Little Miss Perfect , The Headmaster

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Outside the heavy walnut door, Serena stood twisting the edge of her plaid skirt nervously in her fingers. Biting her bottom lip, her mind raced trying to fathom what was about to happen to her and if there was anything that should could say or do to get herself out of it.

At 18 years old, she was an abnormally good girl. She had fabulous grades while attending her all girl prep school, the infamous, Weisminster School for Girls. She was never one to cause the usual trouble. She had seen the “wild” girls that are always skiving classes, sneaking out to catch a visit with their boyfriends at the neighboring boys school a half mile away. She didn’t smoke, didn’t drink, and didn’t do drugs. The other students even called her “Little Miss Perfect”, mostly behind her back and out of jealousy.

“So why am I outside the headmasters door with this ball of lead feeling sitting in the pit of my stomach?” Serena asks herself for what must be the millionth time in the past 5 minutes.

The door opened so suddenly that she jumped about a foot in the air, before looking up and seeing the very handsome, but very stern looking headmaster glaring down at her. Mr. Logan, the headmaster, was the youngest (and, according to the girls, the most handsome) headmaster this school has ever employed. He was powerfully built, with thick black hair and eyes so green they looked like emeralds. His dark skin always looked like he just came back from a 3 week vacation in the tropics. There wasn’t a girl, or woman in the entire school that didn’t have a crush on him.

“Come in and sit down, Serena.” Mr. Logan said in a voice that normally made you feel like you were enveloped in warm velvet, but this afternoon, sounded stern, angry, and full of disappointment.

“Thank you, Sir.” Serena said, hoping her voice didn’t give away how very nervous she was. She had never been in the headmasters’ office unless it was to deliver a message from one of her instructors so she looked, in awe, around at the furnishings. The solid maple walls and desk looked undeniably masculine. The book collection lining the book cases where an expensive collection of rare books. Tolstoy, Kierkegaard, Chaucer, Shakespeare, all the greats, made the feeling of the room even more intimidating. Her eyes fell on a beautiful carved cabinet in the corner, and she wondered what mysteries it contained. . It was such an elegant room, and hard for her to imagine the things the other girls said happened in here actually taking place.

Her mind wandered and she almost forgot for a moment why she was there when Mr. Logan’s voice brought her crashing back down to reality.

Slowly walking around the desk, he sat in his chair and just stared at the young lady sitting in front of him. She was the best student in the whole school, the one that had given him hope that there were more than just heathens that were enrolled here. She was a very pretty, shy looking girl. Her auburn hair, held back in a tortoise shell head band, hung down to the middle of her back in curls. Her hazel eyes had a way of looking at you that just made you want to pick her up and shelter her from all the cruelties of the world. She had a wide-eyed, naturally pouting, innocent look that made what he was about to do even more difficult.

“Do you know why I have asked you to my office this afternoon, Miss Cassidy?” Mr. Taylor asked while averting his eyes and glancing at a page in the Discipline Record book lying before him.

“Umm, no Sir, I-I don’t.” Serena replied, nervously.

“Are you aware of the school rules and what the consequences are for breaking them, Miss Cassidy?” Mr. Taylor asked finally raising his gaze to stare directly into her eyes.

“I think so, Mr. Logan.” Serena’s mind was whirling, “What rule could I have broken?” kept repeating itself in her mind over and over again. She couldn’t think of anything.

“Well then, please tell me, Miss Cassidy, what are the consequences for a girl who plagiarizes on a term paper?”

Serena’s eyes widened and her mouth dropped open in shock. She was speechless, unable to reply to his question. How could he have found out? She knew she shouldn’t have done it, but she was just so overloaded with work that she just didn’t have time to do the paper on her own. So she got online while in the library and found a site that sold term papers for a small fee. She ordered one, printed it out and thought that she was good to go. What was the chance of anyone else here using the same site and choosing the same paper, after all, she had thought to herself. Though, she had never done it before she had heard some other girls talking and laughing about how they had done it and gotten away with it loads of times, so why not her? And now, look where it had gotten her!. She does it once, and gets caught? It’s not fair! Her mind screamed.

“Well, girl, I’m waiting for your answer!” Mr. Logan said raising his voice and slamming his hand down hard down onto his desktop; making her jump in her seat.

“I…uh…I can explain, Sir…I was…” She got no further when Mr. Logan interrupted her.

