Lost in the Woods

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My pager vibrated for a second time in as many minutes. “Hold your fucking horses” I growled through gritted teeth as I tucked my enraged pecker back into my coveralls and carefully zipped them up.

I started the day commando, wearing nothing under my coveralls. My adventure with Mike had sparked a bit of a fetish. Captivated by the spacious caressing of my naked skin, I went about my work, spending the hours daydreaming about Mike and this weekend. I looked for tasks that took me away from the shop, intending to avoid knowing smirks from coworkers at my telltale bulge. It strained against my coveralls leaving a growing wet spot. Rubbing up against a greasy workbench, I was finally able to conceal it. That worked for the spot but after a few hours of a near-constant boner, my balls were starting to ache.

There were a few places around the shop where my dried jizz could be found if you knew where to look. A couple of them had been marked by others as well. Those were my favorites, the thought of shooting my cum on top of someone else’s brought a sense of communion and intensified my arousal.

Summer thunderstorms had rolled through the night before, taming the previous day’s swelter; I chose the shipping container we used as a storage shed. Settling down on an old diamond-plate toolbox, behind a shelf, near the back, I unzipped my coveralls; pulling my swollen dick out and slowly started stroking.

The musky smell of my groin, a mix of sweat and stale pre-cum, filled the air. With my left hand on my chest, I leaned back and began thrusting, fucking my fist. Loosing myself in the moment, space and time faded. The only thing left was my absolute pleasure.

The moment was shattered with the buzzing of my pager, snapping me back to the present. “What the fuck?” cursing, I continued to stroke, intending to come before answering the page; it buzzed again, destroying my focus.

“What’s the emergency,” I asked gruffly, walking into the office. Jacob, the shop foreman, raising an eyebrow, handed me a purchase order.

“I need this differential picked up, it’ll take a couple of hours to get there, and you need to get it before they close. The tractor is being towed in, and the nightshift needs it ASAP.”

“On my way,” I said, softening my tone.

Mike, along with Sergio, one of the other mechanics, had been out on a service call all day. They rolled in as I was heading out. Mike and I exchanged a meaningful smile as I drove past them. This was going to be a long shift. My day normally ended at four o’ clock and it was going to be after eight when I finally got back.

I continued to daydream and rub my dick as I drove. Veering over the rumble strip a third time, I finally snapped out of it.

“You’re going to fucking crash, knock that shit off,” I said, cursing at myself.

I arrived at the supplier with ten minutes to spare. A pallet with the new differential was lifted into the bed of my truck as my pager buzzed again, the displayed number unfamiliar.

“Who’s paging me?” I said aloud.

“Could you tell me where the nearest pay phone is,” I asked the forklift driver after he parked, shutting it down. He pointed across the interstate.

“There are a few at the truck-stop. The restaurant has decent burgers, and the hotel is cheap if you need a bed.”

“I have to head back, thanks for your help.”

He gave a grateful nod as we secured the cargo. I jumped into my truck, driving onto the street as he closed the steel gate behind me.

Pulling into the truck-stop, I took a few seconds to admire a new ninety-five Corvette in the parking lot, not even a dream on my meager paycheck.

Inside was a hallway lined with doors marked “Men”, “Women”, “Showers”, “Lounge”, and “Employees Only.” I walked past them to a pay phone near the rear entrance. Dropping change in the slot I dialed the mystery number.

“Hello?” my heart skipped a beat; the voice was Mike’s.

“I got your page.”

“When you get done tonight, come to my place.” My mind started racing. We live nearly two hours from each other; the shop, located between.

“I smell like shit, should probably shower and grab some clean clothes.” As the words left my mouth, I knew his response.

“Fuck that, my dick’s been hard all day and I’m not waiting for you to get purdied-up.”

“Guess I need to get my ass in gear,” laughing as I hung up the phone; hearing him say something about “erections” just before it disconnected.

I took a quick piss in the men’s room, paying little attention to the beefy trucker in a Peterbilt cap, hungrily eying my dick. Another time, perhaps, but tonight I was focused. I had a sexy fucker waiting for me, and I wasn’t about to disappoint him.

I finished, shook the last drops free, and tucked back into my coveralls. A defeated look crossed the trucker’s face as I walked out, not even taking time to wash. Buying a sandwich and soda, I fueled up and hit the road.

