I can tell you why, Laurie showed me the Facebook event: It’s ‘BoyToy BoyBand’.”

Alex blinked. “What the fuck is ‘BoyToy BoyBand’?”

“Well, supposedly they are a group of mates that sing boyband hits from the 90’s. They do the whole thing where one of them is the ‘cool one’, the ‘broody one’, the ‘fun one'” explained Steve. “But as well as that, the lot of them work as male models in between singing gigs. Apparently two of them are strippers for bachelorette parties too if you believe it.”

“Well they reckon it’s important to be multi-skilled these days,” laughed Alex. “Guess the girls will get their money’s worth then.”

Steve agreed.

“Even after all that dude flesh though, I think Danny might have plans to pull Laurie into a strip club before they go back to the room.”

“Well…alright then, I guess,” said Steve, refilling his drink. “I’d think a boyband stripper would be enough but I guess it’s not exactly personal service.”

“No no,” grinned Alex, “I think she meant a female strip club.”

Steve tilted the bottle away from his glass quickly. “I’m sorry?”

“You heard me. Danny said she wanted to see some tits while she’s out in the city,” said Alex. “Probably a private dance so she can get to feel some too.”

“Why though?” asked Steve.

“Well, to be honest I think she sort of swings both ways. At least, she likes dick too much to commit to the home team, but she still likes to go around the bases with them? Something like that.”

“And you’re alright with that?” Steve asked curiously.

Alex shrugged. “You make allowances for the people you love. I know she loves me too and won’t leave me for a stripper, so I don’t think it’s something I need to get jealous over.”

Steve thought back to a situation between Laurie and a neighbour of theirs some months before, and had to concede Alex may have a point. “Yeah, I guess you do” he said. “Still, I don’t know how successful she’s going to be. I hope if it doesn’t work out that Danny isn’t too disappointed if the only tits she sees all night are Laurie’s.”

Laurie sped through the narrow city streets in her car, overtaking every slower car and accelerating through yellow lights, with Danny in the passenger’s seat shuffling through songs on the playlist she made for the car ride in to pump them up for their night reliving their childhoods. With cocktails.

Laurie glanced nervously at Danny. “Sorry again about it taking so long at mum’s” she said.

Danny shrugged. “Don’t worry about it. I’ve got one too. I know how much they had suddenly have to tell you right as you’re trying to get out the door.”

Laurie smiled and nodded, but didn’t quite meet Danny’s eye. While she had told Danny that her mother suddenly felt it necessary to discuss in depth about her aunt’s breast augmentation surgery holiday to Thailand, in actuality it had been that at the very moment she was saying goodbye was the same time Angus decided he was hungry. Laurie on one hand was relieved, as she was feeling pretty full and hadn’t been looking forward to driving an hour into the city already engorged, but Danny had sat in the car for twenty minutes as she nursed Angus and expressed more of her milk into the sink, assuming Laurie was just going in and out. And now they were going to be late to check in at the hotel and dinner reservations if they didn’t hurry. At the very least, Danny didn’t seem bothered, which Laurie was grateful for.

“So bursa escort bayan are you excited?” asked Danny.

“Yeah, really excited! A night out without the baby, drinking and listening to hot guys sing songs I was into when I was eight? Honestly I’m really pumped for it” exclaimed Laurie.

Danny smiled at her enthusiasm.

“So, you said you used to work at the place we’re going to?” asked Laurie.

“Yeah, a few years before me and Alex started going out. Found out that the old bar supervisor they ended up getting a few sexual harassment claims put on him by staff members after I left, so maybe it was a good time to leave” Danny finished simply.

“Wow,” said Laurie.

Danny just shrugged as if saying ‘it happens’. “Anyway, my old venue manager still works there and he’s getting us in for free and some basics on the house.”

Laurie smiled. Leave it to Danny to get the night started right.

Another twenty minutes and they were parked and at the front desk of their hotel. A quick exchange with the concierge and a credit card number left as deposit, and the two women were quickly up the elevator and pushing their cardkey into the door.

