learning from Jaye

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Introduction- At this stage in my life I had been developing into a young man and coming off a freshman year growth spurt of what my mom said to be half to three quarters of a foot. It was the later part of June when we had time for going to the family cabin at a national park famous in our state. Our two week vacation would overlap with a week of sharing it with our cousins and aunt; we were very close even though they lived four hours away we’d grown up together. So this news didn’t seem to bother me my cousins were twins, that were directly between my brother in age one being a boy and the other, Jaye, was a beautiful girl. The first week of the trip seemed to over quicker than a Michael Jordan breakaway dunk, when they showed up in their SUV.

We exchanged greetings with one another, then after helping them with luggage we moved to the cabin to enjoy what my mom had made for lunch. All of a sudden I was dumbfounded while enjoying a rocky mountain hotdog, pausing mid bite, there was a foot. Not just accidentally brushing against my foot but on my ankle and calf. I purposely dropped a fork to see who the culprit was; it was Jaye, which for a second a surge of blood rush from my extremities. Not knowing what it meant I moved my leg finished eating, and headed to water with the boys. Being the youngest boy, in not only my family having an older brother and two sisters, who I typically didn’t see, but also in the realm of cousins. I was never to forget I was weaker and smaller than Rick, my older brother and James, Jaye’s twin and my cousin. The thing to do at the lake was push each other into the frigid glacial waters that were typically reading in the mid fifties on a thermometer. At this particular time the younger two, me and James, ganged up to attempt toppling Rick.

This time though something happened, Jaye came down the path to our dock and I was drawn like a moth to a flame. I had always found her to be a pretty girl, and compared all others to her as if she were Eve, which may sound strange but the admiration I had for her was uncomprehensivable. She was 17 two years my elder, she was very tan borderline olive in pigmentation and her mid five foot frame was very appealing. She had dark hair which accented her dark skin; with some amount of bounce to it I could deduce it had taken time to put it together. Today wearing a white two piece with over shined shades she looked lovely. She was something of a workout fanatic who could spend multiple hours daily on keeping up with the mundane routine. But it seemed to work wonders being an athlete, having small B cups, and a large rear end, she was think but it would be hard to get her off her feet.

She called over from our dock “does anyone wanna go out on the boat and row for a bit?”
With the other two guys not saying anything, I called back over to her “ya I suppose don’t have shit else to do.”
As we got into our twelve foot Lund I began paddling away from the dock towards the hotel and creek which brought some fresh water into the cold body of water. As the cabin was going out of focus Jaye asked me to stop?
“So how are things? Did you enjoy your first year of school? And what about girls, I’m sure you are knocking ‘em away” she said with almost a hint of sarcasm.
I looked up at her “things are fine, school blow and pssh don’t even get me started on that subject”
She this time with a more censire tone “why what do you mean by that?”
“No nothing everything on that front is just fine don’t bother yourself with that Berkley Pit of a situation,” I said angrily.
“Dano, I know life can be a pain but focus on the good, just know that I love you and always will. So any girl who cant see the gentle, kind loving side you have to offer, let them go.” She said this with some compassion.

Not that I hadn’t seen compassion from her, she was like the loving sister I had never had but nothing like this. She then asked to row, while switching seats in the boat she hugged me for a bit longer than I could ever remember, but before breaking our embrace placing a single peck on my lips. Her lips were a dark cherry on this occasion, they were very full and they were as moist during that moment that it felt like KY. As we made our way back to the dock I could get my virgin mind off the long embrace and soft kiss of a girl, nay basically a woman I love and have as long as I’ve know the feeling of love. Arriving on the dock I made a mad dash to the cabin the confines of my room, which was shared for the past decade with Jaye. The thought of cohabitation began to make my mind wander even more and a shower could be a solace for my weary mind.

We had eaten pasta for dinner, being Italian, it was always a comfort food I could just eat and eat the stuff, and I retreated into the den. Joining in on watching some cop drama my brother had chosen, when I became tired I bid farewells to my family grabbing my headphones I had to play some Hendrix to get my mind off of the things happening to me which seemed to be part of an Sex hikayeleri alternate reality. And keeping up with this theme like something out of an erotic film Jaye comes into our room, she come up to me pulling out my earphones.

