Life Goes On

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College Uniform

Thanks to ‘LadyCibelle and Techsan’ for editing this story.


Chapter 1

She was standing there as beautiful as ever. The one woman I tried my best to forget but never could. What was she doing here? If anyone didn’t belong here it was her. I had to approach her; I had to talk to her. It was Jenny, my old girlfriend. Our last date was the senior prom in high school. We graduated and I enlisted in the service. I wanted to help our war effort. That was six years ago. I served four years and then came back. After verifying the truth about Jenny marrying my cousin Jim with my parents I decided to move to the big city about a hundred miles away.

She was my highschool sweetheart. Well, I should say that she was the girl I cared for. We didn’t really go steady. I remember her saying that her parents used to tell her not to go with just one guy. She was too young to tie herself down to one person. So we dated but she also dated other guys. All the guys were crazy about her. She dated several different ones. Of course it made me mad so I dated other girls also. They were fun but when you care for a certain girl you have a tendency to measure all the rest of them to her.

While I was in Iraq she wrote regularly. The letters were always about home and how she couldn’t wait to see me when I got back. She was in college and learning a lot. After a couple of years the letters were less loving. I could literally read the difference. Then it came, the so-called “Dear John” letter. Even though she wasn’t my steady, I thought of her as such. Then the bad news really hit in a letter about a month later; she was getting married. She was going to marry my cousin Jim. I was heart broken. I wrote back to her and told her that Jim was the luckiest man alive. I would have given anything to be in his shoes.

I couldn’t yell and scream and call her names. She wasn’t my steady but I took it hard. Like a good soldier I kept a stiff upper lip. I went on with my life. She will always be a warm spot in my past.

After that, I became kind of a gigolo. I went out with all the women. I did practice safe sex but had sex with almost every date I had after I got that letter. I couldn’t count the girls I had sex with while overseas. When I arrived back in the states, I saw my parents and spent a few weeks in the area. They confirmed that Jenny got married about two years ago. She had gotten pregnant but later had a miscarriage. I wanted to see Jenny but just couldn’t get myself to go there. So, as I mentioned, I moved to the big city. I told my parents that the job opportunities were better there so that’s why I was moving there. The truths be known, I was afraid of running into Jenny, even after all these years. I had to move on.

I became an audio/visual expert while in the service. I could have gotten a job anywhere. I used all the high tech equipment the armed forces had to offer. If it had anything to do with audio or video equipment, I could do it.

I found a job in Columbus and moved there the following weekend. I rented an apartment in an upper class neighborhood. The women were plentiful. The pool and hot tub were for the use of all the renters and their guests. They had two pools, an indoor and an outdoor, so we were good year around. The pools always had women around and in them.

I was an in-shape sort of guy. I exercised every morning and then tried to run at least two miles a day. My work schedule was very flexible and allowed me time for my running. A lot of my equipment was set up for the Private Investigators I worked with. I didn’t have all the leg work to do, just mostly setting up and tearing down equipment. I have seen it all. I have seen more sexual situations in a month than most people have in a lifetime.

If anyone saw all the sex I’ve observed, he would think Sodom was back. I continued having my share of sex. Here I was twenty-five years old, single and horny. Some days as I sat around the pool I would get approached by women several times. You would have thought we lived in Las Vegas. Many of these chicks were married but didn’t seem to care who knew what they did.

I fucked them all or at least all that were willing. Heavy, skinny, short, tall, built, real tits or implants. So many of these women hungered for sex. Most worked but others were kind of trophy wives. They were there for their husbands to take to the business engagements. There were a few single girls in our complex but I had a tendency to stay away from them. I didn’t want to get tied down. I did go out with one girl, Beverly, we were good friends.

I should explain this further. Not every couple in our complex were swingers. It just seems that there were a lot of them. They had a tendency to stand out. I met a lot of couples that probably had great marriages and nice families. A few of the husbands I met had decent jobs and in most cases their wives worked also. It was good to see that some good marriages existed.