A brilliant orange sunset filled the sky as I pulled into the shop ninety minutes later, having istanbul travesti made the trip in record time. Frankly, I was lucky to avoid a speeding ticket. A couple of them and I’d be looking for another job. My dick convinced me Mike was worth the risk.

I pulled into an empty bay. The evening mechanics were standing outside taking a break and waiting for me. With my arrival, they extinguished their smokes and got to work.

I left things in their capable hands, filing the paperwork, and stowing my pager. I clocked out and grabbed my clothes, not bothering to change, I ran out the door.

I jumped into my old silver Nova, tossed my things onto the back seat, cranked the engine, and turned on the lights. I was a few miles down the highway when…

“Shit!” Swearing loudly, I realized I had no clue where Mike lived. I had memorized the address he’d given, but I hadn’t looked at a map. I now regretted my sudden end to our call.

“I should have asked him for directions.”

Laughter burst from my gut as I understood his last words. He said “directions”, not “erections”. It took me a few minutes to compose myself, wiping the tears from my eyes.

“I’ll figure it out” I said aloud, as the engine roared, tires sang, and the wind rushed past my open window.

On the outskirts of town, I stopped at a lonely gas station, an oasis of harsh fluorescent light on the dark rural highway.

“Could you tell me where I can find Clear creek road?” I asked the attendant as he filled my tank.

“Sorry man I can’t; only been here a few months,” he replied. “We sell maps inside if you think it’ll help.”

Shuffling through the rack and finding the right one, I paid the attendant and returned to my car. Locating the road on the map was easy, getting there, was not. It was miles from town, a winding valley road snaking up into the mountains.

I missed the turn-off, driving for several miles before realizing my mistake, turning around beneath a large sign reading “Schafer Resort and Hot Springs – 12 Miles.”

I nearly missed it a second time; a small, battered sign, faded and difficult to read in the dark. I could barely make out the words: “Clear Creek Rd.” Turning down it, the surface abruptly changed to gravel. Passing a sign that read “No Outlet,” I drove onward for several more miles.

Towering pines cast long shadows as they emerged from the darkness, lit only by my passing headlights. Dim, distant specs of light appear and vanish, shrouded by passing trees. I looked at my watch, the glowing hands showing a quarter to eleven.

Slowing down, a mailbox with the name “Phillips” had an address one number from Mike’s. Further down, I rounded the corner and there it was, a box with “M. Hughes” written above the correct number. I turned down the driveway and stopped.

In my beams he stood, drinking a long-neck, and leaning against a closed gate. He wore a dirty tank, oval belt buckle, and blue jeans. His left leg was bent, pressed up against the gate, resting on the toe of brown shit-kickers.

“Took your fuck’n time” he said with a grin. He walked over to my open window, bent down and kissed me. I smiled and my cock twitched as his mustache tickled my lips.

“Waiting long?”

“No, I could see your headlights for miles. Rode out a few minutes ago,” he said tilting his head towards the ATV behind the gate. “I’ll let you in, follow me up.”

Mike opened the gate, waited while I drove in, closed it, click the lock, and tugged for good measure. Jumping on his ATV and starting it with one kick, he drove down the narrow lane. It was crowded by trees, curving, and switching back on itself as it descended into the valley.

We crossed a cattle-guard as the forest opened into a clearing. The road forked, to the right a small grove of trees shrouded in darkness. We followed the left, rumbling over a second cattle-guard. Crossing a small bridge, we started to climb. The trees closed back in as we ascended more switchbacks. Further up, a building emerged, with two large bay doors beneath dimly lit windows. Slowing to a stop, Mike killed his engine. Taking his cue, I did the same.

Mike walked over and opened my door. Reaching in and taking my hands, he pulled me from my seat and closed it behind me. He pinned my body to my car with his own, pressing his lips to mine.

I wrapped my arms around his waist; we held tight, caressing each other’s neck with our lips and warm breath. He rolled his hips, grinding against me, our dicks rubbing, engorged beneath our clothes. Mike lowered a hand and groped me, squeezing my cock firmly in his strong hand.

“Free-balling huh?” he asked with that familiar grin. “I wonder what gave you that idea.”

He slid both hands beneath my ass, lifting and moving me up onto the fender. He tugged on my zipper, pulling it all the way down; burying his face in my chest as I buttressed my hands on the hood. Reaching down into my coveralls, he held my dick in his hand, massaging and gently tugging.