“So at dinner you seemed to be in another place, and just wanted to make sure that you feel alright about everything” she stated.
I sat for a moment to collect my thoughts “I don’t know exactly what we are talking about?”
“Well the situation you are in with telling me your thoughts on certain things” she said this cryptically.
This made me think even but didn’t want to dive any deeper “nope I am just fine you needn’t worry about me jaye honest, I’m good”
She gave me a hug and said “I love you so much and don’t want to see you hurting”
“Well I appreciate it but think I need some sleep I love you too goodnight” and I did appreciate her she was so caring to worry about her kid cousin.

As I drifted off to sleep the days events didn’t seem to pass having a series of dreams and nightmares of the issues at hand. I woke up to the smell of fresh coffee, bacon and the crackling sounds of grease. I looked at the southern bed and noticed it empty. I had thought she left and went home, due to me. But before I could even have a chance to get out of my bed Jaye came in from the bathroom which adjoined our room, thinking me to fast asleep wearing nothing but a towel proceeded to dry off. Unaware of my presence she stood there glistening as if someone covered her in car wax. She had a great figure as I had mention, but without anything hindering it her nude body was something out of lore. Her small breasts where accented with dark nickel sized nipples that appeared they could’ve cut throats with how on end they stood. As she bent over I noticed a beautiful flower, her vagina was so soft looking like it was made of silk. She had dark lips with a lighter colored clitoris, being only the second vagina seeing in person it was more than nice. Seeing her in such a vulnerable condition I began to feel bad about peeping on her, so much so I wanted to tell her immediately but the thought getting in trouble I let it play out. As she finished dressing I made me way of fake waking up greeting her and then going to the bathroom to get ready for the day.

While in the shower a sickening feeling of guilt overcame me, how could I peer in on my cousin without her knowing? This problem, unlike my body, wasn’t clean upon exiting the shower and needed some alone time. Taking a walk in the woods, when at our cabin always seemed to magically make my problems disappear. On this occasion while walking through trees and throwing rocks I saw a familiar shadow. Jaye was walking up to me at a speed walk pace, upon seeing her I knew she had seen me, was going to yell at me. But this was not the case at this time; she gave me a gesture to walk toward her. She had told me it was dinner, I couldn’t believe it I missed lunch venturing off, how far did I go, where did I go. By this time we were walking back to the cabin, when she took my left hand in her right, suddenly that same rush came back making me uncomfortably erect. I released her hand in a faint hope to hide my problem, which didn’t work at all, if anything the opposite occurred. And without some much as a warning I grabbed her for a loving kiss.

She broke away just about as suddenly as it had happened “whoa there Dano, what was that all about?”
I nervously replied “ah, um not sure but I am truly sorry, just that kiss in the boat and that long hug, it was a mistake.”
“Its fine but just know that kiss I gave you was for being my favorite cousin and the hug was for you being down, you’re family and I love you, don’t worry about it.” She said with a certain pride in her statement.
I still feeling dumb repeated “I am super sorry that was out of line, my bad.”
Reassuring me she gave me another hug saying “don’t worry about it. It was fine.”

We had been only a short distance back to the cabin, which I was glad of having more problems to deal with mentally. As dinner finished I opted out of spending time with anyone retreating to my room. Music playing in my head in some slight chance of getting to sleep, after listening to two albums front to back sleep finally came. This evening I had much lighter dreams not focusing so much on the last few days but of times of youth. I slept in and went the routines of the day, something like two days had passed. Something occurred to me at this point that my perception of time was way out of sync with reality, but maybe it was just vacation. Everyone had gone on a hike, leaving me alone, or show I thought.

