Long Distance Lessons

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10:23, she thought to herself, I might be too late as she listened to the computer log on to the internet.

It had been at least three months since the last time she talked to him. He had completely disappeared. She figured he had probably gotten in trouble with his wife over his internet fantasies and was laying low for a while, as they all do. She knew he would be back eventually, they always are. The excitement she felt when she received a message from him this afternoon that he wanted to talk to her tonight was indescribable. “Hurry Up” she whispered at the computer exasperated. She was supposed to be there at ten o-clock sharp. Finally it was all loaded up. She logged into yahoo and was instantly greeted by him.

“I was just about to leave. What took you so long Slutty Sara?” was his first message.

“I got distracted, had a phone call.” her reply.

“WHO CALLED YOU?! WHAT DID YOU TALK ABOUT, SLUT?” His stern reply put her on edge for a second. She thought to herself, why should it matter to you WHO I was talking with?! YOU stayed away for three months!

“Relax! It was my husband. We talked about our days.” She replied quickly. She worked an opposite schedule from her husband and only really saw him in person on the weekends, but they talked on the phone every night.

“Are you ready, Slutty Sara? Call me now! You are being timed, DON’T MAKE ME WAIT TOO LONG”

“Please give me five minutes. I have to lock up the house” She always locked up the whole house, turned on the stereo to drown out any noises she might make that could wake her children, put the dogs outside and turned off all the lights. When she was ready, she always closed the door to her room, got completely undressed, crawled into her bed and dialed the phone.


She went and did everything she needed, turned off the light and crawled into her bed and picked up the phone. Slowly she dialed the number, her fingers trembled knowing that in the beginning he was not going to be pleasant with her. She knew he was very upset about her tardiness.

“Hello” his soft sweet voice rang in her ears.

“mmmmmmmmmm Hello Dominick. How have you been?” She replied bubbly. She always called him by his first name, never “Master”. He had told her in the beginning he preferred to be addressed using his name.

“I have been fine, honey, how have you been? And why have you stayed away so long?”

“Me? I have been here, just getting here a little later than normal but still here.” She replied.

“I see. So, honey, what are you wearing for me tonight?”

“My skin!” She giggled.

“So, you are naked for me tonight? I don’t want you naked just yet, go get on a set of white panties and bra. And you ARE being timed for this. DON’T make me wait! Go NOW!”

She jumped up and grabbed a set of white panties and bra out of her drawer quickly put them on and picked up the phone again. “I am back” as she slipped them on.

“Good. Now, get up on your hands and knees.” She did as asked and told him when she was ready. “Now slut, you have been bad. You made me wait three months to see you. Then you made me wait another 25 minutes because you were late! I think you need to be spanked for this.”

“Please, Sir, no spankings tonight.” She begged. “Please please please NO”

“Yes, YOU ARE GOING TO SPANK THAT ASS OF YOURS TONIGHT SLUT!” He hissed back at her thru the phone. “And for delaying it you are going to spank it even more now, that ass is going to be so red and tender by the time you are done. So you’d better start now.”

She remembered back to the last time they talked, and how long and hard she had to do it, and how she had bruises on her ass for a week and a half. Her husband teased her for weeks about it.

Sighing she reached her right hand back and swatted the right cheek. *smack* “That was not nearly as hard as it should be. Come on slut, harder!” He said.

*smack* Again her hand fell upon her ass. “Harder SLUT!” *smack smack smack* She hit her ass so Starzbet hard it stung her hand on the last one and made her cry out. “That’s it Slut, just like that last one, now faster!” *smack smack smack* Again and again she slapped her hand down on her right cheek, which was now becoming very hot and tender. Her hand was numb and she was whimpering out with each slap. “You are spanking both of those cheeks now, aren’t you Slut?” He hissed at her. She switched hands and began on the left side. *smack smack smack* “What a fucking slut you are. Only a slut would spank her ass for someone like this! Come on, harder and faster. I know you can do it, I have heard you before!” She let out a soft moan in response, she knew she was a slut and proud to be one. *smack smack smack* Now her other hand was numbing and both cheeks were on fire.

“OK, ten more. Make them count, if any are not as hard as they should be you will have to do three more for each one. And one more thing, remove the panties. I want your ass bare for this set.”

She whimpered “Please Sir”

“Start counting” his only response to her plea.

*smack* “One” she counted strongly, *smack* “Two” …… *smack* “Six” her voice was starting to crack now, *smack* “Seven” …… *smack* “Ten” she screamed this one out with all the energy she had left. All through it he mocked her, calling her a dirty whore, slut, slutty Sara, telling her only a slut and a whore would spank their ass for someone on the phone like this. Every time he said this she would let out a soft moan in agreement and a secret smile would spread across her face.

“Good, but three, seven and eight were not even close to being hard enough. Three more for each one.”

