Living with Lauren Ch. 02

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My first feeling was one of embarrassment, but it was quickly followed by another, very peculiar reaction to Alice seeing me naked: I liked it. I had never been naked in front of anyone before, unless you count my gyno or when I was really young, so having someone see me like this was thrilling, especially since Alice seemed to really approve of my body.

Alice check me up and down, then a huge grin spread over her face. I was finally able to unfreeze and cinch my robe together.

“S-sorry, didn’t know you were here…” I said.

“Oh, don’t you worry about it, Judy.” Alice said. “Hey, you have a great body.” She winked as she said “great” and I realized that she had never made a move to cover herself. I guess that is in line with Alice’s personality, though; outgoing and not shy at all, not even about her naked body, which did happen to be quite attractive. Alice squeezed past me through the door…she was so close…I felt her large breasts brush my side (or I thought I felt them, or maybe I wanted them to brush me) as she turned perpendicular Bayan Escort to me and walked through the door.

I was so scared, I was shaking and staring intently at the floor. I knew my face had to be as red as a tomato because I could feel how hot and flushed I was.

Wait. Did I just think about Alice’s body as…attractive? I quickly shut the door and all I could do was sit on the tiled floor as I tried to figure out what was happening to me. Alice clearly liked looking at me. And I liked that she was looking at me. But did I like looking at her? Did I like looking at her breasts, which were so much larger than my own? Her tan skin? I didn’t see her crotch…did I want to? Does she trim it like I do, still leaving a decent amount of hair? Her hair was darker than mine, her pubic hair must be darker, too.

I stood, but shakily. I walked over to the vanity and stared at myself in the mirror as if I were attempting to peer into my soul. I knew I liked that Alice checked me out. And I knew I wanted her to do it again.

As I showered, I imagined that Alice checking me out again. And she was naked again. And this time she was touching herself. Touching herself as she thought about me. Rubbing her clit and massaging her breast as she looked my naked body up and down. Adrenaline flowed through my veins and I became incredibly turned on as I realized that I held the power to turn someone else on, to turn someone on by doing absolutely nothing but appearing naked before them.

I even imagined that when Alice had sex with Lauren, Alice would think about me, or think about Lauren being me and therefore thinking about having sex with me. Lauren and I didn’t look that dissimilar, after all. Maybe Alice fantasized about making love simultaneously to two beautiful women, who could have been twins, except one had red hair and the other black.

Jesus, I was turned on. I could smell my scent overpowering that of the soaps that I was lathering myself with. I placed my back against the wall of the shower, and frantically rubbed my vagina. My right index finger tickled my clit as my left fingers plunged into my vagina. I came, and while I came I imagined Alice watching.


I started getting risque and less modest about my body. I would normally walk around the apartment fully clothed, or when I wore my robe I would have panties and a bra on underneath. But now, I would walk around in solely or my robe, or maybe panties and a tight t-shirt, just to get a rise out of Alice and Lauren.

I relished the times that Alice and Lauren would be cuddling on the sofa, watching a movie or something, and I would walk past and “accidentally” let the front of my robe fall open. And that one time when Alice and Lauren were sitting at the table in our kitchen area and I bent over while looking through the fridge. I could feel their eyes on my backside as my panties stretched out and clearly framed my mound between my legs.

Each time I was so aroused I had to rush back to my room and relieve myself. When time I even heard Alice tell Lauren, “Damn, your roommate’s got one fine body. It reminds me of yours.”

And then I got the most risque idea I had ever thought up. This one even required planning.

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