It was mid day at this point; I had stayed in the cabin to see Jaye walking in from tanning, dark with the oil. Wearing pink top and purple bottoms having pink dots on them, which looked very nice. As she entered where I was sitting, she sat across from me. She had somewhat a strange, evil-like look in her eyes, raising more suspiscions of my Sikiş hikayeleri guilt.
“So what has been with you the last few days?” she asked me nonchalantly.
I took a few moments, which felt like hours, “well yet again the whole thing from the woods, I’ve been thinking about it. So I think I need to apologize.”
“Don’t worry about like I said when it happen but let me ask you a question, what do you think of me?” she asked with the same look.
“Ah like how do ya mean? I think you’re very kind and sincere, very striking and more than a cousin borderline best friend.” I blurted without realizing it.
“I mean more about my looks, I suppose.” She asked.
“Like I said you’re very pretty,” I said more in fear.
She took a moment to pause, “do you think I’m sexy?”
As she said this my mind began to slip away from me as it had the better part of her time being here, I nervously said, “well I don’t know what I am to say in this situation, part of me thinks you’re fuckin’ with me and the other, being my best friend, I feel I have a abligation to tell the truth.” I did feel that way, but the fear of her not only disagreeing with my wants, borderline beat me for an ICU visit.
“Just say it, no reprocussions,” she said looking bright, not smart, which she very much was but more radiant.
“okay, well Jaye I have to say it as blunt as I can, you are a very sexy individual, who is very caring and considerate for those you care about.”
She took a moment to pause before, “do you mean that or are you just patronizing?”
“Yes I meant it and have thought it since the two of us would spend days at a time together, you are the only girl I have every cared about.” With spilling my guts of a thought that I needed to take to the other side, to death.

After I said this statement the room became an erie type of quiet, with that statement I knew things would never be the same. Unaware whether the outcome would be negative or positive I began letting my mind go to each possible outcome. Being somewhat of a pesimest it felt like the certain happenings would only end badly. While having my head deep in my hands, in some weak attempt to appear invisible or to get my wary mind off my problems, which seemed to be getting more frequent. At this time I heard a strange rumbling of furniture as Jaye sat next to me on a love seat.

“After thinking about it for the past few minutes, trying to figure out what you meant by what you have said. And to me it seems like you may be having strong feeling of me.” She said as looking directly into my eyes, it was piercing as if I had been a badly behaving child who’s mother just called me my full name, for those who know the feeling hair stood on end of my young spine.
As she said this, I knew the jig was up, had she seen me pretending to be asleep, “okay, well I wont be offended if you not only want to never talk to me again, but have me committed.”
Jaye looked deeper at me, almost as if she felt bad, but how could she with what her younger cousin had said, “Dano, don’t feel ashamed but I do know how you feel, and have to say I have had similar feelings in the past. Ever since you hit this growth spurt you have changed from the boy you were to this man of large stature.”
“Well I appreciate the compliment and you don’t need to say that last part to make me feel less awkward.” I replied.
No her happy looked turned a bit warmer, “so that I now know you think I’m hot, what would you do if there were no limits?”
Upset at this point and in an almost rage, “funny, ha ha I knew something was fishy, you’re yet again messing with my head.”
Now her nice look came back, “I know you’re inexperienced, that you respect me and could use a lesson to how to appear confident with the opposite sex.”
“we-,” before I could even get a more in edgewise she moved from beside me to my lap.

While she repositioned herself, nature did take its coarse, giving me an erection that hiding seemed impossible. She must have felt it against her, which surprised me with her reaction. Jaye knew full well what that was and even more unbelievable she had been cool with it. With that going on under my board shorts she moved in giving me a single kiss, which rushed even more blood south. That first kiss led to many afterwards, to a very familiar thing for a high schooler, a tongue with ample girth and the sweetness of candy. Was this happening? Was I sharing a tender embrace with my best friend of more than a decade, who just happened to be a blood relative. Seeming with no words or much more sounds our hearts beating and slight sighs of pleasure, I almost auto piloted my right hand to her left breast.

It was like I couldn’t control the caveman-like urges I was having, and with just a smirk from Jaye I knew I was fine. And by this time she started slightly grinding on top of me, while feeling my bare, at that time hairless chest. Then without missing I beat I followed her led by removing her bikini top, reviling her hard nipples which I would come Erotik hikaye to realize could get harder. Move to her right with my mouth, I grazed the aerola with my tongue as well as her small dark nipple. Adding teeth ever so slightly and switching intermitantly between both cones. Then she got up grabbing my hand and led me into our room, the place where I first got a peak at her.