Their room was pretty standard in so far as having two adjoining bedrooms, a bathroom between them and coffee making facilities. What surprised Laurie was that the main area of their room, having a view of the city below through their wall to wall windowing, also housed a rather large hot tub.

“Um, I don’t remember paying for a room with that” she said.

Danny shrugged. “I found a deal for an upgrade with one. I thought it would be nice.”

‘Trust Danny’, thought Laurie. “But I didn’t bring anything to swim in” she said.

“I brought a swimsuit for you. I had to guess your size but I think I’ve got it pretty right. If not, well it’s only me after all.”

Laurie smiled and said thanks, but internally she was a little worried. Danny had known generally what sizes in things Laurie was from their shopping dates before having Angus, but her post baby body was still ‘more’ than it had been. She was lost a good deal of her pregnancy weight, but her waist, thighs and ass had settled on holding five to ten pounds more than they had before, and while she was back down to a 32 bra measurement, Angus and Steve’s devotion to her breasts had finally caused them to settle snuggly into an F cup. Silently she prayed that whatever Danny had brought had the material to cover the new proportions of her body.

They chose rooms, unpacked what they needed immediately and changed so they could quickly run down to the hotel restaurant and eat. Laurie wore red button up halter neck top that being a pre-pregnancy item fit a bit snuggly, with a nice skirt and flats. She had wanted to wear jeans but dejectedly admitted her waist had thickened when she tried them on at home and she couldn’t bring the button to the loop hole. Danny knocked on the door and let herself in. Laurie studied her and her clothes. She was a full foot shorter than Laurie. Her bust was smaller than Laurie’s, though only by a few sizes, her waist was tiny, hips ridiculously wide and ass shapely. She was wearing a sandy coloured dress that cinched at the waist and hugged her hips, breasts and bottom, and had paired it with a complimenting set of heels. Looking at her friend, Laurie didn’t think for a moment they would have any trouble finding someone to pay for their drinks all night.

“You look so hot Laurie!” exclaimed Danny, running over to look at her closer.

Laurie reddened in the face, feeling a little self-conscious. This was the first time she was going out since she had started showing nearly a year ago and wasn’t totally confident in herself. Danny seemed to pick on her friend’s internal distress and started complimenting everything about Laurie she could see. “And your tits. I mean… damn!” she ended.

‘My tits…’

“Oh shit. Do you think I’ll need to pump before we go?” Laurie asked Danny.

“Umm…are they full or something?” Danny asked uncertainly.

“…No, I just… I don’t know…”

Danny laughed, trying to bring her friend to ease.

“Sorry Laurie, I’ve never had kids so I don’t know if I’m the biggest help,” she admitted. “But… like if you don’t think it’ll be a problem for a few hours maybe we should go down and get some food?”

Laurie rationalised that with her speeding, Angus had fed less than an hour ago, and if dinner and the show didn’t run too late, at worst she should just be a bit uncomfortable by the time they got home.

“Alright, let’s go.”

The food was mediocre but the wine was good, and after scarfing their dinner, they found themselves at the Hollywood Bar as the place was starting to fill up. Danny on her tip toes whispered into the ear of the bouncer on the door, and moments after he spoke into his headset a tired man with a face covered in stubble came out and hugged Danny. Danny görükle escort introduced her old manager as ‘Eddie’, and Eddie ushered them into the club.

It wasn’t full yet, but the girls found themselves having to be careful of feet and elbows as they made their ways to the bar. Eddie poured them both Vodka Cranberry’s and wrote them out several tickets for free drinks during the show. Finding a couple of seats toward the front of the room, they drank their drinks and used another ticket each as the room swelled to capacity. Finally, the house music turned off and the lights dimmed.

