The Long-Haul Driver Pt. 04.3

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Part 4 – The Orthodontist’s Office – Chapter 3

I walk from the clothing departments back-room storage area to the clothing department, where I find a comfortable chair from our furniture department waiting for me. I sit down just as I have been instructed to do and wait. The chair has been placed facing the full-length mirror mounted on the storage room door. The door is partially open and the angle that the mirror is set at allows me to see behind the wall and down the corridor of dressing rooms. Most of the rooms are along the side of the corridor with the last room, having an extra-wide door, facing directly at the mirror.

The lights in the area have all been dimmed except for the lights in the end room and an area just beside the service desk that is set up as a low stage. The stage area has mirrors on three sides and lights that are positioned to give the customers a really good look at the clothes they are trying on. I hadn’t really taken notice of it, but there had been music playing from the speakers in the dressing-rooms when I sat down.

When the next song comes on, the door to the last room opens and Brenda steps out in skin-tight stretch-denim jeans with calf-high open-toed lace-up boots with a narrow three-inch-high heel. The top that she is wearing is long sleeved, shoulderless and tied snug above her breasts, then balloons out over her upper body and snugs back against her body at her waist. I watch her in the mirror as she walks down the hall, turns the corner and walks towards me. The way her whole body moves is fascinating.

As she gets closer to me, I think that I can see her breasts swaying slightly side to side and her nipples pushing against the material of her top. “Janet said that I have to strap you to the chair while I am doing the fashion show for you. She told me that you would not object once you learn that it is part of her surprise for the evening.”

I place my hand’s palm down on the chair arms and wait for her next move. She opens a drawer in the table beside me and takes out a velcro strap. Brenda seems to have prepared for this event amazingly well. She grasps my left wrist and turns it so that my palm is facing up, then loops the strap over my wrist and through the arm of the chair, fastening it securely. She pulls out a second strap and then she does something unexpected. She steps between my knees and sits down on my leg to fasten my other wrist to the chair, palm up again.

In order for her to reach the drawer again, she slowly swivels in my lap until each of her butt cheeks is resting on one of my legs. In this position, I can feel the straps and clasps of the garter belt that she is wearing under her jeans. She leans over the arm of the chair and reaches into the drawer for the last two straps, this new position placing her braless breast firmly in my palm.

I resist the urge to curl my fingers up around the firm flesh resting in my palm. She turns her head as far over her shoulder as she can manage and smiles at me, giving me a close-up look into her lingual-braces-clad mouth. I give her mouth as thorough an inspection as I can in the light reflecting from the stage. The bulge in the crotch of my jeans goes from semi-soft to semi-hard rapidly. I know that she can feel it when she rocks her hips back and forth a couple of times and shifts her breast so that the nipple is resting on the tips of my fingers.

“You have my permission to gently squeeze it.” The invitation is too good to resist, so instead, I begin to caress it gently, causing it to enlarge and harden. She gives a little moan before removing her breast from the palm of my hand and sliding her butt cheeks slowly forward out of my lap.

“I’m going to strap your legs to the chair too, although I am sure that you are not going to try to escape.” Instead of turning around and crouching down to wrap the strap around my ankle, she shifts her position so that one of her legs is on either side of my knee and bends over, which places the palm of my hand right between her legs. She looks up at me from between the mounds of her breasts that are pressing against the front of her top and places the crotch of her jeans firmly into my palm.

This time I don’t wait for permission, I just start to run my fingers over as much of her crotch as I can reach with my fingers. She bends all the way over and fastens my leg to the foot of the chair. It seems to take her a long time to complete the process. When she moves over to my other leg, I curl my middle finger up into my palm before she sits down of my hand.

This places my finger in the perfect position to land between the lips of her pussy, which she realizes is happening as her crotch lands on my palm. She spreads her legs and wiggles just enough to line everything up for her pleasure. When she bends over to attach my last leg to the chair, she makes sure that my finger is perfectly lined up between her lips. The back adana escort of my finger is splitting her lips through the dampening crotch of her back zipper jeans.