Lost in his touch my senses were istanbul travestileri alive, his rugged hands, the heat of his breath, the tickle of his mustache and his lips on my nipples. He kissed his way down, over my stomach, then between my legs. Guiding the head of my cock to his lips, he tasted me. Without warning he devoured my dick, swallowing it whole. I let out a loud growl that pierced the silence.

“Holy Fuck!” I exclaimed as he pressed hard shoving all the way down. He buried my dick in his throat and his lips in my groin. He held it there as I convulsed, the sensation sending shockwaves throughout my body. My staccato gasps and broken whimpers were all that remain as he backed off.

He took a deep breath, devouring my expression with pure joy as he drove back in. I roared again, visceral, primal, completely involuntary. I was shaking, my senses in overload. I have never come so close, so quickly. His mouth, subjecting me to exquisite torture until he pulled back for another breath.

I gasped, then covered my mouth, bracing for another. He reached up and pulled my hand down.

“No” he said, grinning.

He held my ass tightly in his vice-like hands. Then filling his lungs with the cool night air, he thrust back down, shoving me in with incredible force. I let out a roar that shattered the night, echoing through the darkness. My body shook and my toes curled. Out of control, my dick exploded down Mike’s throat. My cock throbbed, shooting cum into his mouth as he pulled back.

He swallowed, standing up, pulling me tight against him; tenderly, he kissed my trembling lips. I could taste my cum in his mouth, mingled with fermented hops. I was coming down from the most intense orgasm I’ve ever experienced. My emotions, no longer under control; I teared up. Mike held my face in his hands, wiping the tears from my eyes. His smile soothing, slowly bringing me back to my senses.

“You’ve done that before,” I said with certainty.

“A couple of times,” he answered, as his grin widened from ear-to-ear.

Mike opened my car door and collected my clothes. He rolled up the windows and pulled my keys from the ignition, placing them in my pocket.

“Come on” he said, closing the door and walking toward the building. My dick, chilled by the night air and Mike’s saliva, withdrew into my coveralls. Opening the door, Mike flipped on a switch. Florescent bulbs flickered to life; blinding light spilled into the darkness as I followed him in.

Mike’s old Dodge pickup was parked in a bay behind the furthest door, the closest bay was empty. His shop was simple and well cared for. Much of the hardware looked scavenged or made from things designed for a different purpose.

I closed the door behind me as we walked to the back. The old stereo sitting on a red toolbox made me smile. I’d bet almost everything I own that classic rock would blast from the speakers if I turned it on. Opposite the door we entered was another, leading to a room in the back. Mike turned on the lights while killing those behind us.

We’d entered a laundry room. There was a door on the back wall to the right, the dark outside beyond its naked window. Facing it, an open doorway and staircase, leading up, the top cloaked in shadow.

Mike placed my clothes on the dryer and turned. Reaching into my pockets he emptied them, placing everything into an old serving tray, on a shelf above the sink. Holding my left arm with his right hand, he slipped my watch off, adding it to the tray.

Crouching down, he loosened my bootlaces as I steadied myself, clinging to his strong shoulders. He slid my boots off, placing them on the floor next to some others. He pulled off my socks and dropped them in the washer. Lifting my arms, he freed them from my coveralls. They dropped to the floor, and I stepped out. He knelt, picked them up, and tossed them in.

Checking the pockets of my clothes, he added what he found to the tray then placed them, one-by-one, into the washer. Setting my sneakers with my boots, he straitened and stood still, taking in my naked body and grinning like a fool.

I stepped close and slid my fingers beneath the hem of his tank. Pulling it up over his head, I tossed it into the machine. I caressed his chest, running my fingertips through the black fur.

Kneeling before him, I slid his boots off, placing them beside mine. Pulling his socks from his feet, I stood, and dropped them in.

Sliding my hand down his left arm, stopping at his wristwatch. Unbuckling the leather strap, I placed it in the tray. I unhooked his belt, pulled it from the loops and set it on the dryer.

Wrapping my arms around him, I kissed his lips as my hands probed his back pockets. His hard dick twitched against mine; aroused, mine began to stiffen. I pulled his wallet from the left and found nothing in the right. Dropping his wallet in the tray, I gently turned him around.

With my hard dick against his ass, I fingered his front pockets, the cloth inside wet. Teasing him from within, I caressed his travesti istanbul hard shaft with my fingertips. Mike tilted his head back and growled softly. Kissing his neck, I fished his keys from the right and a pocketknife from the left, placing them in the tray.