“I did NOT ask for an explanation right now, girl! I asked what the consequences where for such an action! Though, I can Starzbet tell by your response that you are admitting guilt! Now for the final time, WHAT ARE THE CONSEQUENCES FOR PLAGIARISM?” Mr. Logan said, beginning to lose his temper and patience. His voice rose louder than she had ever heard it before.

“Uh..umm…Sir, ummm…the c-consequences for plagiarism in this school…is ummm.c-corporal punishment, suspension, expulsion or a c-combination of those th-things, Sir.” Serena managed to get out, her heart racing madly. She couldn’t afford an expulsion; she was here on a scholarship. She would lose it if she were to be expelled! She couldn’t imagine being corporally punished though, either, she had seen some of the girls come streaking out of this room, hands under their skirts and tears pouring out of their eyes as they raced to the nearest lavatory. She would have to make him understand what she was going thru at the time. How overloaded she was on homework. Surely he would see how she hated cheating but felt she had no choice! Maybe he would just let her off with a good scolding and lines. He just had to!

“Well, I’m shocked that you know that, Miss Cassidy, since you have apparently blatantly disregarded that rule when it came time to do your English Literature term paper. Do you deny it?” He said while keeping his voice low, but menacing.

He couldn’t believe that his prize student was sitting here in front of him admitting to cheating! He knew what he had to do, and hated having to do it but she left him little room for negotiating. He had to get this school back on track. The students here were running amok, the grade point averages where on a steady decline. He had to set an example, MAKE an example, strike some fear into these students or he would lose his job. What better person to make an example of than the top student of the school? That would show all of them that he meant business and if they didn’t start buckling down they would find themselves in the same position that poor Serena now found herself in.

“I’m sorry, Sir, truly sorry. I was over loaded with homework and term papers that had to be done. I was running out of time so I thought, just this once, I would take the easy way out. I’m sorry, Sir! I felt so guilty but I didn’t know what else I could do! I have never cheated before and I promise I will never do it again. Please Sir, don’t expel me! I will write a thousand lines, do chores, anything but please, PLEASE don’t expel me! I’m here on a scholarship. I’ll lose it if you expel me, Sir.”

Her words came out in a rush, so fast that she didn’t give Mr. Logan time to even try to interrupt her. Her tears falling copiously down her face and dripping onto the front of her blouse, she looked at him imploringly, begging him with her eyes to please understand her reasoning. His face remained stoic, as if set in granite. She hadn’t a clue what he was thinking or if he even heard anything she had said.

After what seemed like an eternity to her, he finally spoke. She held her breath, praying that her impassioned plea didn’t fall on deaf ears.

“Oh, I have no intention of expelling you, Miss Cassidy.” Mr. Logan said allowing her to finally take a breath. She let out a huge sigh of relief.

“Thank you, Mr. Logan, thank you so much! I won’t make you regret your decision. I’ll work extra hard and never cheat again, I promise!” Serena managed to say while drying her eyes of the tears that had fallen.

“Not so fast, girl, I said I wasn’t going to expel you, I did not say you were off the hook. I do not give just lines for plagiarism and cheating. That is two major offenses; no one will get off that easily, even if they had committed only one of them. Did you know you were plagiarizing when you handed that paper in, or did you only know you were cheating?”

“I …umm….plagiarism, Sir, no, I didn’t know. How could it be plagiarism?” She asked her joy of thinking she was off the hook a thing in the past and the chunk of lead that was in her stomach came rushing back, doubling in size.

“Plagiarism, dear girl, because that paper you turned in had been written by someone here, at this very school, months ago. So if you turned in an exact copy without giving that person credit for it, then that is plagiarism. I only see your name on it, not the others. Am I not correct in saying that, Miss Cassidy?” He asked her a sardonic lilt to his voice.

He knew it was plagiary. He knew it because he ran the website with all the papers for sale on them. That is how he finds out who is cheating and who isn’t in the school. Well, at least some of them. All the teachers are aware of it, some actually wrote some of the papers that are for sale, so if they come across one they turn it in to him and he takes care of the rest. It’s quite brilliant really, he thinks, chuckling to himself. The money the students pay for the papers all goes to maintain the school and he is able to try to get a handle on all the cheaters that there are.

“Umm…No, Sir…I mean Yes, Sir, I mean….” Serena stuttered not knowing what to say. Her mind in a whirl, she knew she was really in for it now.