Her jeans are so tight that I can see the outline of each strap and clasp of the garter-belt that she is wearing, although I can’t find any visible evidence of a panty line or thong. I wiggle my finger in the limited space available along with my thumb that she has resting against her clit. This time she seems to be having an unusual amount of trouble securing my leg to the chair. Her legs are shaking slightly and I keep hearing light grunts and moans drift up to my ears. With a final tug on the straps, I am finally secured to the chair to her satisfaction. She rocks her body back and forth against my hand a few final times and stands up. She looks over towards the balcony near the ortho office with my gaze following hers. I think I can see a shape in the darkness up there but can’t be sure there is anything to see.

Brenda strolls over to the stage and does a few turns so that we both can see how she looks from all angles. With the lights shining on her from different angles, that outfit looks spectacular on her, especially when she steps in front of one spotlight that shines through her top, confirming to my eyes that she really is braless under that top.

The phone rings on the desk, showing that it is Janet’s private line in the ortho office. Brenda puts it on speaker so that we can both hear and says, “Hello, Janet, have you been enjoying the show so far?”

“Is it possible to turn up the light over our Receiver a little brighter? I wasn’t able to see clearly enough what was going on.” Brenda reaches under the counter and slides a dimmer switch, raising the light level over my chair. “What did you think of that outfit?” asks Janet.

I start to give my opinions, “starting with the boots, I like both the height of the heel and the boot top. The open toe is sexy, but not very practical in this kind of weather unless you stay indoors.” Next, I moved to the jeans. “Those jeans felt very nice against my hands, a good part of that was what is inside them at the time. If you want to wear anything under them, they need to be a size or two bigger unless you want everyone to know what you are or aren’t wearing.

The garter-belt and stockings are a nice touch, since the outline of the straps and clasps show through on the legs, but aren’t really being put to good use. I couldn’t tell for sure, but I don’t think you are wearing anything else under your jeans. I can’t see any panty-lines, so maybe a thong or g-string.” Her cheeks begin to go pink, so I say, “Probably nothing, then.” Brenda nods.

“I like the shoulder-less blouse. It made me wonder if she was wearing anything under it, such as a strapless bra or maybe a basque or half-corset. I could detect some sway to her breasts as she was walking out and I was sure that it was her nipples that were dimpling the front of her blouse. Her breasts are so soft yet firm that I wasn’t sure about her being braless until she put her breast in my hand.

That was confirmed when she stood in front of the light and it shone through her blouse, revealing her chest.” Brenda steps forward so that just her breasts are in the pool of light around me, leaving the rest of her body in shadow, and gives them a shake. This time I can clearly see her nipples poking against her blouse. She has a broad open-mouthed grin on her face, which allows a little light to sparkle off a couple of her lingual brackets.

“OK, Brenda, now that he is secured, I think it is time for the next outfit. I will call you after you model the next selection.” The speaker goes quiet and Brenda presses the button to disconnect the line. I watch her as she walks around the corner and her reflection appears in the mirror. Just after she reaches the door to the dressing room, she stops, reaches behind her and undoes the zipper on her jeans. I have confirmation that she has nothing on under the jeans as the zipper parts, exposing the bare skin above her cheeks. Then the door closes.

I wait patiently, listening to music, for the door to open again. Once again, Brenda waits for the next song to start playing. This time the music has more of a country music beat to it. The light in the dressing room goes dark and all I can see is a shape walking towards the mirror. This time, as she comes around the corner, she presses the intercom button and steps onto the stage and begins to pose for me. Janet’s voice comes from the speaker asking me, “What do you think of this combination of clothes?”

“The heels on the cowboy boots need to be more than 2 inches high. I don’t really like how cowboy boots look on a woman unless she is wearing jeans with them. I prefer boots that shape to the leg better. The flower patterned stockings go well with this type of outfit.” Brenda eskişehir escort does a twirl that allows the skirt to billow out around her legs, giving me multiple angles of her body to look at in the mirrors on the stage.