I tried not to judge people but it was awfully Maltepe Escort hard for me to understand why some husbands didn’t seem to care who their wives were with. I was invited to my first swingers’ party. I didn’t know what to expect. My only problem was I needed a date. No singles were allowed at these parties. I asked Beverly, a divorced gal that owned her own business, what she thought about going with me. She was rather heavy but had to be one of the best sexual partners I’ve been with. Maybe she just tried harder. She was heavy with really big boobs, maybe 44-DD’s or bigger. The thing was, she knew how to use every inch of her body to get a guy off. A few of the men I met said they thought she was the best. So I asked her about going to the swap meet and she readily accepted. She told me she’s been to a lot of the swap meets and usually had a good time.

We arrived at the party and for the first hour it was pretty much the, “Hi, how are you?” type talk. There were a few couples from our complex there plus other couples who were invited by some of their friends. People just started pairing up and using the house like a brothel. They were having all kinds of sexual activity everywhere. It did kind of make me laugh, I remember when I was in Iraq, I always thought this is how I wanted to live out my last days.

The women came to this affair like they were going to a ball or something. They were dressed to the hilt. After about two hours they were either naked or in their under things.

One gal from my housing complex came up to me and introduced herself. I hadn’t had sex with her before. She sat next to me and took my hand and put it in her lap. I slid it right up to her pussy in through the sides of her panties and started fingering her. She smiled and spread those legs further apart. She was a little high but also very hot. She told me, “Fuck me. Fuck me now.”

I had been sitting there on the couch in my briefs. She pulled them down and then rolled a condom onto my cock and then climbed up, pulled her panties to the side and slid down on my rigid cock. Damn, this was unbelievable. Her husband was not twenty feet away fucking another woman. This was my first fuck this night and I came quick. She smiled at me and then got off my lap, took the condom filled with my cum and put it in the waste basket that was there for that purpose and walked away. I have no idea if she even climaxed.

I was watching two men work on Beverly. Each were sucking a tit and had her legs spread and were sliding their hands up to her vagina. She smiled at me and I was glad she was having a good time. She was just a friend, not my girlfriend, so it didn’t bother me in the least seeing her enjoying herself.

I came across a cute little redhead. Later I found out her name was Marsha. I asked where her husband was. I guess you’re not supposed to talk about personal stuff but she told me he had a thing for black women and was upstairs with one. I introduced myself and asked her if she wanted to play a little. She asked what I had in mind; she hadn’t done anything yet that evening. I dropped to my knees and slid her panties off and buried my face in her red bush.

“Oh, my God,” she screamed out, “I can’t believe this, most men won’t eat pussy here. When the ladies see you, they will never leave you alone.”

“I won’t eat just any pussy. You just looked sad and said I was your first tonight so I wanted to give you something special.” Then I buried my tongue in her. She was pumping so hard against my mouth I had a hard time breathing. I made her climax with my mouth.

When we finished, she thanked me and kissed me with her juices all over my face. She asked if I would take her to one of the side rooms and fuck her so that’s exactly what we did. She was one good fuck. She was the type that made me wonder what she was even doing there. I asked her after she climaxed for the second time.

“We’re not supposed to talk about personal things but I like you so much. What do you want to know? I’ll try to be honest with you.”

“Why would your husband want any other woman? Doesn’t he love you? To me you seem pretty special.”

She kind of snickered and told me, “The love here at this party is a front. Marriages where the partners swap don’t have love. I loved my husband for six years. Then he gave me a choice about a year ago. Come to the swap meets or hit the road. I don’t have anything and I had nowhere to go. He is older than me and we have a prenuptial agreement. So I come along hoping to at least find a nice guy to be with. Today you’re that guy. I guess I’m his slut. I’m saving money and hopefully one day I’ll leave him. There are a lot of stories you’ll hear about the people here. Most are sad.”

Wow, I really didn’t expect to hear that! I stayed with her the rest of the evening. We fucked one more time. The last thing she said to me was she hoped I attended the next party. She would be looking for me.

