An Interesting Life Ch. 01

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She woke up confused. She declared her love to him last night. “Yes, she always thought that she loved him but it was normally in the height of passion and she thought that it was only that.”

She enjoyed how he made her feel as a woman. She enjoyed how he always knew what button to touch for her to come more than she ever did in her life. She enjoyed that he was the only person that really always thought about her before himself.

Last night was different. They didn’t make love. They sat across from each over in a public place and they talked. She was honest for the first time about the shortcomings in her life and in her relationship with her husband. He told her about his unhappiness and for the first time she imagined how it would be to spend a life together.

She was worried that he kept on mentioning their age difference as an excuse. Then he took her hand, oblivious of anybody seeing them looked her in her eyes and told her that he has loved her since the first day they met.

She felt happy. She was happy that this man loved her and that he loved her without wanting anything from her. When they left he kissed her – Not a sexual kiss. Almost a peck but soft with love just the way she likes it.

Laying in bed now she wondered about her confusion. He is 14 years older than her. Not one of those typical rugby players that let themselves go after their last rugby game. He looked good for any age.

Almost 2 m and with a smile she thought how small she feels next to him. Laughing at herself she thinks that nobody will think her fat standing next to his big frame.She knows that she is not fat and with all the guys hitting on her she has to be kinda hot but she has this low self esteem since childhood.

When she came home last night slightly intoxicated she had a long fight with her husband and yes, they talked. He promised to change and he again declared that his life is nothing without her. She knows that she loves him but she is also worried that this again is only empty promises.

“What to do?How will Grant react when she gets to work?That’s another problem – they work together and he is her boss!”

She jumps Escort Bayan into the shower confused but still happy but also sad. She washes over her full breasts and think about how much Grant loves them. She looks down at them and as always starts looking for negative signs…”Are they too big?Why can’t they point up like the girls her husband love to look at on the Internet?”

She washes over her stomach wishing that it could be flatter. She washed her sex and she could see that it was not only soap but her juices as well that made her pussy wet. She washed her behind. At least one part of her that she was happy with. “But is it firm enough?”She washed over her legs thinking them to thin.

She hated being naked in front of anyone except Grant. The look in his eyes when he looked at her. He was always complimenting her. From her hair, her face, her neck, her breasts, her tummy, her back, her ass, her legs and even her feet that she hated.

“Does she really look as good as he always make her feel?”

“Damn I am late.” Running through her chores and only spending time on her make -up.

He wasn’t there when she got to work and she was almost glad. “How is this all going to change their relationship?”

She received a text from him asking her to handle the sales meeting. “Is he ignoring her?”

He came into the office half hour late.

He looked into her office with a smile looking her in the eyes. As always he knew something was wrong. She received his text asking directly if she still felt the same. Typical not one for games or beating around the bush. She text back that they needed to talk.

She knew it was the wrong thing to say when he text back saying that he has been happy for the first time in a while up to the moment he read her text.

She immediately answered back that yes she still felt the same. “But did she?”

He made an excuse for them to go to an appointment together. She climbed in and started her old defence of talking about work. He sat silently listening. She knew she was babbling but she couldn’t stop herself. She told him about how she and her husband talked and even showed him a love declaration email from him.

He looked at her and said “what will happen will happen” She felt release and confirmed that she was feeling the same.

His text and talk for the whole week was full of his love for her. She did answer back and yes she did say that she loved him…”But did she?”

It is always easy for her to say “I love you” to her family and friends. “Why is it so difficult to say it to him?Is it because for the first time in her life she really loves someone?”

She asked him to give her space and he generously agreed.

But she knew him better. Part of the attraction was the lust he felt for her. After being together for 18 months she knew that he still wants her every day if not more.

He enjoys hugs and when he used the excuse of meeting her for coffee and a hug at their hide away she knew that something more would happen.

But he was a perfect gentleman and even though she could see the lust in his eyes he left her alone and left. She decided to relax and gather her thoughts. She sat back smoking when the first mail came through. It was a story that he had written. It was a very sexy story about an amateur photographer taking photos of a very sexy young student.

She knows that he uses her as example in his stories and as a model she could really relate to this one. She was really enjoying the sexy story and yes she did feel herself become excited. Grant returned when she was on the last few pages. He kissed her on the forehead and then asked her to stand up. Before she knew he reached underneath her dress and pulled her panties down.

He took them and went into the other bedroom closing the door behind him.

She sat there surprised how good she felt sitting there naked under her dress. She heard him removing his clothes in the other room. “So much for a gentleman,” she thought but secretly she was getting excited. The sexy story, him naked with a door between them and her own nakedness under her dress.

She could feel herself becoming moist but she was really not feeling well and she hoped that he would leave it for another time. He came back asking her for her bra as he was helping himself and he needed the image of her naked under her dress to help his imagination.

She laughed at his silliness but stood up to remove her bra from under her dress. He was wearing a towel and she could see his familiar hardon tenting the cloth. He reached underneath her dress and although she tried to stop him he felt the unmistakeable moistness of her sex.

He closed the door behind him again and she thought how things are never the same with him. It’s the little things that makes her love and want him. She finished her story and yes she was aroused which was very funny as it was very close to her period and she normally never felt in the mood at this time of her cycle.

She stood up and saw that the door was slightly open. He was lying on the bed staring at the door slowly stroking his huge cock. He couldn’t see her but she knew that he was imagining her naked under her dress and he was masturbating with the image of her in his head. That really excited her knowing that he could find her so attractive that he could use her image to get off.

He smiled at her when she opened the door. He was so hoping for her to come to him. She crept onto the bed still wearing her dress. She kissed him and then moved down placing little soft kisses on his body. Taking his nipple in her mouth sucking and biting it lightly.

She took his cock in her hand directing it to her open mouth. His moan was her reward. She sucked the head of his cock and then licking down the shaft and taking each of his balls into her mouth. She went back up his shaft to the purple tip sucking his sensitive head. His cock was now well lubricated with her salvia.

She couldn’t wait any more. She straddled him lowering herself onto his hard cock. She was so wet that he went in effortlessly. She loves how he fills her. She started slow but she could already feel the orgasm build. He was pushing up into her and they found a perfect rhythm. “O fuck they worked well together “she thought screaming when she came and at the same time feeling his cum splashing the insides of her womb.

They lay there exhausted for more than half an hour with him still in her. It was most probably their shortest lovemaking session but also so differently good.

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