Holding my right hand against his chest, my left unbuttoned his fly. I slowly lowered his zipper, teasing his hard dick with my palm. He let out a soft moan, his body melting back into mine. Drawing my hands to his waist, his body convulsed beneath my fingertips. I slid his jeans down, holding them as he freed each muscular leg; I tossed them in.

I inched the back of his briefs down, allowing my hard dick to wedge between his furry cheeks. Reaching around to massage his hard prick, pre-cum oozed from the fabric, coating my hand as I tugged and squeezed it.

Moving to the waistband, I slowly pulled on his briefs, running my fingers down, feeling the fire beneath his skin. He sighed deeply as his hard dick sprung free. I continued down his muscular thighs; gently biting his ass. He gasped in surprise, then chuckled softly.

Stepping out of his briefs, he turned around. I buried my face in the wet fabric, inhaling deeply. He watched, his hungry cock drooling, until I flung them in the machine.

Our bodies laid bare, Mike took my hand, guiding me around the corner and up the stairs. Reaching the top, he led me across the room, navigating in near darkness.

A solitary light in the opposite corner cast a warm glow, illuminating the table below and the bed to its right. Leading me to the bed, he climbed on. Resting his back against the pillows and headboard, he slapped his naked thighs. Understanding, I climbed up and straddled his lap.

I caressed his furry chest, tracing his scar and his muscular ridges. He pulled my face to his, looking at me with pure lust, he growled, “My turn.”

A wild grin crossed his lips as he held my hips and his steely cock pressed hard against my ass. He began thrusting up against me, smearing pre-cum between my cheeks. His eyes, now hungry and intense; he was working towards a frenzy, and I was his next meal.

I was willing, and way beyond ready. I twisted his hard nipples and rubbed my cock against his stomach, then pressing my ass against his dick, begging him to fuck me.

He growled as he shifted his grip, angling my ass to meet his hard cock. It first missed the mark, but the second struck home. He pressed in, just past his tip, then paused. Mike searched my face waiting for my consent. Relaxing my sphincter I took a deep breath, then nodded.

With that, he pushed all the way in and slowly started to fuck me. The pain was intense, I howled until it subsided; his dribble easing its passage as it slid in and out. Pushing back to meet each thrust, I now wanted every inch of him inside and I growled to let him know it.

Encouraged, he began yanking my hips downward with his powerful arms, slamming his dick in. With each thrust our grunting grew louder, morphing into growls, then further into guttural roars as sweat now covered our writhing bodies. I locked eyes with Mike, his look now intense, and primal. He was snarling, teeth bared, looking more like a beast than a man.

Moving, catlike, he pulled me off and tossed me onto my back at his side. In an instant his mass was looming above, imposing and menacing. Pulling my legs up to his shoulders, he yanked my hips down to his raging prick. I grabbed the headboard as he plunged in. The brief quiet, shattered as our raucous fucking resumed. Reaching up and placing his strong hands over mine, he straightened his knees and began pounding my ass with his full weight. A wet “slap!” rang out with every deep stroke.

“Oh Fuck!” I yelled as he drove each thrust home, striking my prostate and sending my brain spinning. My dick, slobbering like a rabid dog, flicked threads of spittle all over our bodies. My climax approached swiftly with each powerful thrust.

Mike’s expression shifted; throwing his head back, he drove me over the edge. I howled as my cock exploded, firing wildly as each impact erratically altered the aim. Jizz flew onto our fingers, still clasped to the headboard, hit my face and pillow. It slung over my chest and spattered the bedding.

An earth-shaking roar erupted from deep within him, destroying Mike’s rhythm as his muscles convulsed. Buried deep inside me his dick unloaded, interrupting his roar with each brutal surge. Trembling, Mike’s knees gave out as his strength failed, collapsing against me.

His breathing heavy, supporting a low rumble in his throat as sweat dripped from his brow onto my chest. Lowering his arms he wrapped them around my legs, caressing my inner thighs with his gooey fingertips.

I studied his face as his breathing calmed. His forehead beaded with sweat, glistening in the lamplight. A satiated expression filling his features as we gazed into each other’s eyes. His lips curved up into a smile.

Placing my hand to the sides of his face, I traced his mustache with my thumbs, from beneath his nose, outward to the edge of his upper lip, curving down to his rugged jaw line. Pulling my left thumb into his mouth, he sucked on it, tasting my cum and licking it clean, then licking his own fingers before lowering my legs to the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32