I found Beverly and she gathered Kartal Escort up her clothes and we headed for home. I had some questions for her and she began to fill me in.

The parties had supposedly strict rules but hardly anyone followed them.


1. Leave your marital problems at home. Don’t bring them to the party.

2. No means no. That goes for everybody.

3. No meeting partners outside of the party.

4. You come with a date and go home with the same date.

5. None of your children are to know anything that goes on.

6. No camera or video equipment allowed.


That was pretty much the rules. Beverly told me that she was married when she first started attending. Her husband fell for one of the other wives and both marriages ended in divorce. She said he was a slime ball anyway and she was better off without him. The two of us became good friends. We had sex together but never wanted love to be part of the mix.

I still had a hard time understanding why a man would sit there and let another man feel up and then fuck his wife. The more and more I saw it happen, the more I knew this wasn’t love. The women didn’t respect their husbands and for sure the men didn’t love their wives.

I know that if some man laid his hands on my wife, if I had one, he would be picking himself off the ground if he was able when I got through with him. Then I thought about the wife. Could she love her husband and just fuck another man in front of him? What kind of marriage would that be? What morality were they passing onto their kids?

It was quite an eye opener. Everyone acted like they had the best marriages while they both, husbands and wives, cheated regularly on each other. So many divorces, suicides, and drugs from these so called rich jet-set couples. All believing swapping might solve their marital problems.

My younger brother was getting married and they were going to hold a bachelor party and I was invited. I had to go because it was my brother and I was going to be one of his combination ushers/groomsmen. When I got there, I saw a lot of my old friends. My cousin Jim was there too. He greeted me like an old friend. I put on the show for him and hugged him back. Deep down I wanted to kick his ass for taking Jenny. I congratulated him belatedly but I didn’t want to talk about Jenny.

Everyone wanted to hear about my war experiences. I put it on pretty thick but most of it was true. My old pal Joe brought up my love life. He asked how it was going in Columbus? I pretty much told everyone how it was. I attended a few swap parties and fucked all these other men’s wives. Love was never a part of it but there was one hell of a lot of sex. I got all the usual ooh’s and aah’s when I explained how some of the woman looked and acted.

Almost every guy’s fantasy is to fuck other women. I’m not saying they would do it but they sure the hell think about it.

When Jim said he would like to go to one of those parties, it about half pissed me off. He better never take Jenny to one of those parties. Of course I didn’t even know Jenny any more but just the idea of her being there turned my stomach.

My little brother’s best man was throwing the party and put on some x-rated porno tapes for the guys to watch. I was so used to seeing the real thing that I didn’t pay much attention. After the tapes, there was a knock on the door. Jim opened it and in came three female dancers very scantily dressed. Of course all the guys were yelling and cheering. They opened a spot on the floor so the dancers could do their thing. They were good. They were also hookers. I heard one guy asked if they did anything beside dance and they told him everything was negotiable for a price.

One gal started giving my little brother, who was half drunk, a lap dance. I offered to pay for it since this was for him. The rules were he wasn’t supposed to touch her so he held onto the chair while she did her thing. He was hard as a rock and I do believe he creamed his jeans. After the dance he went and changed his pants. A few of the men were handing the girls money and going into the bedrooms. Everyone knew they were getting fucked or a blowjob. It pissed me off when Jim handed one of the girls money and started kissing her right there in front of everyone before taking her into the bedroom. I knew it was none of my business so I did my best not to say anything.

Just to be part of the party I let one girl give me a lap dance but I told her only if I could hold on to her ass while she did it. All the guys cheered for me. Normally you weren’t supposed to touch the girls. I wanted to show them how good I was at this stuff. Actually I had talked with the girl earlier and gave her enough for a fuck but just wanted the lap dance.

She dry humped me like it was her last fuck ever. When she got finished, she whispered in my ear that she really did have an orgasm and thanked Pendik Escort me for not being a prick like a couple of the other guys. I asked her which guys and she nodded toward Jim and one of his friends saying he kept calling her a slut and treating her like shit. She was so glad when he finally came. She said he didn’t know how to treat women.