“Well which is it, girl!?! Am I correct or not?” Starzbet Giriş Mr. Logan said his voice raising an octave.

“Yes, Sir you are correct in saying that. It’s only my name on the paper, but I didn’t know that it was written by someone here!”

“Well, you knew it was written by someone else because you sure didn’t write it! So had you known who the author was, would you have given them the proper billing due when you turned in the paper, or would your name still have remained the only one on it?”

She knew she was caught there. She would have had to turn the paper in as her own, regardless. The assignment was to write one, not find a good one, and turn it in.

“No sir, I wouldn’t have put their name on it.” Serena said resolutely.

“That’s what I thought, Miss Cassidy. Now, I don’t want to hear anymore excuses on why you think you were correct in doing this. I’ve heard every excuse in the book and frankly, I don’t think there is any excuse that would make me say that plagiarism and cheating are okay. This school, since I have gotten here, has been chaos. I’m going to get a handle on all of you students if it is the last thing I do. You are the beginning of a new regime that I will be starting here. I’m going to make an example out of you, girl! You will be corporally punished for your misdeeds!”

With that final statement, Serena burst into tears. She had never been punished at school before, and very seldom at home. The hardest spanking she ever had at home was a hand spanking for talking back to her parents and that was when she was seven and it was over a dress, stockings, and panties! She didn’t know if she would be able to handle what the other girls claimed they had gotten in here, and from what Mr. Logan said, she was going to made an example of so her punishment was going to be even worse then theirs!

“Please sir! Please don’t punish me this way! I’ll do anything, I’ll do chores for the rest of the year, I’ll write lines, anything! Please reconsider your decision! I’ve never been in trouble before, that should mean something.” Serena pleaded, tears streaming down her pretty face. The horror of what was in store for her, her mind could hardly comprehend.

“No amount of pleading will change my mind, young lady, so you may as well stop trying. As for you never having been in trouble before, you’re right, that does mean something to me. It means that you knew right from wrong for years and yet you still managed to ignore the good sense that you’ve previously shown and broke not one but two major school rules! I think the rest of the students here would benefit greatly by seeing someone with such a good record punished. They will know that if you cannot get away with such offenses, they most certainly will not. Do you understand me, Miss Cassidy?”

“Yes, I understand, Mr. Logan.” Serena managed to mutter while trying to get herself under control. She was hiccoughing from crying so hard, and her breaths were coming in ragged gasps.

“Very well, I have already contacted your parents concerning what you have done and they have agreed with me that extreme actions must be taken if you are to stay enrolled her. They had signed a mandatory disciplinary agreement as a condition to your enrollment so I have the final say in what happens to you. The only choice they have is whether they would rather you are expelled. They want you to stay here so you shall be punished.”

Serena’s eyes widened at the knowledge of her parents knowing. They told her before she ever started this school 4 years ago that if she were to ever get in trouble here, she would receive an equal amount of discipline at home during her next school break. That was in 3 weeks!

Now Serena, I have thought long and hard on what to do with you. I want your disciplinary session to be strict enough not only to deter you from ever doing such a thing again but to also make other students not want to follow in your footsteps. Taking that into consideration, I do not feel a simple paddling or caning will suffice. So, I feel that a more prolonged, harsher sentence should be imposed. We shall carry out your punishments this evening. You are too report back here, wearing your night gown and robe at 8 o’clock. Are we clear on that, Miss?” Mr. Logan said while writing down the information in the discipline log.

“Yes sir.” She couldn’t believe she was going to be punished like this. Her stomach was in knots, her throat felt like it was closing up, and her thoughts were whirling.

“Good. Now stand up, and pull your panties to your knees and come lay across my lap. I want to give you a little to think about while you wait for tonight.” Mr. Logan instructed her, still not looking at her but writing everything in the log.

Serena’s heart sank when she heard the order. Panties down! She hesitated for a bit before finally reaching under her skirt and pulling her panties down to her knees. She knew she was in for enough without adding to it in any way. She hobbled over to him, her panties around her knees making walking difficult. She had to stand next to him for a couple of minutes until he was finished writing in the book. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, Starzbet Güncel Giriş he put his pen down and scooting his chair back enough to allow her to crawl over his lap.