“I like how the skirt is moulded to her body from her hips to the top of her thighs and then billows out all the way to her knees. Give me a faster spin Brenda, I want to see how high that skirt rises.” She does several fast spins, then does a slow turn before she starts to get dizzy. The skirt billows out but doesn’t rise much above her knees. “That skirt looks like it would be comfortable to dance in. What is your opinion, Brenda?”

She nods her head, but keeps her lips closed over her teeth. “I can’t see any outline from a thong or g-string, so I am assuming that she is still not wearing any. I think that I can detect the top of her stockings at the top of thighs, but I can’t be sure.” Brenda just looks at me with a closed-mouth smile on her face. “I think that the black leather vest goes well with the rest of the outfit, but it would look better if it was unbuttoned. It is a shame to hide such a fine pair of breasts from view.” Brenda turns to face away from me so that she is facing the mirror to the side and slowly undoes the laces that criss-cross her chest.

I can see her watching me watch her in the mirror. She takes her time, slowly moving to the music, making it almost look like she is doing a slow strip-dance in time with the music. “I really like how that creme colored under-wired camisole that she has on underneath exposes her belly button. I would really like to see you in one like that sometime, Janet. It really cradles her breasts and shows an impressive amount of cleavage while the lace across the top still keeps them covered.”

Brenda struggles to keep her teeth covered as her smile broadens, but is unable to keep them from parting. I think I see a silver gleam in the mirror, but can’t be sure in the reflection. Janet’s voice says, “I think that you need to give him a closer look at this outfit, don’t you Brenda?”

“I shink thash you are righth, Janeth. I don’sh shink he can appre..appreshsh…….apprethth…….sthee it good fwom were he isthth.” Brenda turns to face me directly, giving me a smile that definitely has a silver sparkle to it. She steps down off the stage and unto the dim area between the stage and my chair.

She walks over to me, staying outside the circle of light around me, until she once again moves forward just enough for the light to fall across her breasts. There is just enough padding in the cups of her camisole to prevent her nipples showing through the material. She leans forward until her face is in the circle of light. She has her lips firmly closed again, preventing me from seeing her teeth.

“Ok, Brenda, let him see. I think he is really curious to know what it is that you are hiding.”

She bends towards me and places her hands underneath mine on the arms of the chair. Her smile widens and she slowly lets her lips part just a little, enough that I can see the tips of her top teeth. Her lips gradually move up, until there is a hint of something that wasn’t there the last time I saw her smile close-up. She finally allows her upper lip to move up far enough to reveal what looks like a retainer wire across her upper arch.

She keeps her teeth together so that she can move her lower lip down, revealing a second wire across her lower arch as well. From this distance, I can see that it is a heavy gauge of wire for a retainer. I can see that there are bends in the wire that follow all of the imperfections in her teeth. There are no Omega loops over her canines, just a wire disappearing into her mouth behind her canines.

After giving me a good look at her mouth, she arches her back so that her head moves away from mine. This causes her breasts to move closer to me and my gaze is drawn down to her chest. I can see down into her cleavage through the lace in her camisole, but that is all. She removes her hands from the arms of the chair, squeezing her breasts together slightly between her arms. She moves back into the shadows and says, “thish ish noth a rethainer. Ith ish an acthive applianshe deshigned tho ashshishth in the movementh of my theeth. I don’th ushually wear it around people who don’th know thhath I have ith.”

“Let’s move on to the next outfit Brenda. This is my favorite one, she picked this one out specifically for herself to wear, isn’t that right Brenda!!” The wide grin on her face says it all. She almost runs to the dressing room this time. “This one is going to take her a little longer to get into, so just relax.”

I lean back in the chair and put my head back. A movement up on the balcony catches my eye, so I turn my head and look closer. “Is that you up on the balcony, Janet? Have you been watching the whole time?”

Of sakarya escort course it’s me up here and yes, I have been watching you the entire time. How else do you think I have been able to keep things moving along. I trust Brenda to behave usually, but I know that she can get a little wild at times.”