I was starting to really dislike my cousin. At least I only had to put up with him one more time and that was at the wedding. The problem was I knew Jenny would be there.

The day of the wedding I went with my brother to get our tuxedos. He had convinced me to be a groomsman but asked if I could help as an usher as well. I told him of course and I did my job well.

As I was seating guests, I would politely say bride or groom and seat them in the proper area. When Jenny came to the door to be seated it was as though time stopped. I looked up and there she was. Six years were now like one day ago. She came up to me and gave me a big hug. She felt and smelled like I always remembered. I was finally able to break out of my trance and hug her back.

“God, it’s so good to see you, Jenny, I can’t tell you how much I missed not hearing from you. ” She looked at the floor knowing she had stopped writing me. I didn’t want her sad right now so I asked her if she would save me a dance or two at the reception.

“I’ll always save you a dance, Jerry,” she said as Jim, her husband, showed up. He said hi to me and asked what I thought of how Jenny looked as he grabbed her ass. I knew it made her uncomfortable and kind of pissed me off. I knew he was just telling me that she belonged to him.

I looked at her and said, “She may not be the bride but she is definitely the prettiest woman here.”

He spoke up quickly and said, “Yeah, and she belongs to me.”

I seated them on the groom’s side of the aisle and went back to seat more guests. I knew she was getting to me but I just couldn’t help it.

As I stood up front with the groomsmen and everyone watching the vows being said, I just looked at Jenny. She kept looking back at me. We still had strong feelings for each other but she was married.

At the reception I went around and greeted all my family members. I had to tell my war stories about a hundred times. I didn’t say much about my sex life other than I liked living where I did. My little brother and his wife looked great together. I advised him to always treat her right and put her first in his life. They made a good couple and, with a lot of effort, they would make it.

I looked around and saw Jim getting drunk. Jenny was next to him looking around inquiringly. When she saw me she stopped looking. I walked up and asked her about that dance. She got up and we headed to the dance floor. I wanted to be as far away from Jim as possible. I wanted to hold Jenny.

As we walked past the band, I handed the leader ten dollars and asked them to play three slow songs in a row. He smiled and said, “Yes, sir,” and they started the first slow song. I put my arms around Jenny as we danced slowly.

The first song the band played was, “You belong to me” by The Duprees. I could hear the words while we danced.


See the pyramids across the Nile,

Watch the sunrise on a tropic isle,

Just remember, darling, all the while,

You belong to me.


She had tears in her eyes as we danced. “Do you want to talk about it Jenny?” I asked.

“That was one of our songs before you went overseas. I always liked that song,” she replied.

I held her close and moved slowly while the music played. We were both engrossed in our own thoughts while the music played. The second tune started. The band played, “I Can’t stop Loving You” by Ray Charles.


I can’t stop loving you.

I’ve made up my mind

To live in misery

Of the lonesome time.

I can’t stop loving you.

It’s useless to say.

So I’ll just live my life

In dreams of yesterday.


God, you would have thought I had hand-picked the songs. They all pertained to us. Romantic music was my favorite but I had no love to share with anymore. So, hearing these old tunes really got to me. I held Jenny closer and closer.

It felt so good holding her in my arms. It was like old times, Jenny and me together dancing. I knew it wasn’t going to last long, our last song was about to start. Then she would be going back to her husband and I would be heading home alone.

The band started the third song. It was by a local guy that we went to high school with. Hell, I remember the song but couldn’t remember his name. Later I heard it by other singers. “That’s all I want from you.” At school I remember they played it at every school dance after all a kid at school recorded it.


A little love that slowly grows and grows,

Not one that comes and goes.

That’s all I want from you.

A sunny day with bolts up to the sky,

A kiss and no goodbye.

That’s all I want from you.

Don’t let me down,

Oh, show me that you care.

Remember when you give,

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