“Oh God Sir!” She whimpered to him again “Please please, I beg you, no more.”

“Start counting Slut”

*smack* “One” her voice cracked, *smack* “two” …… *smack* “Nine” Her voice was but a whisper.

“Not bad, but five and seven were not hard enough. Six more!” he said mockingly.

“Please Dominick, no more! My hand is so numb it can’t do it hard anymore!” She whispered desperately.

“I am waiting for you to start” he replied.

*smack* “One” …… it was taking all her strength to count these ones, *smack* “SIX” she hissed into the phone.

“Very good honey. How is that ass of yours?”

“Very hot and stinging, I am sure it is bruised” she replied.

“Good, you will NOT make me wait for you anymore now, will you honey?” He asked mockingly.

“No Sir” she replied.

“Good. So do you have your toys ready, slut?”

“Yes, Sir!” She loved this part of the game. “In fact I have a new one!” She replied eagerly. “I have never used it yet!”

“Oh? Tell me about it slut.”

“Well, it is an anal plug” she started giggling. “But it is not extremely big like some of the ones you see out there. I’d say at the widest part it is about 1-1/2”, maybe 2” in diameter. About as big as my largest vibrator.”

“MMMMMM very nice, get that one out and get out your favorite one too.”

“I already have them right here.” She answered.

“Ready for me, good little slut! Now take your favorite one and suck on it for me. Suck it all the way down your throat.”

She took her toy, a cyberskin vibrator, and rolled her tongue around the head of it, telling him everything she did. Telling him how she was rolling her tongue around and around it, giving the head only little sucks. He could hear the *pop* it made when she pulled it out of her mouth. “Deeper, slut. I want you to take my cock all the way in your mouth” He instructed her. She leaned her head back, telling him as she did, to align her mouth and her throat to allow the toy to go deeper into her mouth. She suckled it down, guiding it with her tongue, until she gagged on it and pulled it out with a gasp.

“MMMMMMMM such a good girl. I love when you gag on my cock. Take it down again.” She slid the toy back in her mouth, down to the end of her throat and suckled on it, running her tongue up and down underneath it. Gagging again Starzbet Giriş she pulled it out of her mouth.

“MMMMMMMMM Again SLUT! I want you to gag on me again. Fuck your little mouth with that cock.” Again, she started sliding the toy down her mouth, this time thrusting it in and out of her mouth as if it was he fucking her mouth. Every time she withdrew it made a *pop*, with every pop she would gasp for air because she couldn’t breath when the cock was all the way in her mouth. Every now and then she would hear a little moan on the other end of the phone, then a “Such a slut. Only a slut would fuck her mouth like this for someone.” She was now eagerly sucking that vibrator as eagerly as she did a real cock, her whole body tingling with excitement. She could feel the wetness growing between her thighs. She was no longer on the phone 1,500 miles away from him, she was right there in front of him, proving to him what a good slut she really was.

All the sudden he said “Stop!” She pulled the toy out of her mouth, gasping for air. “Lay the toy in between your tits and slip a finger inside yourself. Tell me how wet you are.” She didn’t have to do that, she could feel the wetness already spilling out between her thighs and the sheets were wet underneath her ass. Each time she gagged on the toy, the convulsion would cause her muscles to push more of her juices out between her legs. She slipped her finger down anyways, let out a little groan as she did. “Oh Sir. I am drenched,” she said. Then loudly sucked her juices off her finger. “Whore” was his only response.

“Dip that plug into your pussy and get it nice and wet. Then plunge it deep into your ass, fast!” He commanded. She dipped it in, getting it nice and wet and slipped it to her asshole. Gave a slight push and whimpered. “I cant, I have to add some lubricant.”

“If you must”

She got the bottle of lubricant and drenched her ass and the toy with it. “Is it in yet?” he asked. Then attempted to insert it again. A soft moan escaped her and he knew she had just started insertion. “MMMMMMMMM Yes honey, that’s it. Slide that toy all the way in.” She pushed it farther and let out a little cry. “Ouchy! I cant get it all the way in! It hurts too much!” she said.

“Yes you can,” he soothed her. “Come on, relax, I know you can take that plug.”

She slowly slid the first part of the plug in and out of her ass, fucking it lightly, pushing it a little deeper each time. Getting to the widest part she screamed out “Oh my GOD Dominick! It hurts I cant do it.” “Yes, you can honey.” She continued to fuck her ass with the top of the plug, working it a little deeper each time. Finally, she pushed it all the way in, shuddering as a chill ran down her spine. She always got a chill at first insertion into her ass, be it a toy or real cock.

“Oh my GOD! That hurts!” She cried out again. “It hurts, it hurts, it hurts! I have to take it out now.”

“No, not yet. Rub your clit. Slide those fingers up and down between your lips.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM oh yes, its starting to relax now! Oh my GOD!” she moaned.