He positioned her until her head was almost to the floor and she had to reach back and grab the chair legs to stay balanced. Her toes could just barely touch the floor on the other side. He reached down and lifted her skirt, baring her soft bottom. She moaned in embarrassment and clenched her bottom cheeks tightly together in the hopes he wouldn’t see her private areas. He rested his right hand on her bottom and lectured her on the injustice of plagiary and cheating before raising his hand and bringing it swiftly down. His hand flattened her left bottom cheek, her soft flesh absorbing the blow and sprouting a perfect scarlet hand print. She let out a yelp and reached her hand back to cover her bottom.

“You will remove your hand at once young lady, or I shall make this spanking last 10 minutes! I will not permit interference with a punishment! Consider yourself warned, Miss! If it happens again you will pay the consequences for disobedience!” Mr. Logan said very angrily; his tone harsh and unyielding.

Serena immediately removed her hand. She couldn’t believe the amount of pain one hand spank could deliver! Her left cheek felt like it had been branded!

Mr. Logan started spanking her again, first one cheek, then the other, working his way down her bottom. He concentrated most of his attention on her thighs, especially the tender area where they met her bottom cheeks. On and on the spanking continued; until her bottom was glowing rosy red and her tears where forming a puddle on the floor. Never had she felt pain like this! “This was only a hand spanking? Just a taste of what I am to get?” she kept thinking to herself.

Mr. Logan stopped spanking her and rested his hand, once again, on her young, soft bottom. This was just the type of bottom he loved; soft, tender, full cheeks that he could feel his hand sink into with each spank. In fact, he liked everything about this girl over his lap. He secretly hoped that once she graduated, they could continue to get to know one another on a more personal basis, but for now, it was strictly headmaster and student, and he had a job to do. He stopped those thoughts of her, and concentrated on the here and now. He opened the top drawer of his desk and took out his wooden ruler. It was an 18 inch long ruler that was usually used for drafting. The wood was exceptionally hard and it had sharp edges to it, not like the more rounded edges of some school rulers.

Serena glanced back and saw the ruler in his hand and her heart skipped a beat. “What was he doing with that?” She thought, just a second before he brought it down sharply on her tender sit spot. He spanked first on the right cheek then on the left; then repeating it 3 times on each cheek leaving a dark red welt on each. She bucked wildly on his lap trying in earnest to not reach back. She thought his hand had hurt! This ruler was 20 times worse! She started sobbing harder; the pain seemed to radiate throughout her body.

“You may rise now Serena, and pull up your panties.” He told her while placing the ruler back into its drawer.

She rose from his lap, slowly; each movement made her bottom hurt worse. She reached back and could feel the angry weal’s the ruler had left and the heat that seemed to radiate off her bottom in waves.

“You may go now Serena. Remember, back here at 8 o’clock sharp. I wouldn’t be even a minute late if I were you.” Mr. Logan said without even looking at her. He was writing the punishment she had just received back into the logbook.

“Yes, Headmaster.” Serena said and left the office as quickly as she could without causing her bottom further pain. Each step was agony; when she was finally out in the crowded hallway, she took off at a run, hands clenching her tortured bottom cheeks under her skirt. Tears streamed down her face while other students looked at her in shock; not believing that “Little Miss Perfect” had just gotten a licking. Little did they know that it was only the beginning of a very long and painful day for her.

Immediately after Serena left, Mr. Logan (aka: Bryant Logan) locked the door to his office and sat reliving what had just taken place. He couldn’t get the image out of his mind of Serena lying across his lap with her bottom hot and red. Her legs parting after each hard slap of his hand giving him occasional glimpses of her private areas. He had a hard time not allowing himself to become aroused during the spanking but now that he was alone, just the image in his mind made him horny. He undid his pants and started stroking his cock. Reliving in his minds eye, the sounds of her moans and groans each time his hand came down on her soft, plump bottom. He could still feel what it felt like having her squirming over his lap. He stroked himself faster and faster and within mere minutes, the images of her had him arching his back and cumming powerfully. He had never had such an intense orgasm from masturbation before. Afterwards, all he could wonder was if the idea of her could provoke such passion inside of him, what would making love to her be like? He couldn’t help but smile, as he thought that in less than 6 hours, she would be bare bottomed and his hand would be whacking that gorgeous bottom once again. He had quite a bit in store for the young lady, and she wouldn’t be leaving his office without a very blistered bottom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32