The room suddenly exploded with screaming women as six large muscular men torn onto stage, dressed largely in denim and leather and missing material several important places. They launched straight into a power ballad with accompanying choreographed dance moves, moving from one bands biggest hits to the next, stopping to talk to the audience ‘in persona’ every three or four songs. At one point one of the two singers that had come on stage shirtless pulled a very horny looking college student onto stage, sat her on a stool and sung her a love song that reduced her to sobs, still crying even as she hugged him in thanks and groped his firm ass cheek in full view of the audience.

All the while Laurie and Danny ploughed through their drinks tickets at speed. As soon as they were gone, Danny pulled her dress down to show another inch of cleavage and began chatting up the man sitting bored through the show with his girlfriend. Not more than five minutes later she was back to her seat next to Laurie with two large purple cocktails and four shots of tequila. After over a year of sobriety, Laurie was quickly becoming heavily intoxicated and numb, pressing her finger nail to her lips and giggling when she realised she couldn’t feel them. Unbeknownst to her, that wasn’t all she wasn’t feeling.

Angus had fed and she had expressed more, but after months of both her husband and son taking her milk, her breasts had gotten used to producing large amounts quickly, and arousal from watching the BoyToy Boys was only made her produce faster. Drinking made her immune to the discomfort of her breasts plumping under a shirt that no longer fit them. Her bra bit into her skin and her cleavage deepened as the show continued, until finally the top button of her shirt topped open under the strain of her engorgement.

Upon returning for a third time with drinks from ‘admirers’, this time blue drinks with hibiscus flowers and Midori Slammers, Danny’s eyes widened when she saw her friends breasts hard pressed and engorged in her top. She swore if she looked hard enough she was able to see her nipples poking through her shirt slightly. Laurie looked up at her with a sloppy smile.

“Is that for me?” she asked.

Danny tore her eyes away from Laurie’s boobs. “Uh…sure. Here” she said, handing her one of each of the drinks in her hands. Silently Danny thought she would need to get some more drinks into her to quench the warmth stirring between her legs.

Two more rounds in and Laurie was well and truly smashed. Danny continued to try and concentrate on the men, but couldn’t help but look to the second button beginning to strain between Laurie’s melons. Suddenly the lights on the stage flashed and four of the men disappeared. The two men left tore at their pants and shirts until they were very quickly standing in front of the audience in nothing but their g-strings. The women screamed as the crowd all realised together that these were the strippers.

Quickly the men were running through the audience as the sound system blared ‘Pony’, rubbing and dancing against any woman in a position they could get to, and the ladies ate it up. The sexual tension in the air was palpable, and Danny thought more than one husband or boyfriend was going to get lucky tonight for being smart enough to bring their ladies here. Laurie and Danny turned to watch a grandma sitting at the table next to them slap one of the boys on the ass as he moved his crotch up and down her side. The act made them both laugh, Laurie’s ample bosom rippling with movement. The stripper’s head turned to look in their direction, even in the din he heard their laughter. His eyes zeroed in on Laurie’s exposed cleavage and Danny saw a definite smile curl on his face.

Leaving the grandma, the stripper took two fast strides on his rippling legs and swung himself over Laurie’s chair, effectively pinning the sides of her legs with his own while her thighs stayed a few inches apart. In time with the chorus, the stripper rubbed his crotch hard against Laurie’s, body bent over with his chest in her face, flexing thick arm muscles on either side of her head as strong fingers gripping the headrest. Laurie bit her lip smiling, a little uncertain, but clearly enjoying having a hot, nearly naked man on top of her. Danny had to admit to herself she could feel herself getting wet watching her friend get mauled bursa escort bayan by this hot stranger. The hot stranger it seemed had also seen the bulging material pulling around the buttons of Laurie’s top. In a flurry of hands, the stripper had his fingers between the remaining few buttons and popped them open right down to the seam that ended at the bottom of her bra . Free, her bosom spilled forward, the portion above her bra line bouncing heavily. Before Laurie could even looked shocked, the male stripper had his face between her breasts, motorboating her forcefully as the sides of her top flapping limply against the sides of his face. Laurie’s eyes bugled and Danny felt a gasp catch in chest as they both sat frozen, watching the stripper beat his face back and forth on Laurie’s soft flesh.