“Now take that vibrating cock of yours, turn it on high and ram it into that pussy of yours!” He excitement was coming thru on the phone.

“OOOOOOHHHHHH GGGGGGOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD it feels SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD NOW!” She moaned so loudly. “Oh MY GOD! I am going to cum already!” She screamed as she felt the chill run down her spine again.

“Take it out.” He said very flatly.

“NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I CANT . . . . . .*gasp* I CANT STOP NOW!” she cried out to him.

“Take it out NOW! You can NOT cum yet. Take IT OUT SLUT!” he said sternly.


“Don’t you dare cum yet Slutty Sara. Take that cock out now, or you know what will happen. Stop right now.” He demanded. She kept going; he said, “That’s it! UP ON YOUR HANDS AND KNEES AGAIN!”

“NO! I’ll Starzbet Güncel Giriş stop!” She removed the toy quickly. “Please don’t make me do that again! I PROMISE to be good!”

“TOO LATE! Get up on your hands and knees NOW!” He commanded her. “Leave that plug inside you.”

She whimpered and whined as she got up on her hands and knees again and accepted her punishment for disobeying him. Thirty smacks on each ass cheek. She did each one hard and sharp and did not have to redo any.

“That’s a good girl. Now, do you remember why I make you wait honey?” He asked her, but she was still breathless and had no voice after having to count out again. She just nodded her head. “Because you know your orgasm will be so much bigger if I make you wait.” She laid there on her stomach, feeling the sting and heat on her ass again. She thought smartly to herself, but I can have MORE than one and YOU KNOW THAT! But didn’t dare open her mouth to say it.

“Honey, turn over on your back again and turn that vibrator on high again and ram it into that pussy of yours.”

“But my ass stings so much, I cant lay on it!” she replied. “Do you want some more?” he asked. She quickly complied with his wishes. The sheets actually felt so nice and soft and cool on her burning cheeks.

She took her vibrator and rammed it up inside her again with a loud moan. “OOOOHHHHH GOODDDDD!” She fucked herself with it hard and fast, moaning and shuddering with the chills created as she felt the friction between it and the plug. It wasn’t too long before she cried out again “OH FUCKING GOD DOMINICK! I AM GOING TO CUM!” and heard the all too familiar “Stop. Pull it out now.”

He listened to her with amusement as she whimpered a minute about how badly she really wanted to cum, and listened to her breathing as she relaxed.

When her breathing was normal again he said “This time, slide that cock into your pussy nice and slowly, long deep strokes.”

She took the toy one more time, turned it up to high. Ran it over her lips, then down in between. Running the vibrating shaft over her clitoris as it sank deep down inside. Immediately a soft moan erupted from her lips. “MMMMMMMMM Dominick, this feels so wonderful” she whispered in a moan.

She could hear his breaths beginning to quicken, “MMMMMMMMM YES Dominick, fuck me! Fuck this little slut hard!” She cooed into the phone. He started breathing a little quicker now, “Come on Dominick, You know how good this pussy feels, all sopping wet, soaking your balls, cock and thighs as you plunge deep inside” she cooed to him again. He let out a little moan between his breaths.

She took the cock and started plunging it deep and hard into her dripping pussy. “ OOOOOOHH GOD DOMINICK! That cock feels SOOOOOOOOO GOOD!” she moaned loudly “Come on, fuck me harder! Harder!”

“You fucking slut! I am going to fuck the shit out of you once I get a hold of you. Forcing your body down into that bed of yours. Fucking that ass of yours. . . . your pretty little mouth . . . .” she listened to him go on about all the things he was going to do to her when he came to California. Pretty soon, she just heard gasps and grunts coming from him.

Then she felt it again. “Oh GOD DOMINICK! That’s it! I am going to cum now! I can’t hold it anymore! Please please PLEASE let me cum this time!” She begged!

“Yes, cum for me my little slut. Cum all over my cock, drenching me.” He grunted to her.

“OH MY GOD! OH MY FUCKING GOD! OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD!” She screamed as her orgasm ran through her whole body. Her whole body tightened up, her eyes closed, legs closed and crossed at the knees and the ankles, and she rolled to her side, just gasping and moaning and shuddering as she enjoyed the tingles washing thru her whole body. Just laid there groaning and gasping as she listened to him grunt and gasp as he came.

She laid there, still out of breath and softly moaning. “Are you ok honey?” He asked. Her orgasms were always so strong and lasted so long he always asked this question.

Not able to release and relax her body yet she just nodded. “Honey?” A weak “um hum” came from her throat and he laughed. “Well, slutty Sara. Wasn’t that worth the wait?” She still couldn’t answer. She just laid there, sighing sweetly in pleasure until he said good-bye, then whispered good-bye, and hung up the phone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32