Just then the music changes again and the lights above the hall come on. The door at the end of the hall slowly opens and a white booted foot appears in the opening. Gradually the foot extends out into the hall, followed by a leg encased in a thigh-high boot. The door opens all the way and Brenda steps out, walks down the hall and steps up onto the stage, facing the mirror with her arms crossed in front of her, shielding her lower face. There is a flash of silver from the earrings dangling there.

I am stunned by how she is dressed. The white thigh-high boots have a 2-inch platform sole, with the heel 3 inches taller than that. Above that is a skin-tight knee-length white suede skirt with slits that run from her knees to the top of her thighs. The material of the skirt is tapered so that it is very short on one side in the front and knee-length at the back on the other. When she stepped up onto the stage, I had a nice long look at the black lace at the top of her stocking-clad leg, including the red garter-belt strap that it is attached too.

My eyes continue to travel up her body to her back, which is covered by an almost see-through black-lace long-sleeved top. Even though the light is really good, I can’t see any bra-straps through the material. She has angled herself so that I can’t get a good look at the front of her body in the mirrors. Then she turns around and faces me. As she is turning I get a glimpse of silver along her cheeks, then am blown away when she lowers her hands, revealing that she is wearing a gleaming silver face-bow.

What I had thought was light sparkling off of earrings was actually the arms of her face-bow reflecting the light. With her long hair hanging forward over her shoulders and down over her upper chest, all she had to do was conceal her face long enough to get onto the stage. Even the cervical strap attached to the ends of the face-bow was hidden in her hair.

I hear Janet’s voice say, “I think that you should give him a little better look, don’t you agree Brenda!”

She steps to the front of the stage, stops for a second, then gives me a broad smile that reveals the wires across her teeth. It is a smile that clearly shows that she knows what she is doing. As she steps off the stage, the front of her skin-tight skirt stretches across the tops of her thighs above the top of her stockings revealing her clean-shaven lips. She pauses very briefly before bringing her other leg down from the stage, making sure that I get a good look.

I watch her mouth as she walks over to me, stepping directly into the light this time, not trying to hide anything from my gaze. This time she stands at the edge of the circle of light, letting me get a close-up look at her. She lowers her arms from in front of her chest, exposing the front of her body for my appreciation. I can see that she is actually wearing a skin-tone heavily padded push-up bra that perfectly matches her skin color.

There is just a little lace stitched along the bottom edge of the cup along the under-wire that can be actually be seen. She pulls her hair up onto a pair of pigtails so that the white cervical band can be seen along with the tension strap attached to the arms of the face-bow. With her arms holding her hair at the side of her head like that, the bra-straps over her shoulders pull the cups up and her nipples pop out over the top.

“Oopth, how thilly of me. I shthoulld weally be mow caiwful.” I give Brenda a grin, knowing that she is very aware of what she has done. She takes a step closer to me and bends over so that her head is at the same level as mine.

I have a spectacular view of her face in this position. I can see how all the little bends in the wire of her active appliance fit against her teeth all the way to the back of her mouth, stopping just in front of the molar-bands on her back teeth. She turns her head slightly, allowing my gaze to travel along the inner arm of her face-bow to where it fits in the molar-band. She keeps her teeth together, denying me a view of her lingual brackets, knowing that she is teasing me by doing this. She pulls her hair back behind her head so that I can get a close look at the straps attaching the face-bow to the cervical strap at the side of her face.

Once again, she arches her back, moving her face away from mine. This once again her chest becomes the focus of my vision. The lace fabric of the top is just about thin enough to see through it while still hiding almost everything. Even from this close, I can hardly tell that she is wearing a bra, the color is so close to her skin-tone. She shifts her position so that the light is falling over the tips of her breasts while shadowing her cleavage, and I am treated to a marvellous glimpse of her nipples through the lace. I can see them become engorged as I am watching.

Then she steps backwards into the shadow around my chair, turns and walks away from me and returns to the dressing room.

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