His time with Laurie was over as the music changed, and as a parting gesture, the stripper planted his tongue at the base of her tits and licked the entire way up her cleavage, up her throat and to the top of her chin. Smiling, he kissed her on her open lips before jumping up and moving onto the next woman. Laurie sat, still immobile. She was red in the face and breathing heavily, chest heaving and bouncing with the new freedom of movement. She caught Danny’s eye and started to giggle. Danny laughed with her, but as Laurie looked back to watch the final number, Danny was stuck looking at Laurie’s huge nipples forcing their way through her shirt. She hadn’t moved from when the stripper was on top of her so she could see the outline of the mound, engorged and plump. Danny bit her lip, feeling her own nipples reacting to the sight.

The song and strip show finished, and after two more group ballads, the show ended with a bow and two encores. The Hollywood Bar emptied quickly soon after, but not before Eddie gave the girls another drink each and Danny a hug goodnight so he could go over the books. Not long after, Laurie and Danny stumbled out onto the street holding each other for support and made their way haphazardly back towards their hotel.

Two blocks back and Danny saw a neon sign on a small business that gave her a fluttery feeling in her chest and a warmth between her legs.

“Laur- hey Laurie, let’s go in there” she slurred.

Laurie squinted to look at the sign.

“Nono, that’s a booby strip club, we want the other kind of one.”

Danny took Laurie’s hand and tried to pull her friend toward the door. “Come on, let’s go. I wanna get a lady to put her titties in my face.”

“Nnooo, I want to go back. I’m tired and I want to get out of these clothes. Come on, please?”

Danny was grumpy, but relented. As they walked, Danny’s eye was drawn back to Laurie’s boobs as they bounced and jiggled with each step. Laurie hadn’t rebuttoned , so her mountainous chest was on display for her friend, nipples still visible through two layers of clothing. The warmth between Danny’s legs began to prickle with pressure. Horniness and alcohol began to erode her better judgement.

Finally Laurie and Danny made their way back into the foyer of their hotel. Danny squinted hard under the bright lights, looking about the lobby and spied an ATM in the corner.

“Hey Laurie, can you get some money out for tomorrow? I know this place in city that does amazing pedicures I want to take you to, but it’s cash only, you know?” she said to Laurie.

“Yeah, sure. I trust you,” Laurie slurred. She walked over to the machine while Danny looked toward the bar in the adjoining room.

Laurie put her card into the machine and punched in her pin with an uncertain hand. The machine whirred to life, and spat Laurie’s money out. Turning around, she couldn’t find Danny anywhere in the lobby.

“Dan-Danny?” she called around herself.

A tinkle of laughter came from the next room that Laurie could have sworn was her friend. She walked into the adjoining bar room to find Danny turning away from the bar top, stemware in both hands.

“Heeyyy, there you are. I got us more drinks!” she said handing a glass to Laurie.

“Danny, I just want to go up to the room,” Laurie whined. She sniffed her glass. “What is this?”

“Champagne. Expensive champagne” she added as Laurie moved to put it back down on the bar top. “I’ve got that old guy behind me on the hook. Come on, let’s go while the going’s good.”

Laurie looked over Danny’s shoulder to the balding overweight man grinning like an idiot behind her and back to the contents of the glass before eyeing her friend uncertainly. “I don’t know…”

Danny put her hand on Laurie’s shoulder. “Tell you what, let’s make a bet. If I can get a bottle of this stuff out of him in…oh, ten minutes, we’ll go back upstairs. If not, well, we’ll still go. What do you say?”

Laurie smiled. “Ten minutes?”

“Ten minutes.”

Seven minutes later, the girls were pressing the elevator button for their floor, each with a champagne glass in one hand and a bottle in the other.

“How did that happen?” asked Laurie.

Danny smiled. “He thinks he’s looking for an open door to our room in ten minutes to watch us do things to each other.”

Laurie giggled. “And where is he going?”

“If I remembered it right I gave him directions to the laundry room.”

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