“So D, I don’t want to make you feel anything bug good, can I ask how far you have been with other girls?” she asked with a certain care as not to overstep.
I was more than taken back at the question, on one hand I could lie so I didn’t appear to be a kid or maybe she actually cared enough to ask, “well to tell the honest truth, not that much. Have kiss a few girls and gotten two squeezers.”
With a bit of an odd expression she mumbled, “a squeezer?”
I could see her trying to get the wheels moving in her mind, so after a few moments, “its slang for a handjob my dear.”
“Well it seems like you could use some teaching, as long as you feel comfortable we can have fun and don’t worry about a thing, your elder cousin will take care of it”
As she said that something I didn’t think could happen did, even more of a boner, it felt like I could carve granite, “ah that all sounds excellent to me, I’m a blank slab of clay mold me Jaye.”

After saying what could have been the corniest line, I soon was told to get out of my shorts and like a dog of a leash it was unsheathed. Her eyes soon got very big, almost catatonic, while still kissing I felt a small warm hand. I needed to make a visual check that knew what was happening, it was her hand on me, working the more than 7 inches up and down with grace. All of a sudden she wanted me to take off her bottoms, being nervous I trembled as I felt the most lovely behind. As I slipped them down catching a glimpse of what I saw a few days previously, this time it was in my face and could smell a sweet essence of her lotions mixed with her naturalness.

She was completely bare which I would come to find out later on, was a big turn on for me. She then took the large object protruding from my abdomen out of her hand placing a kiss on its tip. Such a great feeling, something I’ll never forget, like my first car or something great in life, then putting it into her hot, sultry mouth while never breaking contact of my blue eyes. As she still on her knees a new feeling that was nothing I’d ever felt before it felt like a seizure, legs flailing and my still was moving like a worm. Something happened while I was still in her mouth feeling tonsils and the warmth of hot chocolate on a cold day, I came, not like those two times with those girls in the hot tub, on different occasions of course, not a big player here, or by myself. It was a feeling of total euphoria seeing colors, losing sight and vision temporarily.

After taking it she asked as looking down, “seems like he is at attention, are you up to repay my favor?”
She could asked me to do her taxes or jump into moving traffic and I would’ve said yes, “UH HU!”
But as I agreed to terms on something I knew nothing about I felt like a translator who only speaks one language, but something told me that my inexperience could prove to be another chance for improvement. She told me to get between her legs and started kissing me while guiding my dominant hand with hers. I brushed her naval and felt her jump under and into me, wow just from a slight touch, I thought it was incredible. After that she guiding me to her thick muscular thighs, the heat was radiating from her and then without her guide I went in. I use two fingers, one on each lip from the bottom upwards, wet and hot, I was feeling strangely powerful with only a hand. Then similatanously without realizing my actions rubbing her bean, which felt amazing.

Then almost commanding me, pushing my head from her lips to her box, and by this time it looked much differently from when I removed her bottoms. I was like she had run through a sprinkler and the smells and tastes where something unknown to me, yet intruiging. Letting me know what and how to do, I quickly became betting working everything from her clit to an accidental graze of her ass. She started to convulse due to my mistake which drenched me in a sweet nectar that was fabulous. She then came down to me on the floor to make out with me and taste her secondhand from me.

Then pushing me onto my back and straddling me, as I was touching and scratching and her sides and chest. Without warning she reached for my member lining it up for what only could be more enjoyment. I was in, what a feeling it was tight yet supple, I could feel her muscles contracting against me, which caused for some resistance. After a bit of work, I felt her lips on me telling me I was balls deep. What a feeling my balls crashing in sync with her and that large ass, after a few minutes that feeling was boiling over. And I told her it was happening and what I needed to do, to my surprise she said stay in, wow cool I thought.

As I was releashing a larger than life orgasm, she came too moaning and I was trying to catch my breathe as she said, “Well that was just so great but I need a shower, any interest in joining?”

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